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Are Gemini and Scorpio compatible?

This is one of those couples that usually has a hard time making things work. It doesn’t mean that it’s impossible, it just means that there’s a lot of work involved to make sure that things move in the right direction for the both of them.

These are two opposite signs of each other. Sometimes opposite signs do you attract, this usually isn’t one of those situations.

It’s almost like they have a really hard time matching their characteristics / personalities, and have a hard time agreeing on things.

The Scorpio seems to live a life that is a little bit more deep than most signs, and they’re usually considered to be well balance in life. This is something that they really require their partner to have as well in a relationship.

For a Gemini this is usually something that they reserve ( their deepness and emotional side) for really only the partner that they feel is the one for them, their true love.

The Gemini likes to live life a little bit more carefree, and prefers a relationship that offers them something that’s more easy-going. This is something that is the opposite of what the Scorpio would normally look for. The Scorpio also might be repelled by the fact that some Gemini’s can show a side that’s a little bit more superficial and unstable when it comes to a relationship.

How are Scorpio and Gemini in love?

In some cases but not all there usually is no real connection between the two of them, in fact over time they could find that they start to rub each other the wrong way and disagreements rear their ugly head.

The deepness of Scorpio is something that can truly bore a Gemini to the point that they get pretty down or depressed when they are around them. The Gemini might find themselves in a position where they are just overwhelmed with the opposite of what they’re looking for which is a more easy-going situation.

Gemini on the other hand has some bad qualities that the Scorpio really doesn’t put up with in a relationship. these traits do not account for all scorpions, but some are known to be deceitful and shallow.  These traits are ones that they will not put up with in a relationship with their partner, and if they ever find themselves in a situation where those traits ever rear their ugly head it will probably account for the end of the relationship.

For this relationship to work the Scorpio really needs to take a step back for a second, and ask themselves if they’re willing to accept somebody that is a little bit trivial and superficial at times.

On the other side of thing the Gemini has to be sure and confident in their ability to express love. That in this case their love will be powerful enough to provide the support, love and passion that the Scorpio needs in a relationship.

To be completely honest we’re looking at two signs together that have a very difficult time to fit within each other’s lifestyles. The only way that this combination does have a chance of making it is if there’s a lot of love between them, patience to make things work, and the communication for them to really sit down and discuss how they’re going to overcome the moments that they might face that are bad.

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Experts Discuss This Couple:

Melissa: The passion is there, but the Scorpio can be too probing for Gemini’s long-term comfort zone.

Celia: The sexual magnetism’s there – but your roving eye will push Scorpio into jealous rages. Sexual fidelity is a must.

Jenn: The idealistic Scorpio will find your need to roam very hard to handle especially since Scorpios tend to be jealous and possessive. You may feel tied down by the Scorpio who is likely to be too intense for your care-free spirit. On the other hand, the passion between the two of you will make it hard to stay away from each other even if the relationship doesn’t work out.

Lidia: This is not really going to turn into anything fantastic, you will find much of your relationship is either spent in bed or with the two of you at loggerheads with each other. For short term sexual affairs, you will be laughing as this is a very hot combination, but past sex, there won’t be anything much going on between you. Scorpio can be very jealous around Gemini, with the constant flirtatious attitude that succumbs to a Gemini, this forces Scorpio to ignore some of the feelings their partner shows and can end up being quite a tit for tat relationship over time.

Scorpio emotions run deep and cannot be understood very well, if they are on guard and wary of what a Gemini is doing behind their back, which is quite comical with the secretive mannerisms of a Scorpio. Honesty is not something that can come to the two of you, so you just have to learn there is nothing you do to change each other.

Laura: Gemini may feel intrigued at how Scorpio likes to dig far beneath the surface, but may, at the same time, feel somewhat claustrophobic, with Scorpio’s controlling ways. If Scorpio can give Gemini more room to roam, the depth of Scorpio’s emotions can be a great elixir for someone who normally doesn’t pay much attention to deeper emotional states.

Tracy: A Gemini/Scorpio pairing can be an intense relationship and problems could arise due to Scorpio’s jealous streak. A successful match is only possible if each partner can accept the other.

Heidi: Scorpio becomes demanding of Gemini and Gemini doesn’t like it. Gemini who is very social, will eventually get under Scorpio’s skin. These two could make a great team, however, the problem is, they can’t seem to get along for a long period of time. Tolerance of one another could be an issue.

Keley: This relationship will have problems, as Gemini will find Scorpio’s intense emotions without thought quite hard to take. Scorpio may also find Gemini’s intellectual approach a little boring and cold.

Marcus: The dramatic and often theatrical Scorpions love to work their magic on Gemini’s. Pining down the twinkle-toed Twin often is not easy, and what Scorpio would not rise to the occasion of seducing the seemingly unseduceable. Scorpio’s enjoy the chase, almost as much as they enjoy the final surrender. If and when these two finally come together they often have a hard time staying together-there was a lot of smoke and mirrors, but no glue.

David: Scorpio considers lust an essential to love. Gemini enjoys it too, but doesn’t tend to get as emotional about it. This can leave jealous Scorpio feeling wounded, while Gemini wonders what the problem is.

Gemini Man and Scorpio Woman

The relationship between a Scorpio woman and a Gemini man is not guaranteed to be very strong according to the horoscope. They may feel an attraction for each other when they interact with each other for the first time. Intelligence and appreciation for intelligence is one thing that is common in both the Scorpio woman and Gemini Man but this one common trait is not enough to carry them make their married life wonderful. A Scorpio woman’s jealousy while Gemini’s love for freedom can be the main obstacles in the relationship. The only way that they can maintain their relationship is by the way of compromises and by mutual understanding.

Scorpio Man with Gemini Woman

The relationship between Scorpio men and Gemini women can sometimes be very challenging as Scorpios are passionate about everything but Gemini are playful and fun loving which can sometimes create conflicts. Although at the start of their relationships they are fascinated with one another’s different approaches about everything in life, but they can become serious issues later on in their relationship. But if they both work over their differences they can experience a very successful relationship. Gemini women like to change constantly from one option to another and it is difficult to pin them to something as it’s their need to keep on going.


Gemini and Scorpio Friendship

Tolerance of each other is a good start.

Scorpio and Scorpio Relationship

As lovers:

Occasionally you find cats and dogs that really do like each other.

Long-term relationship:

Long term for you pair is three hours.

Short-term relationship:

In small doses you will find that you have a lot to learn from each other initially after you first meet.

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Gemini and Scorpio Sex


Only good in bunk beds!


gemini and scorpio sexually compatible

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Gemini Compatibility with Scorpio Over all Score:

overall score 15%

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