1. Pisces woman Scorpio man
    So this is my story. I met this guy a few years back, we would talk sometimes. other times we wouldnt speak for a week or two. but when we did the conversation was really deep and we got to know each other more every time. I never paid much attention to him because I was dealing with my own problems with drugs and alcohol. I moved later that year and we spoke once before not to talk again for a whole year. during that time I wished I had given him the time of day and just went with it, but he was like a brick wall. I thought he wouldn’t ever open up enough to tell me he had feelings for me. I was thinking that this is where it would end, but in April of that year he came around and sent me a text. we have been talking ever since and getting close. he recently told me he likes me and he has ever since we met. I feel the same way. it feels like this is meant to be. alas he is leaving for a

  2. Dreamer doll says:

    I’m a Pisces female in a more-than-friends-but-not-quite-lovers-yet relationship with a Scorpio. He is a complete Scorpio. It’s hard for me sometimes because I feel swallowed by his emotions…like he could completely consume me. He’s had a difficult past and its tough for me to see him suffering. He’s not very open. When he does open up he acts like he doesn’t care but of course me being the intuitive Pisces KNOWS he does. Physically, he’s my every fantasy. Has this gentle and rough touch that drives me wild! Definitely knows his stuff in that department, but for a Pisces it feels…disloyal sometimes. There’s jealousy there. However, he accepts all my moods. He doesn’t run from them. He keeps pulling me in closer and closer. That’s why I say Pisces beware when u get involved with a Scorpio…He looks into your soul…He’ll never let you go.If you aren’t ready for a deep emotional and spiritual bond don’t get close to a Scorpio! It can be scary…He knows exactly what I’m feeling.

  3. Pisces simulate the ideal female without having to put so much effort & we know it well. However, we do seek deeper and much more meaningful levels of affection, love and understanding. As masculine as the Scorpio man is, he’s on the same page. My bf and I are full time friends and when we are lovers – need I say? He is aggressive while I am passive and this makes him feel less threatened, relaxed and comfortable. I am weaker willed and often insecure; his strong and passionate nature creates stability in my life. Those are pros. Cons: communication and we both tend to recoil from one another in order to reconnect with ourselves. This is healthy, as it turns out, but if either one of us becomes offended and does not understand why the sudden cold shoulder – it can get ugly. Neither one of the signs reacts well to cold retreats. Also, Pisces are hypocrites by nature. We love to be coveted, but we need our space. Scorpios love to posses but cannot be possessed. Cure? Honesty & patience.

  4. moemoesad says:

    At one point he was my best friend, and the sex was ridiculously amazing. I loved him completely. And in the end he was a child heartless fish. He wouldn’t treat a dog the way he treated me. I know he has guilt for how he ended it. But it doesn’t change what he put me through. I will always love him and hate him a little to.

  5. I’m a Pisces woman who had a 4 year relationship with a Scorpio man that was so good I recently was drawn to another Scorpio man on an online dating site. I messaged him partly because of the Scorpio thing. I called him and sure enough, the chemistry seems to be there again. He just stood out. We are bizarrely comfortable while also exciting each other at the same time. Why, I have no idea…we just met. Flash back to the first Scorpio guy I was with…at one of our first dates, he told me with a mischievous grin that his two strengths were passion and loyalty, and it turned out to be right. Funny thing is, like the article says Scorpio is hard to get close to but he opens up to Pisces & vice versa. He really did permanently increase my self-esteem and make me comfortable with my quirks…his self-assurance rubbed off. Also, “the same depths that pull them together is what pulls them apart” is true. We got along because of space we gave each other…only possible due to deep trust.

  6. My pisces man and I met in high school though we didn’t become friend until after he graduated. He was dating another (horrible) girl and I cared about him so much. We stopped talking for a few years because of that but then reconnected. He says it was like “love at first sight” and he “knew we were meant for each other.” It’s been 8 months and they’ve been absolute bliss. We’ve never had a big fight (just the stupid little squabbles over things like how to pronounce a certain word). He’s is literally the best thing that has ever happened to me. While he’s not perfect, he’s definitely perfect for me. I never believed in “true love” or “soul mates” until him. It’s like I’ve reached a whole new plane of feeling whole. I literally feel like he has completed me as cheesy as that sounds. I’m not a cheesy kind of girl, what scorpio openly is, but he makes me that way with his gentle love and acceptance.

