Sagittarius and Sagittarius Compatibility – Fire + Fire

Is Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatible?

These two in a relationship are known to get along really well, due to the fact that they’re born under the same sign, they both had the same traits and qualities. Sometimes it works out for same sign couples, and sometimes it doesn’t.

These two fire signs are very unlikely to get bored with each other in their day-to-day lives. They both enjoy spending time with their friends, and are usually surrounded by them a lot ( with a few close friends). They are definitely a sign that is very outgoing and sociable.

They will get along really well due of the things that they have in common, their shared love for adventure and risk taking the forefront.

A problem they could face in there lives together concerns their openness truth and honest. They can be too honest for their own good sometimes and need to learn to put a filter on their thoughts. It is good to speak your mind, but sometimes a little mystery is good for the soul too, and the relationship.

In a relationship that’s usually a good thing where the communication is open, but in this case they have to really watch what they say because it could end up hurting not just their partner but other people around them.

how are Sagittarius and Sagittarius in love?

This is one of those fire and gas kind of relationships where it’s an explosive combination. They are known to act a little crazy with each other,  do have a huge need for intense emotions.and actions

The problem is the intense emotions need to be balanced out. Those intense feelings and emotions need to have some calmness to them, and romanticism, not just sex. If things continue on a never ending emotional rollercoaster, everything is doomed to fail. This usually doesn’t happen with older partners in this relationship as they are able to control their urges .

Outside of that one issue, they will both make quite an amazing team as they collaborate and set their goals together. They are both independent which is something that they both look for in a relationship.

Jealousy is something that usually doesn’t raise its ugly head in this partnership, because they both understand where each other coming from, and who they’re going home to.

This is the quintessential fun loving couple , that loves to go out on adventures and do things together like traveling. They truly enjoy all that life has to offer them, and the bonus is they get to share it together ( BONUS!).

So this couple truly has everything they need to make this relationship work. As mentioned they really need to turn the dial down on those intense emotions, and focus more upon their love for each other. That dedication to their love and each other will be what makes them last.

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Experts Discuss This Couple:

Melissa: The two will spend many adventurous days traveling the globe together – whether physically or mentally. Two fire signs make for a VERY hot romance, too!

Celia: Passion, laughter, fun, adventure and loads of luck but you’re too alike to be lovers.

Jenn: It would be hard to maintain a relationship here since neither of you has the desire to settle down. You would probably make better friends than romantic partners.

Lidia: This is one of those relationships where you go off and lead your own life, with your partner only being a small part of whatever you are doing. While this is great to ensure you last long-term, it can cause a drift between you at points where you need support and someone to talk to. Making time for each other is very important, especially when you seem to be on the same wavelength and able to deal with the way each other is feeling. Sexually, you are on the same level and eager to bring as many fun times and games into the bedroom as you can.

If you don’t keep the emotional balance, the bedroom sparks will start to fizzle out and neither of you will want to stick around to see where this ends up. You have an honest relationship and this is what you must use to open each other up early on, to build those emotional bonds that can make or break anyone’s relationship.

Laura: This pair is so active that they may need to cram in time to see each other. Two archers together can be an exhilarating sight – tales of adventure, high flying socials, with seemingly nonstop action all around them. They are also the most likely to break new ground in terms of the couple’s communication. They’re candid and won’t mince words, thereby paving the way for honest unadulterated talks that few signs can hope to achieve. Each will admire the freewheeling character of the other, as if finally meeting someone who understands. They remain free from annoying issues such as jealousy and suspicion, as they wholeheartedly trust each other. To them, roaming unfettered is essential, as they’d be offended if that was seen as being unfaithful in some way. Socially others will see them as refreshing, exciting and sometimes painfully truthful. Minds will be opened when these two arrive on the scene.

Tracy: A Sagittarius-Sagittarius pairing can be exceptional yet unpredictable. With both perhaps being fickle in love this could be a short-lived match.

Heidi: They are both independent and love to explore. This relationship can be exciting but also annoying. Commitment could be a problem, since neither will take the initial lead. And, although they share common interests, they are bound to bump heads, and once they do, their sharp-tongued ways could get them into many quarrels.

Keley: These two will understand each other, but there is the danger that they will just be good friends, lacking in passion. There will also be a tendency to overspend in the money department, so both partners should be careful in this area as well.

Marcus: We have a very agreeable twin couple here. Jolly, optimistic, fun-loving and social will describe this relationship. You adore each other to a fault. Life among two Sag’s will never be boring. Sagittarians love to travel, explore and dream. One other thing they pride themselves at is honesty and candor…almost to a fault. Be careful you do not offend each other with unnecessary frankness.

David: You both enjoy tilting at windmills, and innately get each other. You entertain each other with your adventurous, young spirits. But your sky-high dreams can clash with reality at times, and neither of you wants to pick up the pieces. Be sure at least one of you takes responsibility.

Sagittarius Man and Sagittarius Woman

Since the signs are same, there are many positive similarities which are good for a relationship between a Sagittarius man and a Sagittarius woman. Both of them have a good sense of humor, both value relationships and both of them want to get ahead in their relations. All these traits lead to a great relationship between these people. Sagittarius man is also similar to a Sagittarius woman in the sense that both hate diplomacy and both love being honest with others. Although the relationship between them has great love, they should realize that criticizing each other too much can lead to conflicts and disputes.


Sagittarius and Sagittarius Friendship

If you two have common interests you will get on famously. If not you could probably take each other or leave each other.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Relationship

As lovers:

What an adventurous mix you pair will make.

Long-term relationship:

Lots of travel will play a major part in your long-term relationship.

Short-term relationship:

Great fun will be had as you two live life to the max during the first few weeks of meeting.

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Sagittarius and Sagittarius Sex


If you two ever find the time to get into bed together it is probably best if it’s in a soundproofed room.

sagittarius and sagittarius sexually compatible

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Sagittarius Compatibility with Sagittarius Over all Score:

overall score 74%

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