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Leo and Sagittarius – Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship

sagittarius + leo

Leo and Libra Compatibility is a truly special match. They both love the same things and a long, happy relationship is destined to flourish between them.

5 Professional Astrologists Talk Sagittarius/ Leo

Melissa: Both fun-loving and adventurous, you’ll find plenty to do together. The Archer needs a loose rein, though, for a truly happy duo.

Celia: Harmonious and fun, fun fun! Life in the fast lane with never a moment’s peace – until Sag’s arrows of truth produce a stand-off.

Jenn: You should be a constant challenge to the Sagittarius who usually bores quite easily. The Sagittarius will actually probably find it very difficult to stay away from you. Their sense of humor and charming qualities keep you coming back for more as well. This relationship should do quite well!

Lidia: This is an amazing relationship and once Leo can snare Sagittarius into committing, it will last a lifetime. You both have an amazing sense of humour and once you let your hair down to be yourselves, you wont stop having fun! This brings a sense of refreshment constantly to your relationship, preventing both of you from getting bored and looking elsewhere for love. You shall respect the need of space and there are not many star signs that can really achieve this. Sexually you are very well matched and always looking for new games to bring into the bedroom, so it will seem no day in bed is the same as the last.

The only big issue between you, is when you fight, you both have cruel tongues and don’t often actually completely loose your rag. When you do, all the spiteful words out to cause as much damage as possible and while Sagittarius will take this on board and think about it, Leo will plead ignorance!

Laura: These two fire signs like to boldly venture wherever the action takes them, with Leo leading all the way. Sagittarius loves his freedom and Leo knows not to get in the way of that freedom. Sagittarius knows how to stoke the big cat’s fire with astute observations and ready compliments. Sagittarius should however guard against its other tendency to speak without thinking when it comes down to ego deflating comments.

Tracy: Leo and Sagittarius share similar personality traits and conflict is usually due to Leo’s possessiveness and Sagittarian’s not always being faithful. This can be a dynamic and fulfilling match if a compromise is achieved over the Sagittarius’ level of freedom.

Leo Man and Sagittarius Woman

Leo loves to possess the things and he can express his love truly to someone who is completely under his dominance. He has a sovereign nature and loves to rule. This can be a bit bad for the relationship between Leo man and Sagittarius woman as Sagittarius woman hates to get bound while Leo loves to possess others completely. This basic conflict is bad for both of them and it never allows them to get into a stable relationship with each other. It can get better if Sagittarius woman allows him to take control and then he will be able to express his inner soft self.

Sagittarius Man and Leo Woman

The relationship between Sagittarius men and Leo women is very exciting, and their relationship starts very quickly and is very passionate. The start of Leo and Sagittarius relationship is very good but there may be some problems along the way. The reason behind this is that Leo women are more loyal and the Sagittarius man is restless, and this creates problems in relationships.

Leo women are generous and polite and are affectionate towards everyone. And when they do something they need an audience. Leo people are very proud and are natural leaders, and they hate people ignoring and dominating them.


Leo and Sagittarius Friendship

An interesting combination of close friendship that may results in many moments of spontaneity.

Sagittarius and Leo Relationship

As lovers:

A good pairing with lots of fun kept in the relationship.

Long-term relationship:

As long as the excitement lasts the relationship will go from strength to strength.

Short-term relationship:

Wacky, wild and wonderful.

Leo and Sagittarius Sex

leo and sagittarius sex

Intimacy and contact says it all.

Leo Compatibility with Sagittarius Over all Score:

overall score 75%

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