  7. I’ve met a couple scorpions in my day..but none like the one I’m seeing now..before we even locked eyes I felt her walk in the room..and she felt me..once our eyes met I just knew I had to have her…some of the things we’re dealing with are just making our bond stronger…although we may not see eye to eye on everything…I know we’re saying the same things just a matter of how we see it…she needs someone to soften her..and I needed someone to help make my skin a little thicker..stand up straighter and push myself a little harder.. The saying goes “behind every great man is an even greater woman..” They were clearly talking about a Scorpio woman..And I’m grateful for the intense passion love and bond. So to every Pisces guy out there on the fence about your Scorpio woman don’t fear her don’t be afraid of the intensity of her love..embrace it..your intuition will tell you..don’t question it hold on to her as she holds on to you because you’ll feel it in her gaze her touch and love

  8. We had mutual friends, my first boyfriend was his friend and I didn’t even notice the pisces man until after me and his friend were done dating. I tell ya, I’ve never felt the need to want someone so much in my entire life like I did this boy. It’s like he knows when to come back or I end up coming back, idk if we’ll ever date, we’ve talked, I love the fact we understand what we both don’t agree on and agree with. I feel like the main reason nothing ever worked out is because he lived far away, not that far but far enough for him to use it as an excuse for us to not make it work. And that’s fine. I’ve come to an agreement and understanding with it. But I’ve never felt so connected to someone whether he’s close or far away so much in my life it’s crazy. I think he knows that, and that makes me feel better but scares me at the same time. I believe a lot of the details when it comes to the good and bad between a Pisces man & a scorpio woman, they ALWAYS come back to each other, soulmates.

  9. Horoscopes everywhere seem to state that Scorp/Pisces relationships are perfection yet my experiences say otherwise! I have dated two Pisces men (Scorpio female). Pisces are hyper-sensitive and very needy/clingy, cannot make decisions, are easily offended and are not strong enough to deal with my intensity. They also say one thing then double back and say the exact opposite! Make up your mind – it’s okay to be wrong just as long as you admit it! They are very emotional and spiritual yet I find that they always seem to just be agreeing with me upon everything that I say. Don’t you have an opinion on anything? In bed/making out they were frankly like a limp fish and expected me to dominate all the time! Absolutely terrible! (Maybe this isn’t all Pisces, just those who’ve I’ve dated… Don’t mean to offend!) Yet we are always drawn to each other with our magnetic qualities and find each other irresistible – they are very sexy people! My Achilles’s heel… Must keep away.

  10. I’ve read a lot of people’s responses on here and I just wanted to share my experience with my beautiful Scorp male, I am obviously a Fish girl. He was my first love from high school, we had a tumultuous immature but intense love when we were 15 yrs old. We were together for 6 years. He was totally committed with his heart to the relationship but he did stray once or twice, which broke my sensitive Pisces heart. I forgave him though, but as I got older, I started to want different experiences & got a lot of male attention. In the end, it was me who cheated, multiple times, even though I did try breaking up with him, he wouldn’t leave. Of course, I could never find what I had with my Scorp in any of these other men. Fast forward 20 yrs & he’s back in my life. We’re older, wiser, less insecure & I love him and know that he loves me! Don’t give up! Even tho he doesn’t look like he’ll be around forever, he prob will & will be the best love in ur life! Trust that its the real deal if it is!

  11. Love & Pain says:

    Scorpio female/Pisces Male
    We always had this connection even when we worked together it was crazy but was not my type but just knew there was something there. After a few years apart we connected, just started hanging out as mates but we both knew there was more there. We got together and dated for at least 8 months. I loved him from day 1 but didn’t give into these feelings until a couple months later. We just melted into each other and were so comfortable with us from day 1 and the sex was amazing best ever. I know him better than he knows himself. I never pushed him for anything more serious, maybe i should have given him more freedom but when you are with him nothing else matters. He has swam away to a virgo lady and left me totally heartbroken beyond belief. During our time I felt he took me for granted and really didn’t show me respect i deserve. I miss him, i hope he we find each other again because i felt he was my one and only.

