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  1. Byron Booth says:

    This whole Saturn retrograde period makes exact conjunctions to my MC and Neptune (10th house) while Pluto is transiting my 12th house sun. How does that sound, heh heh? Well, I have been experiencing an unprecedented level of negativity and attack on the psychic plane, to say the least.

    But this is how I am looking at it. I have just returned (temporarily, I believe) to my adopted country. When I was here before, I had a very hard time emotionally which I now believe was due to severe gluten intolerance. It’s amazing how much better things are when your brain is not inflamed. It’s very clear to me that previously I missed half the experience of this culture and now I am “filling in the rest of the picture” that was always here but that I was unable to see and process.

    So, the way I see it is that sometimes we simply must go backwards in order to go forward. I cannot pretend to understand everything about the karma that has been unfolding in my life but what I can do is look into the dark places to see what I missed. And when we look into the dark places with a good light, then they are not so dark, even if it takes 4 months to see straight.

    There is nothing like an ephemeris to tell you, “this too shall pass.”

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