1. I met him two 4 years ago. Me being a cancer got attached quickly. He was an a$$ for two years but no matter what, even dating other people, I couldn’t get him out of my mind. I ended 3 relationships for him, as of now, were doing okay but I have trust issues because of his past reputation. I’m trying to get over them because lack of trust will burn this relationship to the ground but its hard. I want him & no one else but he switches from hot to cold too fast. When I’m with him I feel complete, I feel whole.every care from the world goes away. We have a unique connection but he won’t let it all out because he’s been hurt too much in the past. He’s the cause of my smile & my tears. Best experience and worst experience ever. Cancer & Scorpio is a lot of work. If you can’t handle that, don’t get involved cause when they hurt, they come for blood. Luckily, I was able to win him back when I hurt him. He’s my kryptonite.

  2. I’m deeply in love with a scorpio woman. It has been the most painful experience of my life. I think about her all day long everyday. I have tried everything to move on…dating other girls, cutting her out of my life completely, giving myself time to move on. Nothing works. I consulted a highly regarded psychic, and didn’t mention this girl – I was going for other purposes. The psychic goes on to tell me she is a soulmate and we have a strong spiritual and karmic relationship and even predicted many things about her that came true. It seems that a man cannot escape his fate. I think she has been stalking me recently too which makes it harder to move on and forget. I get random blocked calls all the time where I will answer and then it will hang up and have a strong feeling it’s her. I have a strong telepathic/psychic relationship with her but that has died off in the last year thank goodness. She thinks I’ve done her wrong and always tries to hurt me. I love her too much

  3. CancerianCool. says:

    I’ve been married to my Scorpio for 9 years, together for 13. I am leaving him but it’s taking a couple months to sell my belongings (I want nothing to remind me of this time.) Fights are getting nasty and more frequent; he does not want the divorce but he’s incapable of changing my mind. He committed a “dealbreaker” (it wasn’t cheating) and I will never forgive him for what he did. He refuses to apologize to the offended party so, basically, his own pride is fucking him over. He gets unbelievably ugly during arguments and if there is one thing I can not tolerate, it’s an asshole. Consequently, I’ve lost all respect for him and, as we all know, that is the relationship “kiss of death”. He believes me to be the “coldest person on earth”, which I must admit, I am in situations like this. I can be brutally cold. By the way, this is my 2nd Scorpio husband. The first one ended in separation, during which time he was beaten to death on Valentine’s Day by friend of his exgirlfriend.

  4. Well , let me tell you , this relationship was and still is worth all the make-ups and forgiveness we can so easily deliver to each other if we just take a chance to understand each others perspectives and points , because in the end we both knew they only came from a good place . Our sex is amazing. I love his dominance in the bedroom. I love when he takes charge! Splitting up , we only got back together after only a day. Realizing how customer we’ve grown to each other . My Scorpio man has a mysterious mist that could capture my interest forever. My delicate aurora seems to be enough to hold him hostage in my sight. And speaking of sight , the way he strips my soul simply staring at me! Ya know , yesterday he confessed his love. With out hesitation , I confirmed “our love”. And the jealousy problem? Nonsense. If your a true cancer, you’d actually love this and feel rather flattered by such desire one man could hold for you. I love him , and he loves me. I’m marrying this man.

  5. Im a scorpio woman who has had this crazy infatuation for a owner of a cafe that I frequent. I find out that he is a cancer and has always felt my energy towards him for years. One night out of the blue he approached me and asked for my number and actually kissed me so passionetly. I was stunned and shocked I felt like a school girl. When we talk about it now he still doesnt know what made him kiss me that night at our first meeting.( its the scorpio magnetisism) anyways long story short, we have been in a relationship for 2 years and we totally complete each other. I just adore my cancer man.

