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Pluto Astrology


I represent total transformation in your life by tearing down the old and building the new. As the planet of death and rebirth, I repair and resurrect areas in your life for purposes of reinvention.

RulerScorpio (and Aries)
DetrimentTaurus (and Libra)

pluto symbolOf all the planets in our solar system Pluto is the furthest. He symbolizes the boundary between one life form and another. Pluto is associated with reproduction and the process of rebirth: the individual faces a dead end situation and must often undergo a painful catharsis before he can move on. Death is only a metamorphosis from one energy form to another and in nature’s endless cycle death makes room for life.

Pluto embodies and disembodies, dissolves a form and binds the disintegrated matter into a new form. It is creator and destroyer.

Pluto reigns catastrophes and major disasters, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions; death and fear of death, clairvoyance, occultism (witchcraft in particular) and spiritism. It is symbolic of phenomena as the atomic bomb and reigns vague things like shadows, phantoms, ghosts; the unseen and unknown side of life.

When Pluto is well aspected, one is able to analyse problems in a thorough way and has an innate magnetism, a talent for business and financial well-being. The individual is occupied with the occult and is able to use occult knowledge to transform his conciousness. ‘Die and Become’ is the motto of Pluto, Scorpio and in particular the eighth house. It also grants the natural born psychoanalyst.

The influence of Pluto is – as with Neptune and the other outer planets – however, rather difficult to handle. When It is unfavourably aspected in the birth chart, the individual has a desire for power, is disingenuous, cruel and sadistic. He or she lives in a negative fantasy world. The strength of Pluto is corrosive and works underground.

In yoga It is associated with Kundalini, the serpent at the foot of the spine. If we become sexually excited, the Kundalini awakes, (hence the association of Pluto with the production of new life), winds itself up along the spine and sets fire to the crownchakra (head), which brings on cosmic enlightenment. The Cathars called this the baptism by fire.

It also symbolizes rejection, the need to get rid of worn parts, no matter how painful that process can be. Pluto is also known as the planet of the healing crisis, it dominates the healing forces of the body.

Furthermore: major psychological changes, the subconscious, the underworld. It is affiliated with unexpected situations, when there is no way back, but also with revolutionary changes.

what does pluto represent:

Pluto characteristics


Psychological abilities and the possibility of self analysis. Creative inspiration, practical intelligence, dedication. Deep and intense interests.


Tenaciously, possessive, violent, cruel. Sexual misconduct.

Other Associations

Zodiac SignScorpio
HouseEighth House
Anatomyskin diseases, leprosy and all eczema of psychological origin. Cancer.
Colourwarm brown, deep dark red
Metalzinc, plutonium and radium
Gemstonered agate, garnet, bloodstone, pyrope, almandine
Senseclairsentience (feeling)
Symbolthe circle above the crescent which in turn is under the cross. This symbolism represents the 3 elements of life: spirit, soul and substance. It gives it the ability to form one element out of another. Often used are also the initials of Pluto’s discoverer: PL – Percy Lovell.

Occupation : all professions related to the search for treasures and making excavations: archaeology, speleology, dowsing. Working with metal; metal-melting factories, etc. All activities related to oil: refineries, oil platforms. Furthermore: psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, surgeons.

(this planet rules the sign of Scorpio)

Basic Astronomy:

Pluto is the last planet in our Solar system (known to the mankind) and it’s only slightly bigger than Mercury. It was discovered in 1930 and has only one satellite called Chiron. It takes the planet 248 years to complete its journey around the Sun.

In Mythology:

He is the God of Underworld (Hades) and he stands for the power to transform

In Astrology – Chart Interpretation

Since Pluto was discovered at the time when Nazism rose to power, this planet is often associated with violence, phantasm and elimination. On a psychological level, complements of the pioneering work of Jung and Freud, Pluto stands for exploration of human psyche and the unconscious mind. The position of Pluto in the natal chart by house and aspect identifies our passions, compulsions and obsessions. However, the real purpose of this planet is to force and compel us to eliminate the parts of our lives that we have outgrown and no longer need, subsequently promoting the need to transform ourselves. The Plutonian lesson can be quite a painful and exhaustive process, but one that eventually leads to regeneration, renewal and re-birth. For that very reason Pluto is associated with the symbol of Phoenix rising from its ashes.

Astro Keywords:

power, intensity, desire, crises, elimination, death, rejuvenation, re-birth and transformation.

If, in your natal chart Pluto is attached to one of personal planets or you have many planets in Scorpio, you already well know, it is not an easy thing to live with. I feel, this quotation totally summarizes the depths of its intensity ‘Pluto wants you to do something with your life that requires risk (Uranus), faith (Neptune), and one more important ingredient: a desire so deep, powerful and compelling that you have no choice but to go with it at any cost’.


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Tracy Roberts

Tracy Roberts


  1. Arya Dhara says:

    Dear Tracy,

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  2. excellent post, thank you very much. I have Mars approaching conjunct Pluto in 10th House and this article made a lot of sense to me as I approach my 2nd Saturn return and finally feel that I have found what I want to seriously study going forward – Jungian Astrology!

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