1. I was initially resistant to his charms and did not want to get too involved . He was persistent however and won me over. His attention was obsessive in the beginning. The sex was incredible and we couldn’t get enough of each other. He tried to get into my head space saying that he wanted to settle down which I wasn’t ready for but eventually I fell for him and fell In Love with him. That’s when his mind games and cutting comments started. He stings just like a Scorpio and he seeks revenge . After a year and a half he started saying that our relationship was short term and not long term and that he was looking for someone to love and that wasn’t me . Sadly it’s now over. Scorpions certainly sting their Leo women and in my experience we are nor compatible for the long term but the sex is explosive and it’s hard to get Way from them when you are under their spell!

  2. He’s so timid and the only relationship before me was a horrible stripper. So that is his biggest thing is missing out on teenage sex and he wants the option of having sex with one other girl in his life. Very close with his parents and would rather their company than mine. We’ve been talking about marriage and have known eachother since school. Best friend to benefits to relationship. I had to reel him in to find the feelings. I love him and would do anything for him and now the thought if him always wanting someone else will always be there and knowing I can easily chase him away. There is an honest love but I do feel like a put his flame right out and he’s so beautiful I don’t want to break him. It is exhausting but we do try to get it all out and I have to be short sweet and to the point so he hears me. It seems like I do too much but he worth it and I’m willing to work and try as long as he is. I am scared that ill never fully make him happy though.

  3. Ella Henry says:

    I love my Scorpio. I met him in high school where we had a brief romance before I left for college. We didn’t keep in touch; I took it for granted that he’d be there when I went home to visit and he wasn’t. His family had moved. Over the years, any time a new type of social media surfaced, I would look for him. I found him a couple years ago; however, he was with someone else and nowhere near me. I tried again this summer and found out he was only 2 hours away and single. We started talking again and I discovered that he remembered me quite fondly as well. We haven’t stopped although we were just talking and hanging out as friends for the first few months of our reunion and he was a total gentleman. I could feel the walls coming down and eventually we took it back to the next level and haven’t looked back. He makes me feel safe and secure with my emotions and would never cut me down like my last love (a Pisces) would do on a regular basis. I hope it lasts forever.

  4. We’ve been together almost 9 years, married for 5 years and I could never be happier. The first time we met back in college, we could never deny the instant attraction. Soon after, we’re inseparable. Close friends and family can’t believe how we always want to be with each other every minute of everyday. Nine years later, im so happy and grateful that we still share the same passion and intensity. But it’s not always sunny in leo-scorpio relationship. When we fight, it feels like the world is going to end, it makes me really scared. Believe me when I say you don’t want a scorpio man getting mad at you. It’s the scariest thing in the world! My scorpio man is very suspicious so I’ve learned in a hard way not to give him any reason to be. He is the most mysterious person I’ve met but he has learned how to open up to me since I am really open with him, but I know that he still doesn’t completely tell me everything he has in mind, but I guess that’s just him being a secretive Scorpio.

  5. Mina Lioness says:

    I’ve known my dearest Scorpio friend for around a year now; Ever since we met, he immediately brought out his sexual side around me. All while I tried so hard to contain myself and not let him see my own sexual side (w/ him being older than me, and me just getting out of a bad relationship), it eventually became so unnatural holding it all back. When we finally started engaging in a sexual relation…It was hands-down the most amazing sexual experience of my life. He was attentive, yet powerful and dominant. To this day we always tease at each other. Him always wanting to get it on while I keep playing hard to get. Now I’m dating someone (since my Scorpio isn’t looking into committing with anyone yet after his break up of 4 years)…But it is incredibly hard when all I can think about and yearn for is the tension, the playful and witty chemistry me and my Scorpio naturally have. It’s incredibly hard to let go of a passion that powerful. Yet I never regret any time I spent with him.

  6. I’ve been dating this Leo guy for a year and a half now. Its been a emotional roller coster. He’s the sweetest guy but hard headed. In his mind he’s always right. Always trying to shove his opinion down my throat. We argue about the stupidest things. But can end up apologizing and making up at the end of the day. He can be the sweetest or a hard headed asshole. He’s so affectionate, loving, passionate, needy and stubborn. Our sex life is beyond believe amazing. Have broken up a few times but never lasted until one recent time. One week and started talking to another girl. But ended up crawling back to me. He’s always been loyal until then. But now he can never be trusted.

