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Karmic Debt Numbers

The Karmic Debt Numbers are a series of four numbers (13, 14, 16, and 19) that contain a special test to the bearer, especially when they appear in the core numbers. Some believe that these ‘debts’ were incurred in past lives while others believe these are special burdens our soul chose to bear before incarnating. […]

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Numerology 4

Fours are here to learn how to bring order out of chaos. This is why many Fours begin life feeling limited and restricted. They must learn to systematically establish stability and order by plodding ahead and working steadily, if slowly, toward their goals. Once the Four has learned to accept and work within the confines […]

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Numerology 11

Eleven is a ‘master number’ and people bearing the mark of this number have access to higher levels of conscious awareness. Elevens are visionaries who, in previous lifetimes, have already learned the easy lessons, they are ‘old souls’. The main thrust of their efforts in this life should be to put into practical action the […]

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Numerology 9

Nines are here to learn how to distinguish humiliation from humility and in the process learn the deep of joy of giving without expecting anything in return. The nine is a natural humanitarian who has a tendency to take upon themselves everyone else’s problems. This is a karmic trap meant to turn the nine who […]

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Numerology 8

Eights are here to learn the lesson that strength and greatness are the result of compassion and charity. Eights have the potential of rising to great power and with this power comes great responsibility. Eight is the number of money and finance and, correspondingly, people with the eight influence were either born with or will […]

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