Libra Compatibility – Who Are Their Love Matches?

libra compatibility

Libra Compatibility –The Libra is symbolized by balance scales, which is how life is viewed in general. This sign is associated with Venus and it is also an Air sign.

The Libra’s mission and purpose in life is to seek fairness and justice in everything they do and with anyone they meet. Thus, they are not afraid to bring opposing force to the table for discussion and hopefully compromise. However, these beliefs in justice will often clash with others and as a result conflict can result if not given a chance. Thus, probably of all the astrological signs, they seek and need love the most.

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You are a Libra, They are…

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Aries and Libra

despite the great difference between your characters, a sudden love affair is not excluded. Opposites attract each other!

Taurus and Libra

you charm him, and he fully satisfies all your desires …

Gemini and Libra

he surprises you with his smooth talk and his lightheartedness. A delicious combination, but maybe not for long.

Cancer and Libra

to you, making love is an escape from reality, being together in paradise for a moment.

Leo and Libra

he ’s your fiery lover. You feel protected by him and in return you adore him.

Virgo and Libra

don’t let his criticism cool your warm feelings and don’t expect any firework from him. If you can manage that, you ‘ll be fine together.

Libra and Libra

this is more talking than doing. More caressing and cuddling than actually making love.

Scorpio and Libra

you cheer him up with your jokes, and at night he brings you to heaven or hell.

Sagittarius and Libra

two idealists who both need space.

Capricorn and Libra

you enchant him with your charms and lightheartedness. He surprises you in bed with his unexpected enthusiasm.

Aquarius and Libra

let him play the leading role in bed and don’t talk too much, then this relationship will be an exciting adventure.

Pisces and Libra

He worships your beauty and you feel flattered … The start of a delicious romance.

Friendship Relationship Compatibility


They are great counselors, hate loneliness and love being surrounded by men. They love to go to parties and gatherings with friends and they can be a great guide to their friends by giving them the best fashion tips. They have good friend compatibility with: Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini and Aquarius.

Dating Compatibility


In dating the Libra Aries relationship is definitely an “opposites attract” phenomena. Libra is able to calm Aries while Aries manages to inject pure excitement into the physical relationship. Mutual praise and worship is the key to the Libra Gemini relationship. As long as Gemini acknowledges Libra s artistic side, and Libra praises Gemini s intelligence, the two should get along very well together. Leo and Libra can work very well together as both are very concerned with personal grooming and must be up to date with the fashion trends. In addition they both are very cordial and captivating in a social setting.


Sex Compatibility


If you are a Virgo seeking out a Libra as a bed partner then go for it! Both signs live for the art of sex and not the emotional aspect so they are perfectly suited to each other. Libra Cancer love is especially satisfying as both signs are able to bring their intense creativity into the bedroom. This can make for some rather passionate and capricious sex. There are no limits when these two signs hit the sheets! The volatility of the Scorpio relationship can make for some firecracker sex but can lead to some rather nasty arguments outside the bedroom. This is a combination better left along. To a Libra, Capricorn is a sexual dream come true. Very steamy and romantic, Capricorn will stun Libra with his/her intensely affectionate nature. This is perhaps one of the more perfect sexual matches in the astrological charts.

It is important to remember that each personal situation is unique and must be considered and understood thoroughly which can be done through a psychic reading.

How to Love match up with a Libra


When it comes to seeking a love match, Libras often go for the brains more than the physical attraction, because they seek someone who thinks and acts like they are. However, this comes at a price and will often get used for love when they don’t realize it.

With a Libra male, he is the most devoted lover you will ever meet. He has a heart of gold and wants to make sure his woman is treated with the love and respect he thinks she deserves. However, he does have one problem that can often frustrate a lover. Because he wants things to be so equal and fair, when it comes to making a decision, he often has a hard time making up his mind and deciding what he wants to do. Thus, it is best to be sensitive to his needs and not push him or rush him into something he himself doesn’t feel is right or fair, or else you could be losing a good man.

