Scorpio and Pisces Compatibility – Water + Water

Are Pisces and Scorpio compatible?

When these two signs get together and start dating, they don’t realize at first that they are starting a journey towards being in a relationship that has a high compatibility.

These two beautiful water signs embark on a relationship where they basically integrate into each other’s lives seamlessly. It’s almost like they were naturally made for each other, and as time goes on they start to really adapt to each other and their ways.

The Scorpio will do whatever they can to protect the Pisces from harm, so that at every moment they feel safe and secure in the arms of their partner. At the same time the Pisces will bring a level of tenderness and friendliness to the life of the Scorpio. As time goes on this will start to rub off on the Scorpio making them a little less abrasive.

How are Pisces and Scorpio in love?

As they start to develop feelings for each other, they’ll notice that they have a very touching, loving relationship that is very profound. That dept in their love that they share will bring out the best in each other.

On a sexual and emotional level this combination will be pretty much like magic. It is almost like a psychic link  where they can understand each other without words. They are both completely intuitively intertwined in each other’s lives.

What really needs to be watched though in this case is that the Scorpio can sometimes have a bad temper, and the ultra-sensitive Pisces really could be hurt by it.

The Scorpio though will be very protective over their Pisces partner. Even though the Pisces can feel the pain caused by their partner, their bond of love and affection will always win.

This truly is a couple that has all the power in their hands to make this relationship what they wanted to be. Both of these two together have very complementary traits, and have a very similar vision on how they want their lives to play out.

The best part of this combination though is that together they have everything that they need to make things work. What one partner is missing as a character trait, the other partner has in spades, and vice versa.

This will be the quintessential relationship where they have a complete understanding both on a sexual level and an emotional level. Making so this relationship can really work out if they make the effort to make it work.

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Experts Discuss This Couple:

Melissa: The Fishes and the Scorpion may find solace in one another’s emotional comfort zones, but can’t quite agree on other forms of security.

Celia: One look and you know – here is the person you’ve been looking for. You understand each other at the depth of your souls.

Jenn: You have met your match here. The Pisces is just as intense as you are. You both have dual personalities, one minute happy and the next sad. You will have no problem relating to each other which makes this a nice match. The two of you should compliment each other very well. There really isn’t much needed to make this one work, it just comes naturally.

Lidia: This can be a match made in heaven once you have got to know each other. Pisces is a very complex character and who better to work out someone as complicated as Scorpio. As you move your relationship forward, you will become to have that complete trust in each other and this is what will make this a relationship for life. It is not often that Scorpio has enough confidence to actually say what they really mean or feel, but Pisces has all of the tools to break down those barriers. This will remove all of the unwanted negative feelings that cause Scorpio so much trouble, like jealousy and pessimism, and allow your relationship to develop properly.

This is a very loyal and honest combination and you will almost feel yourself distanced and different from any other relationship you know of. You have a special unique love that goes deep, allowing any subjects to be put under the spotlight for discussion.

Laura: The Scorpio and Pisces couple is a natural water sign fit, Pisces loves to hypnotize the Scorpion and can do it like no other Zodiac sign. Scorpio is usually immune to falling into other people’s webs. Pisces also has a way of imprinting himself on the Scorpio’s mind, likewise there is something familiar about Scorpio that touches the fish to the core. Scorpio may appear a tad hazardous and volcanic at first, but Pisces is soon able to see beyond the protective layers to the deeply sensitive core. Scorpio instinctively trusts the soft, sublime Pisces nature and that may be why Scorpio lets his shields down so willingly. Pisces is not only inspired by Scorpio’s strength, but is strongly attracted to it.

Tracy: Pisces and Scorpio can be sensitive and intuitive creating mutual respect and love. This can be a very successful relationship if Scorpio can learn to give the sensitive Piscean space to recharge.

Heidi: Emotionally they fit well, forming a perfect balance. Each should feel secure and loved. Pisces finds Scorpio’s possessiveness enticing, and Scorpio enjoys Pisces dependency. Both are creative in their own way and each suit the other nicely.

Keley:This is a very good pairing, and can be very successful. Both signs understand the other’s needs for sensitivity and emotion, and this relationship can be very romantic and satisfying.

