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Zodiac compatibility (or astrology compatibility / Horoscope compatibility) is also known as synastry and is the most popular subject in astrology which tries to study the relationship between people through comparison of their natal horoscopes. By a natal horoscope we mean a map, an imaginary snapshot or chart depicting all planets present in solar system as well as their zodiac position at the time of your birth.

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We can consider the zodiac as a circle of stars which surround our solar system. Such stars work like landmarks of our sky. When different planets go around the Sun at fixed speeds, it looks like these planets are in one particular constellation of the segmented sections in the sky called a zodiac.

Different zodiac signs point to twelve kinds of spiritual energy & different purposes. All planets in our solar system are known to be associated with 1 & sometimes 2 zodiac signs.

These associations determine the characteristics of the people that belong to the zodiac chart and thus play a great role in the astrological compatibility of a person with other individuals.

Method to figure out compatibility


To figure out the degree of compatibility, how you are compatible with someone else and also in which ways the compatibility exists, number ratings are used which are calculated by analyzing:

  1. Type of energy (signs)
  2. Different sectors in the chart (houses)
  3. Relationship between the planets

This assessment is purely dependent upon different patterns & energy distribution in their combined as well as respective charts.

Love Compatibility


In astrology compatibility is an important aspect which helps to tell how the relationship will be between two people. When we come to the context of love compatibility, it is to be understood that all planets are related to different types of love, for example:

  1. Venus is known as the planet related to qualities such as attraction, romantic nature & affection. The planet is related to the signs Taurus & Libra.
  2. The features such as passion & sex are associated with planet Mars which is related to the zodiac signs Scorpio & Aries.
  3. The Leo sign is related to the Sun which is associated with qualities like mutual honor and appreciation towards the other partner.

The Natal Chart


Natal charts clearly describe the energies a person has. These charts also assist the interpreter in judging both the manner and the way in which someone loves other people. To give an example we can say that if a Scorpio person has Venus then such a person will be affectionate towards his or her partner in a mystical and emotionally intense way. But if a Taurus has Mars then the way he loves his partner will be slow & sensual together with their unique and erotic style.

Aspects in Chart Comparison


The topic of aspects normally describes the different types of relationships that exist between planets. There are aspects that exist between different planets that are present in their natal charts for all people. These aspects highlight each individuals psychological strengths, natural blessings, weaknesses & personal demons. Various challenges or compatibilities as well as incompatibilities are illustrated using aspects between people who are studied.

Most astrologers agree that there should be proper balance of weaknesses & strengths in every relationship. A lot of similarities & equal personality traits could well be unproductive & bland.

This fact is clearly illustrated by looking at astronomical twins who most of the time have equal planet alignments, and who are born at same place & time but do not always have compatibility between them. Thus for creating positive synastry among two people and their birth charts what is required is a proper blend between their energies and the complementing energies they have.

Polarity of different zodiac signs


All the 12 zodiac signs are divided into 2 categories based on the qualities they represent such as:


Masculine and Power Signs

  1. Aries
  2. Libra
  3. Aquarius
  4. Leo
  5. Gemini
  6. Sagittarius


Feminine and Romance Signs

  1. Pisces
  2. Capricorn
  3. Cancer
  4. Taurus
  5. Virgo
  6. Scorpio

If you are looking for your ideal partner and want to know whether there will be horoscope compatibility between you and your future partner then having knowledge of the different personality traits of people in each of the zodiac signs is quite important. Horoscope compatibility is essential as it helps to develop a better understanding between life partners and creating a successful long term relationship.

We must also note that astrology gives us just the bare facts about the traits of people with different zodiac signs, in regards to the potential with which those people were born. However, people evolve and change during their life time and most of us try to fight and get rid of the bad habits we have by nature. Horoscope compatibility acts just like this when it comes to romantic relationships. It just gives the fundamental compatibility between two people with given zodiac signs. It should never be used to forecast how long a relationship will last since the success of a relationship depends on how two people try to get along and love each other. A happy relationship is built by giving love and understanding and leaving bad traits behind that would jeopardize the compatibility between two people.

This site is dedicated to Horoscope Compatibility and covers compatibility issues of every single zodiac sign with the others in hundreds of pages.

You can start checking horoscope compatibility explanations of each sign by selecting the corresponding page from the menu. Particular pages for zodiac signs contain links to the compatibility of that sign with every other sign, so you can find the details of horoscope compatibility of every zodiac sign cross-matched with the others.

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