Sagittarius and Aries Compatibility – Fire + Fire

When you put a Sagittarius and an Aries together in a love match they can be considered a very fiery combination.

Sagittarius is a mutable sign whereas Aries is a cardinal, but the one thing they do have in common is they both are fire signs.

These two can be considered a very harmonious sign combination to be apart of.

They will form quite the combination when it comes to a love and relationship situation. Both are quick to act on their impulses, and can be very enthusiastic when it comes to love and life.

As a couple they will not put limits on each other, and in fact will do the opposite. Enabling each other to reach New heights that they never thought were possible. Not just as a couple but as individuals as well.

Inside of the relationship itself there will always be this overarching sense of excitement that continues on a daily basis, almost like their relationship is renewed all the time. That’s something that in relationships we all hope for, where the relationship always feels fresh. This is something that they share together.

Not everything can be rosy in a relationship though, and this is a combination that can fall victim to that at times. Sagittarius is not known for their sensitivity and being able to navigate the waters that well in an argument, and on the flip side of the coin the Aries themselves have a very quick temper.

So that pretty much means that in this relationship when they do argue it’s going to be some intense fireworks.

The one thing that is really good to note about this combination when it comes to those arguments or disagreements, is the fact that neither of them will hold on to negative feelings towards each other for very long.

Arguments will happen, but the ramifications will not be felt long after the shouting has ended.

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Experts Discuss This Couple:

Melissa: Independent Ram is ideal for idealist Sag. Hold off on a relationship until your in your 30s, when you’ve both had a chance to sow your oats.

Celia: Here’s another extrovert who can match your enthusiasm for new experiences. Fights will be heated but over quickly.

Jenn:The unrestrained Sagittarius and your pioneering spirit make a very nice match and compliment each other very well as long as you can get the Sagittarius to make a commitment since they tend to bore easily and are hard to keep interested for very long. You should have no problem with this though. With the two of you and your starry-eyed notions, this relationship will be a winner in the romance department not to mention full of passion.

Lidia: You will both feel like this is a relationship to last when you begin to get to know each other. You have the same energetic and adventurous qualities, which of course, makes your sexual relationship very good as well. The best thing about these two star signs is that you can laugh and joke at anything, even if you are in the middle of an argument! Aries is a very loyal star sign and you will find that if anyone is to stray and look elsewhere it will be the Sagittarian, to prevent this from happening keep sex open to experimenting and in a constant flow!

This has the makings of being something really special, so it worth working through any jealousy problems you may have every now and again. Sagittarius is one of the few star signs that can really understand an Aries, so you should always remain friends, as you shall have a very close relationship.

Laura: Adventure times two is key here, as this couple needs action – it’s a prerequisite for the relationship. They love to be up to something, whether good or bad, like a couple of raccoons on a night prowl. With both signs very verbally direct, they’ll always know where they stand with each other.

Tracy: Aries and Sagittarius are likely to be energetic and love the outdoors and will enjoy exploring adventures together. Both have a lot of energy to begin new projects yet neither may follow through. This union is has a good match in enthusiasm, energy and common interests making for a very compatible match.

Heidi:What a pair these two make! Both enjoy the good things in life. Two social butterflies who share frankness, and the simple joy of life. However, there could be a small problem in the bedroom area. Aries tend to be somewhat dominant and serious when it comes to being physical, while Sagittarius somewhat playful. If the two can find a happy medium, they would make a great team.

Keley: These two will often get along so well that they will seem like best friends as opposed to lovers. If both parties are committed to the relationship, things have a good chance of working out.

Marcus:The Ram and the Archer have a lot in common. They both cheer for the underdog, love outdoor sports, honesty and a good heated debate. You have no trouble entertaining yourselves alone or others. Great Match.

David: Two fire signs certainly make for a high-energy good time, if they don’t burn themselves out. Though the clashes may be tough, the fun gets you through – as long as you find the patience to patch things up.

