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Sex with an Aquarius

Best Partners: Libra, Aries, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Gemini.
Aquarius Sex Position: Cowgirl
Aquarius sex drive: here and there

Aquarius Sex Traits:

Being an Air sign, Aquarius tends to approach sex via intellect. When it comes to Aquarius sex, keep in mind that they like to share their thoughts with their lovers. Before they become physically stimulated, Aquarius men and women must be intellectually turned on. The meeting of minds always precedes the meeting of bodies. With regards to the sex life of Aquarius, their natural curiosity will lead them to constantly experience new things between the sheets. Therefore, a creative partner will certainly be a turn-on for them. Pushing the envelope is a natural response for these folks and they’ll continually test the waters for greater pleasures. A delicious mystery lurks beneath the surface and the lover who can turn on Aquarius is in for a wild ride.

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When it comes to what turns them on, remember that the kissing and cuddling side of sex appeals little to Aquarius. They prefer to get right down to it.  They do like to watch your face during sex, though — this way they can judge if everything is going OK. Most sexual activities are acceptable to them, although anything involving flagellation is unlikely to arouse them. A burning need for praise and attention makes them highly susceptible to flattery. their approach to the sex act itself is highly unpredictable.  Having no real sense of limitation, they love to experience new sensations. Perhaps that’s why they have a reputation for enjoying watching others.

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How to turn on an Aquarius

One of the most effective ways to arouse  an Aqua man or woman is to put handcuffs on them. Being unconventional is a major turn on for them.  Unusual locations for having sex can also appeal. Sneaking into the office and having a quickie can greatly turn them on. Even if you and your Aqua lover are at home for a quiet date, the idea that something unexpected could happen will be a definite turn on for them. People born under the Aquarius astrological sign are ready to try different things in the bedroom just to see if these are pleasurable or not. In addition, spontaneity is a major turn-on. Their sexuality is like a lightning bolt and they can turn it on and off with incredible speed. When it’s on, the effect is electrifying; when it’s turned off, there is no use trying to get them in the mood.
Their personality is modern, so making love with the computer and television all on at the same time may be stimulating for them. When it comes to their sex life, They can have multiple partners, and sometimes they may even prefer sex with a partner of a different race or culture.

 Aquarius erogenous zone

Regarding the erogenous zones of people born under this sign, their wrists and ankles are usually very delicate. Kissing, rubbing, and massaging them can be great turn-ons. These natives also love to be kissed on their cheek-bones

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