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Are Leo and Scorpio compatible?

In most cases the compatibility between the two of these signs is often low. As with every combination there are things that can be done to fix the issues that arise between the two partners.

Scorpio tends to take things a little bit more seriously, and as everyone knows they like to be a little possessive when it comes to their partner. Also if somebody is chasing after their partner they will usually become jealous. On the other side of things the Leo really likes to socialize. This is a sign who is very proud of who they are, they love to be the focus of attention, and are usually very friendly.

So the Scorpio might get jealous when the Leo is socializing with other people.

Both of them bring very strong personalities to the relationship, and it won’t take very long for them to clash over things. When they start to argue neither of them will want to give in, the Leo’s Pride will not give up, and the Scorpio really likes to have the authority over the relationship.

Well even though that sounds like things would go pretty rough for the both of them, it should be noted that the closeness and intimacy that they share can actually make them become a good couple.

In this case it’s a matchup of a very deep and intense Scorpio, and a fiery Leo that is very passionate and intense.

How are Scorpio and Leo in love?

This is usually a strange combination, because you really have two fiery personalities joining together. The biggest question that comes up is will they be able to make things work.

If they’re able to combine both of their energies there’s nothing that can stop them from being able to make this relationship what they want it to be.

It’s almost like it’s a story straight from the jungle, you have two people that will admire and respect each other from a distance, but might not move close enough to each other to make a relationship happen in the first place.

They will respect each other’s area, but if they decide to mix together, then the huge differences that divide them will start to emerge .

Leo is definitely somebody that does not like to be told what to do, and they will not appreciate somebody being possessive over them in a relationship.

On the other side of things the Scorpio if they’re interested in actually making things work, needs to really adapt to the desire and the ego that the Leo exerts, and for some this can prove to be too much.

So naturally it can be said that these two usually don’t work out in a relationship, but that doesn’t mean that things are doomed to fail completely.

If they truly do have the desire and motivation to make the relationship work, they will be able to. Anything is possible when you have a lot of understanding and enough love to put into it.

They just need to be able to understand that when arguments do arise, and they will,that both of them are ready to make concessions to each other to quell for squash the problem.

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Experts Discuss This Couple:


Melissa: Scorpio’s tendency towards possessiveness leaves the Lion feeling like a caged animal.

Celia: Scorpio gets mean and moody when you want to kiss and make up. You like others’ admiration, but it sends Scorpio into a jealous rage.

Jenn: The Scorpio enjoys your ability to entertain them and keep them interested. The Scorpio cannot help but be drawn to you. You, in return are turned on by the passion and intensity of the Scorpio. Just be careful. Remember that there is no middle ground when it comes to the Scorpio so your relationship will be great when the Scorpio is happy but when the Scorpio is miserable you will know it. It will be pretty much up to you to keep the peace here and put forth the effort

Lidia: This is a relationship that can work perfectly, if everything revolves around the bedroom, as your sex life is truly amazing! There seems to be so much energy and a deeper connection between you when you are wrapped together under the sheets, but this doesn’t come out in everything. You both need to learn to work together and for Leo this can be scary. Leo has to be the one in charge, making the decisions, but a Scorpio will never allow you to do this long-term! If there is one person that can teach a Leo to chill out though, it is a Scorpio, with their unforgiving nature a Leo will always think twice before throwing out a line of insults!

If everything is rosy between the two of you and you talk honestly, you are half way there. Once the angry and hurt feelings come into the equation, your relationship will not have much hope, as Scorpio tires to find ways to get Leo back for all the pain suffered.

Laura: Scorpio is driven by a deeper emotional drive, while Leo is driven by a sense of self-preservation or ego. Control issues may dog these two, but as is always the case with two strong personalities, a compromise will be needed. Both like to dig in their heels, but Scorpio will usually outlast Leo when it comes to dominance. If the lion can accept a diminished role, the Scorpio and Leo couple can unleash their passionate sides like two volcanoes raging as one.

Tracy: Scorpio and Leo can both be possessive and jealous which can result in conflict. Much effort is needed to bring harmony to two such differing individuals.

Heidi:  These two will most likely have an immediate attraction to one another. However, Scorpio can be a bit possessive which will drive Leo crazy and Leo’s need for constant adoration tends to get under Scorpio’s skin. Both are dominating which could result in a slight problem.

Keley: This is usually a difficult combination in a few key areas. Leo is very extroverted, while Scorpio tends to keep everything inside…. These aspects may frustrate the other, and cause rifts.

Marcus:  This one is a toss up. You both are decisive leaders and this is where tensions will lie. You share a huge respect for each other, as well as a protective loyalty. Also shared is a love of drama, and by drama we mean dramatic scenes with theatrical exits. Sometimes you bump into each other on the way out the door. At first glance, it may seem like the Lion rules the den. We must not forget that Scorpio’s are secretive and will lie and wait for an opportune moment to strike back when they feel miffed. Leo’s seldom heed such advice, and like to play king of the jungle. These two don’t fight, they war. Be careful.

David: Leo and Scorpio are drama queens. Fiery, intense and charismatic, these two can create a passionate, complex pair. There will be good times and big battles, but Scorpio can be a very compatible sign for a Leo.

Leo Man and Scorpio Woman

Scorpio Women and Leo Men share some common traits like determination and will power to never back down from any challenge. This common trait makes the love life a happy one. In the same way, they both have respect for each other and this is what makes the real base for a good relationship. The relationship may start from a single glance and may last for many years without any serious trouble. Both the members of the couple have a logical reasoning attitude and they settle their disputes with reasoning instead of mocking each other. Deep down in the heart, Leo man loves his Scorpio woman and always tries to make her happy.

Scorpio man and Leo Woman

The relationship of Scorpio men and Leo women is very interesting and they have many different experiences they can share. Both Scorpio and Leo are stubborn and loyal, and are very passionate. They are very possessive of each other, and as a result sometimes jealousy can come between them. But apart from this their relationship is very healthy and has an intense connection, and they respect each other.

Leo women are very generous, kind and warm and are greatly trustworthy. They are Socializers and they like admiration and compliments from others, and they help them from their anxieties and insecurities.

Leo and Scorpio Friendship

Natter, natter, natter. You pair could talk the legs off a mule.

Scorpio and Leo Relationship

As lovers:

A tactile couple who will enjoy each others company through thick and thin.

Long-term relationship:

If you two get together and it’s not long term you will surprise all around you.

Short-term relationship:

A fun learning curve not so much about the other person as about yourself.

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Leo and Scorpio Sex

If you like lots of fun between the sheets this is the perfect match.

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Scorpio Compatibility with Leo Over all Score:

overall score 29%

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