Sagittarius Man and Aries Woman

There is a strong mutual attraction in the relationship of the Aries woman and Sagittarius man as soon as the relationship starts. Sagittarius has a good nature with a kind and affectionate heart. He loves freedom and values mutual trust. Similarly, Aries also values her freedom and none of them likes to get restricted. Both of them have similar views towards life and this allows them to understand the difference in the nature of each other well and the relationship keeps going well. Aries woman should try to gain control of her aggressiveness and Sagittarius man should also avoid too frank an attitude to avoid conflicts in the relationship.

Sagittarius Man Aries Woman Real Life Stories

Paula R

Love at first sight, I (Aries) hunted him down like a mouse..the chase was fun. Thought I’d get bored once I got him, but No! 5 years later..we’re still going strong. Of course we have ups and downs but mostly because of my tantrums, wanting attention, jealousy or impatience. All awhile, he’s been very patient, understanding, forgiving, loving and passionate. No matter how hard I tried, I just cant shake him off. Its a strong match. He knows I’m curious and wants to venture out for other potential mates (flirting is a sport for Aries but not cheat because we’re loyal), but my sag man knows once I get bored, I’ll come home and he’ll still be there waiting for me. Love him to death…oh and best sex of my life!!


loving a Sagittarius can be a bit overwhelming, mainly because the emotions you feel are too extreme, and also the person you love is too extreme. being an Aries, there is no hesitation and I am all in but my sag puts me through an emotional roller coaster. she is her own person that is for sure. the two of us battle over the authority in the relationship and that’s about it. No one could ever love you better than a sag because despite the faults, theyd do anything for you and will always remain loyal to you. Your sag will always back up your dreams and love you even when they say they don’t. Your sag thinks about the adventures that you have yet to conquer together and a big dreamer is what makes her wonderful . The future is always a mystery with them, but that’s what makes it fun. the only thing you can be certain in, is your sags love for you.


I dated a sag guy when I was in high school. We fell really fast. At first, I liked his best friend but them something about him caught my eye. He seemed to be such a honest chap, loving, sweet and all.. Our relationship went really well at first. He was really sweet to me, constantly telling me all the sweet things. He sang songs and made video covers for me during our valentines and I was really amazed. But after a while, I realized he was drifting and I panicked. And that was when everything went downwards. He had emotional affairs with 3 other girls during our relationship. I was heartbroken. A relationship with the sag male requires a lot of patience, understanding and independence. They are really nice and fun people to be with, with all the romancing. But when things progresses, the fire dies down a little. If you are looking for a steady boyfriend to be your pillar of support, I wouldn’t recommend the sag man.

Aries Man and Sagittarius Woman

Due to sharing of many similarities in their natures, a Sagittarius woman and an Aries man find it easy to get into a relationship. The Sagittarius woman loves to create philosophical comments and the Aries man replies with his impulsive and aggressive nature which can lead to arguments between the two but these arguments further strengthen their relationship rather than weakening it. The Sagittarius woman hates diplomacy and loves truth and can be very lovely once she is molded according to the desires of Aries man. Patience on the part of Aries and carefulness on the part of Sagittarius can make the relationship even better.

Aries Man Sagittarius Woman Real Life Stories



well basically we started off as friends that really like one another, Aries men will only approach you if they really like you, otherwise they wait on you to approach them. now in the beginning, it was very exciting sex everywhere, we couldn’t keep our hands off one other, Aries try to also fight the urge of falling for you, and once they do fall you will notice a different side of them. A jealous side no one of the opposite sex as a friend, they will not accept that. They may not say it while your speaking to that person but it will be addressed. Also when an Aries, love they love hard, they also cheat hard as well they are the sneakiest cheaters in the world. You will never find out unless you catch them red handed and then they will still have an excuse for you. But you will never find out, they will also be ready to die for you. As for us women we do love hard but we do get bored over the years of the constant playing of an Aries Guy.


so this Aries guy? yeah, we fell fast. call it love at first sight or love at first conversation, he’s really an amazing guy. it’s always fun to be around him. I’ve never met someone so like him. it’s definitely true about him wanting a challenge. he always wants to win and if i win, he’ll bring forth another challenge. This guy does have a temper. I can be blunt and sometimes, he gets mad at it. He just loves the arguments with me which can sometimes piss me off. He always thinks he’s right. He gets mad and jealous when I talk about other guys but he goes and does the same with girls too which pisses me off a lot. But i really love him. He takes away my insecurities. It takes patience but he’s definitely a guy to keep loving!


