Scorpio and Aries Compatibility – Water + Fire

When you put Scorpio and Aries together, and you take a look at their personalities you would probably think that they are an unlikely match up.

That’s usually true, but if they are both determined to make a relationship work, then they can do it. If they’re able to overcome some of the obstacles that are in their way they will find that this relationship can be not only a be a fulfilling one, but very rewarding at the same time.

If you were to go through every single personality trait that these two signs have, and compare them to each other, you will probably not find anything in common between the two.

These two signs are not considered opposite when it comes to the Zodiac wheel, but they rarely are able to understand where each other is coming from when it comes to certain things in life.

The interesting thing to consider is that once upon a time they were both ruled by the planet Mars. As Mars was still at that point considered the ruler of Scorpio, before the planet Pluto was discovered. After the discovery of Pluto it became the planet that ruled Scorpio.

This is a couple that truly wants to have a very close-knit relationship with each other. They both value the physical closeness a relationship can bring, and love the attraction that they both have for each other.

The Aries in this relationship can be very impulsive, which is something that the Scorpio themselves can calm down. The important thing for them though is that they do not put a damper on Aries spirit.

The Aries themselves will bring to this relationship a lighter side, that is currently missing in the Scorpios life.

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Experts Discuss This Couple:


Melissa: Ram is a little too mysterious and stubborn, making for a difficult partnership. Sexually, though, you’re on fire together.

Celia: Scorpio has passion and determination. But you’ll think them sneaky at times and as inscrutable as the Sphinx.

Jenn: The jealous and possessive Scorpio will probably find it hard to tie down your ever roaming spirit. You will not have time to waste on the Scorpio’s constant suspicions. This relationship may start out hot and fast since the attraction here will be mostly infatuation but to make it work for the long haul, sacrifices will have to be made.

Lidia: This is not going to end up being a long-term relationship, unless you want to put every effort into supporting each other mentally. The physical side of your relationship will be more than perfect, incredibly passionate and you will find the two of you are very much in tune with what each other wants sexually. Scorpio’s have very hidden and secretive mannerisms and this can really wind up an Aries, so the best policy is to start everything off on an open note.

For Scorpio this is easier said than done, because if a Scorpio doesn’t want to let any information out, they will do everything in their reach to keep it under wraps. Arguments can easily get out of hand and it is hard to take back the hurtful words you are both likely to say in the heat of the moment, but you certainly know how to make up within the bedroom afterwards! Don’t rely on sex to make it all feel ok all of the time though.

Laura: With both ruled by Mars, the planet of force and sexuality, the sexual charge is likely be immense between the two signs. Coupled with Scorpio’s desire for control over Aries (who dislikes any type of restraint), there is a distinct possibility of friction. Some couples enjoy this type of intensity.

Tracy: Some Scorpios can be demanding, jealous and possessive, this conflicts with Aries unlikely to become dominated. Aries is often an extrovert and honest, while Scorpio is usually introverted and manipulative. Water can dampen fire and the Scorpio can manipulate dampening the Aries natural enthusiasm. This is a challenging union; it’s not a recommended match

Heidi: Sizzle and passion won’t be a problem in the physical sense. However, when it comes to emotions, there could be a problem. Since both are controlling, and probably won’t bend for each other, it could be a difficult relationship. While Aries is off and involved in the many wonders of the world, Scorpio will most likely build resentment and jealousy. Eventually the Scorpio could become demanding and the Aries may also build resentment.

Keley: This is a very strong combination, with fiery passion on both sides. If both people can work to use this passion constructively, this pairing can be a very successful one.

Marcus: Oddly enough, a Ram will not charge full speed ahead with a Scorpio as is normally their nature. Instinctively, and luckily for them, they know not to push. They must have seen the sign at the edge of the water, “Deep end, No Diving, Swim at your own risk.” A Ram will find that the best way to deal with a Scorpion is through respect and cooperation, not the usual bossiness. The elements of Fire and Water are at work here, tread lightly.

David: Sexually, this pair is as hot as it gets. But straightforward Aries may clash with cagey, jealous Scorpio. In general, this couple is in for trouble.

Scorpio Man and Aries Woman


The relationship of an Aries woman and a Scorpio man can be called beautifully exciting as Scorpio man has a commitment and Aries woman overflows with passion and enthusiasm. Scorpio man is a deep being. Scorpio man has the mental capabilities and attraction that is never easy for anyone to avoid. He is a mysterious being which everyone loves to explore. Scorpio man is protective of the Aries woman and gives her the support that she requires. Aries women sometimes get irritated due to the mysterious characteristics of Scorpio Man while her sovereign attitude can be a turn off for the Scorpio man.



