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Are Scorpio and Scorpio compatible?

In most cases this combination can work out to an average compatibility. This is one of those combinations where it can go either way.

Even though they’re both born under the same sign, and have the same characteristics they might find that they clash with each other often. Both parties in this relationship will value their individuality, and want to get the final word in due to their fiery nature.

They might find themselves at times agreeing on a lot of things together which will obviously help in the relationship.

The problem comes when they start disagreeing on things.  As problems start to begin between them neither of the members of this relationship will want to concede to the other. They just won’t want to give in.

If neither one wants to give in and the argument continues to get worse this is where the relationship can get damaged.

One thing to note that is a positive side is that both individuals in this relationship can help each other personally grow. They will truly understand each other on the spiritual side of things, and they do share a lot of similar points of view.

How are scorpio and Scorpio in love?

This is a couple that display very intense emotions. Weather these emotions are intense attraction for each other, or intense disgust over something that somebody has done. They will be powerful regardless.

The relationship itself will be explosive as well, and at times very turbulent due to the power of both individuals. But the one thing that they can count on is that they will have a very satisfying sexual connection. If there’s anyone that has mastered makeup sex, it would be these two.

Both of them will show jealousy when it comes to other people being around their mate. This jealousy could actually favour the relationship in this case, due to the fact that they will want to keep things very exclusive between the two of them and only them. They won’t want their partner to be with anyone else.

With a couple of this nature they really need to know how to take a break, relax and let things cool down. Due to the fact that they have a very strong nature within them, sometimes when they’re in an argument with their partner it might be hard for them to swallow. This is the moment where they need to sit back and chill a little bit, and not make any moves that could be disastrous for the relationship.

This couple being able to coexist will not be one of the easiest of things to accomplish. Things do look favorable though if they share a very stable foundation of love, and they truly both respect each other. They just need to be able to keep that fire under check.

Experts Discuss This Couple:

Melissa: You both want a lifetime soul mate, and with each other, you’ve found it! Just watch that your green streaks of jealousy don’t create false accusations among one another.

Celia: You love hard and fight hard.

Jenn: Better stay away from this match! Too many emotions flying around here. There will be constant arguing and an unending power struggle to prove who is right.

Lidia: This will be a very passionate love affair where you do things you have only imagined in the bedroom! Sexually, this is the relationship that will allow you to experiment with anything and you will feel a lot more confident from it. The trouble with two Scorpios is the jealousy and possessiveness. This is hard for anyone to overcome, but when you see someone reflecting your actions, it can cause a lot of worry. Try to forget about the secretive tendencies you both have and focus on the love you share. Arguments will get out of hand and there will be a lot of nasty words said that can cause untold damage later.

When this relationship is good, you spend most of your time in bed. When it is bad though, everyone will know about it and you will be incredibly unhappy with everything you are doing to each other. Try to give your lover some compassion before you kill off whatever you have going between you.

Laura: The fireworks between these two sun signs should be visible for miles, passion, truth and sometimes horrendous arguments are all rolled up into one with this duo. Two Mars signs will demand a lot from each other, but if anyone can handle a tall order like that, it’s two Scorpios. After settling down more, this pair will instinctively know not to rile each other, especially over something trivial. Once they’ve learned to respect each other, their intense bond can rival any couple within the Zodiac. Each would go to the ends of the earth for the other one and they’d likely lay down their lives if need be. Both are also prone to jealousy, so they must be prepared to openly show that interactions with the opposite sex are merely friendly and nothing more.

Tracy: A Scorpio/Scorpio match can be problematic with both being suspicious and jealous, though ideally both will be devoted to each other with much love if they can learn to share control.

Heidi: A definite physical attraction for these two who share so many common factors. However, the emotional attraction needs work. Both are demanding and can be possessive. Most of the disagreements they have turn into full-blown arguments because neither is willing to back down. The main problem in this relationship is that each trys to control the other.

Keley: This is a relationship that will be either all or nothing! Scorpios tend to live by extremes, and this duo will do everything with fire and passion. The touchy area here is temper… both sides need to keep cool heads at all times, or there could be real problems.

Marcus:These two horoscope signs are keenly aware of each others power, and rightfully so. This pairing of zodiac signs is as powerful as it gets in the Cosmos. Scorps with Scorps will get along famously. So happy are they to finally find someone who understands them completely, and without prying and probing, just naturally. But, batten down the hatches and abandon ship if one gets offended or hurt. It won’t be pretty. In the astrological scheme of things, Scorpios are overly proficient at guerilla warfare, and know how to strike where it hurts. Too much lashing out and fighting to the death will not make this an ideal long term relationship. Hopefully, one of you has an astrological moon sign, or rising to mellow you out.

David: Communication comes naturally, and sex is wildly fulfilling. But if the power games begin, the conflict can be torturous. This could be an incredible match, or an epic ego struggle.

Scorpio Man and Scorpio Woman

Scorpio women and Scorpio man’s relationship are based on the mutual respect that both people show for each other. They acknowledge each other. Although both Scorpio men and Scorpio women are selective in nature and have their own standards for selection of their partners, they still fall for each other as no one knows the other one better than another one of the same type. Jealousy is one of the traits of Scorpios but when they fall in love, and then sacrificing oneself for the other is not a big deal. What can destroy the relationship is only mistrust so both the partners should always remain clear and trust each other.

Scorpio and Scorpio Friendship

You two could get on great and one thing’s for sure, when you pair are together in a crowded room, everyone knows you’re there.

Scorpio and Scorpio Relationship

Long-term relationship:

Lots of energy and passion to keep you both going.

As lovers:

A very hot, fiery sizzling relationship.

Short-term relationship:

WOW. You two will really know how to have a good time.

Scorpio and Scorpio Sex


Once you two get into bed you may be there for days bouncing the springs and ignoring the phone.

scorpio and scorpio sexually compatible

Scorpio Compatibility with Scorpio Over all Score:

overall score 66%

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Melissa Martinez

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