He is an Aries and me Sag. It was the most stimulating, blood pumping, passionate, love-hate, keep you on the edge, heaven on earth relationship. But it wasn’t healthy. Although he was sweet and generous, he was very impulsive and didn’t think his decisions through. That where we clashed. We could have the same values and think almost alike, but because of culture and upbringing we argued to end. Even when he knew he was wrong he would take forever to admit it. At times he made me feel like I was the only one, but he had more female friends and sometimes acting inappropriately around them, which I didn’t find funny. But if I had guys around, he was on me like Bees to honey. Like others, when it was good, it was good, but it was so back it forth, up and down, it stressed me out. I had to get off that ride. We lasted 2.5 years, of many break-ups, to me officially ending it. I was ready to settle and slow down and he still wanted to play. Aries are kids for life.


Sagittarius and Aries Friendship

Friendship will blossom especially on social locations or at happening events.

These two signs together can make what would be considered a great compatibility in a friendship way.  They really do have a lot of fun with each other, and love to help each other enjoy life as much as they can. They might find themselves on some exciting adventures together. They are true friends.

the Friendship compatibility between pretty good

Aries and Sagittarius Relationship

As lovers:

A mixture of the fast and furious with the fast and furious.

Long-term relationship:

A good mix for a long term future.

Short-term relationship:

After first meeting you two will be able to take on the world provided it’s moving fast enough.

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Sagittarius and Aries Sex

Sexual energy will pour out of both of you and probably create some pretty fantastic fireworks.

These two go together like a match and gasoline. As soon as they get to the bedroom the Sparks start to fly.  Both of them are eager and willing to try new things in the bedroom, and spice things up all the time. They have a lot of passion and desire that they want to unleash on each other when they’re together. This couple find that they are able to connect on not just the physical level but emotionally as well. Which makes their sex life even better.

The sexual compatibility between these two is pretty high

sagittarius and aries sexually compatible

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Aries Compatibility with Sagittarius Over all Score:

overall score 89%

Have you been in an Aries-Sagittarius relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience! Share Your Experience

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  1. Most of the comments on here are from girls – here’s a story from a guy.

    First let me say I was a married Aries guy so wasn’t looking around. I was working at a customer site and one evening went for a works drink with my main customer and a few people who I didn’t know. A girl had joined the group at the pub but I didn’t pay much attention. However, when I was introduced to Sag girl (lets call her S) it was like nothing I can explain, the only thing that comes close is the “zing” from the film Hotel Transylvanian. For the following 4 weeks S and I continued to have to work together and the bond just got stronger. I didn’t hide anything from her, she found out a few days later through normal work conversation that I was married but when I was with S it was like the world around us blurred into insignificance when we were together. Nothing happened between us other than a friendship/bond/connection neither of us could fight. About a week later she got some very sad news and turned to me as a confidant to talk about the problem. It was life changing, sad and personal news that she couldn’t share with others at work and found it easiest to talk to me. This only strengthened the bond further. S was given 6 weeks sick leave to give her time to deal with the news. I was due to visit my parents 5 hours drive away and it turned out her parents only live an hour from my parents and were on the way. I probably shouldn’t have done, but offered to drive a distressed S to her parents so she could be in the safest place for her. Her parents were very grateful that I had brought their precious daughter home safe and out of appreciation they offered to cook for me – so I accepted their hospitality and stayed for a great BBQ. Thinking back now in hindsight, the bond between us must have been obvious and her parents tried to convince me to stay over so I could have a drink. Anyhow, I left to see my parents and got a phone call a few days later from girl saying that she’d had an argument with her mother after her mother found out I was married. It was at that point that I realised how much I’d fallen for S. What did I do? The only thing I felt fair for S, her relationship with her mother and for respect for my own relationship and told S that we couldn’t be in contact any more. Now I thought that after a few weeks, I’d forget about all this and it would be a distance memory, but it seems I cheated my heart as here I am 12 years later, although still (mostly happily) married, but often thinking about a Sagittarius girl like it was last week. Morel to the story – Aries+Sagittarius is for the long term, just make sure you are in a situation to be able to take it in both arms and never let it go.

