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Rising sign? Whys its just as important as your moon and sun

The relative size of the Sun and Moon as we view them in the sky is a hint as to how important they are in the horoscope relative to everything else. They’re approximately the same size, and huge compared to the visible planets and fixed stars. They are the lights, equal in importance yet opposite in essence.

The Sun is the essence of Yang energy, vital, outward-reaching and expressive. The Moon is the essence if Yin energy, responsive, reflective and impressionable. The relationship one’s Sun and Moon have to each other by sign, house placement, and aspect carries huge importance in interpreting the natal chart.

The Ascendant is the sign rising on the eastern horizon at the time, date and place of birth (or other event, or time of asking of a question). The Ascendant is the access point through which the person (or relationship, or event etc.) relates to the external reality surrounding them. In other words, we all have our own internal orientation, and share an experience we call “the real world” or reality. It is through the lense of the Ascendant that people gaze out into “the real world.” Many people feel they are more like their rising sign than their Sun sign.

Given the Ascendant, an astrologer can approximate in their mind all the other house cusps (assuming that the location is not near the north or south pole). If Sun, Moon and Ascendant are given at the same time, the astrologer can estimate what houses the Sun and Moon are placed.

The Sun is who you are becoming in this life. It is our vitality. If we live in such a way as to deny expression of our Sun sign traits, we dampen our vitality and invite disease and frustration. Most of us are not born with a good grasp on the positive traits of our Sun sign. We embody more of the positive traits as we age and gain experience. We may or may not express the negative traits of our Sun sign at any age, depending on many factors.

The Moon is what you NEED; what you must have to feel safe, secure, nurtured, loved, vital. You may BE healthy and very much alive, but if your needs (as revealed by your Moon’s sign, house and aspects) are not being met, life can FEEL empty, useless, unfulfilling and worse. Feeling like this for any length of time can kill us, literally, through self-destructive behaviors or even suicide.

The best simplification of all this that I’ve heard is from Kaith Burke, of the Cadent Cross Institute. He likens the Sun to the King, the Moon to the Queen, and the Ascendant to the doors to the palace. The Queen says she needs X; the King issues the commands to procure X. The minions (led by Mars, the faithful warrior) go out into the world through the Ascendant doors, retrieve X and bring it into the palace through the Ascendant to the King (who then presents it to the Queen on a silver platter). This is a healthy person’s internal reality.

When the King ignores the Queen’s needs (which happens all too often), the minions sneak around to meet the Queen’s needs anyhow. This undermines the King’s authority (health, wellbeing) and generally wreaks havoc with the operation of the kingdom. So, if one’s Sun and Moon are in difficult aspect by sign and/or angle, there is a challenge in that person’s life to recognize what they need, learn how to satisfy those needs in a healthy way, and express their true self without overpowering their own or other people’s feelings.

If the Sun and/or Moon is in a difficult angle to the Ascendant, self-image and health problems are again indicated. Much more could be said on this topic, and I haven’t even touched on any specifics. But if you use the King/Queen/Access Point (doors) analogy, you might get a few insights to interpret what certain combinations of Sun, Moon and Ascendant mean.

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Compatibility within your signs


If your ascendant sign or rising sign is the same as your partners sun sign, or the opposite way around where your sun sign is the same as your lovers rising sign, your personalities will mesh together well as your thought processes is exactly alike. These two signs together offer a powerful indication of bliss and contentment between the both of you.

Now in the opposite direction where your or their sun sign do not bare resemblance to each other, and are the exact opposite of each other , this can also be a positive sign and bodes well for the rapport between the two of you. Think of it almost like the yin and the yang. What one person in a relationship lacks, the other person will have an abundance. Think about it in this way. You have a female that’s in a relationship that is very outgoing and likes to try new things, while her partner tends to keep to himself more. Her outgoing nature can help bring out a more outgoing nature within him. Now let’s say with the same couple he has a more romantic side to him, whereas she is more reserved when it comes to romance. His romantic gestures in fact can help warm her heart and bring her to a more romantic state in her life.

