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Generally much more subtle than Aries, yet nonetheless fiery and in charge of situations. Prefers leading to following. Ambitious and very proud, and can all too easily become overbearing and arrogant if not checked. They are usually creative in varying ways, acting being perhaps the most openly obvious show of this. As with Aries (and Sagittarius), Leos can be very forthright, sometimes too much so. They share certain attributes with the earth sign Taurus in as much that often only the best will do: I know of some people who have Sun in one of these signs and Moon in the other, and they are very materialistic people indeed. Leos are however often generous but this can simply be to remain the centre of attention – nine times out of ten they already are that. They thrive on attention, recognition, and praise from others, so therefore run the risk of becoming conceited. At the very least they are big-hearted, romantic people.

Leo Dates: (born July 32 – August 22)

Placement: 5th Zodiac Sign
House Ruled: 5th House: House of Pleasure
Constellation: Leo
Element: Fire
Quality: Fixed
Symbol: The Lion
Ruling Planet: Sun
Detriment: Uranus (modern)/Saturn
Exaltation: Neptune/Pluto (modern/disputed)
Fall: None
Masculine / Feminine: Masculine
Key Words: “I Will”
My Pleasures: Being in charge
My Pains: NOT being in charge
Qualities: Noble, Proud, Generous, Fair
What Leos think about themselves:I have to do better that others
What others think about Leos: Here comes a celebrity


Fast Summary:


Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac, and is symbolized by the Lion, which represents this types characteristically proud, impressive and regal nature. Leos symbol or glyph represents the Lion’s mane, or the tail of the lion, as well as the corona of the Sun, which is the signs ruling planet. The Sun is in Leo from around 23 July until around 22 August each year. Leo is classified as being of the positive polarity (expressive and spontaneous), of the fire element (ardent, keen, energetic and assertive), and of the fixed quality (intense, steadfast and resistant to change).

Leo displays a powerful, impressive, confident, creative and joyful attitude, with an urge towards authority. The characteristic Leo type is generous, warm-hearted, enthusiastic, dignified and broad-minded. Leo loves to lead and to organize, and to do things in a big way, and typically cant be bothered with details. Leo is often quite dramatic and always desires self-expression, even to the point of showing off. The typical Leo is a natural showman, and delights in having a full measure of recognition and admiration. Leo is often happiest when placed in sole charge of a large scheme, and is usually very self-assured. Leos sunny disposition allows it to be candid, outspoken, and very direct. There is a certain conflict in the Leo nature between the active fire element on the one hand, and the static fixed quality on the other.

Its important that Leo controls its great sense of pride and authority, and that it doesnt force these qualities upon others in overbearing or dominating ways. Leos ego needs constant reinforcement and the approbation and appreciation of your friends and followers. Leo therefore has to be careful that its otherwise wonderfully impressive and authoritative manner doesnt become simply conceited, susceptible to flattery, or pompous and snobbish. Unintegrated expression of the Leo manner can turn into autocratic, intolerant, self-appraising, patronising or bombastic ways. Leo can aim gratuitously to merely outdo or outshine others, and it often has to learn how to laugh at itself and to appreciate a sense of humility or sentimentality.


Leo Life Path


You really are the performers of the Zodiac, generous, creatively expressive, magnetic, charming loyal, confident, loving, affectionate and able to get into your inner child and to communicate with children on their level. You are dignified, playful, cheerful and spontaneous.

When using the energies of your sign negatively though, you may be over dramatic, demanding all the attention yourself, intolerant, domineering, self centered and closed minded. You can also be arrogant, haughty, pushy, bossy and have a mile high ego, along with pride. Often seeking recognition and approval from others.

You are great when choosing to do things that give you a wide scope for creativity, organizing and leadership. And although you may seem on the outside strong, you are very sensitive on the inside and your feelings are easily hurt.

At your best, you are affectionate , cheerful, optimistic and can be counted on to bring joy and sunshine into the lives of those around you. You are exceptionally generous. Money just slips through your fingers, and you often do not have any idea where it has gone.

Generally strong, energetic types, a little forceful at times though and can be quite ruthless and competitive, needing to win , and if you feel you may not you simply don’t want to play the game.

The Leo heart is often disconnected to your sexual energy, feeling sexual but not feeling real love for your partners. Love can be an issue here. You need to learn to accept that another can love you for yourself, not for what you have, or represent. Just simply accept that another can love you for the essence of who you are.