  2. I’m the sag. He was the aries. First off, I want to say he was the sweetest guy I ever dated. He treated me like a princess and i didnt deserve it. All he could talk about was our life together and it scared me. He didnt like me having guy friends and was very possessive. It felt like i was always trying to inch away and hide from him. Its almost like he was too nice and dependable for my taste. I really wanted to make it work but after a year I felt like he was sitting on me…. and now I miss him. Dumb sagittarius.

  3. Im a sagg woman in a long term on off relationship with an aries man. we dated when we were teenagers he had the control i was not prepared for the mind games, possesiveness,he was a risk-taker.! I do like to have my freedom tho! he needs to be needed and wanted and lusted after he cud be demanding like a child for a long time. We met years later and it was love at first sight like we had never met before it was instant attraction all over again wow this time I was more in control and i put down some ground rules! hes needs to have some boundaries cus he will always try an take the control even asking for it out right lol yes he did!I love my aries man because of his confidance and passion i can be my self fully around him he has made me feel love to heights i never knew existed. he works at love im attracted to that. sex is important he likes to satisfy me he believes its his job to be good at it. we like a challenge so we create some 2 spice up life n love.x.

  4. I think this works because even though sagittarius’s don’t Like to be smothered and constantly around their guy/girl, an Aries will give you that then take it away and dangle It in front of you!! then just at the right moment they’ll give it back. they’re so good at manipulating and even tho us sag’s are smart enough to realize this, there’s something soooo sexy about it. I’ve never felt so attracted to a guy and I usually push people away but I find myself just wanting more…haha there are fights but making up is sweet and i love the playful wrestling. oh And no other couple can laugh and make jokes as much as we can!! it’s just so perfect. if you have this combination don’t let it pass!! and once you have it hang on tight because Trust me no other signs can keep up. or understand our odd child like humour 🙂 ****warning Aries are sooo insanely jealous! any type of flirting or rumor will set them off. it’s worth it tho. Aries will give you anything you want when they know your loyal!

  5. I recently got out of a 4 ½ year marriage with a Capricorn male (which was the WORSE mistake an Arian gal like myself could make…). It’s been awhile since all the mess. I made my first mistake with a Libra male that I knew from the past- that blew to smithereens. I was wary of dating anyone after that. The Sagg I have been dating almost 10 months now- we knew each other in high school- he was shy, I was outgoing. HE wanted to date. I LOVE this man. He is sweet, gentle but we both share that fun sense of adventure and freedom. We don’t expect anything from each other and that WORKS. WE give each other space as needed and I have learned to understand that (from past experience). My Sagg is playful but still serious about this relationship… I must say I was skeptical at first but then I was convinced when we seriously started to date. My parents are female Aries and male Leo…that’s another Arian relationship that works too…but this Sagg personality is just right- we are fair even

  6. marie (sagittarius) says:

    I just started to date an Aries guy a few weeks ago, im sag Let me tell you, this is an intense beginning. I mean, I am not in any type of friend ship unless it is very REAL and intense but, this guy surpasses me. I only have a few close friends and I give them my all. Many times, I feel like I don’t receive the same amount of effort that I put into a friendship or relationship but, with an Aries man..the intensity is AMAZING, even a little scary for me. He seems to need his space and the second I am like great he’s not into me…he comes with open arms- ready for any conversation, adventure, or lazy time. I can tell he is much more sensitive than me, I am very blunt and I know he loves my honesty but, I can tell he has taken offence to it once. I can work on that though. All he wants to do is pleasure ME in bed…which is very different for me because usually that is my role. We have started off great but, he is a little sensitive about a few things. I cant wait to see what happens

