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Libra Dates: (born September 23 – October 22)


Libra Decans , 1st, 2nd and 3rd

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Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac, and is symbolized by the Balance or Scales. Libras symbol or glyph also attempts to capture this representation of balance. The Sun is in Libra from around September 23 until around October 22 each year. Libra is classified as being of the positive polarity (expressive and spontaneous), of the air element (intellectual, mentally active & communicative), and of the cardinal quality (outgoing and enterprising).

Libra characteristically shows an attitude of relatedness with others, expressing harmony and associated with an urge for unity. As Aries was centred on the self, the opposite sign Libra centres on others. As Aries is an expression of relatedness to self, so the opposite sign Libra is a an expression of relatedness to others, or a special other. Libra has a particular awareness of other peoples feelings. Libra is charming, affectionate and tolerant, and seeks relationship, balance, peace and calmness. The characteristic Libran type has a natural desire to be diplomatic, compromising and co-operative, and is kind and easy-going. Libra has a great sense of fair play, and a very balanced and unbiased way of looking at the world. Libra will do anything for peace and harmony, and is greatly unsettled by any environment of coarseness, discord or conflict. Libra prefers working in a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere, with people who don’t impose undue pressure. Libra also has a particular affinity with the evaluation of relatedness, balance and harmony as seen in aesthetics, beauty, art and form. Libra is idealistic, and at heart a perfectionist.

The sign is sometimes referred to as Lazy Libra, though this apparent laziness is often really indecision, with a dependence on others to shake them from their idealistic dreams. In its quest for balance and harmony, Libra nevertheless rarely indulges in the stronger or more passionate emotions. Libra can experience problems if called on to make urgent snap decisions. When the the Libran manner is overused or unintegrated, it can become too too compromising and easy-going, changeable and vacillating, indecisive, soft, frivolous or squeamish, with a lack of confidence and sit-on-the-fence, peace at any price attitudes.

Physically, Libra rules the kidneys (symbolical of weighing and eliminating what is unwanted and the lumbar region. Libra may have a tendency to kidney complaints. Libra is especially associated with, or “ruled” by, the planet Venus.


Career Arts, social work, diplomacy, law
Constellation Libra
Element Air
Quality Cardinal
Domicile Venus
Detriment Mars
Exaltation Saturn (Modern astrology)
Fall Sun
Colors Blue, Pink,Pale Green
Metal Copper
Gem Sapphire, Jade
Flower Rose, Bluebell,Daisy
Countries Austria, Japan,Burma, Tibet
Animal Lizards,Small Reptiles
Herbs Mint, Cayenne
Body Area Kidneys
Principle Cooperation
Keywords Harmonious,Sympathetic, Balanced
Translation Arabic: Al Zubãnatain Anglo-Saxon: Pund Chinese: Tien Ching French: Balance German: Wage Greek: Zichos Hebrew: Moznayim Hindu: Tulã Italian: Bilancia Latin: Jugum Portuguese: Libra Spanish: Libra Tamil: Tulam Turkish: Terazi



Libra Symbol


The Libra symbol is representative of the scales of justice that Libra is known for. Libra has the only nonliving object in the zodiac.

The Libra zodiac symbol is represented by an arched line followed by another line going parallel underneath. This represents the balancing scales of justice.

All Libra people strive for fairness and equality in all the areas of their life.

They also make excellent decisions due to their ability to be objective and impartial. However, one of their most common weak points is their tendency to painfully weigh out their options endlessly in their quest to make the perfect andor correct decision.

This can be helped by simply listing out the pros and cons of their decision on paper so that they can visually weigh out the best choice.

It works for me anyway I have a Libra Moon!

The straight line underneath the arched line is symbolic of Libras great need to stay evenkeeled and stay as balanced as possible in their life.

They are greatly affected by any sort of conflict andor disharmony in life therefore they need to constantly take time out for themselves so that they can regain their equilibrium and peace in their life.

The Libra symbol represents Libras highest truth which is that they must do their part to restore harmony and equality in the world around them.

Libra Personality


Besides being fair Librans are the most romantic and seductive sign in the zodiac. Charm is their middle name and they are very determined in charming the object of their affection. They are faithful but can be possessive.

Librans are very social people and because of their innate empathy they are sensitive to the needs of others. They make people feel better just by being around them. Librans have tact and diplomacy with their dealings and make good diplomats. Their strong sense of fairness and justice makes them perfect mediators as well. Their strongest asset is their ability to bring people together and their love to help people in need.

Librans love beauty and elegance in all areas of their lives and beauty and harmony in all relationships are what the Libran is all about. By reaching out and making compromises they seek to improve and work on relationships. Librans are well balanced and even tempered but they do not like having their decisions challenged.

Libra Traits


libra traits

The seventh sign of the zodiac, Libra, is the judge, the mediator, the peace maker. Some of the more positive aspects of your sign are your ability to sum up a situation at first glance, you’re level headed, making agreements that are fair for all parties concerned, and your deductive reasoning.