  6. I wasn’t really taking anyone seriously and was set on the idea of being a hermit with a couple of male friends because of how painful my past relationships were. I was convinced there would never be anyone out there for me. She first contacted me online and we didn’t talk much before was saw each other but I was interested in her because she seemed very sexual and wrote some message to me about being with another girl lol… that definitely peaked my curiosity. I remember we set up a place to meet and I got there a couple of minutes before her and sat down. When I sat down she texted me and said she just got there and I turned toward the door, knowing that the next person I would see walk though it would be her. As soon as I saw her face I felt a sort of calming tranquility in her beauty. She was hotter than her pictures but something about her made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. We talked and drank for hours, it seemed like nothing. So we ended up going back to her house that

  7. Pretty Wingz says:

    My scorpion and I have known each other for 4 1/2 years. The day we met each other we shared an intense connection. We slept together a year after we met and was very passionate we both loved each other a lot but the fear of rejection and being hurt we never shared our feelings for one another. We had an argument a year and a half ago and he hasn’t properly spoken to me since then I saw him briefly but he ignores my communication. I told him I love him and since then he’s ignored me. Our communications been on and off and he is continuously hot and cold I don’t feel the same without him by my side & my appetite has gone, he is aware that I’m losing weight and I told him that until he speaks to me again I’ll never feel 100% happy…. Miss him!!xx

  8. Cancer people are vulnerable. Scorpio people are suspicious and slow. Scorpios can take forever to trust and move towards a relationship, and Cancers have a hard time making themselves vulnerable while the Scorpio plays the waiting/deciding/judgement game (they grove on control and won’t give up their heart until THEY feel secure FIRST). Test you like crazy to make sure you love them. IF the Cancer and Scorpio hook up, it can be amazing and beautiful and lasting. But, it isn’t as easy to get this couple together (unless they are young, if the Scorpio has been burned before every one else will have to reach a near impossible bar to earn their trust, and god help you if you are fall now and again)….Scorpios demand a LOT from a partner, and they can give a lot as well. IF you earn it. I love my Scorpio, but it is NOT for the faint of heart.

  9. AngelEyes says:

    Met my Cancer man online. Both of us just knew immediately, but it took him some time to convince me that anyone could be so open about their feelings. He is just the sweetest, most loving, kindest, most generous, but breathtakingly sexy man I ever met in my whole life. I was a jealous, wounded Scorpio, but this man has healed my whole heart and soul completely and I am now totally his, forever and ever. We even disagree with love, not nastiness like all my other relationships. I adore him, forever, so any Scorpio women reading this – yes, they really are that sweet, don’t be afraid – throw yourself into it, he will catch you, I promise. He will never let you down.

  10. soulmates!

    G’day, I am a scorpio and I met an Italian Cancerian backpacker in march. It was instant with me and all I noticed was him, it’s like I was being drawn to him. I was with a friend and we walked past the Cancerian and we had eye contact! He was the most gorgeous thing I had ever laid my eyes on! My friend started up a conversation with him and we had both just broken up with someone and we exchanged numbers. We texted for a few weeks and I was reluctant to go out with him as his English was not very good and I had a few other offers. But one night I said “What the hell”! We caught up for drinks and we kissed at the end of the night.. To cut a long story short I fell madly in love with him and he said he was madly in love with me also and the chemistry was mind blowing and the bonding without words and like we were 2 halves of the same person is what really shakes me.. we were on and off all the time. Now we have broken up and I am dying a slow death every hour without him is agony…

  11. Young_scorpion Liz says:

    As a Scorpio woman, it hurts my ego to say I’ve been hurt by quite a few guys before my cancer male came along. When we first met, I was so heavily guarded against him because everything felt too comfortable and too easy. It took a year before we finally got together and I’m glad I eventually did give in. He’s so understanding no matter how overly dramatic I can be and one of the more patient cancers with a better hold on his emotions. And we’re so good at knowing what to say to each other that when we do let our emotions take over, we still end up saying I’m sorry before the end of the day maybe even before the end of the hour. He loves me so strongly it almost frightens me to know someone could be so devoted to you. For all the Scorpio women, when you meet your cancer, dont be afraid of his devotion. And don’t date other Scorpio men, they will leave you high and dry. I love my cancer more than life itself and would do anything for him as he would for me. I love you baby!!!