With a Libra female, she seeks to live in harmony and enjoys a good conversation rather than just a cuddle by the fireplace. Thus, it is often good to be careful with what you say. If you can make a good first impression on her and show her that you have the brains and a cultured attitude to match your beautiful smile, she will be hooked onto you for life.

Signs that are most favorably matched with a Libra are Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Gemini

Virgo, Pisces, Scorpio, and Taurus, are neutral compliments.

Those that are opposing forces and would not match well with a Libra are Cancer, Capricorn, and Aries.

With a fellow Libra, they would make great friends and allies.

Libra Compatibility Chart:

Libra Sun Sign Compatibility

Things to consider


Basic Relationship Traits

This is the zodiac sign with dominant grace, elegance, and class.

’They seek relationships with fascination and keen interest and are the sign known for good sense of style and enjoyment of love.

Beauty of both mind and body are important to them, and help balance the sensual and rational split side of this sign.

Libra and Love

They are ruled by Venus and love sensual delights and being in love.

Often they are so into being in love that they fail to notice all the different admirers and lovers that they are keeping held on to loosely.

They are a sign that is often guilty of being attracted to or involved with more than one partner at a time and are one of the biggest flirts of the zodiac.

They will always be with one partner or another, and may get married young and/or multiple times.

Searching for Relationship Compatibility

Compatibility in a relationship is something the they are  intent on finding in his own relationship.

Because of this, he or she likes exploring all the different small parts of a relationship.

In addition to this, they will always be on the lookout for “the one”, often even when they are in a relationship (because someone better might happen to come along the way).

Need for Appreciation

They are artists in that they will always try to give a nice presentation (well dressed, groomed etc.) and good impression of themselves.

Someone who can admire and respect this will be a step closer to attracting the scales.

They are a sign that never feels complete if not involved in many expanding, interesting projects.

They like having these projects to get a chance to cultivate their own talents and taste of things.

It makes sense, then, that they want someone who can appreciate this trait of theirs; if they have spent time working so much on mastering their own arts the least they can ask from a partner is that the partner respect it all.

Sign of Mediation

This sign is a is a masculine sign and one that is more rational than purely emotional.

The sign may at times seem contradictory because they are in love and enjoy sensuality but are fairly serious when it comes to ambition and improvement, at the same time.

This is the sign of mediation and the scales, their ruling symbol, represent balance, justice and diplomacy, things that they care very much about.

By nature they are quite courteous and good hearted, and in regards to this, they have a deep sense of justice, honesty, and fair play.

Because they find identity and self-presence in relationship, they will try to balance themselves with their partners and this may often go as far as to adopting the partner’s interests, hobbies and style of living.

This may be fine if their partner and themselves aren’t too different, but if they are drastically different, it may make their compatibility in the relationship difficult and strenuous.

Enjoyment of Attention?

They like shaping the relationship once they are in one, but before they are in one, they actually prefer to be attracted and caught then to be the one doing the hunting for a partner.

They enjoy the attention they get from a partner and when they are receiving attention, they just can’t get enough it.

If the attention and praise they are getting starts to die down, they may shift, lose interest, and move towards another partner they may have on the side or have been interested in.

In Conclusion

As a cardinal sign, this sign is best with a person who understands his crave for romance and balanced environment and lifestyle.

A partner of theirs must be able to understand and respect their ambitions.

They are accommodating, imaginative, and flexible in a relationship but won’t stay if they aren’t getting the praise and feedback they need, or if their partner is severely failing to match up to their standards.

They need that their partner is able to put up with their harmless light flirting, and that they can trust that this person is trying to make the relationship strong and one to last.

If they can have this though, Their compatibility in a relationship shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve.

Their romance and affection, their growth and knowledge gained from past relationships, and their devoted efforts to make relationships work, make them dedicated partners and ones that can be made to last for the long run.


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