Saturn Retrograde in your Natal Chart

Saturn RetrogradeSaturn Retrograde in your Natal Chart
As a Saturn retrograde native, you probably do not enjoy gravitating to being the center of attention or in the limelight. Instead of a desire to be known in public, you find comfort and security in intellectual or spiritual pursuits. A problem dealing with male paternal figures or the absence of the Father may also be a recurring issue, resulting in intimacy issues with romantic partners.

If you are born under this influence, you may find yourself stuck in many no-win situations where you have to live through long periods of dormancy, feeling imprisoned and stifled. Progress in life may be slow but ultimately, the breakthrough comes when you learn to cope with your limited circumstances. Ironically, it is your avoidance of obstacles that sometimes leads to your greatest problems and also, your most magnificent victories.

Saturn Retrograde in  Transit
Saturn Retrograde is probably one of the least liked retrograde movements as many people find its direct motion difficult enough to handle. Since Saturn is the planet of trials and tribulations, it limits what one does by acting as a resistance against his best efforts. Hence, that’s what gets turned inside out during this period.

This doesn’t imply that it’s a worry and stress-free period during this time for most individuals. On the contrary, this period often works against one’s progress. What seems restrictive and resistant in a constructive way could become oppressive or overbearing. This often manifests itself in the form of the individual facing an inescapable dilemma.

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In a Forecasted Chart
Saturn is another favorable retrograde (at times). You could feel more inclined to take chances with your reputation or your career to improve them. OR you could feel like there is a huge weight on your shoulders to finish a project. Saturn usually means boundaries and pessimism. So if you reverse these you could be optimistic and expanding. However, Saturn could also bear down upon you if you have unfinished jobs forcing you to take another look at them and get them done.

In a Natal Chart
However, Saturn retrograde in a natal chart is a different story. You will probably have a loy of self doubt about your reputation, career and your self-image in general. You could react in a childish manner becuase of your fear of rejection from others.

Who’s Affected More
Capricorns and Aquarians are both ruled by Saturn so if Saturn is in retrograde they are likely to feel the effects stronger than other signs. This can be a strange time for both Capricorns and Aquarians depending upon how they handle the retrograde. If there are unfinished projects Capricorns will benefit from the retrograde because they enjoy working and finishing a project would only make them oh so happy. However, if the opposite affect happens, making Capricorns feel like they need to take chances and be optimistic, Capricorns could really feel out of character or confused and irritability could be the result. Aquarians are right the opposite of Capricorns when it comes to the retrograde effects. If the retrograde makes them feel like taking chances and expanding their minds, hey, they’re ready for the ride. But if Saturn wants them to finish a job… there could be irritability with Aquarians. If you are a Capricorn or an Aquarian, pay attention to how your life was during past retrograde cycles.

Saturn turns retrograde about every 2 1/2 years for a period of 140 days and remains stationary for about 10 days.


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Lindsay L. Bachmann

Lindsay L. Bachmann

One Comment

  1. Byron Booth says:

    This whole Saturn retrograde period makes exact conjunctions to my MC and Neptune (10th house) while Pluto is transiting my 12th house sun. How does that sound, heh heh? Well, I have been experiencing an unprecedented level of negativity and attack on the psychic plane, to say the least.

    But this is how I am looking at it. I have just returned (temporarily, I believe) to my adopted country. When I was here before, I had a very hard time emotionally which I now believe was due to severe gluten intolerance. It’s amazing how much better things are when your brain is not inflamed. It’s very clear to me that previously I missed half the experience of this culture and now I am “filling in the rest of the picture” that was always here but that I was unable to see and process.

    So, the way I see it is that sometimes we simply must go backwards in order to go forward. I cannot pretend to understand everything about the karma that has been unfolding in my life but what I can do is look into the dark places to see what I missed. And when we look into the dark places with a good light, then they are not so dark, even if it takes 4 months to see straight.

    There is nothing like an ephemeris to tell you, “this too shall pass.”

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