Virgo Sex

virgo sex

Sex with a Virgo


Best Partners: Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus .
Virgo Sex Position: Face-to-face, The Love Seat
Virgo sex drive: Crazy

Virgo in bed is a picture of refined decorum. Sexual Virgo prefers a more toned-down encounter without too much mess and outrageousness. While Virgo is willing to experiment once in a while, this sign prefers to stick to routine and keep it in the bedroom. Virgo sex is slow and long lasting as a Virgo can take some time to get sexually excited. However, once the fire is lit, prepare for a passionate session of lovemaking that will not cool down very quickly. Sexy Virgo can be quite intense in bed, especially around those they trust as they can let their emotions loose and really let go.



Virgo Sex Traits:


When it comes to Virgo sex, don’t forget that the sizzle in sex is in the details and they are a master of every minute detail. This native is turned on by attention to details, and is very sensitive to a person’s looks. He/she is finicky about who touches him as he/she wants sex to be rich and meaningful. This signs men and women love massage, herbs, good food and natural scents, so treat them with a warm bath before you invite them into the bedroom; get ready to perform in the next hours!

This is the sign that is likely to shower before, after and during sex, if given the chance. Hygiene and cleanliness is of paramount importance to them. Once they are involved in a sex relationship, they will want lots of foreplay and courting. This sign usually has a very good imagination and can fantasize a lot. Illustrated sex books or videos are definitely turn-ons. Unlike other Earth signs, they like to talk about sex. When words become reality, Virgo has double pleasure because he/she has already visualized a delicious encounter.


what turns on a Virgo


A cool exterior tends to mask their wild side of fantasies. A lover who can reach these sexual treats through artful seduction is really lucky. Being an Earth Sign, they enjoy a somewhat dubious reputation as inhibited. This is simply not true. Virgo men and women are aroused by delicacy in manners and behavior.

They make considerate lovers and will do their best to satisfy. They prefer straightforward sex, with the lights off, and want to know what to expect. Down to earth in their attitudes, they are completely unimpressed by flattery and show. They like to improve their performance as they have very high standards in everything, and sex is no different. But expecting high standards from others, can lead to criticism. It may not be easy to satisfy them but they’re generous enough to allow plenty of room for improvement.


Virgo Erogenous Zone


When it comes to what turns on a Virgo, keep in mind that the stomach is their most erogenous zone. You can explore this part of their body with your fingers, tongue and lips, running up and down the skin and you will soon arouse your lover.

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