  12. I met this man almost 2 years ago and I didn’t really look at him as a potential partner at first.. However time went by and I fell for him… I had to work for him oh boy did I have to work for him. But once he finally made me his it’s been paradise ever since. We’ve been together a year and a half and I’ve never had a better man. He’s 4 years younger then me but he’s completely on my level and he’s more mature then any man I’ve ever been with even men older then me. I love him more then anything. And I know that he’s the one for me. We are perfect for each other… And I truly believe we will be together forever. Being a cancer woman… The Scorpio man is the perfect man for me. The man of my dreams.

  13. I’m a cancer female. I met my scorpio male through mutual friends. The first time we met we automatically felt something. We aren’t together. But every time we’re around each other, we’re both constantly laughing and smiling. One time, we kissed and it was the most incredible feeling I’ve ever felt with someone. We would kiss, then laugh and smile. He’s just about the only person that I’ve felt this deep unspoken connection with. Butterflies? More like an earthquake in my stomach when we’re together. If you’re thinking about dating a scorpio male, and you are a cancer female, go for it! You wont regret it

  14. I am in love with a Scorpio man. He is a control freak. Not in the sense, he cares if I do my own thing or if I have male friends or live my life outside of him. It is more that he needs to feel he is in control of his emotions and the relationship. He broke up with me in February when he was going through a rough time and when I held some boundaries he did not like. We both proceeded to miss each other like crazy, I tried to talk sense into him, but he wouldn’t budge. It was ridiculously clear he was still in love with me. Last week, I sent him a brief text and he was going out of his mind without me. Now, he wants to be with me again. What changed? The missing and loss finally surpassed the stubborn control trip. I don’t know what I am going to do. It is clear he loves me. He lost a ton of weight, stayed in bed all day (he NEVER does that)….pined away. I have never been with anyone so stubborn. Ever. Fixed sign indeed.

  15. Paul Bettie says:

    I am a Scorpio man who has been in love with my cancer female for years. We meet when we were younger and fell in love as soon as we heard each others voice. me and her have never been in the same place and always had a distant relationship but we keep it positive. We have had our ups and downs but we love each other through it. I love everything about her. I love her smile, the way she laughs at my jokes and just the simple things she does to make me happy. I have never found a girl that was so special to me like my cancer woman. Everyone and everything says we should be together and we will keep it like that. She stuck through my ex trying to get me back and all the bad things that happened in that. We are a some what young couple but we know that we have a future together. For all you Scorpio men, a cancer female is a great piece in our life and i hope u find 1 like me. She is my ANGEL and she knows she is. But look out world i promise you we are going to a couple to remember.

  16. I met him we clicked were like inseparable he was my ideal man then I was home. It was LDR and we both started up with games he stole my ipad I hinted I knew why he read things I planted to see if he’d own up he hasn’t three years later. Literally he makes his presence known in my emails everywhere I was so upset at first because he broke up with me then called me names and told lies as I was texting for being stalked having my privacy invaded etc. it took me two years to finally only see him as he is but for some reason he brings me comfort even if his evil plan is to get inside my head so I believe in astrology he will change the mail basically gas lighting me he’s a sweet heart and I believe we are star crossed soulmates. I bet he finds his way to here. Basically small detail he ignored my calls and wouldn’t respond or speak with me after I called him out so we are so in tune we know its fate I guess. Don’t enter into a Scorpio Cancer anything thinking its unlike raising a child

  17. La Crabby says:

    Me and him met back in college. We had to stand and introduce ourselves to the class and when I’ve seen him and was thought, “Damn.” But he seemed as if he was too good to be associated with anyone, so I forgot about him. Somehow we ended up talking and there was this attraction I felt towards him. We exchanged numbers and we talked every single night til the sun came up. So there we knew we liked each other just didn’t want to rush and I was so in love. At first he was like a big brother because I always felt protected. He told me that he was in another relationship (sagitarius sp?) But I feel connected to him it was a high for me. I can honestly say he is the only one that could handle me emotional wise. But he can play those mind games not with me but I’ve seen him worked them on the smallest things. He broke it off with his other woman and started seeing me we’ve been dating now and everything just felt right. I was happy and we get into fights but nothing too serious. Mi amor

  18. Love at first breath
    I can’t believe it. I’ve never been one for astrology but I’m a Cancer and I’ve met a Scorpio about two weeks ago. Immediately we had an instant connection that neither of us could explain, it was like we could read each others minds. Even on our first embrace, we both felt the intense passion that comes between both our signs. I think she’s the real deal. It’s still early but the level of comfort and ease we have around each other is something I could see lasting for a long time.