  7. Amanda Matz says:

    I met my scorpio almost 2 yrs ago. We’ve been dating 1 yr and 6 months. We now live together with my son and we get his son every second week. Our sex life is fantastically amazing!! We do argue alot and it’s been tough for the past 8 months but we always manage to work together a pull through it :). We’re both set in our ways and we was clash alot. But we have an amazing bond and we have many things in common. We agree on mostly everything. And we’re always thinking or finishing each others sentences or know what the other one is going to say. We always order same food when out at a restaurant without each other even knowing!!! His parents are still amazed by that. All in all I’ve never had this much compatibility with any other sign. I’m so in love with my amazingly sexy scorpio man. Just hate : sometimes inconsiderate, controlling, always right never wrong, keeps his wall up. No matter what in the end we always have each others back, and do love each other very much.

  8. Beautifulone says:

    Just my kind of scorpio
    He’s intelligent he’s smart he’s brilliant reluctant he’s entertaining funny and reliable one thing about him blunt and Direct get right to the point with no chaser says what he means in feels I have loaned to get around his ways I’m a Leo and of course he’s a Scorpio he’s the most sexiest person I’ve ever known and in bed the best lover I ever had by far he fits me like a glove the only thing about it he’s not mine’s and I’m not he’s we are both married but we can’t keep our hands off each other when we get together if the most intense moment I have ever encounter we see each other as often as possible and when we do it like that each time I have read most of the articles about Scorpio man and Leo females and majority of them are so true it seems like everybody’s was describing the same person but for what is worth I’m going to try to hold on to mine as long as possible cause I can say one thing that he’s magnificent for me and I wouldn’t trade him for nothing else right now

  9. I am a leo virgo woman and the guy I was dating was a scorpio guy. This was the most heartbreaking experience as I wasn’t ready. In the start of our relationship he would speak to me constantly but once he saw I was showing interest he then backed of and eventually he changed like I didn’t know him we was on and of relationship it was not healthy as he was my first love and I cannot move on. There was something about him I don’t know what but I can’t seem to let go apart of me tells me to hang on but another part is telling me to move on. Every time I see him I walk the other way I cannot look at him it just reminds me of the sad past. I have his Grudge against him. But the relationship was do intense like something was not right but the boy was a player he played mind games with me constantly so I don’t know if he like or not he would speak then not speak so I just stopped speaking to him and went my own way may be it wasn’t time I don’t know but I do know I need to work on myself.

  10. Evelyn Weber says:

    Best I’ve ever had!

    I am a leo woman he is a scorpio man. Our love for each other is super intense & strong. I have never felt so loved nor have I ever been so happy. He is amazing to me & while we haven’t been together long, we have known each other for a while & we have seen each other in other relationships. Hes been my best friend & now finally, he is all mine. The loyalty & respect we have for each other are VERY strong. I will reply again once we have spent more time as a couple. So far, he is the best I’ve ever had and I’m willing to do anything to make him happy & he is the same way with me. I feel we are very compatible.

  11. I’m a Leo (m) and my queen is a Scorpio. We are 6 years together. We love each other to death, trust each other to death, respect each other to death. BUT there are compromises we both have done so we do not argue for childish things. For example i had to cut back on my social life as she was getting jealous for childish things. She s compromising on listening and following my opinion more often than what she would otherwise do. I’m always there for her, she knows that ill stop God from talking to me so i can listen to her and solver her problem anytime any day anyway. She behaves to me as the only one. In general a Leo man has to compromise with social life and “ruling” we think usually that our opinion is the only right and she has to follow, its not always like that. For a scorpio woman you girls have to compromise with your jealousy, we leos are social and we usually have women around us…but that’s our yard..we don’t let them in :)

  12. I dated and ran from a Scorpio man for eight years, and then married him. He asked me every day. We fought bad every 3 weeks and I would go to my house, and he would go to his. after 3 weeks someone made the first move but the moves were usually a matter of being hurt. We’ve been married for 17 years now and have fought so much we are desensitized. We don’t respect each other much anymore and stopped having sex 3 years ago. He is younger at 51 and I am 57. I wish we could get back the touchy feely thing again and make love but he doesn’t want it. So sad. One other point, every time I’m in a good mood, laughing and kidding around he brings me down by criticizing me. Oh well.

