1. This article describes my relationship with my sage husband to a tee. I’m a sociable person but he’s more so. I constantly accuse him of preferring to go off with one of his bazillion friends than be with me. It was hard for me to understand why he would want to be anywhere else but with me, especially with moi being used to having everyone’s attention. I was bossy, intolerant and dogmatic. Six years later (after a couple of dramatic break ups and even sweeter make ups, and two kids along the way), we’ve gotten to understand each others personality and more importantly, accept it knowing we are in love despite the dissimilarities. We now share a strong bond resulting in us being closer than ever.

  2. Guys thats a leo says:

    I just just started dating a sag and I gotta say, this is pretty dead on. I was in a lazy rut for months alone, and just seeing her for a couple hours is a joy, and I drive 45 mins one way with a smile! After dating only a week, I went from lazy, tired, and bland, to excited, awake, and thoughtful. I’m on week three now and it’s getting better, and better. There was one little fight about me flirting with another girl a few days ago… But after a day of me moping and giving her space (that killed me by the way) and her letting her anger out and talking with friends, we made up. There really is something to astrology. You know who I seeker advice from? My best friend who’s birthday is exactly a month before mine. Been my best friend for 8 years now ;)

  3. We fell in love from the first date. It was the most perfect day and I felt myself thinking that he was the “one.” Almost a year later and I still find myself thinking that. The initial attraction was unlike anything I have ever experienced before! I’ve read that Leos typically aren’t the jealous type- this is so untrue for my Leo he is a very jealous person and because of that I find myself being that way towards him as well. So that was a little unexpected, but we’re still doing wonderful (: It’s definitely been fun, we’re both outdoorsy and like to go kayaking and hiking and things of that sort and we’re both very romantic and affectionate towards one another. I’m not as good with words as my Leo but I’ve never been one to last in a relationship long and it’s almost been a year so I guess that says something about our connection (:

  4. I’m a leo woman, and my best friend for like three years is a sagg man. I love him so much, we had the most fun together! So, we started dating…it was the best relationship I ever had, but he I was super jealous of his flirting. We broke up but we are still friends. I wish we were still together, he understands me completely…I had the best times of my life with him. I miss so much!

  5. LionessRoar says:

    I think.. I’m starting to fall in love. I’m a Leo woman whose been seeing a Sag man every weekend for about 6 weeks. I can never bring myself to say I’m “in love” specially after my Aries Man 3 years back (I never felt like that towards anyone in my life) but Sags energy keeps me in an upbeat attitude I find my self more energetic. I try to do as many things to impressive him, he’s a tricky one though it’s like I cant tell if he’s really into me or not when I’m not with him but when were together he kisses me so passionately where I feel as if he was my long last love of my past life. when I give him space(really hard for me) he gives me more attention(which I live for) so that seems to work i just have to be patience. hes meeting my family this Thursday and bringing his brother so that to me is always a good sign but then again the other night he said(after getting a little hot making out)hes not ready for a relationship so in response i never give in I only tease ;) I hope it works!

  6. Very True-Love is strong
    I’m a Sag woman, he’s a Leo. We’ve been together over a year now (a feat considering his bad break up with a Scorpio…we noticed each other while they were still together, but didn’t do anything till they broke up). I’m deeply in love and don’t see myself with anyone else. My eyes don’t stray, surprising I know, and when I see a couple I think of him and his attentiveness. Although I tend to overdo the admonishing when it comes to his jealousy or his demanding nature, there is an endearing side to these features that I love. We know that we need our own space to do what we want, and it’s helped so much, especially for him. I love cuddling and being close, even if we aren’t interacting, his presence is enough. *laugh* warning to Leo’s, man or woman, don’t expect a Sag to bow. You “lay down the law”, and we jump right over it and look at you as if you lost your mind. Warning to Sag’s: Stay still and listen, learn to compromise. It’s worth it.

  7. Match made in paradise
    I am newly married to a leo man. I am a stubborn, angry, sweet, and righteous sag female. Obviously he likes me because I am righteous but it took him awhile to be loyal. I stayed compromising with him but left him. Later he left me for another woman with a baby. She didn’t give him a lot of attention and love, and she was not loyal therefore he left her and came back to me. Since he was like my best friend,i forgave him and he asked me to marry him. Since our marriage, he has been the primary bread winner, he cooks, and is very romantic from here and there. Romance every day is boring anyway.