  19. Beginning – He was the perfect boyfriend, all gifts, adventure, great sex, traveling together. Wonderful phase, felt so blessed. Dating phase 1 Yr – Few fights happened, because of other women being attracted to him, and he tried to dominate me. Married 1yr 7mths – We married after a yr of dating. Still madly in love with him, he is also in love with me. We have a weekend relationship. Trust is still not as much I would like, but growing. Fights are less intense and hurtful. But, feel beautiful in his arms every time we cuddle/hug. Sex sometimes mind blowing, sometimes not so good. Companionship is getting lovely every passing month. Advice – Patience is the key ladies. The trust will come slowly, the man will give you your space, and the manipulative/dominating nature will decrease eventually. With patience, he will open up more to you. Keep adjusting but don’t compromise your nature. Communicate, rather than going in your shell when bothered.

  20. We met at summer school years ago. All it took was one look for the both of us, and something instantly clicked. I saw him everywhere, and when we did see each other he stared me down until he finally got the confidence to talk to me and ask for my number. Being a cancer woman (prone to getting hurt) I was VERY resistant to letting him in. However he was extremely persistent. He did everything he could to prove that he’s the one for me, and I’m the one for him. What I loved the most was the intensity. You could feel flames between us no matter where we were and I never wanted to be apart from him. Eventually, I let him in and we began to love each other unconditionally. We’ve been together for 14 months now and still going strong. I wouldn’t want to have anyone else, I love him with all I have. Definitely, my soul mate. We’ll go through anything, just to be with each other.

  21. Lokiprodigal says:

    I first met my cancer boy when we worked together; the relationship very quickly bloomed into a whirlwind that swept us both up, and now I’m in the happiest and longest relationship I’ve ever had. As a Scorpio girl, I’ve found that my selfish and overly sexual nature drove me to not want to settle down, never being able to find someone who accepted all the sides of me, but when I met my cancer guy, I finally found that final click, and for the first time in my life I’ve finally found someone I’m willing to completely commit to and possibly begin a family with.

  22. Fire John says:

    Both should be honest and mentally healthy at the start of the relationship. Maturity is another issues… Both signs are late bloomers (emotionally) and have oats to sew. Both signs like a good flirt but there should be a mutually agreed upon line in the sand. emotional infidelity with no sex involved outside of this relationship is worse an issue than one partner having a one night stand after a night of drinking. We were both with exes when we met. I was still sleeping with mine off and on when we got together but chose her. I have been absolutely faithful to her for 7 years and we have 4 wonderful kids. She has had a myriad of online affairs/no sex but has gone as far as to fall in love with the recent one; even getting a tattoo of him. We weather that and she knows I am loyal and I know she loves me … God help us if we cant figure this out because we probably will never leave each other… she was my soulmate. I just want it back ya know? I dont want to have to keep forgiving.

  23. MoonMaiden says:

    I had a very brief affair with a Scorpio Male. It was a long distance affair, which ended as abruptly as it started. Unfortunately, both had not been in an intimate relationship for a while and my mate was so obsessed with analyzing our compatibility charts (gemini moon), which were pretty good, except for one blip. He thought we would not be sexually compatible (diff mars signs) and hey presto, the negative projection played it’s role! He reacted very badly, and while I kept calm, he behaved more distant and flakey. We parted on good terms, and he went straight into a relationship with a Taurus woman he had mentioned about whilst dating. I was a little heartbroken, and even more cautious than before. Looking for a positive, earthy and emotionally grounded man now. Feel it’s the best match for me.

