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Scorpio Man – Sex, Attraction, And His Personality

Scorpio Man – He’s like a magnetic force whose power trascends the sexual plane. He’s got mystery and power going for him… just a very masculine
presence. His reputation is terrible though, because his character flaws tend to mostly show up in his love life. Sex brings his
nature to extremes.

So much energy and passion in one man makes him an easy prey for seduction; if that’s all you want out of the encounter with him. Forming a relationship with him…well that’s a different story altogether. He wants nothing more than to have a relationship to soothe his very sensitive nature but for you, living with all that jealousy and unexpressed anger might not be so easy. His defenses are endless and he will never allow any woman to dominate him. He’s the type to keep you dangling endlessly and then cut you loose altogether, without mercy. And if you dare be upset over it, he’ll truly be surprised because in his world, his the only one entitled to vindictiveness.

In matters of the heart, he always knows the net worth of what he wants… moneywise, timewise, effortwise…and if it’s too much, he’ll simply walk away. He’s aware of how attractive he is to women and takes advantage of it to the point that he can easily make any woman come to the boiling point in bed. One of his most attractive sexual aspects is the fact that he knows what a woman wants, and if he doesn’t feel threatened by those needs, he’ll do everything he can to meet them.

He appears friendly and easygoing but that’s only what he wants you to see. Beware of underlying feelings always. He might be a lot to handle, but he sure as hell brings out the best in you!

Scorpio Man Traits

If you fall for anything it will be those eyes, whatever the colour they will be intensely penetrating and probing. You must be careful though jealousy rides high with him and he tends to be possessive but hates to be possessed. Plays with two sets of rules one for you and one for him!

How to Attract a Scorpio Man

The Scorpio man is passionate, impulsive, and very intense.  To attract a Scorpio man, you will need to be able to find yourself compatible to the “bad boy” and you will need to compliment his same passion.  Scorpio males are attracted to beauty and elegance and don’t care too much for small talk like the Gemini male.

Scorpio men are intrigued by beauty and passion, and they are also extremely curious people.  To attract a Scorpio male, you need to be open and care free providing answers to his curiosities, or he may become quickly bored of you.  If you plan to go out on a date with a Scorpio male, you need to attract him by participating in fun, outdoor activities.  Scorpio males are usually best suited for water sports since their passion draws them to places like lakes and beaches.

To attract a Scorpio man, be prepared to be very outgoing and social. Scorpios love anything social like parties, concerts, charities and other social events that bring out engaging interaction with people.  Since Scorpio males are especially passionate, the can also become jealous and envious of you, so make sure that you always pay attention and stay focused on him or the jealous side of the Scorpio may come out.

You will need to constantly keep your Scorpio man interested.  Scorpios are known to be adulterers and cheaters, so to keep him focused on you takes a lot of skill and intrigue on your part.  Always stay attractive and keep traveling and sports related activities as part of your relationship or you may find your Scorpio male falling into the arms of another woman.  Scorpio males are also the best love makers always concerned with pleasing women, so you will enjoy the night with your man.

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Sex With A Scorpio Man

Scorpio rules the genitals and is the master of lovemaking. They take their rulership and their talent for seduction seriously so no joking around. Expect hot, heavy, emotional, skillful, high frequency and explosive power. He may overwhelm you at first but just relax; this is his astrological territory.  You’re with the connoisseur of sex so you might want to pick up a book or two on the fine art of lovemaking if you want to seal the deal with this man.

Turn Ons: A good girl who is willing to be corrupted. You want to push limits and you’re turned on by the difference between daytime and nighttime behavior. At heart you’re not a philanderer: You’ll commit to two girlfriends at once and stay faithful to both of them.

Turn Offs: Someone who’s untrustworthy, even if you’re not monogamous. You need a strong bond (even if it’s only for one night), and once a woman breaks her side of the agreement, your legendary jealousy and possessive streak come out.

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Scorpio Guy

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