Cusp Astrology

Cusp Astrology: What Are Cusps?

Before We Start

What is cusp astrology? What are cusps and cusp dates?

Cusp astrology or cuspatrology is an astrological term that is a sign of its own, in a way.

As you know, there are 12 different signs and each sign has its own distinct characteristics, personality traits, etc.

Well, just as there are 12 zodiac signs, there are also 12 astrological cusp signs.

The Basics

First off you need to know what a cusp is. A cusp is the assumed line between two neighboring zodiac signs, (say like between Aries and Taurus or between Cancer and Leo) when a planet is moving from one zodiac sign to the next.

From that comes cusp astrology which is when someone’s birthday falls near the end of the dates of one sign and near the beginning of the following zodiac sign.

People born on cusps are assumed to have a mix of both zodiac signs that they are split in between (although they will tend to have more of their sun sign than their neighboring sign which they are near but not born on).

What Astrologers Say

There is debate among astrologers as to whether or not cusp astrology can make people share parts of two different signs.

Many astrologers feel that people cannot have more than one sign ruling over them.

They would say for example, a Scorpio that has some Sagittarius traits may have just developed them over time in her life rather than having been influenced by the Sagittarius sign next to them.

Most hold, however, that cusp astrology is a very legitimate influence on sign and that its effects can be seen on the people it applies to.

A Few Things to Remember

Keep in mind that cusp influences tend not to be very strong (less so if you are further from the adjacent sign), not nearly as much as your sun sign traits will be.

Also keep in mind that the influence of a cusp is supposed to be stronger at the end of a sign than at the beginning.

This meaning that if you are born on Dec. 22, you are a Capricorn with a Sagittarius cusp influence but a cusp influence that won’t be as strong as the Sagittarius born on Dec. 21 will be influenced by Capricorn.

In Conclusion

The dates for cusp signs are approximated, and are listed below. Each cusp sign has its own distinct name and they are also listed (I warn you, the names are not very creative).

See if you are of a cusp sign and the traits you get from it below!

Cusp SignsCusp NameCusp Dates
Aries/TaurusArusApril 19 – April 24
Taurus/GeminiTauriniMay 19 – May 24
Gemini/CancerGemincerJune 19 – June 23
Cancer/LeoCanceleoJuly 19 – July 24
Leo/VirgoLergoAug 19 – Aug 24
Virgo/LibraVibraSep 19 – Sep 24
Libra/ScorpioScorpiaOct 19 – Oct 24
Scorpio/SagittariusSagittarioNov 19 – Nov 24
Sagittarius/CapricornCaprittariusDec 19 – Dec 24
Capricorn/AquariusApricornJan 15 – Jan 23
Aquarius/PiscesPisariusFeb 19 – Feb 23
Pisces/AriesPariesMar 19 – Mar 25
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