1. I am a Capricorn woman and have recently met a Scorpio man. It was instantly deep and passionate. Opened up about some deep things right away! We haven’t stopped talking since. Paragraphs to each other about our desires and drive. I can’t wait to explore this match in the bedroom! It feels like it’s going to be mind blowing.

  2. Until now, I’ve been in love with a guy whose zodiac sign is Capricorn. We met in high school, love at first sight maybe. Idk where have I picked this up but I decided to get his attention by contradicting his decisions, finding fault at him and just get into his nerves (He’s so outgoing to be hated). We’re not some kind of heated enemies that would brawl the moment we see each other, just in some kind of hate gag with him. Along the way, I notices things like him apologizing by giving some kind of poem in a sticky note (I haven’t seen him do that to anyone, if there is, they would just apologize), him being mad at everyone or everything he sees (the same day I keep avoiding him because of something), and so on.

    Then I read this one ‘Capricorn Man and Scorpio Woman’ where their hatred become the base for bringing them closer which in turn replacing those feelings with admiration.

    Even though I like giving love advice myself, I’m not really confident of giving one to mine. That’s why when it comes to my own romance, I am dense and in denial of any of signs. That’s why after reading this compatibility, I’m wondering if that really is the case between me and him. Just sharing :)

  3. well I’m a capricorn woman, and I agree with all stated above. I must admit Im a late bloomer. I probably did not communicate my very strong feelings to previous boyfriends, and had a disasterous marriage to an Aries (what the hell was I thinking??)

    Now that Im older I am sooo much better at communicating my inner self, and more aware of myself as a sexy sensual soul.

    I give full credit to my boyfriend of 2 years. He is an amazing, incredibly sexy, emotional, intelligent and intuitive Scorpio.

    While it has taken ages to trust each other, we have something very special that I will tresure forever.

    Good luck Scorpio man with your cap lady. It is so worth it…..but be very very patient. Caps and scorps are not so different. Both very sensitive, and emotional souls.

  4. I am a scorpio that is trying to get a capricorn into a relationship. She is standoffrish at first but gradually I am opening her emotions. Finally got her head in the right directions.

  5. Capricorns are actually warm, friendly, pretty open people generally and certainly not stick in the muds. Earth signs are warm and sensual, thoughCapricorn can be serious because Saturn doesn’t let them get away with thing, so they tend to think before they act. This doesn’t mean they are not spontaneous. I have found them to be the most honest of all the signs.

  6. I am a Capricorn woman . It’s true that I am reserved; but when I have gotten to know someone and I like them I have never been shy about letting someone know that. I can be rather creative about that too. :) At least for me, it is difficult to be anything other than expressive. I’m not a gloss over, sugar-coat kind of person. I believe in honest, direct communication. I’m not talking about being argumentative but being open. A lot of ppl find that intimidating but I actually get physically sick when I can’t express myself honestly. I am aware ppl initially think I am aloof but that’s only because I’ve learned (emphasis on learned) to be more careful about ppl. To be smarter about some things. I was more naive when I was younger and since I began actively pursuing emotional maturity, I found maturity to be a great thing. I get tired of reading that Capricorns are these sticks in the mud. We’re like a best kept secret. If you give us the time and if our feelings are mutual, you will find a really loyal, humorous, loving person.

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