Another example that I can bring to you is if both of your signs mesh together within the 10th house of astrology. This shows that there is balance between your career and work ethic, and your ability to love. You both would be on the same wavelength, and your goals and dreams will in most cases be compatible, as anyone knows in life when you both have the same dreams and goals, you both become the source of inspiration to push each other to those goals.

Does your lovers ascendant and your sun sign in a square? This shows that you both have a lot of competition between the two of you, and that even though you do and you might have arguments along the road in your relationship, you must know that these qualities between you will make your relationship that much more interesting.

The last one I want to talk  is if you’re trine aspect or sextile is two or four signs away in regards to  you’re ascendant and their sun sign or vice versa. This shows that between the both of you , you do have a lot of tolerance for each other and each other’s quirky aspects. With this tolerance you also have the ability to blend together well, and be harmoniously together as one.

Why is the ascendent so important?

The ascendant shows us our personality,where as the sun sign shows our true self ” aka “the ego,It is the ascendant that marks the difference in temperament,disposition,physical appearance and personality of individuals born on the same day but at different times and places.When reading the ascendant remember to use the decanates(Degrees)The first decanate is the first 10 degrees of the sign and second decantes is the second degrees. and so on.If the ascendant is with in the first 10 degress of the sign it is read as that sign, but in the second degrees of the sign, there will be alot of tendencey of the next sign of the same element in the personality. If we have a Libra ascendant of 19 degrees then there will be alot tendencies of Aquarius in the personality for Aquarius in the next air sign.This is also true for the sunsign as well.

What part of the person does rising sign affect ? ( example aries)

The ascendant is the window in which we look at the world. It gives us our temperment, physical appearance and personality. With Aries ascenant an shows Very impulsive quick to temper, aggressive and energetic. This is a hard ascendant for a female for this sign is masculine. Have trouble following through what they start, they start with a burst of energy then run out before they are finished, they need to learn to conserve there energy. Leadership and easily bored.The decanate is important when reading ascendants, so the degrees are important hope this gives you some insight into ascendants.

How to find it

To find your rising sign, and the position of the planets in your  horoscope, go to: astro.com

and click on ‘free charts’. Click on Personal Report (it’s called something like that) and plug in your birth data. If you don’t know your birth time, use dawn (around 5 or 6 am) or noon. You need to know your birth time to get your Rising sign, but without it you will still get the planetary positions on the day of your birth, which will be close enough. The Moon can change signs on the day you were born, so even if you only have an idea, like morning or afternoon, it is better than no time at all. To get your birth time, if no relatives know it (ask everybody, sometimes aunts and uncles remember better than your own parents!) you may have to write to the hospital you were born in, and they’ll probably charge you to get it.

There are lots of good basic books out there to help you too. “Write Your Own Horoscope” by Joseph F Goodevege (I’ve got the spelling wrong) if you can find it, I haven’t seen it around lately, or “Astrology for Yourself” by Demetra George. Try any book store on line and you may find something.

More Info can be found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ascendant

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Melissa Martinez

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  1. I also like what Steven Forrest says about the Ascendent;that it is the focus or FILTER through which we can best allow our Sun self to shine forth to the world and he specifically warns against putting too much emphasis on mask and hiding and deception (not to say anyone here is).The whole point is to approach it from the idea that by knowing I’m a Gemini Sun with Leo Rising and tight 1st house Pluto-Asc conjunction I can learn enough about that to cooperate with it so people can know me in as straightforward and truthful a manner as possible so I can help them and receive help from them to make our lives better.I’m about 2/3 through his book The Changing Sky and it’s fantastic.I like his thoughts on progressed Ascendent.Mine has progressed out of Virgo into Libra and is trining my Moon-Jup conj in Gemini and soon my Sun and conj my natal Saturn/Nep conj.Tough as these might be they are also gifts that I can use to help myself better present myself to the world.

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