2018 Gemini Horoscope – Daily and Yearly

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Gemini  Daily Horoscope

  • Gemini Horoscope for Monday, November 18, 2019

    Your perception of what you`re doing may be quite different from how it looks to someone else. You don`t have to prove everything to everyone. As long as you`re clear in your mind that you`re onto something good and valuable to your experience, you don`t need the approval of others. Seek opinions instead of fishing for compliments. If you get conflicting viewpoints, that`s a great opportunity for some healthy debate to take place. Let the others lead you to secrets that you would never have discovered on your own.


Gemini Yearly Horoscope

The coming year gemini, especially its first two-thirds, promise to be informative for you. During much of the last half of 2016, and the first month of 2017, you’ll have struggled with restrictions, some unfair. Or you’ll have been cornered either by circumstances or concerns of your own that prevent you from speaking and doing as you like. Not surprisingly, this is a hugely frustrating period. However, what you learn more than compensates for the emotional turmoil you experience.

This is all about the powerful Mars, planet of ego and energy, which has been in the most vulnerable and reflective angle of your chart, raising questions about situations you find difficult to face and issues you’ve been unaware of. While this process won’t necessarily have been an easy one, what you learned late last year and during early 2017 promises to equip you for the powerful and decisive period that begins on 17 February, when Mars moves into Gemini. It remains there until 14 April, and during this period you’ll spend a great deal of time reviewing what you have in your life. You’ll consider what makes you happy and, equally, think about what you could do without. And in some cases, you’ll make plans to change those arrangements. Keep in mind that this is as much a time of exploration as it is of action, so it’s about what you could do. Consequently, you won’t necessarily need to make those changes during this period.
It’s also worth keeping in mind that with the eclipsed full moon, on 14 March, crossing the angles of your chart that have to do with the structure of your life, with your domestic set-up, activities out in the world and career, changes around you could also influence both what you want to do and what you’re actually able to do.

Consequently, during this period you’ll find yourself considering ideas, offers and options that you simply wouldn’t have imagined or thought of before. It will be as if a whole new world is opening up in front of you. Knowing this, therefore, focus on making the best of your Gemini inquisitiveness; ask questions and explore opportunities or offers you wouldn’t have thought possible.

Others may insist that you’re being foolhardy or taking chances, but there is a safeguard built into the situations you’re facing. This is the powerfully positioned Saturn, which is in Leo all year. While Leo is one of the most creative signs, it’s also what’s termed a fixed sign – which indicates enormous stability. Therefore, you can count on Saturn to help you conduct an in-depth investigation of the ideas you’ve come up with and those you encounter.

Similarly, with the expansive Jupiter in the equally determined and stable Scorpio until late in the year, unexpected offers or opportunities will be worth your while, and could lead to something far more worthwhile than you would have expected.

While the whole of 2017 is rich with such developments, those that take place in September – when the year’s second set of eclipses bring events that accent how and where you live and work – will provide yet more opportunities to rearrange things, if not make substantial changes. It may sound as though you’ll be facing a great deal of disruption. But the fact is, each of these events promises to open the door to something new, something that will enable you to turn the ideas you came up with early in the year – when Mars was in your sign, from February to mid-April – into something lasting.

Therefore, the wise Gemini will focus on broadening your horizons in every way possible. This means meeting people, even if it’s merely for fun, going places simply because they interest you and perhaps even taking up a course of study.

Whatever it is you do, you need not have a specific objective attached to it. Rather, your focus should be on learning as much as you can and broadening your circle of friends and acquaintances, knowing that some will turn into very special friendships – and some into something more lasting. And it is through this process that what’s best about the year will emerge.

Most of all, therefore, keep in mind that simply by being your friendly and inquisitive Gemini self, not only will you make the best of 2017, you’ll also enjoy every minute of it

Gemini Love Horoscope

The hardest for him or her, will be to learn how to say no!

The year will be hard for the GEMINI, He or she will not be able to say no! He will marry, divorce, be reconciled and separated again, all that with the same person or different people. I joke but hardly, because the native of the two sexes will know intense hours of exaltation in his loves and affections, hours which could always last for ever and last. If you are not engaged, you will live amusing situations. If you are single, a nice date will occur between the mid-February and end-June and might finish by a marriage or a free union at the autumn. The hope to be happy in love reappears; the GEMINI sticks to his ideas and is faithful.

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