Scorpio In Love and Relationships

BY Melissa Martinez

scorpio relationships


Scorpio In Relationships

Scorpio in Love

Scorpio has staying power – when they decide they’re in it for the long haul. If you’ve come here trying to decipher the Scorpionic behavior of somebody in your life – I’m sorry to say it, but you might as well give up now. When theyloves you (and is not just sleeping with you) – it’s obvious. If it’s not obvious to you? Either he or she doesn’t love you – or (just as likely, mind you) you just don’t understand their way of loving.

Scorpios are passionate, powerful, and patient partners. Beyond all of that alliteration, they really do love deeply – so deeply, in fact, that they can have a hard time verbalizing.

What to look for in a partner: somebody steady, who can handle your intense emotional shifts without being jarred by them. I am of the opinion that Taurus makes the perfect partner for them.

Who is Scorpio Compatibile with?

Love Traits

The main Scorpio love trait is a need to love and to be loved. For a Scorpio true love is essential in life and family is more important than anything else. They are determined and dedicated people who know what they want in life and are able to make the commitment to achieve it. When a Scorpio’s mind is set on something it stays set – some consider them obsessive! They are generous in the extreme and will give you their last Cent, but sometimes they will display signs of jealousy – and a near-possessive nature.

Scorpio Male  Love Traits:

A perfectionist who wants to be recognized for his achievements. He needs to think he’s always in control and taking the lead in relationships. Scorpio man is passionate, possessive and jealous. He is also very serious about work and his career. When Scorpio man marries he will be making a lifetime commitment – he does not make this commitment lightly. This man never does anything by half-measures so you need to take him seriously. Direct by nature, if he doesn’t like someone they will know it straight away .

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Scorpio Female Love Traits:

Treat the Scorpio female right to get the best from her – or be prepared to suffer the consequences! If you cheat on her she will repay you big time, but if you are loyal she will give you all the support and love you could need. The Scorpio female has magnetism and will have many friends who are all important to her. Not likely to marry the wrong person as she can work out someone’s character really quickly.

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What It’s Like To Date A Scorpio Man

The men of this sign are not like other astrological sign men. Dating one man is similar to dating a Scorpio woman. The key difference though is that rather than a strong feminine force, it’s a powerful macho, sexual force. The men of this sign are generally easy to seduce and bring home for a night. However, forming an actual relationship with him is extremely difficult.

The men are extremely sensitive and often feel unfilled and lonely. However, he will never share these things with the woman he is with. If you want to get close to a Scorp man, be affectionate and sensitive towards him behind closed doors. Never lead him on because he’ll never forgive you for doing it. Toying with the men of this sign is bad due to his jealousy and possessiveness. He’ll also never allow a woman to gain control over him. Due to his awesome personality, be sure you let him take the reins in planning a night out.

These men are often moody, and can change on a dime. If you really want to be with him, stick by him at these moments because they will pass. Don’t constantly nag him because he has a difficult time understanding the emotions he is suffering with. These men make worthwhile protectors, which mean the person he is with will feel sale under his passionate, radiating power.

What It’s Like To Date A Scorpio Woman

The Scorpio lady is extremely emotional, challenging and affectionate. The lady of this sign is loaded with talent and secrecy… the type of woman that a resilient A-type character male can adore. After all, she has just the perfect amount of challenge with ample rewards.

The woman of this sign is very frisky and seductive. She doesn’t easily give her heart away because her weariness to trust other folks. A man who wants her must go through a series of mental tests to make the relationship close and solid. While she may not make it known, she does want a committed relationship. For this to happen, a man must earn her trust, be affectionate and never attempt to dominate her.

The Scorp woman can be possessive but she’s also full of mystery, desire and sensuality, which makes most men not have an issue with the possessiveness.

How To Attract Scorpio

Always show your true self to a Scorpio. If you’re fake, they will see it. Be attentive to them and be truthful in all your comments. Never try hiding things from them or ridicule them in any way. The people of this sign can be the only ones to tease and show an air of intrigue. This sign loves people’s honesty and frankness so be sure you speak your mind. They will respect you for it.

The Scorp men and women love nearly all activities, which mean there is always something to do with them. Of course, their unpredictability could mean things change midway through a date. Take it with a grain of salt and just move with the change. They love it when people don’t mind ditching the “planned” event and do something else with them.

