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gemini + sagittarius

Opposite signs in the zodiac calendar, Gemini and Sagittarius have their differences, but also a lot to offer one another and they make a very complementary couple.

Experts Discuss This Couple:

Melissa: Stimulating – both mentally and physically. And, you’ll be able to tolerate each other’s propensity for flirtatiousness.

Celia: Dashing and daring, you’ll fly to the moon together. Don’t play clever mind games with Sag – the luck’s on their side.

Jenn: You two should be able to maintain a very happy long lasting relationship provided you can settle down and commit to each other. You both have a tendency to be restless and unrestrained. This should help you to understand each other’s need for freedom and keep the relationship open and interesting.

Lidia: This combination can start off really well and a part of you will think this is the ‘real thing’ when you first begin seeing other. Over time, you both begin to drift apart as you are too busy fighting with each other for attention to be paying much notice of how either of you feels. Sit down and save moments to be honest and get all of your emotions on the table at regular intervals, most importantly though, take time to listen to what is begin said, rather than presuming you know it all! Sagittarius is quite a down to earth and realistic person and the odd mood swings that are embedded in a Gemini personality can be hard to cope with for the most relaxed of people.

If your communication channels stay open and you show how you feel physically as much as you can, you have a chance to make this work long-term. Let yourself go when you are in the bedroom and use your wild sex life to vent off anything that is bottled up

Laura: These two are like kissing cousins; they are so alike, yet different enough to excite each other. The potential for deep late night chats about everything under the sun is excellent for this pair. Neither zodiac sign is known to be particularly faithful or committed, but yet sensing the same quality about their counterpart actually makes them long to be together more.

Tracy: Gemini and Sagittarius could enjoy many adventures together and may share a similar outlook on life. As both can be equal in energy, enthusiasm and taste this could be a very compatible match.

Heidi: A definite attraction between the two. They’ll share common interests and stimulate each other mentally. However, this adventurous pair know how to become argumentative and despite all the similarities, problems can arise. Gemini can get critical of Sagittarius and Sagittarius can become bossy over Gemini. Neither will appreciate the terms.

Keley: The will be a very busy and active couple. They will get along well and have a large circle of friends. The only problem with this match is that it could end up being quite superficial, as neither sign likes to be tied down.

Marcus: One word describes this combination, communication. Gemini has a full stream of consciousness flowing out into the universe, while the Sag is full of ideas, dreams and convictions and will explain in detail to anyone who will listen how he plans to carry them out. These two also are very good at speaking to each other through hearts and bodies, not just minds.

David: Despite some head-butting, this Freedom-loving, talkative pair is good to go. Just keep your calendar full of activities and travel and hold on to your independence.

Sagittarius Man with Gemini Woman

The relationships between Sagittarius men and Gemini women are pretty successful as they both are great conversationalists and love freedom. And they both keep a balance in their relationship and constantly inspiring each other. They both learn numerous things from one another and they share the love of humor and fun in their life. But for things to move smoothly in their relationship they both will have to let go of the pseudo-righteous behavior. Gemini people change constantly and like to move from one idea to another, they can move from one personality to another in the blink of an eye.

Gemini Man and Sagittarius Woman

Both of the Sagittarius woman and Gemini man share similar natures which allow them to lay the foundation for a good relationship. He Gemini man has a wandering nature and he does not remain too much associated with one thing for a long time and keeps changing his routine as a part of his routine but once in love, he is truly a loyal lover with and supportive of his loved ones. With Sagittarius woman, he finds in her the qualities that he desires in his woman and this attracts him to her with a very strong attractive force. The nonchalant attitude of Gemini man can arouse strong feelings of jealousy and hatred in the Sagittarius woman.

Sagittarius and Gemini Friendship

Closeness, secrets and overtness will all be found in your friendship.

Gemini and Sagittarius  Relationship

As lovers:

You will be a pure compliment to each other.

Long-term relationship:

If any one gets in either of your way they will be steam rollered. (Including each other).

Short-term relationship:

Zing, zip, zap. It must feel great to be in this match when you’ve just met.

Sagittarius and Gemini Sex


Well I wouldn’t like to be the bed. It’s soon going to get worn out.

sagittarius and gemini sexually compatible

Sagittarius Compatibility with Gemini Over all Score:

overall score 92%

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