Major life lesson:- Needs to learn to accept love, and to be loved for the whole self. And to learn humility.

Loves:- Being the boss, organizing, enthusiasm, drama on stage.

Hates:- Being ignored, being bossed, dull friends, being the under dog and losing.

Health issues:- Heart, upper back and spine. Heart attacks are the most common amongst you Leo because of you having difficulty in accessing the love feeling in your heart, for yourself and others around you because of your ego based control. The negative ego blocks the love flow. This is of course usually unconsciously.

Careers:- Actors, Military leaders, creative work with children, as this then allows the inner child in you to come out.




Leo Zodiac Symbol


The Leo zodiac symbol represents the proud lion. On a similar note Leos often have a total air of regal confidence about them just like the king of the jungle.

This zodiac symbol is representative of the flowing mane of the lion. Likewise, a lot of Leos often have hair that resembles the flowing mane of the lion regardless of the sex of the person.

The upright Leo zodiac symbol also represents the deep inner faith and confidence that Leos often possess. This is a trait that often gets them through some of the toughest times in their life, but it can also take Leos down a lower path if they allow themselves to become overconfident.

Usually, however, Leos have a warm and generous spirit that yearns to spread love and joy wherever they go.

The curled part of the Leo zodiac symbol represents the gently swinging tail of the mighty lion which reminds Leos to not be over zealous in their quest to be the best. Instead, Leos are reminded to be steady, balanced, and flowing just like the easy sway of the lions tail.

This zodiac symbol also represents the two halves of the human heart which is Leo rules over. This indicates that they are usually very loving and big hearted people.

It also indicates that they need to make sure that they dont push themselves too hard and get too stressed out about life because later in life they can be prone to heart problems.

This zodiac symbol represents Leos highest truth which is to spread their contagious enthusiasm, love, confidence, and joy to those around them thereby making the world a much better place.


Leo Personality


They are passionate and enjoy being the center of attention and expect people to naturally notice and approach them. If they do not get the attention they feel they deserve, they can be very hypersensitive and agitated.

Leos were born to rule and feel their friends and family are their loyal subjects. They are strong willed, dominant, independent and the most extroverted of all the zodiacal signs. Like the golden rays the Sun gives off to the Leo they have the allure, charm, and self confidence, they are at their best in positions of leadership. There is nothing complicated about the Leo with their altruistic, loving and caring manner. They do not abuse power and feel it is their right to reign over the people.

If Leos are suspicious and jealous of someone, sometimes they are not above showing arrogance, disdainful superiority, and an intolerance of those they feel are below them, but this usually quite rare for them.

Leos love life; they love to have fun; they love music, the theater, drama and entertaining. With their flair for the dramatic many Leos become stars of the stage and screen. Leos do not like being bossed around preferring to be in the position of authority and making the decisions, however, they would rather leave the minor details to others. They are excellent supervisors and managers and do things on a grand scale.

Leos love to give gifts to friends and family for the sheer joy of watching what pleasure it brings. They are very generous and if not careful can fall into debt. They want to attain wealth just so they can help others. They are not selfish or penurious because to them money is something that should bring pleasure and happiness.

In their relationships Leos are sincere, loyal, honest, and are very trusting. They are outgoing and outspoken and hold high moral standards and expect others to be the same. For the ones they love they will do everything for them but if let them down they become extremely disappointed and disillusioned. Their sexual drive is intense and their attraction to the opposite sex so strong they could become libertine and licentious yet they are ardent and fervent towards the ones they love.

They will most often act as the protector of underlings because of their kind and caring attitude.


Leo Traits


leo traits

The fifth sign of the zodiac, Leo, is the entertainer, the royalty and the loyal friend. Your best qualities are your wittiness, your flair for entertaining, doing everything on a GRAND scale, loyalty that is without equal, generosity till it hurts, a forgiving nature, and kindness.

Your worst qualities are, your arrogance and pride, taking things to the extreme, an ego that is monumental. Along with spending money like it grew on trees.

Your ruling planet, is the Sun. As a fixed sign, you are persistent, resourceful, and determined. As a fire sign, you are full of enthusiasm and energy. Leo rules the heart, spine, and back, and when you think about someone with a big heart, most Leo?s fit. You may be prone to back pains or overexertion.