Scorpio Man Aries Woman Real Life Stories



I have never dated a Scorpio before, and now that I’ve been with one, I am not sure if that’s a good or bad thing! From the first day we met, I felt a chemistry that was like electricity. Our first kiss left me awestruck for days. This new feeling was phenomenal. That was over a year ago, and let me say this relationship has been the craziest thing I’ve ever experienced! My boyfriend is SO secretive, and we have such trouble with effective communication. We can never understand each others point of view on anything. We have these huge blow ups on small issues, and are about to break up, but then we gravitate back to each other like magnets. We share such immense passion, the sex well, there are no words to describe it. Just amazing. But I am controlling and like to know what he’s up to, he’s closed off and hidden and it makes him look suspicious. It has caused big trust issues. Regardless, we are inseparable. We are working on compromise because we both are madly in love with each other.


Me and my Aries Princess have been together for 7 years and gonna marry this April. She is the best person i’ve ever met in my whole life. Intelligent, angelic beauty, powerful, understanding, down to earth, childish, very successful and endless qualities. We have been living together since 4 years. Our sexual lives have also been far more than great. Though i have dated lot women before but shes the only one for me. All the Scorpio men out there just go and win an aries girl. Shes my reason of existence. I love you Princess!

Nancy L

I’m a Aries woman who became really good friends with a Scorpio guy. We met through a family member a month prior working together for two years. During these years we did experience little arguments that didn’t heat up at all. We became good friends to the point where he started telling me what goes on in his life. Until last year we got together and ever since then he didn’t want me to ignore him! Maybe he cant resist a Aries woman 🙂


Aries Man and Scorpio Woman


A Scorpio woman has high compatibility with an Aries man. They fall in love as soon as they see each other. They understand each other well and their married life can be very successful. At times, Aries male can get angry but only in case of a really serious matter. Scorpio woman is apparently timid and shows shyness but that is only what is visible. The Scorpio woman knows how to hide the feelings in heart before finally revealing them. It usually takes a little time before Aries man and Scorpio woman can understand each other and get to know each other better.


Aries Man with Scorpio Woman

Aries Man Scorpio Woman Real Life Stories



I am a Scorpio woman in love with my Aries boyfriend. We were friends for a year before we posed the question of being intimate. It took my Aries man a little while but now he is committed to me. We have been together four or five months and have gone from casual to committed. I found him sexting girls on Facebook which was very upsetting to my scorpion possessive nature and told him I couldn’t do it. He totally decided to change his ways. We have since had an issue though it was him telling another girl how amazing I am in bed! I still didn’t like it- I can’t accept him talking to anyone but me about sex. I am quite jealous of him with other females though know with certainty he loves me more than he has ever loved anyone. The sex between us is incredibly amazing. We keep going to new heights and he is kinky like me (not as much but nearly) we love each other and I feel I can tell him anything. He is playful, very intelligent and so sweet. I think I could consider a future with him.


I met this Aries man back in may, I definitely think there is some chemistry there him being 28 and me 32 of course I’m the Scorpio woman..:) he just made me melt when I saw him for the first time..I know he mentioned to me that I am his ideal type of woman and everything he is looking for I mean I did just get out of another long term relationship with an Aries about a yr ago..that previous relationship lasted 8 years so I’m wondering if I try this out with another Aries…after all the Aries man is most truthful,honest and respectful man out there. I do know how to handle an Aries man and know them like the back of my hand they are extremely loyal, faithful, and hard to handle at times but very good to keep around long term especially if your a Scorpio woman looking for that special guy…well he is your guy go for it…….;)

Tara H

Wow. W-o-w. I absolutely love my aries man! So before this relationship, I was with a Gemini. Me being a Scorpio, that didn’t go down so well. Terrible combination, btw. Very unhealthy and all around bad. Anyway after a bad breakup, I met an Aries man. I am now 24 (met when I was 22) and he is now 29. The age difference helps, I think, and his maturity sometimes helps extinguish my scorpion rage in heated arguments. Though we do butt heads sometimes, we always find common ground. And Aries can be VERY stubborn. I am lucky to have found someone I want to spend the rest of my life with this early in life. We really balance each other out and it’s very codependent which I like. I love him with everything I have. Very positive and the sex is amazing. He is my best friend. You know those “butterflies” u feel in the beginning of relationships? The “new” feeling? Its going to last a lifetime with this combination. Scorpio women, find yourself an Aries! This is a very beautiful relationship.

