1. This is soooooooo true. I’m a pisces and I dated this sag for almost a year. The only thing we had in common was sex and I soon got tired of that. He cheated on me throughout the relationship. Now he’s in a relationship with a aquarius and is still trying to have sex with me on the side. I wish I would have known what a philanderer he was before I dated him. Ughhhhh

  2. I am really good friends with saggitarious. Relationship wise, i dont think it works.

    Saggistarious are too…slutty (sry i cant find another word)

    My friend is very good looking and I’m not indifferent to him either. We have gone out many times and we have a great time together. In fact, he is in this club only because I am in it. He is sweet, fun, spontanious, nice, adorable, but very superficial.
    He asked me out once but i said no because i know where that relationship is really heading. If there is no trust, there’s no way a relationship could work. I can’t trust him. Like I said, they are too superficial, not loyal, and I am afraid that the only one getting hurt would be me.
    If i ever get into a relationship with him, I’m sure I am not going to take it seriously

  3. I am a pisces woman married to a Sag.man for 10 years now. Communication with him is very difficult. Yes, we were good in the beginning…but now he is very anxious, depressed. The thing that hurts the most is that his therapist tells him the exact same things that I have always said, and he listens to them! He is not controling to me personaly but does like to have things in his life a certain way. I have been trying to make this work but…don’t have a very good feeling about our future. I would say that Pisces and Sagittarius are NOT a good match. Pisces need someone to listen them and to know what they say matters.

  4. I think this is 100% true. I’m a pisces girl, and I tried dating Sag. man for like a year.. It was sooo wishy washy… We were both attracted to each other, but I could never really have him for myself, and that drove me insane! On the other hand it drove him insane to see me be so serious and he even told me several times to lighten up. When I understood he never wanted anything serious I let him go.. I simply couldnt be next to someone who wouldnt open up to me. All the while though he kept telling me how sexy I was…He was very handsome too. In two words its like water-fire relationship – will never work.

  5. Karen Moore says:

    i really dont think this is true i love my pisces but he cant make up his mind and i am a sag i will go with my mind saids i love him an that it will see werer it goes frm here if we last fine if we dont well i am heart broken cuz i love him to death i hope he stays for a while he is upstream fish not the down stream

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