  13. I am a Scorpio female in a relationship with a Leo male, this match is a perfect one if both parties involved can just take a few moments to understand each other. No1: as a Scorpio female I am a naturally born lover, it is what it is, I throw tantrums, I snap that’s me. But apart from we are wonderful , loyal and loving partners. A scorpio woman will love you endlessly! On the other hand my Leo has Trust issues, being a Leo means he’s naturally generous, giving and sweet! And because of that people turn to use him and take advantage, especially in relationships. His trust issues can cause him not to fully settle with one woman for fear of being hurt! But as a Scorpio woman who’s loving , loyal, nurturing and devoted its not difficult to get your Leo’s heart and trust! Once he realizes how committed you are he let’s off his guard and just focuses on loving you. He deals well with my tantrums cause he’s naturally gentle. I Love him!

  14. I am helplessly in love with a Scorpio woman that I met while teaching. I subsequently left the district because the desire was too strong to contain. Unfortunately, we both are married to others. As a Leo man, I have never had such a strong attraction to a Scorpion woman. I have such a fear of rejection that I never let her know how I felt. The words from a Garth Brooks song sound so true now. “If tomorrow never comes, would she know how much I loved her”

  15. KhaosPrincess says:

    Raging water meets glistening fire
    It’s quite difficult to describe my relationship with leo men. I’m a scorpio woman who has been with my leo man for over two years now and each and every day has been different. I’m quite the a malicious, questioning, and secretive person whereas he is the complete opposite. At times he really pisses me off and i feel like killing him but there are more times also where i couldn’t imagine my life without him. It’s a perfect love/hate combination and it works for the both of us. We’ve both taught each other so much over the time we’ve been together. I used to be a very closed up, frustrated, depressed and lonely person but he’s changed me for the better, transforming me into a much more positive character and i believe it has saved my life. I on the other hand, have reined in his ego and sense of arrogance, he has learnt to open his mind up and see things differently and consider other people instead of just himself. I see us getting married one day, he’s one of a kind and i wont let go

  16. BrightEyes68 says:

    I’ve been with my husband for over 1 year. As a Leo,I need my independence but I also crave the intimacy, Scorpio’s sometimes are so busy with money,family and jobs that as a Leo we don’t know where we fit in. We love to be dominate but the scorpio male won’t back down just for a moment. Our Fire sign wants us to burn bright. We love fun and being out with others. When it comes to situations that need serious talk,I find it hard to sit my Scorpio down and get his attention. They tend to be overbearing and not trustful of a Leo. I can be flirtatious but loyalty is to my scorpio husband.

  17. I am a Scorpio female (November) fixed water sign and my love is a Leo male (August) fixed fire sign. I must say that our chemistry to stupid crazy!!! I sting… he roars at its worst but we never can stay away from each other for more that a few hours before texting or something. At first I thought it was obsessive on both ends and to a certain degree I guess it is but I feel this chemistry in my heart. I agree with another person on here that “when its good, is great!” BUT “When its bad, its terrible!!!” I sting and spit venom and he roars and chases, but we always stay close. Its crazy how I can be so in love even after 8 years! These two signs can work but it will take a lot of work on both ends. If you are truly in love then it will work regardless.

  18. Christina says:

    My Scorpio and I had hung out about four times before we actually hooked up. The love-making was dynamic.. the kissing, staring, and love making was on another level! But other than that it was frustration all around. The Scorpio is so damn confusing when it comes to commitment or lack off. Also, I suggest never go to a clubs/bars with a Scorpio if you’re a Leo, I am an outgoing person and would take a compliment well and smile and nod BUT that is as far as that goes. . I would rather be admired by my Scorpio but instead I am ignored the whole time until he comes around. As of now we no longer talk, we had another feud and things were said that I don’t appreciate and apparently I said things that he didn’t appreciate. Although I miss him like crazy I have too much pride to say sorry when all I wanted from the beginning was him! The best thing for me to do is come to terms that this duo is not a great mix if both parties are not willing to compromise. Good Luck!

