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Virtual Tarot: Why Real Tarot Readings Are Better

Virtual tarot – With the invention of the World Wide Web everyday more and more sites pop up that deal with the psychic world itself. What this has done is created sites that offer virtual tarot readings done by computer programs and on the other side of the spectrum real-life people doing the tarot readings

Lotus tarot – What is it?

Lotus Tarot is a tarot card deck that was created by Alison Day. Like the original tarot deck it also features 78 cards with 22 of those cards being in the major arcana and the other 56 cards representing the minor Arcana. Alison Day herself came up with the meanings of the tarot cards themselves in

Advice Card Position in a Tarot Reading

The fourth card in a Five Card Spread is known as the Advice Card. By the time you reach this Tarot card, you have seen the Past, Present, and Hidden Influences of your client’s question or situation. The Tarot meaning of the Advice card position will show the client how any obstacles turning up in

What Is A Tarot Card Signifier

What Is A Tarot Card Signifier Many tarot readers do not use a signifier while other card readers prefer doing so. It is a issue of individual preference and you might rather to try both methods to see which system suits you the best. A signifier, also identified as a significator, is one card selected

Storing your tarot cards

Storing your cards Now that you are done choosing the tarot deck that will become your closest companion, it is important that you know how to take care of it. In tarot, as in anything else, you will meet tons of peoples with different ideological and philosophical positions: conservatives, traditionalists, liberals, heretics…fanatics and extremists. Depending

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