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Leo Daily Horoscope

  • Leo Horoscope for Friday, April 10, 2020

    You have the ability to take even the smallest act and turn it into something huge, Leo. Being overly dramatic makes you the tallest thing in the landscape right now. As you proceed with your wacky plans, you act as a magnet for strange people and events, and you couldn`t be happier. Every occasion is brimming with possible adventure. Throw caution to the wind and don`t spend one minute worrying about what other people think of you. You are marvelous just the way you are!



Leo Love Horoscope

Your love life will take another turning.

The year starts gently but in March your love life takes another turning. You meet the person of your dreams and you bind immediately. Assuming that you do that between March and mid-July, it’s perfect. Happiness is promised to you, your union will last. If you are already married or live in couple, be careful: an affair would complicate your life, especially in the case of a fatal passion as seen usually in the movies. Avoid wasting your time with someone that does not love you, otherwise prepare for a hard year! Friendship is more reliable and more durable. You would be right to invest energy there.

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