Scorpio and Aries Friendship


Could be the best of buddies as long as you both consider the others opinions.


These two usually have a hard time pulling off a friendship together. The reason for that is because they both want to be in control of the relationship.  It’s one of those situations where Scorpio will go backwards while Aries is going forwards. They’re never on the same page with each other. This often makes it very difficult for them. If they can work things out they could be good friends, but it doesn’t often work out that way.

the Friendship compatibility between  is that they’re not so compatible

 Aries and Scorpio Relationship

As lovers:

A heady mixture of strength versus power.

Long-term relationship:

Lots of energy in this match. However, in order for this to work you will have to channel the energy positively.

Short-term relationship:

You two could be that smitten by each other that you create a small whirlwind.

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Scorpio and Aries Sex

Fast, very energetic and extremely animalistic.

These two usually don’t connect on an emotional level because there’s a big wide gap that separates them. But when it comes to the bedroom they can really scorch things. They work really well in the bedroom together, and they have a very high physical attraction towards each other. They both can keep up with each other passionately and sexually. match made in sex heaven.

The sexual compatibility between these two is pretty high

scorpio and aries sexually compatible

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Scorpio Compatibility with Aries Over all Score:

overall score 50%

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  1. Hey there. Im facing through some problems with my Aries boyfriend of 4 yrs now. So true… I just want to focus on my life, job, friends and family and he’s complaining how much I don’t care about him and not put enough effort in this. I’m so tired of hearing this everyday. I know I love him.. I didnt know I have to remind him of my love for him. We have fights every week now.. It’s not fun! The first 3 years was amazing but after we know eachother too well.. We’re not scared to express how we feel. Which sometimes you need to keep to yourself. Sigh~ I’m going crazy for this Aries. I’m in a hate-love relationship.

  2. Soffìa From icleand says:

    I find it sad that reading everyone’s responses I see my relationship. I’m a Scorpio, he’s an Aries, we’ve been dating for 4 years. We have been through hell and back together, always on the verge of breaking up, or making up. This is an iresistably dysfunctional relationship! It makes me feel less crazy to see others with the same issues. Love and hate would not exist, one without the other, but I wish it wasn’t that way! His rising sign is Gemini, and mine is aquarius, which makes you think we could communicate better. I feel like I try harder to keep us together, but it is a love I have never known and would miss forever.

  3. Mirjana m says:

    It was lust at first sight at the age of 5. We shared a 1st grade class room together, he was smart, talented, humble and well liked by our peers. I was extremly tall and picked at by most of our peers.(lol) Many years I admired him from a distance. 11yrs past I was 16 and I was attending a school over 30miles away. A mutral friend reintroduced us. 9yrs has past since that day and it has been hot and heavy since Im currenly 25 and I cant imagin my world with out him. A relationship is not in our future because were both controlling and stubburn. But he is my best friend, and my 1st love .

  4. I’m a aries girl in love with my scorpio ex we have been together since I was 16 him 17 I’m now 22 well about two years ago he decides he wants to be free (u know that hurt me so bad he was my first everything) but I said okay we are young collage and everything so we remained friends but he still wants to control who I talk to he tells me stuff like none those girls matter to him no one could ever come between us and he takes care of me comes by my house when I need handy stuff done and has even bought me a 4 thousand dollar promise ring but tells me he doesn’t want to b in a relationship right now cause he doesn’t want to hurt me but him coming around me then leaving to b with other girls really hurts me and he says it shouldn’t cause he don’t love or do anything for the other woman I recently told him I’m tired of the games I’m a good smart independent woman and I deserve some type of commitment anybody what do u think I love him but I can’t wait forever?!?

  5. I am an Aries Woman, and he a Scorpio man. Once I learned to allow him to exhaust himself trying to prove his point, (rather than exhaust myself trying to get him to accept the reality of the fact that I have proven him wrong) things began to run smoothly. Understanding that he is virtually incapable of accepting defeat has allowed me to know in my heart that I need not beat him down with my accuracy, at this point I can tell by his facial expressions the point at which he acknowledges in his own mind that I have repeatedly proven my point. It is subtle, but if you pay close attention there comes a point in verble conflicts that one no longer attempts to prove you wrong but is simply unwilling to vocally accept defeat. Generally several days later he will come back and say something along the lines of ‘you were right about _____’ still not outright say he was wrong, but accepting it in his own way. Then comes the fire sex!! It’s SO worth biting my tounge during a disagreement!