  12. I met this boy back then in high school. We spent the first year never talked to each other that we assumed each other as bad persons. But I can’t remember how we get this close now, neither he does. We share stories, making fun at each other like nobody would ever understand, and end up giving pure compliments to each other. I believe this gonna working out. We’ll enter the same college. I hope he willing to not giving up because I do.

  13. I’m a Pisces woman who fell head over heals in love with a Scorpio man from the moment I fist started talking to him he had me hooked. With every word he spoke it was like he knew what I was always longing to hear. I’ve never in my life had this strong of a connection with anyone. By the end of week one we were talking of marriage and children saying I love you to each other. I truly thought I had met my soul mate more in love with him then I had ever been before. He made me feel like I was the only woman in the world and he would never hurt me. Then we got in a ridiculous argument that I felt the need to over power and take to a level in which there was no return. I said some things that I could never apologize enough for. But it seamed with every apology he couldn’t let go of what happened and work through it with me. I think if I could of just shut up and listened and let go of my need to win I could of been truly happy. Because of this I will always miss my Scorpio man

  14. I gave up!

    Scorpios are manipulative & controlling. She knows my weak points, uses them against me through blackmail, & things go her way. She has her expectations too. For e.g., if she ‘asked’ me to hold her bag, I ‘have’ to hold both handles; not just 1 (even if it were an accident). And if I tell her it was an accident, she wouldn’t believe me. She expects me to wait for her instead of allowing me to take a few steps to see if we’re in the right direction. After she takes her bag back, she’s angry & raises her voice at me for being ‘impolite’ & gives me a lecture on being nice so others will like me. Then she drags other things into it that was never involved. For e.g., she tells me, “Fine, I’m not watching that movie with you” & says it again & again. I eventually say, “We don’t have to go together.” I never wanted to desperately watch that movie anyway; I’m fine with waiting for it on netflix or doing something else in my free time. She thinks I’m stubborn, and acts like I need her.

  15. Stephaniie says:

    My best friend and I have the cutest bond. He is scorpio and I’m a Pisces girl. We are the bestest friends. He starts to stare at me and whenever I stare at him, he smiles hen I smile. We went out over the summer, not in person and he would always say he loves me. I’d say it back. After a few weeks of dating, I completely lost interest in him. I broke up with him, and it took me a lot of courage to do it. When went back to school, I hated him. He was so annoying, and he wouldn’t stop. After awhile, I fell in love with him again. We’re best friends again giving the stare and he makes me laugh. He tries to be near me as much as possible and I do too. He is so cute, I told him I liked him. Not in person, of course I am far too shy and scared to be rejected. He typed back to me: “o:” It was so cute!!! I wish he still liked me.

  16. If your a Pisces steer hard and out to sea fast. The relationship has a bedroom feel that is amazing and it ends their. Pisces your trapped in being sensitive and supportive of your scorpions mood swings. She will be controlling and step all over your opinion. You will suffer greatly because you love her so passionately. Pisces believe that love make sacrifice trust me your Scorpio will not in the end. Your Scorpio will never care if your hurt, she just doesn’t know how to show her feelings other then sex, and your the one that takes her down the rabbit hole. If sex is all you need your in haven. Scorpions never admit to being wrong and doesn’t apologize for it neither. This relationship only works because of Pisces belief in love. Pisces belief it so much that he dreams of opening scorpions secretive ways will one day come true. It will never happen. Of, course she love you, your ok with being her punching bag, door mate etc. Enjoy the sex and keep as a friend, swim away

  17. Scorpio Male + Pisces Male
    I like him a lot but its hasn’t even been two months , so i’m not going to say we’re serious but he knows i like him .. we started talking on Valentine’s Day so we just taking things slow but there is a connection and i know he feels it too he tried to push me away the first couple of days but its something about him that keeps me around and now he’s finally loosening up but he’s been hurt so i have a lot of work to do but for him i’m willing i just hope more can come out of us … and the pace we’re at is pretty good so only time can tell