Your less positive aspects are your spending habits, sometimes cold attitude toward strangers, and being closed minded.

Your ruling planet is Venus. As a Cardinal sign, you are active, excitable, and dynamic. As an air sign you are intelligent and communicate well. Libra rules the lower back, kidneys, and buttocks. Some Libra?s may experience trouble with back strains, kidney infections and sitting too long is very uncomfortable.

Birthstones for astrology are different from traditional birthstones for the months. For Libra’s your birthstone is opal, and it is said that if worn, it will keep the wearer from jealousy, give clear thought, and bring financial well being.

Famous Libra Men / Famous Libra Women

Gwyneth Paltrow (b. Sept 28, 1972) ~ Kate Winslet (b. Oct 5, 1975) ~ Will Smith (b. Sept 25, 1968) ~ Kelly Preston (b. Oct 13, 1962) ~ Bonnie Hunt (b. Sept 22, 1964) ~ Sting (b. Oct 2, 1951) ~ Ashlee Simpson (b. Oct 3, 1984) ~ Michael Douglas (b. Sept 25, 1944) ~ Zac Efron (b. Oct 18, 1987) ~ Olivia Newton-John (b. Sept 26, 1948) ~ Gwen Stefani (b. Oct 3, 1969) ~ Julie Andrews (b. Oct 1, 1935) ~ Jeff Goldblum (b. Oct 22, 1952) ~ Jean-Claude van Damme (b. Oct 18, 1960) ~ Catherine Zeta-Jones (b. Sept 25, 1969) ~ Matt Damon (b. Oct 8, 1970)


Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez has been into astrology since being a very young girl. She currently has 10+ years of experience helping people navigate life with the use of astrology. When not working on the website she is busy writing her first book on love and astrology. Her belief is that through the use of astrology itself you can gain an inner view of the issues that are complicating your life, and find the answers to fix them. The answers are in the stars and within you!

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  1. People born under the scales of Libra have a strong sense of fair play and justice, and are always keen to co-operate with others on an equal playing field. In project work, Librans will usually find their own niche, and focus their efforts on their portion of the assignment, to make sure the work gets done.

    The scales in the Libra indicate that life is also a precarious item which must be balanced, and Librans often find themselves bouncing back and forth between various stages – flirtatiousness vs. shyness, relationship-oriented vs. independent, goal-oriented yet free. Libras enjoy creating new projects and tasks, but often require a push from an external source in order to complete their task.

    Libras often work more for the pleasure of others than for themselves, and often require praise for their work, living up to the standards of others rather than their own. In group tasks, Libras will often work hard until they notice someone else slacking off, at which point they will begin to ease up as well. They are overly-generous, which may sometimes lead to them being used, but it is a risk most Libras are willing to take.

    In arguments, a Libra will almost always speak his or her mind. Others will begin to understand that a Libra will say what they mean, and appreciate them for this exact quality. On the other hand, when others fight, Libras are usually called upon as to mediate the argument. They have a strong sense of right and wrong, adherent to the scales of justice, and are looked upon as a natural peacemaker.

    Libras crave knowledge, and have a particular interest in matters concerning other people and society as a whole. Rather than focusing on mathematics and logical fascinations, a Libra will try to understand the entire concept surrounding the situation. Relationships are very important to Libras, although new ones will continue to emerge through their lives.

  2. Whenever I think about Libra, I’m reminded of The Great Gatsby. Not Jay Gatsby, per se (who I’m convinced was a Pisces, actually), but his view of the world: elegant, refined, just. Of course, he was wrong, but it’s just a book – let’s focus on the world view.

    Libras hold the highest possible standards, for themselves as well as everyone else (if they didn’t include themselves in that, it just wouldn’t be fair, and they are all about fair, these Libras). They are kind in their judgments, but never forget that they are passing judgment – as much as they don’t like to rock the boat, they will, in their own elegant way, make sure that the right thing gets done, even if they have to go to extremes.

    Libras are the most tasteful sign of the zodiac, more so even than Capricorn, who (although possessing excellent manners and dress sense) is really more concerned with presentation. Libra is concerned with examination, and everything that entails, down to that goddamn notorious indecision.

    If you have a pressing problem, invite a Libra to dinner – they’ll be happy to help.

    Just don’t ask them to pick the restaurant

    Biggest Insult: Why are you being so unfair?

    Quickest Way to Get Libra into Bed: Good luck. These people are not about rush judgements. Make your case and give them a few weeks to evaluate it.

    Most Likely to: Spend three hours torn between two pairs of shoes – and then buy them both.

    Should Have Been Born: in a judge’s chambers.

    To Make Libra Forgive You: explain the reasoning behind your actions and try to see their side of things – you’ll be amazed at how forgiving they can be.

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