Scorpio and Sagittarius – Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship

Scorpio and Sagittarius – Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship

scorpio and sagittarius compatibility

5 Professional Astrologists Talk Scorpio/ Sagittarius

Melissa: The Archer is far too busy on worldly journeys to satisfy Scorp’s soul – this duo can’t find common ground long enough to get to know one another.

 Celia: Never forget the Archer speaks the open, honest truth (their version of it!). Suspicion and accusation could break their spirit.

Jenn: With the care-free attitude and tendency to long for freedom of the Sagittarius, this is probably not a match made in heaven. You are much too intense to put up with the restlessness of the Sagittarius for very long but your intense passion may be just what it takes to keep the Sagittarius around and tie them down.

Lidia: This will be one of those relationships where you are drawn towards your partner quickly and it wont be long before you are under the sheets. Scorpio can be a very insecure person, but with Sagittarius on side, Scorpio will realise that there is not much point in seeing the negatives in everything. This all swaps around though when it comes down to actually discussing your future together. Where Scorpio needs reassurance and to see where you stand, Sagittarius will try to move the whole conversation onto a funny note, to dismiss it. This will hurt deeply to a Scorpio and it may mean you never get over the drift that emerges from these types of situations.

Socially, you both have different views of what a good night can be and while Scorpio is happy to stay at home, Sagittarius will prefer to go out and party. Compromise to prevent the arguments you are bound to have about this.

Laura: The Scorpio and Sagittarius couple will always tell one another the truth. Both are direct communicators and will have little time for verbal runarounds. Sagittarius may very well cause Scorpio to pitch fits as a result of the archer’s free-wheeling ways and tendency to flirt with others. If Scorpio can learn to let Sagittarius roam at will to play and collect information from outsiders, then Scorpio will realize that these travels are usually quite innocent in nature. Once reassured, Scorpio is more than willing to give itself wholly to the archer. Sagittarius will appreciate Scorpion’s intensity, his/her keen insight into humanity, along with the ability to see beneath the surface of nearly everyone they encounter. Sagittarius flushes them out with a cheery nature, then Scorpio’s human radar weeds out the unwanted. Socially, mutual friends will likely be thoroughly entertained by their candid observations and exciting travel stories

Tracy: Sagittarius and Scorpio match have contrasting attitudes and values meaning they struggle to understand each other. Scorpio tends to be possessive and most Sagittarians will rebel against this; resulting in a very shaky union.

Scorpio Man and Sagittarius Woman

The relationship between these two different zodiac signs can be quite an interesting one as both of them have things to teach to the other person. Scorpio man is a mysterious being with intellect and passion and a lot of suspicion. The Sagittarius woman is always honest and never tries to conceal anything that she observes. The doubtful nature of the Scorpio man can be quite irritating for the Sagittarius woman and her lack of sense of responsibility can be a great turn off for the Scorpio man. The relationship can work out great if both the members try to understand each other and tolerate each other in arguments and heated conversations.

Sagittarius Man and Scorpio Woman

Love at first sight is full of thrill and drama for both the partners. In the beginning, the Scorpio woman feels as if she is in a new world. The flirtatious nature of Sagittarius and the admiration-loving nature of Scorpio women makes the relationship in the beginning a great experience. But eventually, the Scorpio woman gets bored of the same tricks of Sagittarius man. There are not many conflicts in the relationship. All they need is that the Sagittarius should learn a bit about the nature of the Scorpio and Scorpio should also try to widen her outlook and should pay attention to other aspects of the relationship.

Scorpio and Sagittarius Friendship

Mentally you two could be on such different planes that conversation may be tricky. Lots of crossed lines.

Sagittarius and Scorpio Relationship

As lovers:

If you do manage to get on as friends you will be very compatible lovers.

Long-term relationship:

If you don’t try to force each other to make decisions and let each one of you draw your own conclusions then there is great hope for this relationship.

Short-term relationship:

The most exciting thing about this relationship in the short term is the fact that you have very different outlooks on life.

Scorpio and Sagittarius Sex

scorpio and sagittarius sex

A slow start building up to a crescendo.

Scorpio Compatibility with Sagittarius Over all Score:

overall score 30%

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