1. I think there is much more to this placement than the article describes. I have it and yes had difficult family situation and pretty bad relationships. But it also made me realize of the choices I was making, because decisions = destiny. I think this placement is a gift because it gives a natural sense of how to cut through BS and the person with it has to trust that inner voice. Once I’ve learned to be happy with myself and stay true to myself, the internal turmoil ended. But yeah it took a lot of damaging friendships and relationships, both familial and romantic, to get here.
    Once you stop looking for validation from others, stop feeling like you gotta validate and rescue others, and just BE YOU – life will become easy.

  2. i read about my retrograde venus in aries & some is true, but some is not. i am now very distrusting of ppl esp. opposite sex because of their insecurities & theit taking my kindness for weakness; i rather live & die alone than to let someone walk all over me while they smile in my face & hate me to the next woman they leave me for. i feel this article sugar-coated retrograde venus too much. The way i word it is short but sweet: dont have relationships, they will not work out for the good.

  3. This is the most accurate thing I have ever read. I knew nothing of Venusretro but after the past weeks I have had it all makes sense. 3 weeks ago I reunited with a past flame. I am in a relationship that has been bad for some time and tried to resist but it had been 10 years since we saw each other last and although physically we have changed nothing had changed about our instant attraction and need/desire to be together. I saw him for 4 nights in a row, and it was one of the most wonderful experiences I have had in a long time. He opened up to me like never before, confessed his feelings, that he thought about me over the years, wanted to have a baby with me (!!!), and I became obsessed for the three weeks following. I actually willed him to text me one day, sounds crazy I know but it happened. However, he has pulled back, he’s a cancer, so doing the crab retreat and likely embarrassed by all he told me…opened up too much. We also got together on a blue moon, which being a Cancer would have had a massive impact on him. Anyway, I feel like I’m just releasing from a spell cast by my experience with him. Everything in this post is true. It has helped me wake up and realize what has happened. It’s all about Venus retrograding, and a Dark Cupid affair. Thank you for helping me through this.

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