  24. Moonscarlet says:

    I fall in love hard at first sight when i saw my scorpio bf. i still remembered the day he first walked pass me by… I had a mini heart attack lol. I acted like a fool trying to get his attention. Was 19 then and he was 22 at time. When we finally get to know each other we acted like we known each for a long time on our first date. We held hands n shared our first kiss together on d first day. I must admit years later we both had to struggle to fight our demons inside and there were ups n down as we still young and immature. But that was the only way we know each other better to accept and love each other more as the years pass by. Now im 25, hes 28 n we’re going to get married this month. :)

  25. I’m a scorpio, My boyfriend a Cancer.. When we met it was like love at first sight.. we were so close it was scary.. like we known each other for yrs. we were inseparable. Our relationship was the best thing that happen to me. I felt like I was done, he was the 1, for life, and we were both ready to marry each other. We have a strong bond and so many great memories. When we are together its NEVER a dull moment. We have ups & downs but we can not leave each other for NOTHING. We the hottest sex.. He’s the BEST i ever had!!! That is my Best friend & all the friend I need. He completes me. I like how he understands me & puts up with me, cause I am a HANDFUL. If we ever break up, I will never commit to another & I’m ONLY dating another Cancer.

  26. It is a great pairing, but it might not get off the ground. Scorpio does not trust easily & it can take a long while to feel safe enough to take emotional risks. Cancer is very vulnerable to rejection & it is not easy for one to put their heart on the line. My Scorpio man & I were friends for a year before it became romantic. He gave all sorts of vibes, but held back for numerous reasons. Finally, I just kissed him. And, he didn’t melt in my arms either, just looked totally freaked out at first. I was the first to say I love you, the one that went after him. And, believe me, I hate being the pursuer! So, why did I do it? Because I listened to my heart & the underlying call he sent out to me. Took everything I had to move towards him. Now, seven months after that kiss, he is so clearly smitten & in love, no one would ever suspect his early suspicion. Beams when I enter the room, wants to spend his life with me. Worth it, but realize that trust must be earned over time!

  27. brooklynbeauty says:

    I met my cancer guy last month and ever since the first day we met we’ve seen each other every day after. We are so compatible its scary. I love everything about him. He’s very gentle, caring, considerate, and honest. We’re so in tuned with each other. We can sense each others feelings and we understand each other on a deep level. He’s also very romantic and ugh let’s talk about the sex. Its so amazing, every touch, bite or kiss just gives me chills. I think I’m falling in love with this man. That’s very hard for me to say as a scorpio woman. I’m convinced that I found my match. He’s wonderful and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

  28. The sexual chemistry between the two of us is so intense. We tend to differ about life’s philosophies and argue about silly things all the time. My girl however, is extremely patient, tolerant and loving, even though she’s younger than me, she shows way more maturity and a high capacity to reason issues in a way I just can’t because being a scorpio a lot of intense emotions get in the way of my being reasonable. She compliments me, she’s all that I am not and I can’t be due to my nature, so she completes me, I admire her, she’s my muse. I tend to force a fall out of the relationship if I feel the slightest form of betrayal, since cancer tends to be a little dismissive every now and then, and specially during social situations, they love the attention and the spotlight, so they tend to be less warm with their partners, which in scorpio language translates as betrayal. She reassures me all the time, which really helps, but I am aware I need to be reasonable and cerebral to make it work.

  29. I have been with one other Cancer Man (15 years older than I) The relationship in the beginning was Amazing then turned cold. This new man (10 years younger) is the best relationship I have ever experienced. I would never leave him as the intensity between I compare to “Kamasutra”. What makes it work is our complete honesty with each other. I made the choice to remain celibate for the past several years and when I met him, it was LOVE at first site and I still waited to make to make love to him even though I wanted to. This decision only bonded us together in a deeper way. When we do make love which will now happen any day, I know intensity will be so great that we both will never leave each other.

