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Astral Projection – Everything you need to know

Astral traveling is a unique experience that is not tied down by anyone or anything. Each time a person astral travels, he would learn different things about the world. He might simply choose to explore unknown parts of the world or observe things that are happening on a higher dimension. It is there so people

Crystal Scrying or Gazing

Crystal ‘Gazing’ or Scrying   Scrying is the name given to the ancient technique of gazing into an object such as a crystal ball (or skull) for the purposes of divination. Although some people can achieve visions from gazing into flames or even a shallow bowl of water or black ink, the clear quartz crystal

Crystals : A Beginners Guide

Storage and Selection One of the most important things to remember when working with crystals is that there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way – trust your own feelings, beliefs and intuition, believe in yourself and you will choose what is ‘right’ for you regardless of what books or ‘experts’ may say.. I have tried

What Are the Meanings of the Aura Colors?

  An aura is a name many call the energy field that seems to exude from within all lifeforms. Many individuals see auras and the colors seem to have a variety of meanings for each individual. I am going to share a few techniques to help the newcomers get started. I know for myself, that

Rune Meanings – The Elder Futhark

Rune Meanings   The First Aett FEHU Sounds like “F” Symbolizes the beginning Its literal meaning is the same as the Hebrew, Greek and Gothic alphabets Signifies moveable wealth on an earthly level (money and credit) Negative aspects: Wealth can lead to greed. Rune: Power and control URUZ Sounds like “OO” Represents the European wild

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