Libra Sex

libra sex

Sex with a Libra


Best Partners: Gemini, Aquarius, Leo, Sagittarius , Taurus, and Libra.
Libra Sex Position: Reverse Cowgirl, Scissoring
Libra  sex drive: Strong

A Libra in bed is just as creative and artistic as they are in their daily lives. They look on sex as an art form and are willing to explore the different means of intimacy. Libra sex involves not only the physical act, but the environment as well. Be sure to set the right atmosphere with candles, romantic music, and rose petals strewn over the bed. If the mood is not right, sexy Libra will not respond. The Libran does have a fragile ego so be sure to praise sexual Libra techniques and prowess in bed. As looking perfect is very important to Libra praising certain body parts will go over very well too. Remember flattery will get you anywhere and everywhere with a Libra!


libra sex

Libra  Sex Traits:


When it comes to Libra sex, we have to keep in mind that they are an Air Sign. Therefore, sex is more of a mental than a physical act for this native. Libra loves seduction and foreplay, so a conversation about sex can easily arouse him/her and lead to some hot action. When they make love it is not always a passionate experience. The men and women of this sign may appear to be calm, confident, and in control, but they are often very uncertain about their sexual identity. They can be marked by images of sexual attractiveness in the media, and no matter how beautiful or attractive they are, they can feel very insecure. This does not, however, lessen their interest in sex.

They has a strong sex drive but he/she is not unpredictable. This native is happy to please his/her lover.


How to turn a Libra on


When it comes to what turns them on, they are very conventional: kisses, curdles, and two-three positions are all they need. This repertoire is never boring because there is much delight and charm involved. A rhythm in lovemaking that is steady is also a turn-on for them.
Libra male and female are not the most sexual of signs. People born under the Libra sign can reflect your desires and become what you want them to be. Part of the reason for that is that they find it hard to decide what they actually do want. Sex is often part of a greater romantic fantasy for many of them. Chasing a potential lover may hold more interest than a long-term relationship, as routine can bore them. They can tease and be preoccupied with everything being absolutely perfect.
Craving admiration and flattery, they avoid the unpleasant side of a sexual relationship. They are hard to satisfy and have an intense desire for sympathy, love and understanding. Sex may be used as a weapon to ensure that they get all these.


Libra Erogenous Zone


When it comes to body parts, Libra rules the kidneys which are not necessarily inspiring sexy feelings. But the area of the lower back  is definitely one of their erogenous zones . Massage this area or put slight pressure on it when in the midst of making love; this treat will definitely arouse your  partner.

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