  30. Me and my fiancée have been together now for 3 years and some change. the love we have is undeniable. Every where we go we are the couple that gets the “oohs” and “aahhhs” and “their so cute together”. I love him with all my heart and I know the feeling is mutual. He can handle my attitudes and Intense range of emotions. I have also learned to handle his random mood swings. At first things were rocky but it seems like every time we are reunited our love is twice as strong as before. We have our whole lives planned out. I can say confidently that with the love we share we are going to be one of the rare couples that stay together for dozens of years and still remain madly in love with each other.

  31. bettyboopdiva says:

    He cools my fire; I dish out love to tame his insecurities! We are a great match. We’ve only been going out 4 months. In this time, we’ve become great friends. We laugh together, communicate constantly, we cook and eat together, we are so passionate together. He knows how handle me and isn’t afraid of my extreme emotions. I handle his moods pretty well, however they can be overwhelming. He balances this by being so romantic. We are both so in tune with each others emotions…neither one of us can believe it! This is really a blooming love affair sure to last!!! We both have flaws and we talk and laugh about them.

  32. Rose Coloured Glasses says:

    2 Scorpio men made my life hell. Another has been my best friend for awhile which i’ve fallen in love with. We understand each other and love one another truly , but our shells and “dark ways” interrupt our love. It’s hard for a Cancer woman to open up fully to a man that’ll just manipulate her and use her for his own personal pleasure. Scorpios aren’t into monogamy these days and Cancers possessiveness takes over.. Cancer try lightening up and being a friend don’t fall for their amazing sex and stunning eyes there is more under the surface. Try being fun and flirty (only with him) show him your domestic and trustworthy, don’t tell him your life story Right away wait awhile. Scorpios if a Cancer cares a lot they will show you rather than be exposed and tell you. For this relationship to work they need time to build and grow.

  33. Okay so I dated a Scorpio before a long time ago threw years to be exact I was head over heels for this guy I loved him like i was going to spend the rest of my life with him. Then the cheating came along and he broke up with me on valentines day after our date and thru a text. Said “he wanted to see other people” . I never spoke to him again. But then one year later I found this sweet cute guy I never thought I would date him but he kept pursuing me so I decided to not talk to him for a while. I went two days with no communication from him since I wanted my space to think after he asked me to be his gf, and I found myself thinking about him every minute of the day. Somehow I had unconsciously fallen in love with him I just felt it in my heart. Now after ive been with him over a year he has proven to me that real love started not with my x but with him. He is the best man I know and I wouldn’t trade him for anything. Showed me that Scorpios aren’t all bad people. :)

  34. I have been in love with a Cancer guy for almost 4 years now. However, the catch is.. he doesn’t know about that and I doubt if he ever feels the same way. He’s the typical Cancerian. Beneath that tough, callous and moody shell of his is a kind, sweet but vulnerable person. He’s intelligent but he often comes across as a cold type of person to others. We’ve been friends for a while now and because of that, I fell for him. It’s not that he’s the perfect match for me or anything.. This thing that I feel for him is beyond words. I was drawn to his mystery at first but as I got to know him, I was drawn even more because there was so much more to him than anyone could know. I feel the brewing attraction but I can’t be sure if it’s real or if it’s because I like him too much and I’m imagining things. But, if given the chance, I would’ve given him my unconditional love.

  35. Reading these posts are too funny. So many Scorps reluctant to reveal their feelings…so many crabs hiding impatiently in their shells. I have spent the past year becoming friends with a Scorp and he has driven me nuts with his romantic push/pull but it is pretty much at the bursting point for both of us. I am overwhelmed at how much I love this man. At forty, I never thought this type of sweeping romance novel soul-mate take my breath away love would find me, but I feel on the verge of just being taken away by it. He told me he trusted me the other day which is the highest honor a Scorp can pay. He has played the hot/cold thing with me, and I took the tact of disappearing when he went cold only to have him reappear hotter then ever. I hope he is ready because he is about to be ravished, someone I think he’ll be able to take it :)

  36. Will Brown says:

    I wanted it to last forever & there was always something in the way. I love her like nothing else on this planet. That doesn’t fix everything though.

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