Marcus: These two may have heard each other calling across time and space. Across dreams. If ever there were a chance for soul fusion, I would pick these two Water signs to live it out. Scorpios and Pisces can be extraordinarily in tune with each other…sometimes to the extent of being telepathic. They both exist on a high frequency channel of emotion, sensitivity and passion. The Scorpio must take heed not to push the gentle Fish too much, just because he can. On the flip side Pisces will have to abandon his love of imaginative exaggeration. Scorpio’s hate the feeling that someone is holding out on them or being evasive. Be direct.

David: Both are in touch with intuition and emotions, and quite sensual. And though Scorpio is more at home in the real world than dreamy Pisces, Scorpio longs for depth and magic, and Pisces can make it happen. Thus, Pisces can be a very compatible sign for a Scorpio.

Scorpio Man and Pisces  Woman

The Scorpio men are very passionate and would love to have a good relationship with Pisces women. The reason that they would get along is the fact that both are somewhat confused about certain emotions and two people being in love would understand exactly what the other person feels and wants. The Scorpio men are very affectionate and sincere. The Pisces women love and appreciate that very much. Their understandings and connection would really hit off and they would be a great couple for a long term. Both of them, being in a love relationship, would be physically involved and would love that. Both would be a perfect couple and an example for all the couples out there.  

Pisces Man and Scorpio Woman

At first, the relationship is full of love and new things. Both try new things and love to dream and propose new ideas that can make the life better. However, a bit of difference in the nature of Scorpio woman and Pisces man allows difficulties and conflicts to come in their otherwise happy life. Scorpio woman has high thoughts and tries to get the most out of life due to determined nature while Pisces man loves to admire her nature. This makes her think that her man does not desire to get something really great in life. This is where conflicts start. Still, the couple is a happy one.

Scorpio and Pisces Friendship

A very close and intimate friendship can develop over a short time space.

Pisces and Scorpio Relationship

As lovers:

You will share each others secrets and bequeath your love for each other.

Long-term relationship:

A pair who may find it inconceivable to fall out of love.

Short-term relationship:

Your hearts will ululate with rhythm and your minds will feel incredibly alive.

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Scorpio and Pisces Sex


Lots of cuddling, nesting and sensuality.

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Pisces Compatibility with Scorpio Over all Score:

overall score 81%

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Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez currently has 10+ years of experience helping people navigate life with the use of astrology. When not working on the website she is busy writing her first book on love and astrology.
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  1. I am a scorpio woman and I am always intensley drawn to Pisces men in a way that only happens with them. They seem so nonchalant and dreamy. they make me happier than any other sign and the sex is other-worldly!!! but they make me mad too.

  2. I am a pisces women with a scorpio and i couldnt be happier
    yes they can be blunt and controlling
    but you cant stay mad at them
    becuz they will make you melt by smiling at you
    telling you they love you or simply making you laugh one of my biggest problem was opening up to him becuz i have been hurt before but its better to open up once you have trust becuz in my opinion they like to feel good and loved aswell i think its a good match
    its more of a feeling that i cant describe but its always there lingering even hours after i last saw him =]

  3. i am a scorpio and ALL scorpios do not plot revenge against others. you and ms. pisces just have a pure and natural attraction. i am dating a pisces guy as well and we get along great. while she is in her relationship though try not to get wrapped into her unless she realizes that u two might be good for each other and gets rid of the other guy. Since i am a scorpio too i know how infactuated and “obssessive” we can get so dont scare her away with your “intense” emotions

  4. James Deacon says:

    Hey I’m a scorpio male nd I’m so confused right now. I like a a girl that’s a pisces right, the only thing is that she has a boyfriend. She seems happy with him but whenever I talk to her, she flirts with me. She wrote that she loves me nd draws me pictures all the time. I don’t know what to do. I make her laugh a lot nd I know she likes me. What do I do?

    1. Honeybear says:

      James I am a piscean woman. I don’t know if you are still interested in the pisces, but if she is flirting with you and she has a boyfriend, do you think you would trust her if she were your girlfriend?

      I only say that because I’ve heard how you guys are, and while I think the Piscean’s “flirtations” with you are harmless and in good fun, you, on the other hand, will remember this and would probably use this against her..

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