  8. I’m a Leo women who has had an on/off love affair/relationship w/a Sag man for 2 years. To attest to the intensity of our attraction I usually date women and this messy, silly Sag man caught my eye from day 1. He is fiercely independent and involved in everything. Me, Leo, wants his eyes only for me but I know that is not how he operates. This has given me a chance to practice some trust and work through my insecurities and to work at giving someone space…to which he responds swimmingly to. Truth be told we are the best of friends and lovers, but not as a couple. I think the unlimited supply of love and appreciation that a Sag is capable of is beautiful. My Leo self must remember that it isn’t me that he doesn’t want…it’s commitment, being tied down and the mere possibility of being controlled. I wouldn’t trade my time with him for the world.I love his wit, kindness and smarts and we have the hottest yet most comfortable and fun (duh) sex I have ever had(even more than w/an Aries!)

  9. Barry Mills says:

    I’ve had two long term relationships with Leo woman from my early 20’s and into a my early 30’s. They’ve been challenging but both of those relationships have taught me a lot about myself and who I am. I have to say that Leo woman have the greatest sense of humor around and I have endless fun with them when they are in a good mood. The connection I’ve had with both of these woman has been very strong in terms of falling in love and feeling a really strong connection. However, when they are in a bad mood, and when they want to discuss things, there really isn’t any other way than their way. The unwillingness to compromise or to look at things from different perspectives (mine) really broke these relationships down for me. Both of these woman didn’t seem to have respect for me. Plus the dis-loyalty of both of these woman turned my desires for them completely off. Both cheated and showed no remorse afterwards. That’s where things went wrong in my two relationships with Leo woman

  10. starshine says:

    I am a Leo gal, I dated a sagittarius guy for almost 4 years. They were the best and in ways the worst years of my life. We connected almost instantly, intellectually, emotionally, and physically. At times we were almost the same but yet so different. I love everything about him, his humor, his sag bluntness which was at times too honest, that smile, the way he seemed so careless, his love and need for adventure which matched my own. Our undying loyalty for each other really impressed me. He was my best friend through it all, even when he was my worst enemy, even now. When we were great we were amazing, but when we were doing bad it was awful. His jealousy, my need for space and freedom, him trying to control me, me not having it. He didn’t fight or argue too much until the end of our relationship really. It broke me really, he is the love of my life, I still have hope for us again one day, and he just fuels that fire.

  11. I am a Leo woman and from the moment I laid eyes on my Sag, I knew he was the one. He was all grins and charisma. This is an intensely passionate union, so it can be unbelievably amazing and sometimes tragically difficult. The key is to have a lot of patience and never try to control each other. We have made it through some truly horrible experiences that would have broken us if our bond wasn’t so strong. I can say that there is a lot of risk in the Leo-Sag couple, but it is 100% worth it. We’ve been together for six years, married for two and going strong. Find a way to compromise and a Leo and Sagittarius make and unstoppable and amazingly whimsical and happy team.

  12. There’s going to be ups and downs in every relationship. There will be. But I wouldn’t want to have “downs” with anybody else but him. We rarely fight, so when we do, we leave the room, then come back apologizing and saying how much we love each other. My Sagittarius man is, without doubt, my soulmate if there be such things. He’s a very simple man. When I talk, it might seem like he’s not listening, but he always is. He doesn’t respond the way I’d expect him to, and I love that. Our relationship is romantic, but not constantly full-on. The way I see it though, I’d rather have lots of little romance, like slow-dancing in his kitchen, than have a bunch of energy focused on one thing, like a full-on Eiffel tower date or something. He’s so sweet and understanding. If he does something wrong, he accepts it, and makes it right. As a proud Leo, that is amazing-because it’s so hard to accept that I’m wrong. I love him more than anything in this world. Trust me, it’s all worth it.

  13. Goth girl says:

    I’ve had two Sags seduce me into relationships beyond friendship. I’m a Leo girl and both guys were younger than me. I know, purr from this cat. I adored both of these Sags and find they acted the same, despite me not believing in the power of the zodiac. Both relationships came out of long term friendships. I saw them a bit like brothers, which, yeah, makes the whole concept of sex a bit odd at times. I feel Leos and Sags have a great similarity In their lust for life and the bedroom. I also had a lot in common with them other than that. Sag guys tend to be able to do crazy things like wear makeup and skirts to a goth club without losing their masculine edge. They are experimental in bed too. They will take you on many adventures and you will laugh until your lungs are sore. The downside, with me, at least, is that it doesn’t last. Both relationships I had with younger Sag men ended up disappointing me when I wanted more commitment. It was fun, but fair-weathered