  6. My husband (an Aries) and myself (a Scorpio) met in 2008 and started dating a few weeks later. Our relationship started with mutual respect and trust, and we were and still are pretty honest with each othef (though I should probably open up more than I do rather than stew in it). We rarely fight, maybe once a month, but it can be pretty explosive. I couldn’t imagine my life without him; he’s strong, steadfast, and knows when to cave to my stubbornness and when to tell me how it is. Despite a friend warning me about our compatibility, this has been the most passionate, loving and stable relationship I’ve ever been in.

  7. I’m an Aries, she’s a Scorpio; I’m in the process of divorce, and she’s engaged (and neither of those relationships involves the 2 of us together). Crazy? Most likely. But, on reading this – and the other responses – I had to contribute my 2 cents. The on-again-off-again aspect has taken form in our relationship as an instant bond that has withstood dramatic changes. She and I have known each other over a decade, and though separated by physical distance, every time we talk, our emotional distance is closer than ever. Here’s the trick out of the fizzle, love-hate, jealousy thing: don’t be conventional! The assumptions in this compatibility reading seem to assume an expected relationship. There is no happily ever after, only happily ever now. So, both of us love adventure and share a whole host of other interests, but we both need independence. What works? We have our own adventures and share them with each other, and when the timing works, we have adventures together. 🙂

  8. yo yo here says:

    Hes gentle kind sweet but SOMEWHAT caring… He’s jealous and possessive but he won’t admit it. I do admit I love being chase and all but he doesn’t seem to care about me as much. Maybe he does but he likes to display his strong side and not his emotional weak side. To be honest scorpios are pretty secretive, if you don’t ask they won’t tell you ANYTHING. I swear to god I have to complain and set him straight. He would only try for a bit and goes back to being the same. it gets to the point where I would break up with him every day but he won’t give in, he either ignores me or says “no” or calls me and acts Iike nothing happens. This is where he controls. I mean I was in the hospital and he didn’t even see me because he was out with his friends & the fact that i wasnt DYING. Hmm, aren’t scorpios smitten when in love? Maybe he’s not that into me even though he explains to me how much he SUPPOSEBLY loves me.

  9. I am an Aries women in love with my Best friend who is a Scorpio, we have such a close friendship that we have actually slept naked holding each other, ( no sex). Here’s the complicated part, he has never been with a women, he has always thought he was Gay but in the Gay lifestyle he never really enjoyed being with men unless drugs were involved. He has confessed to me that he believes he is in love with me because he has never cared for someone as much as he cares for me. We finish each-others sentences, we just click in every way, I think about him all the time, and only have eyes for him, he tells me the same and that he thinks we could be truly happy together. I have never been in Love before this I may have thought I was but truly never felt this feeling for someone in my life.

  10. So I’m a Scorpio female in love with an Aries female… I’m not together with her (yet) but I’ve been in a standstill with her for almost a full year now. They say us Scorpios have a bad reputation for drama but what Aries has thrown at me is even worse! She purposely started a fight with me out of the blue one day and when I stood up for myself, she couldn’t deal with it! She was too afraid to talk to me after that…. and then a few days later I found out she moved out of town to get away from me! I know Aries people have fragile egos but this is ridiculous. I didn’t even say anything all that harsh. She isn’t the only example, I’ve known alot of other Aries who hit the ground running if you show them a little bit of attitude. They can’t take what they dish out! I thought they were supposed to be the toughest of the Zodiac? She’s an amazing woman so I hope this can work out, the situation is more complicated than what I’m posting, sadly…. please keep us in your prayers….

  11. scorpiobabe08 says:

    guys if you’re interested in a scorpio woman prove it to her and show her that you care from the start because when she decides not to, you’re gonna wish u were dead! my boyfriend is currently in a trance with me and because he never decided to show me any love at the start of our relationship it’s hard to go back to square one after 17months so yes we are experiencing a lot of problems in this area and i clearly have not the slightest clue of what i should do so please if your going into a relationship with a scorpio female who will definitely rock your world, don’t wait until a few months later when she’s adapted to your ways to try to change her back…

  12. I met this amazing Scorpio woman about a year ago and we were never exclusive but we had an unspoken agreement to give eachother mad respect, she started questioning whether I was trustworthy/ in it for the long haul and she had been going through a break up at the time which I thought was completely over and they ended up staying in contact behind my back the whole time. She had seemed to somewhat open up to me over a few months but then out of no where she left me and got back together with her ex almost immediately, we had an immediate attraction and an out of this world sexual attraction, I felt we had a connected on a few deeper levels and she had agreed we had as well, she is still currently with her ex but she texts me a couple times a week and I can’t seem to shake the attraction I have for her, I feel through compromise and If she were honest we would have something ongrowing and ongoing happiness, I have several times compromised but she can’t seem to stay away from her ex.

