2020 Gemini Horoscope – Daily and Yearly

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Gemini Daily Horoscope


  • Gemini Horoscope for Saturday, October 31, 2020

    Because you generally rule the roost with uncontested authority, the challenge to your iron control that comes today could leave you momentarily speechless. You recover quickly enough, but may have a battle of wills on your hands. The objections you`re hearing, however, could be the tip of a much larger iceberg. Keep asking questions until the entire story is revealed.

2020 Gemini Yearly Horoscope


You don’t think of yourself as stubborn. Consequently, you’re unwillingness to go along with the changes demanded by the sternly practical Saturn’s presence in your sign, especially during the year’s first half, surprises even you. But situations seem unfair, and you’re forced to let go of cherished elements of your life. But by mid-June’s Gemini eclipsed New Moon, you’re building a new and exciting life. This alone would lift your spirits. But these changes are taking place in a year of transition in both your environment and in the lives of those closest.

During the year’s second half, therefore, you’re considering life in a new setting, or spreading your wings in terms of travel or study. Aim high, allowing neither others’ reservations nor your own doubts to undermine your convictions. True, you’ll have to reconcile practicalities with your visions of what’s possible. Irritating as these demands are, they transform mere good ideas into lasting achievements.

Love & close relationships
Saturn in your sign is teaching you patience. Thus, even though tempting, sudden changes in close relationships are unwise. It sounds trite, but loving yourself comes first.

Finance & business
Explore stunning opportunities during the year’s first half, but don’t rely on them. This avoids costly disappointments when some fail. Others, however, become the foundation for lasting success.

Health & well-being
For years you’ve been promising to look after yourself. Finally, May’s events force you to take action. Your diet is as important as exercise, calming your mind as vital as holidays.


Gemini Love Horoscope


The hardest for him or her, will be to learn how to say no!

The year will be hard for the GEMINI, He or she will not be able to say no! He will marry, divorce, be reconciled and separated again, all that with the same person or different people. I joke but hardly, because the native of the two sexes will know intense hours of exaltation in his loves and affections, hours which could always last for ever and last. If you are not engaged, you will live amusing situations. If you are single, a nice date will occur between the mid-February and end-June and might finish by a marriage or a free union at the autumn. The hope to be happy in love reappears; the GEMINI sticks to his ideas and is faithful.

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Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

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