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aquarius + scorpio

Are Aquarius and Scorpio compatible?

There usually is an attraction between the two of these signs to start, but as things progressed they might find that their compatibility with each other is quite low.

In most cases they do seem to have a lot of differences that sometimes can be overcome, and other times those differences might be insurmountable. Sometimes they will find it hard to relate with each other due to their differencing in opinions, at the same time viewing life quite contrarily.

They are both pretty strong-willed, and hold very firm beliefs close to their chest. When they find themselves in an argument with each other it might be hard for them to be able to see their partners view. Causing the argument to drag on.

On the other side of things, they might find that these differences might be something that attracts them even more so to each other. The important part though is that they really need to sit down and discuss these contrasts and decided whether or not they can live with them. This relationship has a chance to either become very successful, or be an abject failure when it comes to love depending on if they can work out the differences.

How are Scorpio and Aquarius in love?

This relationship will really come down to how well they can communicate with each other. Both of these signs sometimes have a hard time explaining how they feel about things, and this can be something that can be a make-it-or-break-it situation.

Aquarius likes to live a life that is more based on their individualism, while at the same time living inside of their relationship. So they really need to have some time for themselves separately to recharge. On the other side of things these Scorpio really likes to be all inclusive when it comes to life with their partner.

The Scorpio as well might find it really hard to deal with how the Aquarius likes to live life pretty carefree. It’s almost like they’re both living and completely different worlds.

When they find themselves in an argument with each other, both of these signs tend to go their separate ways for a little bit just to calm down. They both want to try and avoid fighting as much as possible. Due to the fact that they both know that if their tempers start the flare it could be something that could put a major strain on their relationship .

These two do have something going in their favour though. They are both Fighters, and they will put everything that they can into trying to make things work. The relationship between the two is usually not over until they’ve totally exhausted themselves to the point where they cannot go on any longer.

Like mentioned previously, if they sit down and talk about the differences that they have with each other and how they can incorporate that into their lives together, then this relationship could work out. They really need to bring that fighter instinct that they both have to this relationship to be successful.

Experts Discuss This Couple:

Melissa: Aquarius’ kinky kind of passion is a turn-off for sultry Scorpio. The Water Bearer can’t deal with Scorpio’s suspicions about their whereabouts all the time.

Celia: Your deep emotions and Aquarius’ icy detachment are complete opposites. The only meeting place is in the middle.

Jenn: You will probably feel inadequate by the extreme independence and impatience of the Aquarius. While are very independent and reasonable the Aquarius will probably not be attracted to your intensity and passion. It may feel like this relationship is more work than either of you bargained for to make it work out. With much time and effort though this one would be great. You have to learn to lighten up a bit and the Aquarius will in turn need to open up more.

Lidia: This will be a troubled relationship, but that just means you have to work hard at it. Scorpio loves to talk and enjoy the good things in life, while Aquarius can be more sensible and a little boring in comparison. Aquarius must try to learn to soften their words; especially when in everyday conversations as the blunt no nonsense replies can grate Scorpios patience over time. Scorpio has trouble letting things go and will revolve back to their sulky moods if they don’t feel they are getting what they want, with the added mixture of stubbornness on both sides, this can look like a recipe for disaster at points.

Sexually, you will both be very passionate and sex will be something you both enjoy tremendously. Try to leave the arguments at the bedroom door and you will always have an area of your relationship that is unspoilt by whatever has annoyed you both in your latest quarrel!

Laura: The Scorpio and Aquarius couple has the potential of becoming an exciting, intense and socially active type couple. That is, if Scorpio is willing to engage in party behaviour beyond what he/she’s normally known for. Both are set in their ways and have predetermined ideas about many different things in general. Scorpio will most assuredly want to exert the majority of control. However, provided Aquarius is still free to roam through his usual social circles, control won’t be a problem. Problems will usually only arise if Aquarius is cut-off from the usual gang. Scorpio will need to decide early on whether trust the water bearer or to be suspicious about Aquarius’ activities. If Aquarius remains faithful, an enlightened and reassured Scorpio will emerge.

Tracy: Aquarius and Scorpio can be a shaky partnership as one needs freedom and the other is possessive. Normally this is an unadvisable match though it could work if they compromise and learn to trust each other.

Heidi: Aquarius finds Scorpio rather demanding and Scorpio finds Aquarius rather cool towards love. Scorpio’s possessive and sometimes critical nature bothers and annoys Aquarius and the sometimes unpredictable Aquarius doesn’t give a sense of security to Scorpio.