Birthstones for astrology are different from traditional birthstones for the months. For Leo?s your birthstone is ruby, which if worn, is said to bring serenity, and protect against injury.

Famous Leo Men/ Famous Leo Women


Leo eminent personalities male


Some of the most popular male celebrities that belong to Leo are Chris Hemsworth, Ben Affleck, Antonio Banderas, Robert Redford, Martin Sheen, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Wesley Snipes, Joe Jonas, Mick Jagger, Sam Worthington, Barack Obama, Mark Salling and Robert De Niro.


Leo eminent personalities female


Some of the female celebrities that fall into the star sign category of Leo are Madonna,  Jennifer Lopez, Charlize Theron, Anna Paquin, Sandra Bullock, Lisa Kudrow, Selena Gomez, Amy Adams, Halle Berry, Kate Beckinsale, Sandra Bullock, Hilary Swank, J.K Rowling and Geri Halliwell.

Constellation of Leo


The 5th constellation, Leo the Lion, lies far away from the Milky Way galaxy. When we look at the objects in Leo, we see objects that are 20 to 30 million light years away. The Sun passes through Leo from mid August until mid September.



The mythology behind Leo the Lion begins with Zeus assigning Hercules the first of 12 tasks: to slay the Lion which had terrified the city of Nemea. The Lion’s hide could not be penetrated by arrow nor club, however Hercules came through this task with great ease by strangling the Lion with his bare hands. Hercules then took the Lion’s hide as a cape which served him great protection. In memory of this battle, King Zeus placed the Lion amongst the stars to eternally symbolize the challenges of kingship.


Leo Decans , 1st, 2nd and 3rd


leo decans



Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez currently has 10+ years of experience helping people navigate life with the use of astrology. When not working on the website she is busy writing her first book on love and astrology.


  1. libra rose says:

    Astrologers are pretty good at telling Leos what they want to hear: Dear Leo, you’re perfect. XOXO. The thing is that they’re sort of right. Leo attributes read like a laundry list for the perfect person: proud. Noble. Confident. Big ideas. Here’s the secret: Leo knows this. However, every now and then you can tap into a latent insecurity behind the (perfect) eyes glazed over from staring in the mirror too long.

    Here’s the other big secret: Leo only wants to be loved. Offer them undying affection and admiration and they’re yours, forever.

    Leos – more than any other sign – tend to physically embody the traits of their ruler, the lion. Thick hair. Intense eyes. A certain warmth about them. You know what pisses a lion off? When someone else tries to take over the pack. When their dominance is challenged. Don’t challenge their dominance.

    Don’t make fun of them. DON’T EVER MAKE FUN OF THEM. Worship at the alter of Leo, and they’ll love you back.

    Biggest Insult: That [referring to anything Leo has thought/said/done/worn] is so lame.

    Quickest Way to Get Leo into Bed: One word: mirrors. Compliments work nicely too.

    Most Likely to: Ruin your hairbrush. Spend way too long in the bathroom. Return your phone calls.

    Should Have Been Born: in a palace. Really, any palace, anywhere. As long as they’re on the throne.

    To Make Leo Forgive You: tell them how right they are, and how much you long to be back in their arms. Gag, right? Don’t worry about it. They won’t notice.

  2. Astrobabe says:

    The Leo is symbolized by the Lion – the King of the Jungle. As such, Leos often like absolutely nothing as good as being the focus of attention, and display a great sense of pride and a strong will. They are very ambitious people, and often succeed in their goals.

    Leos are, for the most part, considerable as well as ready to give of their money and time, particularly if it can make them look really goodin the view of others. Nonetheless, as non selfish as they can be, they also tend to feel that they must have the spotlight. During these times, Leo becomes overconfident, frank and outspoken, which can become a bit tiresome to those that don’t understand their nature.

    Female Leos are generally a little more dominant, as they are in the animal kingdom. However, both sexes are usually sensible, philosophical, as well as faith based, which assists these people to receive their way of reasoning across. Leos are usually passionately interested in the complete opposite sex, too.

    Leos are most likely to be lovers of nature and the beauty of the natural world. They are noble creatures, proud until the very end. They do not often seek battles but can be instigated into a duel. Although they sometimes lack tact and diplomacy, they always tend to fight their battles fairly. This is a most agreeable sign under which to be born, due to the generous basis that it entails.

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