1. I think a Scorpio male and an Aquarius female is terrible. My Scorpio is an introvert to my extrovert. He is selfish, and complains about everything I do or say. He never wants to take the lead and make decisions, wanting and letting (making) me make them, that way he can blame anything and everything on me if it is bad or perceived wrong decision in hindsite.

  2. when we first saw each other it felt as we had known eachother forever. when we first started talikng we were convinced that we were soulmates after just talking over the phone in 2days. i scorpio learned from the aqua man how not to be jealous still working on the possiveness. they are so loveable u just want to around them all the time.

  3. Interesting thoughts on the Scorpio and Aquarian relationship. I am a Nov. Scorpio female, and my mate is an Aquarius, Jan, male. I love him more and more each day. It’s a love like none that I have known before. Do not get me wrong we do have bumps in the road, but every bump that we have encountered has been worth every smile and special moment we share. But heck who doesn’t have bumps and issues in their relationships.

    If Scorpios can tempering their suspicions and possessive ways and become more open minded, this can be a match made in heaven. It takes work but it’s fruitful work, and all relationships require work.

    Don’t let a dismal read on compatibility or the stars deter you. Instead take that information and use it to make changes and improve the chances of success for your love. Just think of it as a challenge instead of an obstacle. And besides, Scorps are really good at overcoming obtacles

  4. This is interesting. I’m a 11/11 Scorpio male, my girlfriend is Aquarian. I also was a bit depressed to learn of our astrological incompatability – at least according to our core attributes that is.

    However, I think their’s a lot of truth in what it says above, at least according to my own experience. I see my girlfriend as a wonderfully ‘good’ person and I admire that greatly. I find that if she is treated with honesty, fairness and respect, she (at least it appears to me!) to be happy and content. I also find her to be an amazingly interesting person on all sorts of levels and I truly respect her open-mindedness and general willingness to understand different points of view.

    That’s why I think it works anyway!

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