Keley:This match can be successful, but it will take work on both sides. Aquarius may find Scorpio’s intense emotions to be attractive at first, but will soon grow weary of them if they infringe on Aquarius’s freedom.

Marcus:Air and Water. Two very different elements and lots of tension. Aquarius will look at Scorpios very curiously and without much understanding of their intensity, temperament, or passion. The truth is to be looked at like an animal in a zoo will drive a Scorpio insane. That along with the Aquarius aloofness, indecisiveness, and patronizing tone of voice when confronted with high drama infuriates Scorpios. It’s a wonder these two ever made it together in the first place, their thinking being so opposite.

David: Neither one gives up power easily, or respects those who do. That could be compatible, however Scorpio is engrossed by emotion,while Aquarius prefers a little distance. Generally not the ideal pairing.

Scorpio Man and Aquarius Woman

The love relationship between the Aquarius women and Scorpio men can be very difficult at some times. While the Aquarius women love to explore and be very friendly with everyone, the Scorpio men love their privacy and want no interference in it. This is where the challenge in the relationship starts. The Aquarius women are strong headed and the Scorpio men are also the same.  When they want to hang out together, it becomes difficult as the women love to socialize while the men want their privacy with their girlfriends. The Scorpio men have the habit of taking control sometimes and the Aquarius women love their independence so it becomes difficult for them to stand each other and compromise. 

Aquarius Man and Scorpio Woman

Aquarius men have character entirely opposite to the character of Scorpio women. This conflicting nature is what makes their relationship last for a long time. Aquarius men love freedom and they may consider the Scorpio partner one of the obstacles in living an independent life. This does not mean that he does not love his Scorpio partner. He also tries to avoid any situation which can cause emotions to be aroused between the two partners. Such behaviour arouses feelings of jealousy in Scorpio partners and she tries to get more of his attention.  On the whole, relationship lasts for a long time if both partners try to understand each other. Generally, both love and respect each other.

Scorpio and Aquarius Friendship

You’ll either like each other or tolerate each other, but either way their will be stormy moments.

Aquarius and Scorpio Relationship

As lovers:

If you two learn to be a little more forgiving you may work well as lovers.

Long-term relationship:

You may end up in many situations where both of you think you know better.

Short-term relationship:

Even in the opening stages of romance you two are quite capable of throwing down the glove and having a full out argument.

Scorpio and Aquarius Sex


Surprisingly when your energies are channeled and focused on passion you will bring the roof down.

scorpio and aquarius sexually compatible

Aquarius Compatibility with Scorpio Over all Score:

overall score 30%

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Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez currently has 10+ years of experience helping people navigate life with the use of astrology. When not working on the website she is busy writing her first book on love and astrology.


  1. I think a Scorpio male and an Aquarius female is terrible. My Scorpio is an introvert to my extrovert. He is selfish, and complains about everything I do or say. He never wants to take the lead and make decisions, wanting and letting (making) me make them, that way he can blame anything and everything on me if it is bad or perceived wrong decision in hindsite.

  2. when we first saw each other it felt as we had known eachother forever. when we first started talikng we were convinced that we were soulmates after just talking over the phone in 2days. i scorpio learned from the aqua man how not to be jealous still working on the possiveness. they are so loveable u just want to around them all the time.

  3. Interesting thoughts on the Scorpio and Aquarian relationship. I am a Nov. Scorpio female, and my mate is an Aquarius, Jan, male. I love him more and more each day. It’s a love like none that I have known before. Do not get me wrong we do have bumps in the road, but every bump that we have encountered has been worth every smile and special moment we share. But heck who doesn’t have bumps and issues in their relationships.

    If Scorpios can tempering their suspicions and possessive ways and become more open minded, this can be a match made in heaven. It takes work but it’s fruitful work, and all relationships require work.

    Don’t let a dismal read on compatibility or the stars deter you. Instead take that information and use it to make changes and improve the chances of success for your love. Just think of it as a challenge instead of an obstacle. And besides, Scorps are really good at overcoming obtacles

  4. This is interesting. I’m a 11/11 Scorpio male, my girlfriend is Aquarian. I also was a bit depressed to learn of our astrological incompatability – at least according to our core attributes that is.

    However, I think their’s a lot of truth in what it says above, at least according to my own experience. I see my girlfriend as a wonderfully ‘good’ person and I admire that greatly. I find that if she is treated with honesty, fairness and respect, she (at least it appears to me!) to be happy and content. I also find her to be an amazingly interesting person on all sorts of levels and I truly respect her open-mindedness and general willingness to understand different points of view.

    That’s why I think it works anyway!

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