1. well, as I’m an sagittarian and my girlfriend too is…. we are having a very active love life and we know what the other is thinking even before the former states it . And we easily know what other is trying to say or when trying to explain an experience, so it makes it even more easy for the teller and as interesting for the listener . Right now , we are way from each other …regarding some work, but we know that we are meant for each other and we are in a type of telepathic contact all the time. We miss each other and our life has become little slow , although for others we are fine and as usual ; but actually its like we are missing our-self, we complete each other. Our life is very active with each other , always ready to explore with each other, we frequently go on brisk walk on the countryside and to the pool and like watching moon and talking and we like spending time outside our room . We love rain and getting soaked in it, even at midnight. Love u forever .

  2. Janet From the Planet Earth says:

    My husband and I are twins. Both December 19th. It is uncanny how we think the same word or thought at the exact same moment. It has been 24 years now and just gets better..although when bad it is bad for both. Double edged sword.

  3. Kellie1129 says:

    My relationship is full of fire (or passion) as I would like to call it. We are always changing and growing and loving each other so deeply, or as she would like to say “in our veins” or “to the core.” We are the ultimate definition of soul mates. We have this connection, some may call it intuition. We just know and understand each other so well. And have this longing desire to have to be together. We never tire of one another and our lives keep building no matter what trials we are given. Our relationship is what some may say is unconditional.

  4. My father and I share very similar thinking and morals – our birthdays are only 3 days apart. This makes it very healing for the both of us even though we don’t see each other very much. We know what’s good for the other person. I’ve improved his life significantly and he has been always indulgent in spoiling me. Although our moons are somewhat square, it’s not that bad since we don’t get in each others’ faces too much. Fellow sagittarians are (or can potentially be) really good for each other most of the time.

    I know this was for relationships, friendships etc, but wanted to give you a family compatibility experience

  5. My girlfriend and I are both Sagittarius and this is correct! Although I am far more optimistic she still makes my day bright I am glad to be with her and we are both happy, both atheist but both passionate thanks for helping me understand why

  6. Let’s just say my boyfriend and I are both Sagittarius and he is a procrastinator and I’m very impatient. Which always seems to get in our way!!!! All the time!!!! Lately he just hasn’t been the sweet sag I’ve known. I care about him but I always seem to want more and he just seems to be content acting like a meanie! Oh why me

  7. We met online and did not find out till about a week later we were both Sagittarius.. this man is amazing! He is just like me in so many ways! We both have fallen in love with each other so deeply even though it has been a short amount of time. It seems that we get along well all the time.. I don’t think we have argued seriously. I have met my soul mate!

  8. I’ve been with my husband for 6 years now.The crazy thing about us is,we both were at the same place (show/concert/ect) at the time, 7different times! & I have proof! & we never met,until he added me on FB! He is my soul mate. This may sound nuts,but we can read each others mind. I can walk into the room, and blurt out something & answer what he was thinking,and vice versa!? When he met me ,he knew right away that I was the one for him & I knew right away that one day we would be married/have kids together. We’re SO much a like,& like the same things. However we’re both procrastinators, and get angry very fast,but we forgive each other even faster .We also support/encourage each other to follow his/her dreams too. We have a child together too! On the flip side, i have read that Sag.+Sag. don’t always get along..and my Sister-in-law is also a Sag.& she has hated me since Day1. I’ve been nothing but kind to her,but she just hates me.

  9. Me and my gf have been together for a year now and come to realize that deployments are hard on us both and she makes me smile when she send me a message on fb and when I see she’s calling me on Skype and we if gut but over lil things and we get over it really fast as soon as we started hanging out I knew she was the one I want to spend the rest of my life with so come April I’m going to Sk her to marry me ( I hope she says yes)

    Ps: not all of us sag men are cheats :) there are good ones!

  10. My boyfriend and I are 6 days apart, and it’s only been 2 months, but we’re perfect so far. Reading these responses, I haven’t read ANY bad ones. Everything the article read was so true. We became friends at first, an it just took off. Relationships that start fast, end fast. I’m trying to learn how to pace myself to keep interest, but it’s difficult. I want to be around him all the time. And it really is one big adventure, with all of us Sag’s. We’re definitively the best sign (:

  11. Seductress says:

    I am madly in love with my Saggie! :) He is Dec 12 & I’m Dec 21!!! We’re like twins… We laugh at the same jokes. We enjoy the same movies. We can talk about anything. & the sex is the best we ever had!! lol We’re planning on getting married an travel the world together!!! I wouldn’t change our Bond for anything in this world!! We are truly “Soulmates”

  12. Years of on and off, cheating and lying. Our first year together he cheated on me w/ the girl down the street for a complete year. He tried to cheat on me w/ my best friend twice and he is so fake around everyone. I don’t know why I took his shit for so long. I did love him but I don’t anymore. I haven’t loved him for a long time. For a long time I just stayed w/ him cause I was still attracted. He never let me date anyone. He would cheat on me, leave me, and when I got into a new relationship he would always ruin it. I lost my virginity to him when I was 13 and ever since then its just been terrible. I will never be the same, I will never love the same. Love don’t live here anymore.

  13. He is on Dec 5. I am dec 21. I met my Sagittarius when we were very young. Was friends for a long time, but eventually i started to have feelings for him… i wasn’t too sure he felt the same. I wanted to tell him, but felt like i was crowding him too much. So like it says here i decided to give him some space and just keep my feelings close to my chest. Its been over a year and i just saw him the other day and we are talking again. I still care so much its like nothings changed. I just know that now after so long i cant just come out and tell him. I’m afraid ill scare him off. I myself am a very free spirit and i have found no one else as special as he is to me. I hope to one day tell him he is the only one that could tame my free spirit!

  14. I am a Sagittarius female born on Dec.14 and i was currently in a relationship with male Sagittarius born on Dec.19 for Two Years. Our relationship started off Great, we both felt like we was gone be together forever,at least that’s how i felt. During our relationship i heard rumors about him cheating and soon after that started seeing that he was a cheater. I would confront him about cheating but all he did was lie. Even though i knew he was cheating something made me stay with him for that long, maybe it was because we shared similar interest, were both goofy at times, and had a short temper, which made us argue about everything. We are not dating anymore due to me “cheating” which isn’t fair cause he was dating others while we were together. We still talk even though we are both in relationships, we flirt from time to time and laugh joke around. But i will never date him again because we are too much alike which causes us to compete against one another and argue.We are better off as friends.

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