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Leo Daily Horoscope


  • Leo Horoscope for Wednesday, July 15, 2020

    Maybe the show isn`t over, but it`s sliding down the far side of the climax into the denouement. Audience members are coming back into themselves, marveling at where they just were, realizing that a fine time was had by all. Recently you wondered how your magnificence might serve the world, and now, with a touch of humility, you see how you`ve just brightened so many lives. Even if you can`t be this spectacular every day, you can reprise your theme in obvious, practical ways. By the very act of living your life, you teach others what you already know so well.


2020 Leo Yearly Horoscope


It’s not that things are difficult during the year’s first half. It’s just that you must let others make decisions and live according to their rhythms. Initially this is challenging. But by early April you realise that you’re doing new things and seeing places that you’d otherwise have missed. What you experience, and who you meet, goes a long way to compensating for disappointments in late May. However, it’s what takes place during the year’s second half that proves most memorable.

On August 1 the mighty Jupiter moves into Leo, beginning a year long period of good fortune and happy surprises. Ironically, the more you’ve been introduced to during the year’s first half, the more open-minded you’ll be about the sudden and frequently disruptive changes in your life, work and relationships this cycle demands of you. While challenging, explore everything; what’s least expected could prove most rewarding in the long run.

Love & close relationships
For some years you’ve dealt with unstable situations in others’ lives. Initially you found this unsettling. Now, you’ve realised they’re thriving and happy, so you are too.

Finance & business
Events all year long keep you on your toes. Consider everything. What initially seems disastrous could lead to opportunities as exciting as they are unexpected.

Health & well-being
During the year’s first half tackle certain unresolved worries. This isn’t fun, but eliminating them builds your confidence, readying you for exciting but demanding changes.


Leo Love Horoscope


Your love life will take another turning.

The year starts gently but in March your love life takes another turning. You meet the person of your dreams and you bind immediately. Assuming that you do that between March and mid-July, it’s perfect. Happiness is promised to you, your union will last. If you are already married or live in couple, be careful: an affair would complicate your life, especially in the case of a fatal passion as seen usually in the movies. Avoid wasting your time with someone that does not love you, otherwise prepare for a hard year! Friendship is more reliable and more durable. You would be right to invest energy there.

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