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  1. I also like what Steven Forrest says about the Ascendent;that it is the focus or FILTER through which we can best allow our Sun self to shine forth to the world and he specifically warns against putting too much emphasis on mask and hiding and deception (not to say anyone here is).The whole point is to approach it from the idea that by knowing I’m a Gemini Sun with Leo Rising and tight 1st house Pluto-Asc conjunction I can learn enough about that to cooperate with it so people can know me in as straightforward and truthful a manner as possible so I can help them and receive help from them to make our lives better.I’m about 2/3 through his book The Changing Sky and it’s fantastic.I like his thoughts on progressed Ascendent.Mine has progressed out of Virgo into Libra and is trining my Moon-Jup conj in Gemini and soon my Sun and conj my natal Saturn/Nep conj.Tough as these might be they are also gifts that I can use to help myself better present myself to the world.

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