  18. darkerthanblack says:

    So far, I have an amazing connection with a Scorpio male, we share everything with each other and I have the feeling that he knows me so well (which is a very good thing, since often I feel that as a Pisces female, I lose my sense of self or that at the very least it is hard to define what my core self is. It’s like water running through my hands). As much as we like each other, we see each other more as brother and sister, and it works for us very well. Now, I have a crush on a female Scorpio. We landed in bed together once, and I have been wondering if it was just a fling to her, or if she feels more for me than she lets on. We have a mutual interest in the paranormal and hobbies we share, but try to talk about feelings and I feel shut out. Her best friend assured me that she is crazy in love with me, but I just don’t feel that at all. She only hints slightly at being in love with me, but is unable to really utter the words. I just don’t know what to do with that situation.

  19. I am a pisces woman and I fell in love with a scorpio man at first sight. He is my soul mate and we have had a blissful relationship for 25 years. The love is deep and I never loved anyone as much as him. I thanked God for blessing me for our unbeatable bliss and his astounding loyalty and deep love. We will never be apart. It’s been the highest level of love I have ever experienced. I have always loved people from this sign and always get along great with them. They are deep and truly understand me. Scorpio men are really the only men I am most attracted to and I have always had crushes on them. I get along great with them and I believe one of the deepest love levels possible is between a Scorpio man and Pisces woman. I can never get enough.

  20. This is my very first relationship with a Pisces man. We’ve been friends for a month and dating for another month (so we’ve known one another for two months). He’s extremely sweet, sensitive, caring, and has a gentleness that I haven’t really seen in any other sign. When I’m upset and let him know, he’s very quick to apologize and make it better. He doesn’t act all macho about it. On my end, I’m trying to be more open about my feelings and communicate what makes me upset more. As a Scorpio, I don’t bend too easily to others, but with him, I’m willing to make the effort (because he’s totally worth it). He doesn’t understand sometimes how I can be so in love with him, but I guess that’s the humble side of him. He’s really the Yin to my Yang. I don’t think I wanna be with anyone other than a Pisces. As a Scorpio, we can be pretty harsh and hostile (I know I am), but I feel that he softens me and opens up my heart to a level that I had never known before.

    1. Atta girl AJ! As a Fish guy I can assure you your Fish guy feels the “worth” of you just as strongly. I hope you soon will discover you can truly give each other the benefit of the doubt. Though you instinctively will want to verify motives, you hopefully will at last conclude his intentions toward you are pure and authentic. He naturally wants to please you and always do right by you just as much as you are finding yourself wanting to do the same things for him. Pisces guy secret: the more we are trusted the more we adore the truster. We also instinctively know better than to lie to a Scorpio – especially one we love.

  21. Chalicity says:

    I’m a 29 yr-old Scorpio who recently got out of a relationship with a 27-yr-old Piscean of about 1 year and a month. He was utterly sweet and romantic and patiently pursued me – and though it took a long time – I finally let down my guard, let him in, and fell in love back. The intimacy was almost too good and the sex was amazing, but he’d start bickering and picking fights with me on BIG ISSUES (our personalities and beliefs are too dissimilar) and even went so far as accusing me of lying or not loving him enough…which brought me to tears because I had given all I could and opened myself completely and honestly to him. Also, as a Scorpio woman, I need private time to myself sometimes, which he couldn’t understand (and called a “personal problem”). I found him needy and a bit controlling, and it wore and tore on me at times. We had great times, but we had crappy arguments / emo stress too. If I could go back, I never would’ve said “yes”… this Scorpio’s shell is forever hardened.

  22. Im a Scorpio woman dating a pisces man, we met at work, I wasn’t looking for anyone at the time especially at work and one day I find out that this guy really liked me and I was surprised because we only talked to each other briefly a few times. He asked me out on a date and it was the best night of my life! We hung out till 5am! Just talking :) we have so much in common and everyone thats known him said he’s never been happier and more in love in his entire life! When he looks into my eyes, my hear starts racing and I feel so in trance by all the rush and love I feel. We sometimes argue, but in the end when I’m done being pouty and angry, he comforts me, it’s like as though it never happened. He totally inspires me to be the best I can be and I love making him happy. And also the sex is MIND BLOWING ;) by far best, nicest, sweetest, generous, perfect guy ever!

