Mercury Retrograde in your Natal Chart

Mercury RetrogradeMercury Retrograde in your Natal Chart
If you were born with natal Mercury Retrograde, then this period could actually work to your advantage. As a general rule, you would approach life with more caution and skepticism. This doesn’t necessarily make you pessimistic; it does however make you more shrewd and analytical.

Words and communication in general probably didn’t come easily to you in the younger days, as you tend to re-think a lot of what you would say in your head before putting them in words. If you are unsure or hesitant in any way at all, then you’d probably choose to remain silent than say something which you might regret later. Expressing your thoughts by writing them down was probably a more comfortable outlet for you.

This position often encourages one to break out of the communication rut and acquire an extensive range of vocabulary or multi-linguistic skills. Or there could be extensive talent in the writing, speaking, acting or even musical realms. As Mercury also rules the five senses, you may find that if you find one sense momentarily ‘blocked’ in some way, you’d be able to find another sense to readily compensate this fact. All in all, you’d find more ease and satisfaction engaged in introspection and self-reflective activities like meditation during the Mercury Retrograde periods, as compared with those with natal Mercury Direct.

Mercury Retrograde in Transit
Mercury is the planet closest to Earth that goes retrograde the most frequently – three times a year. As Mercury rules the mental realm and communication in general, these will be turned inwards to the self during a Mercury Retrograde period.

Mishaps, delays, misunderstandings, disruptions to communication in all areas in life are all a common feature of Mercury Retrograde periods. This include transportation, technology, interpersonal relations and even politics.

It is generally not considered a good time to initiate or start new projects, relationships, build property etc because of heightened confusion and uncertainty in the air. It is however, a good time to focus on the REs – re-do, repeat, re-think, re-evaluate, re-everything! Use the time to complete unfinished projects, reconnect with old friends from the past.


Micheal Lercher


In a Forecasted Chart
The planet Mercury represents all forms of communication including devices used for communication such as TV’s radios, computers and the Internet. Therefore when Mercury is in retrograde, expect all of these to go crazy. Emails won’t go through, you’re cable’s going to go out, you might get a lot of “wrong number” phone calls, cell phones will lose service, just all forms of communication will either be misunderstood or not working properly.

In a Natal Chart
Mercury retrograde in your natal chart means that you will be able to understand and communicate more easily than others about abstract ideas and thoughts. It will be easier for you to learn things on your own than to be taught by others.

Who’s Affected More
Geminis and Virgos are definitely strongly affected because both are ruled by Mercury. It can either be really bad or really good depending upon how you handle the “slow-down” of communications. Virgos will probably have a harder time with this becuase they are such perfectionists and Mercury will cause things to be out of order for them.

Mercury turns retrograde approximately 3 times a year for a 24 day period and remains stationary for about 3 days.


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Lindsay L. Bachmann

Lindsay L. Bachmann

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  1. Astrologer for one says:

    Mercury retrograde isn’t necessarily negative. It’s better not to initiate or sign something if you can help it because there isn’t enough information, something isn’t being factored in and the situation will turn out differently from the way you perceived it. Once Mercury goes direct — particularly when it passes the shadow period — the missing pieces are in place and you may wish you had made another choice.

    Klaus von Bulau was convicted on one and was freed upon appeal. OJ Simpson was found innocent on a on one, but no one ever believed it and he never got his life or career back.

    Writers love this retrograde. It’s a great time to go over or edit things that have been written. On the other hand, if they have to come up with an idea for something new, that doesn’t work.

    Sometimes one has an idea for a creative project that doesn’t quite work, but one likes it and can’t entirely give it up. The RX period is a great time to go “Aha! I know what I can do with that!” and take it off the shelf, so to speak, and rework it.

    I often advise clients to start a legal action before Mercury goes retrograde so the person he or she is suing must come up with his or her strategy and respond during the retrograde.

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