  13. We met working together i hated him so much. I was dating someone else at the momment but my scorpio kept fighting to win me over it was cute n i feel for it we have our fight and not little ones we fight till one of us just has enough of it we brake up and we still end up getting back again its funny cuz for sum reason we just cant leave each other we have 2yrs now and expecting a baby soon in july…im so excited

  14. me and my scorpio man were talking on line i made plans to go see in. but we were both impatient so he came to me. sex was short but awesome i fell head over heels for him. he made love to me first and the rest of the time he wouldn’t touch me. he kept saying we live to far apart from each other and i shouldn’t want to give up my business because of him. i love being around him. He wasn’t happy because he wasn’t in his surroundings. i tried hard to please him but he didn’t do much in return. and now he will be going home and i will miss his him being here. and wondering if he will talk to me or think about me. So i hope it is true about what they say about what they say about our signs. i hope we will always want each other

  15. Crafttbeer lova says:

    I’m a Scorpio man with an Aries woman. We had been talking and spending time with one another for about a year now and wow is our sexual desires through the roof! Only recently have we placed a title of bf-gf on our relationship. I’ve noticed that we do butt heads on an emotional level from time to time but this is by far the most exciting and eventful relationship i’ve ever been in to date both sexually and emotionally! It feels much more fulfilling and rewarding working through our emotional walls with one another. it’s taxing yes, but I wouldn’t trade this for any other relationship. I am a reserved jealous type and her flirty nature is tough but i let her actions determine my trust for her. The fight for control is something we both find to be fun and we’ve compromised a little…it usually ends in a sexual encounter that is really fun way to strike a deal i might add! Overall, I know that if we really work at it it’s gonna be worthwhile…

  16. Broken hearted says:

    It seems It’s wont work I’m an Aries man which deeply in love with an older Scorpio woman we started just as friend, i helped her to stand and get out of and abusive relationship, stayed as friend for about a year she invited me for a date 😛 we are togheter for +3Years now, i accepted her in anyway, she didn’t want to explain her past, some of her relationships, i agreed without any questation, i Loved her and i Love her but i couldn’t stand for someone that wants to try boy friends (i mean Boy Friend) in and active relationship cheating on me, falling in love with somebody else… and after she realized he was not worth it, came back to me and cry she was wrong and she wants me! If it is one or two times, i would forgive (not forget) but making this happen again and again is unacceptable we breaked-up i Love her very much, but i can’t stay :'( i never had this kind of powerful feelings 🙁 and beside, the sexual feeling is overrated, deep and romantic :'(

  17. I’m only 18 & I’m a Scorpio. My ex is an aries. I have never felt so empty before especially in such a short time span. Everything happened so fast. From the very beginning I allowed my aries to take control. Which I’m not used to but i trusted him so I said why not. I never thought that i could have something perfect. Everything was perfect. We never argued, we went on dates, the sex was amazing and i never disrespected him. I showed him nothing but love and i gave my very best. For some reason he just broke up with me and began making excuses like he doesnt have time for me and we should take the titles away. He led me on thinking he was fine with a relationship since he was the one that asked me. I’m hurt and I feel betrayed. I will never love like this again.

  18. i’m tired of seeing everything that says that aries and scorpio are destined to butt heads and have a difficult time together. I’m an aries, my bf is a scorpio, and we work perfectly together as a team. Everything about the immediate magnetic attraction and passion are spot on, but as far as this expected failure goes, what i’m seeing is people mistaking “exciting relationships” for selfishness and codependency. There is no reason you can’t be good together ALL the time unless “winning” is more important than the person you love. you both have to be on the same page with that. If you are grown ups about it and want a real, loving relationship and not the game, aries and scorpio make an incredible match with long term potential. Communication is key!