  23. To be honest it wasn’t perfect at all. He is a very attractive Scorpio, that I coudn’t manage but falling in love with him. I was stubborn, too pushy to know all his secrets , but never try to go easy with him, I called him a lire when I knew he was telling the truth about loving me. I just think that I needed more assurance about it. And it really upset me his multi-relationship with girls thought he was loyal. He was patient with me till he had enough, and turned to be someone I don’t really know as cold as stone, he hurt me badly as a revenge, and I see the devil out of him. He dumped me because he thought that I was swimming away from him. Anyway It’s been 8 months tell now, I’ve tried to contact him, and we both tried to make it right, but every time we do one thing wrong and it’s all blow up. I think our relationship even thought we aren’t together is remarkable. And I feel like we have this spiritual connection. I feel him and he feels me too even we’re miles apart.

  24. There is some kind of unspeakably bond between the two. I’m a Pisces and he is the Scorpio. We met senior year in high school there was an immediate attraction for the both of us, we never exchanged numbers until three years later because he was involved. But six years after that here we are still going strong. But if we were to ever part ways we will still have that special bond. I love him with all my heart. I believe we were destined to be together xoxo:-)

  25. Rosebloom says:

    I read the compatibility between Scorpio and Pisces and related it to my first marriage. My ex-husband was so “Pisces” its scary. Although the compatibility seems like a solid one it can take a turn for the worst. Our relationship followed very closely the way it has been described however his Pisces nature would eventually be the demise of the pairing. His fluidity to blend with his world around him caused him to stray during the whole 16 years together. His ability to balance my intense emotions was more like his demand to keep my Scorpio under control, and he did this with life threats and verbal/emotional abuse. Threatening my well-being and that of our children was enough to subdue my Scorpio nature and make me submit. I now understand why I was so restless all those years! For the sake of our 4 daughters I tried to put my Scorpio away and make it work but in the end my fury won and it ended violently. 4 years later there is still so much anger and resentment in me.

  26. I am a scorpio woman and I am always intensley drawn to Pisces men in a way that only happens with them. They seem so nonchalant and dreamy. they make me happier than any other sign and the sex is other-worldly!!! but they make me mad too.

  27. I am a pisces women with a scorpio and i couldnt be happier
    yes they can be blunt and controlling
    but you cant stay mad at them
    becuz they will make you melt by smiling at you
    telling you they love you or simply making you laugh one of my biggest problem was opening up to him becuz i have been hurt before but its better to open up once you have trust becuz in my opinion they like to feel good and loved aswell i think its a good match
    its more of a feeling that i cant describe but its always there lingering even hours after i last saw him =]

  28. i am a scorpio and ALL scorpios do not plot revenge against others. you and ms. pisces just have a pure and natural attraction. i am dating a pisces guy as well and we get along great. while she is in her relationship though try not to get wrapped into her unless she realizes that u two might be good for each other and gets rid of the other guy. Since i am a scorpio too i know how infactuated and “obssessive” we can get so dont scare her away with your “intense” emotions

  29. James Deacon says:

    Hey I’m a scorpio male nd I’m so confused right now. I like a a girl that’s a pisces right, the only thing is that she has a boyfriend. She seems happy with him but whenever I talk to her, she flirts with me. She wrote that she loves me nd draws me pictures all the time. I don’t know what to do. I make her laugh a lot nd I know she likes me. What do I do?

    1. Honeybear says:

      James I am a piscean woman. I don’t know if you are still interested in the pisces, but if she is flirting with you and she has a boyfriend, do you think you would trust her if she were your girlfriend?

      I only say that because I’ve heard how you guys are, and while I think the Piscean’s “flirtations” with you are harmless and in good fun, you, on the other hand, will remember this and would probably use this against her..

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