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Are Scorpio and Taurus compatible?

This is one of those couples that will get along very famously. Usually the compatibility between the two of them would be considered on the high side.

These are two opposite signs that are very attracted to each other a lot. At first glance it might look as though they have too many different personality traits to get together in a relationship, which usually means that the relationship won’t work out. But this is one of those combinations that will defy the odds .

These two together make a couple that is very passionate and devoted. Their loyalty and faithfulness to each other should never be in question.

That doesn’t mean that they’re not going to get into arguments. When they do get into arguments it’s very important (due to the fact that they are both quite hard-headed ) for them to work together to solve the problem. They do have a tendency to clash with each other. So it’s very important for one of them to give in to the other every once in awhile, in order for them to not be in fights that will be a never-ending and could bring a lot of damaging to the relationship.

How are Scorpio and Taurus in love?

When it comes to all zodiac sign combinations this would be considered one of the most fascinating, passionate, and exciting combinations out there.

This will be considered one of those All or Nothing relationships, they’re going to have their turbulent times, they’re intense emotional times, and a lot very happy times. This will definitely be one of those couples that it would be very hard to break  them apart ( so don’t try).

If love comes into play between the two of them it will be a relationship that has a very fiery love that aspect to it. They will never come to the point of hating each other, but even if they get to a point where they are completely fed up with each other they still won’t give up.

They might find themselves getting into heated fights or debates based on both of them sometimes being possessive and jealous.

The couple’s drive to have good careers, and the sexual chemistry between the two of them will be the decisive and number 1 aspects that pushes them towards a relationship.

If they both find that they connect on an intellectual level, and that they’re able to stimulate each other in that way, their relationship will become even better than they could imagine. They will get to a point that they will never run out of things to talk about, and even friendly debates can come out of this between the two of them.

They do have a tendency to suffer from some weaknesses. Both are known to show jealousy when they see somebody else’s eyes on their partner. With them both being very headstrong, in the middle of an argument they will both be wanting their significant other to be the one that gives in. Compromise!

One thing that they really need to do is to open the lines of communications between the two of them. They both have a very difficult time sometimes to express exactly what they’re feeling in their hearts. If they’re able to connect with each other on a heart-to-heart basis it will take the relationship even further than they can imagine.

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Experts Discuss This Couple:

Melissa: The Bull’s steadfast determination can unleash Scorpio’s mistrusting nature, unleashing overpowering passion and understanding.

Celia: The inscrutable meets the immovable.

Jenn: You will usually get a sense of security from the Scorpio’s extreme intensity and jealousy. Although the Scorpio will have a hard time dealing with your stubbornness and determination and since there is no middle ground with the Scorpio, you will have to be the one to give in more often than usual to make this relationship work out.

Lidia: This relationship can work, but only if you both make a lot of effort continuously. There is a lot of jealousy oozing from both of these star signs, which means you can end up constantly arguing if you go out without your partner! Minds run away with you both within a blink of an eye and something that may have been in the back of your mind will suddenly snap to the front and be blown right out of proportion.

Being open doesn’t come naturally to either of you, so get over the secrets you worry about, or bring them out and lay all of your cards on the table early on. If Taurus can nurture and take of Scorpio in a loving and caring way, you will find the defence mechanisms stay under wraps and Scorpio doesn’t dismiss Taureans emotions. Sexually you are very compatible and you should find that Scorpio will teach Taurus a lot of new tricks, making sexual satisfaction come naturally for you both.

Laura: Opposites can attract and with this combination it’s like volcano meets the charmer. Both have a strong stubborn streak with a fixed approach to life. If the majority of control is placed with Scorpio, the sexual fireworks will have the potential to be never-ending.

Tracy: a Taurus and Scorpio love affair is apt to be turbulent. Both are prone to being stubborn and set in their ways, creating conflict. As they are often possessive and jealous, this can actually bring them closer together as they will understand how the other feels. There is a conflict of Scorpio’s emotional nature relative to the rational mood of Taurus. As opposite zodiac signs, there may be a special connection where each partner’s strengths balance the weaknesses of the other.

Heidi:They say opposites attract, and these two are proof of it. However, in a long term relationship, it could become a test of wills between the two. For no apparent reason Scorpio can become overbearing and possessive, while Taurus builds resentment and anger. Each needs to learn tolerance of the other in order for this relationship to work.

Keley:This can be a very good match, provided that Scorpio can tone down their intense nature. Scorpio benefits from the stability and security that Taurus brings to the relationship.

Marcus: On the astrological wheel, these two lie directly opposite each other. Opposites really do attract. The Bull and the Scorpion tend to be intensely passionate at first, but are more likely to fizzle than sizzle. The Scorpio is secretive, craves change, and loves to spend huge amounts of time alone. Au contraire for the Bull, who longs for security, sophisticated entertaining and communication. It’s all or nothing for these two.

David: Passion abounds. Scorpio brims with sensual ideas; and Taurus goes for the ride. Scorpio’s secrecy and melodrama don’t go over so well with Taurus, though. And when things get rough, you’re both stubborn.

Scorpio Man and Taurus Woman

The Taurus woman with a Scorpio man makes a great match. She is easily attracted towards him despite of the fact that at the start she feels he is quite a tough person but his good qualities finally win her. He is a trustworthy person who is in search of a kind-hearted woman and so is the Taurus woman. She adores and respects him a lot and takes good care of his home. She keeps on motivating him and supporting him in his hard times. On the other hand Scorpio man worships her like an idol. He gives her as much love as he can, provides her with best possible things available.

Taurus Man and Scorpio Woman

A Taurus man and Scorpio woman are attracted to each other just like two opposite charges. Taurus is opposite of Scorpio in Zodiac Signs. They share common habits and personality traits and it makes them easy for each other to get along. Both are ambitious and both are hard working. Monetarily important things are valuable for both. On the other hand, a Taurus man can be persistent while jealousy is one of the characteristics of a Scorpio woman. Sometimes, both members may get fed up with each other but the similarities between them and common values can make them an ideal couple.

Scorpio and Taurus Friendship

There should be an instant attraction between you two.

 Taurus and Scorpio Relationship

As lovers:

A very loyal pair.

Long-term relationship:

The secret of this relationship working is to not devote all of your time to each other.

Short-term relationship:

The opening weeks of this match will be fun, laughter and games all the way.

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Scorpio and Taurus Sex

Never dull and never boring.

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Scorpio Compatibility with Taurus Over all Score:

overall score 90%

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