  19. I’ve always been really attracted to Leos. This guy I met at work is a Leo and I recently found out he’s been crushing on me. I was shocked that someone could look at me with adoration and awe yet be so honest and fearless of his feelings for me. He takes good care of me, he has a huge heart, and he’s very affectionate. But of course, me being a typical Scorpio I don’t always like when my feelings surface so I tend to be discreet.

  20. Scorpio10 says:

    True love is what this relationship is for me. He treats me like a lady and he is a true gentleman. Honest loyal and caring. Its a real love. I’m myself around him. We have grown together :-) He is my calm and I’m his storm. I can be his sunshine too. Oh and the sex is indescribable!

  21. just ended my relationship of 2 years, and i couldn’t be more relieved. my ex-bf loved attention, and after a while i got tired of boosting his ego. he was stubborn, and liked to have things his way. and if i tried to exert my opinion, he would keep arguing how his point was right. didn’t take criticism well, instead of listening to what i was unhappy about, he would shut down and not want to listen about what i was complaining about, until i reached my breaking point. the good was he adored me, was very loyal, physically it was amazing, but it wasn’t enough.

  22. Leo woman, Scorpio man w/ Sag tendencies

    I just met him and the chemistry between us is amazing. So far we have lots of laughs & great conversations. Silence is comfortable. The sexual tension between us is fierce but I’m pleased to see the balance of friendship. We’re both adults and have had time in our lives to find ourselves. He is an amazingly talented man & his passion for his talent is undoubtedly unique & a wonder to behold. The second night we talked I knew I was going to marry him. I’m a very typical Leo–loud & bold, frank, passionate & devoted. My moon is in Aquarius so it balances me and helps me keep my head and not be self-centered. He seems to be more introverted but I’ve been able to draw him out a bit. He enjoys the spotlight as much as I do, so I’m hoping that since we have this in common there will be an understanding. I want to see stars in his eyes when he looks at me and I’m hell-bent on making him mine. I will have to see how it pans out. I’m drawn to him like no other.

  23. Leo woman- scorpio man

    My mate and I had a great relationship, he constantly reassured me of his happiness and the strength that our relationship was based on. We had a great relationship and great chemistry.We even talked about having a family together and even talked about things and places we would visit. I thought that he was the one.So one day ,out of the blue,he calls and tells me that he met someone else and he wanted to see if his like for her could turn into something more.Just like that, for no apparent reason ,my man just left me dumbfounded and heartbroken.I still don’t understand where we went wrong. When I asked him what was his reason for leaving the great relationship that we have built, with both of us being happier than we were in past relationships. He said that it wasn’t anything that I did or didn’t do, and that I was good to him but because of his attraction to this other woman, he had to see what that attraction meant. I took it very hard and it caught me completely off guard

  24. I dated and slept with a Leo over 2 years ago now and it was explosive. It didn’t last long though, I wanted more than she could give but we remained friends long after. She wanted what she didn’t take and being a Scorpio I declined over and over again. We were like 2 peas in a pod who behaved like kids, talk about bringing out the silly side of a Scorpio. I made her a little more serious and to become that loittle more intense. But I loved her and I always will love her. When we fell out the words were horrible but my god I respected her more because to be honest I like a fighting spirit and I like it when it makes sense and not just petty crap. The sex was good, the compliments were lovely and the glamour that a Scorpio and Leo project to the world is something that makes everyone jealous. Everyone had an opinion and everyone wanted a piece. We would have still been together if we took our time, didn’t allow interference and actually made our bond stronger. Love to die for!!

  25. Reading the responses makes it so funny for me- because it all seems to be so similar! I am a Leo Woman married to a Scorpio Male. The first 2 years were actually the worst. We had gone through some trust issues the first year- my fault. I now see our relationship getting better and better. He definitely has tested me in the past to where I will “roar” back. He is very sensitive, loving, and has a huge heart. We have been living together alone now for 8 months which has totally helped our marriage. He is very possessive over me and where I am going, who i am with etc. We love spending time together though. He is my only real friend and I love every minute I’m with him. We may even be a little obsessed with each other.

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