Scorpio Cheater or Faithful?


The people that are born under this sign usually tend to be very faithful in love and life. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t Scorpios out there that cheat on their partners. As with anything in life, anything can happen at any moment.

It’s not very often you’ll find a Scorpio that is unfaithful. They are considered one of the most faithful of the signs to both their friends and family. This faithfulness doesn’t change when it comes to a partner as well.

When a Scorpio commits, it’s usually a lifetime commitment.

That’s not to say that accidents or cheating can’t happen.

What could drive a Scorpio to be unfaithful?

One of the biggest reasons that they might be unfaithful is that there is something missing in their current relationship that they really need to have. They might be tempted to go to the other side if they’re able to get what they are missing from somebody else.

Another reason can be simply out of Revenge. Hell has no fury as a Scorpio scorned.

Regardless of anything if it does happen it usually happens when it’s a really low moment in their life. In most cases they won’t even let it get to that point.  If it’s something they feel like they’re missing from their relationship, they will sit down and discuss it with you. In hopes that some arrangement can be made to make things better between the two of you.

If they do choose to be unfaithful, they will treat their lover differently than their own partner. With their own partner they may feel possessive, and jealous of anyone showing attention to them. When it comes to the person that they cheated on their partner with, there is no jealousy involved and they’re not interested in getting closer to this person. They will not be as open with their lover as they would be with their own partner. This might be in part due to them feeling terrible for what they’ve done.

They can easily hide their discretion because they do have the ability to conceal things very well. So sometimes it’s very hard to figure out whether or not they have been unfaithful or not.

The one thing to keep in mind though is that they don’t like cheaters as much as they don’t like to be a cheater.

They are not interested in dating people that are unfaithful, so they’ll quickly let this person leave their life without even a thought.  They know that there’s somebody out there waiting for them that’s ready to give them the happiness that they deserve.

Quiz: Scorpio lover – What kind of Lover are you? or is your partner?

To answer each question, meditate or think about each one to get an answer of either Yes, No, or Sometimes, which ever applies best to you in regards to the question.

Yes=3 Sometimes=2 No=1

For Men

Are you stubborn?
Are you possessive and jealous?
Do you like alcohol or drugs?
Do you have a problem letting go and to forgive?
Do you demand total loyalty from your partner?
Do you get hurt if you are sexually rejected?
Are you vengeful?
Do you see yourself as a sex symbol?
Is it easy for you to conquer women for your sexual pleasure?
Are you able to really tap into the deep sexual desires of your mate?
Do you have a tendency to be cruel?
Does homosexuality turn you off?
Do you like to get even with your enemies?
Are you capable of violence if you are really angry?
Do you think that women should stay home and not have a career?
Do you feel uncomfortable with strangers?
Do you feel you need to destroy in order to rebuild?
Do you appreciate your looks and your health?
Do lazy people get on your nerves?
Do you rarely fall in love?

For Women

Do you find it difficult to fall in love?
Do you feel you can read people’s minds and discover their faults?
Are you jealous and/or possessive?
Would you stay with just any lover so as not be alone?
Are you attracted to bohemian types of men?
Do you believe in loyalty in a relationship?
Are you afraid to express your sexual desires to your partner?
Do you hold a grudge when you get hurt?
Do you like to wear the pants in bed?
Are you emotionally insensitive?
Is it almost impossible for others to discover your true self?
Do you believe that if you marry too young that there is little chance that it will work?
Do you become paranoid if you are afraid or tired?
Do you like alcohol or drugs?
Do you handle money well?
Does changing jobs scare you or make you feel insecure?
Do you have a good discernment?
Is sex imperative for your happiness?
Do you think masturbation is wrong?
Do you like to have the absolute truth in a relationship?


1 – 35 POINTS

You are the type of Scorpion who is more adaptable than flexible. You are less stubborn and capable of waiting for things. The element of Pluto is very much mellowed down by the Air elements, which make you very creative and capable of achieving great things.

35 – 45 POINTS

You are the positive Scorpio. You are very generous and less possessive than most Scorpions. This personality is very much mellowed down by the Fire elements.

45 – 60 POINTS

You possess all the greatness of the Scorpio characteristics good and bad.

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