  14. It’s not easy but more than worth it
    When I met my Leo we had an instant attraction! A very explosive start! We had so much in common and we loved doing the same things together. His sense of humor and the fact that he is sexy, keeps me wanting more! We do have our disagreements and I find I usually have to let him be the leader and I’m ok with it. He shows me such love…cuddling, playing, laughing, and talking. It ultimately seems like despite any mishaps we come across, deep down we love each other so there is nothing big enough to tear us apart. :)

  15. Carolyn D says:

    I’m a Leo woman him, a sag we met through a friend we talked for about a month and would spend hours on the phone talking about our childhood he is way too funny. We had lots of crazy sex everywhere then he left to the military in boot camp he would write me letters telling me how much he loved me I think that’s when I truly fell in love with him. I’m super jealous and hate to admit it because I’m very prideful. Now we’ve been dating for 3 years hes so loving,we recently got married. He wants kids now i don’t, i love my freedom. when we fight its a big mess I always want to tell him my reasons for being mad and he does not care he instantly gets annoyed doesn’t want to talk it out then he comes around but with attitude. So I say what I have to say, go to sleep and the next day he’s sorry. We have never broken up ever and him being in the Middle East for 15 months only made us closer the love is intense and so are the fights but by the end we think the fights are silly.

  16. Instant love
    I’m a Leo woman and I met my Sagittarius man last year. After months of waiting around and trying to impress each other,We became a couple. I have to say that he is the most loving, devoted, genuine man i’ve ever known. He surrounds me with adoration and attention, loving me through everything. He listens to what I have to say and he never forgets a thing. We have the same interests but we expose each other to new things and enjoy what each other has to say. We are very natural and free, giving us the most perfect chemistry that everyone can see. I love his attention to detail, his dedication to all that he is passionate about, and his honesty. When we have sex its very hot and romantic and passionate all at once. I’m confident he is my soul mate. He is my best friend and the love of my life. A leo and sag are both lovers of life and adventure, making them a perfect match. No doubts :)

  17. Im 21 yr old sag woman seeing a 19 yr old Leo. He is amazing. He is kind and sweet. He’s attentive and always listens. He make sure to remind me everyday that i am beautiful and he thinks I’m special. I have never experienced someone who treat me so well. I would do anything for my Leo. He’s loyal and caring and makes me want to be a better woman. He inspires me to chase my dreams and live my life to the fullest. He’s a very hard worker and rarely takes a day off so when i do convince him to take a day off and have some fun it allows me to be more appreciative of the little things in life and the time we spend together. And the sex is amazing. He’s always willing to please and everything i do pleases him. I love my Leo.

  18. Right on the money!
    I am a Leo woman and he is a Sag man. We’re both proud and extremely stubborn. He drives me up the wall! We disagree on almost every topic of conversation, even the insignificant ones since I get defensive easily and we both become so passionate about almost everything we talk about. I find us raising our voices quite often because we both are so opinionated and passionate about our beliefs! He admits to enjoy being obnoxious and loves to have the last word. This Sag man is a really competitive one. Even with our excessive arguments we enjoy making love and still love each other very much though at the end of the day.

  19. Ian clarkson says:

    i’m a leo man and had a brief relationship with a Sagittarius woman that ended quickly because of endless differences between us that i did not expect, the most important of all that drove me away from her was the sheer hunger of sharing me and comparing me with other men either by talking constantly about her ex-boyfriends or admiring so many men openly without showing any respect for my presence which i often found offensive, generating so much negativity around us… she never praised me or even complemented me on anything no matter how simple that my strong feelings towards her got weaker and weaker until they diminished! from my own experience this is a very temporary shallow love match

  20. Sagittarius man and Leo Women
    I was married 15 years to Sag. They are moody and get depressed easy. They like women as friends so you better hope you are not a jealous Leo. We tried to stay friends but I could not handle him still seeing the women he cheating with. it hurts for both in the end. My advise – If you don’t want to get hurt walk away since you will never come first.

  21. I am a real sucker when it comes to the Leo women. This is not my first in counter with a Leo women it seems too me like all my life I been in love with these Leo’s this one that I am involved with now it’s like I seen her for about a year before I actually said anything too her but we both been looking at each other like who’s going too say something first so it was up too me to say hey do you need some help with that because she had work for the same company as I did, so she said yes and I helped her carry a bag too the company van that she was driving knowing she could of carry the bag by herself lol so I asked for her number and we started too talk and text each other for a little while but in my head I knew she needed to cut some people off out her life before she committed herself too me and I needed too do the same. But with my temper and hers we stop communicating for a while actually it was my temper that was some bad but I want her and she want me now we are together..

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