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taurus sex

Sex with a Taurus

Best Partner: Libra, Pisces, Virgo, cancer, and Capricorn
Taurus Sex Position: Missionary, Doggy style
Taurus sex drive: Strong

Taurus Sex Traits:

When it comes to Taurus sex , keep in mind that the Bull is an animal sign renowned for his mating and sexual prowess. Aesthetics matter to them and he/she will probably choose a good looking partner. Their desire for food can easily become part of the sexual act itself. Bring some strawberries and champagne in the bedroom and you will see how excited your Bull will be.

Taurus male and female are sensitive people. When it comes to sex they love to be caressed and stimulated during a long lasting foreplay. Kisses, hugs and sensual moves is all you need in order to arouse your  lover. Help them relax and you will be rewarded with passion. Keep in mind that these natives hate hurry as they want long, sensual and satisfying lovemaking. They are likely to linger over your body, enjoying its texture and taste. Taurus person likes to take things slowly, concentrating on all the senses. A massage can often turn them on.

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They are also great listeners. In the most intimate moments, these men and women are aroused by words. Whisper in their ear how much you like to make love to them and you will see the results. When it comes to their sex life, pleasure is more important than excitement , and they crave bodily contact. They are not attracted to sexual experimentation. Not always the most sensitive of lovers, they may demand more and more when you have finally given up in exhaustion.

how to turn on a taurus

One interesting thing worth mentioning is that finances greatly influence the sex drive of a Taurian man. The more money he has, the more sexually active he becomes. On the other hand, luxury is a great turn on for Taurus women. Being ruled by Venus, these women love to possess beautiful, luxurious and expensive things. Both of this signs men and women are insatiable when it comes to sex relationships. Having a very strong sex drive they often need more than one intercourse in one night.
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 Taurus Erogenous Zone

When it comes to erogenous zones, neck is the most sensitive part of his/her body. Passionate kisses and light bites on the back of the neck will turn them on; take it slow and easy, and don’t force things into happening. Tease them until they beg you to go further.


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