  19. I have actually known of this Scorpio for a while, we work around each other. Always thought he was attractive, but never really thought anything more beyond that. Then out of the blue we hung out 3 months ago and we have been inseparable ever since. The sex is AWESOME. He does get quiet sometimes and that brings up some of my insecurities, but I know how he makes me feel so I am learning to be open and trust him and he is learning to do the same with me. We can talk about almost anything. We can go from laughing about something to talking about something serious without things getting “Weird”. So far so good.

  20. Seems like a match made in heaven in the beginning, but it dwindles. Aries men are by all accounts are immature and self centered. Excellent at charming the pants off of you, then before long their true nature comes out. They are very possessive and needy. Constantly needing affirmation of your devotion to them, as well as seeking it from other women. Unfortunately Scorpios have an innate ability to see through bs. Have to pin them down to get to the truth. Felt like I was dating a 5 year old all the time. No sense of financial responsibility, with their “I’m me” motto. Aries are fun to be around and make great friends for Scorpios, but long term relationships..uh.. pass..

  21. I am an Aries female born on the Aries-Pisces cusp and I am with a Scorpio male. We have only been together for a month now and I am still somewhat unsure of the relationship simply because I find him a little boring and unexperienced. However, I am growing to accept him more and more. Over texting, he easily bores me or annoys me, but it’s a different story when we’re together. We have not had sex yet but when I’m with him, my legs turn to jello and I feel like putty in his hands. One downside is he always has his nose in your business and wants to know EVERYTHING. I find when I don’t tell him, he either gets intruiged or asks someone else.

  22. So I’ been talking to this aries man for alil while not to long & he was mad charming we had a deep ass connection at first but than I started to realize he’s all about himself he’s to strong minded we meet in person it was okay he refused to take me out after I bought him lunch (stupid idea) He talked way to much I could barely get a word out it was just terrible aries men will make you believe anything they want you to believe they are manipulators & me being a scorpio we won’t allow someone to do that to us for a long time. I let him have his way alil bit but that was a big mistake ! Every aries I’ve talked to was a bad experience I feel so stupid .

  23. bubbles123x says:

    I’ve been talking to this guy he’s an aries and I’m a scorpio. I feel like aries men tend to make themselves so busy because their so goal oriented that they tend to just have that undivided attention to people. He does make time for me but you know as a scorpio woman I’m very impatient and suspicious of others. When were together we have fun out conversations are good, and the sexual chemistry is definetely high. I just found out that the best sexual match is a scorpio and aries and I found that out last night yes that is true, and it’s not just physical attraction aries and scorpio are the two signs that are the most passionate thus making the sex so incredible and emotional. I loved it lol I like my aries…. For now! Hahaha

  24. I have know this scorpion for a year now.. i sensed we had something the first day we met but just did not want to accept it like a true aries i tried to ignore it… but few months back i realised i like him more than a friend, still i dont know about his feelings towards me. I always let my guard down and i run towards him even when he gives so much attitude. I was never like this i get angry but after a minute i like to forgive him. he drives me crazy because i dont know whats playing in his head.

  25. I have a love-hate relationship with my boss. I love her and she hates me. However, reading these entries shows me that our relationship is very similar to many of these other conventional connections. When I fell for my Aries, the feelings were of joy and intoxicating euphoria. Every moment and every laugh shared so precious to me. She can’t stand to look at me now, however, and it’s only because of her remarkable kindness that she allows me to remain employed, but communication is extremely minimal and highly strained. I just love it how so many of these stories sound so much like my unusual one, especially in the sense of how much intensity there is, how much there is a “power” struggle and how there is a lot of arguing but so many of them also use the word FUN!

  26. Scorpio Detached says:

    I’m a nineteen year old who has had the [mis]fortune of falling in love with an Aries woman. I have been with an Aries man and even been pursued by one, but by far she takes the cake! We had a brief affair that she has currently ended and I don’t know what to do with myself. All I can think about is her. I know she is going to stay with her current partner but I have the strongest and strangest feeling that she will return to me. At least that’s what I’m hoping and praying for. In my entire life I have never loved someone so hard and so much as I do her. I feel broken without her. I can’t breathe without her. I believe I have met my Soulmate for such a brief moment and now I just want her back. I love her. Please pray for me.

  27. Maybe it’s just me but I feel that most of the Aries guys I have come across are so arrogant and self absorbed. It can be a turn on to some women but I’d rather have dinner with someone who is talking about something other than himself all the time. I was with an Aries man once but he was far too flighty for my taste and was seeing other women behind my back. So I just cut him out of my life and now I’m happier than ever with my new Leo man

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