  7. Me and my Aries are Always smart mouthed truthful people. We don’t really get along but as I’m learning (or hoping) he likes me much more then I think. He has chased after and waited for me through relationships. We’ve established a “no relationship” speal. After months of chasing I never appreciated him. Now I do. I’m not sure if it will work out seeing as though we have been fighting the feeling for some time. I have chosen leos the other fire sign over him. I obviously have been making the wrong choices. Dear Aries will you be mine? 🙂

  8. Lisa marie says:

    Our relationship started out as an on-line friendship. We met on-line 2 yrs ago and have talked everyday since! and I mean everyday. He is so thoughtful, sweet, and spontaneous!He gives!!! and is very concerned about pleasing me in the budoir. But there is another side, the controlling possessive, argumentative, side of him. Its was hard for me to deal at first because like a true Sag, I was like to hell with this! I don’t need the crowding. I even asked for some space which sparked a WWIII. I’m still trying to adjust but just as someone said before he knows how to turn it on and off and when it’s off I miss it because he can become very cold. I don’t know what to do since he lives far away and our relationship is long distance, but I an honestly say this is one of my best relationships to date. I hope and pray it lasts. Any advice on how to really date an Aries man would be helpful!

  9. cuddly gurl says:

    OMG i met this guy online ( mind you, im 27 he’s 22) and we had conversations online for about a week or so. He really stimulated my mind to where i couldnt wait to get online and check what he wrote next. I was a bit skeptical about him being younger than me, but he was so intelligent and witty with his words and i loved the fact that he read a lot. I also loved how he took his time before asking for my number…He wanted to know more about me first. I was happy to give him my number. He’s such a sexy young man and handsome as ever. He’s passionate and gentle, something i love! He makes me feel so good inside just by thinking about him and when were together, he just mmm! makes me feel like a woman!! i never thought a younger guy could make me feel this way. Being that ive had experience with a sag before, i already new to give him his space and not make him feel like i was trying to tie him down…until he’s ready. He’s everything. sometimes i think im in love with him! wow!

  10. I’m female sagittarian, He’s aires man. Electric relationship from the day we met. Been together 10 years in and out. Sometimes good and sometimes bad to very bad relationship. Jealousy, Control, Possessiveness are all part of the Aires Male. They do like to be lusted after, wanted, assured that they are the best. They have a lot going for them but the negative side of their personality creates many problems. They never forget a mistake even though they’ve made it themselves and double standards are quite common. Their sexy minds never make the bedroom boring. They will also never fail to pursue the female sex and lie to your face and say they don’t. They can’t be trusted but they are fun and generous. What bothered me most is their dark personality and never admitting that someone else might be right.

  11. Everything seems dead on we fell in live in a,week. But she is a bit crazy. She started affectionate, and out no where went back to her ex. It hurt but anger made me deal. But she made sure to constantly call out of no where. And come by and tell me she wanted me back playing both of us. So as of a year to date he’s in jail. She says they have been way done. And I know I would never have taken her back, cuz I had hot girls that loved me. But I did and I never stopped loving her. And she must feel that way or would not always come back. But she’s the type acts tough and needs no one and if I am with someone its all the way. Don’t know what to do. I am afraid If I ignore her she will be to stubborn to let me know she needs me. Which as a man I feel like a puss. But I know it can be great, if we both saw what I see. Anyway, I hope it works for everyone else. Cuz after this I’m a bachelor for life cuz I know I’m possessive and controling

  12. I’m sagittarius woman, I started out a shy and introverted girl. Once, I broke out of my shell, I met a man I will never forget. I was a girl of the age of 14, I had finally grown into my curves, and boys were chasing me every which way I turned. I met him then, I remember it clearly, he was dancing, his sweat soaked hair glued to his forehead. It was love at first sight, I knew this when we locked gazes. I dated a couple town boys, but the thoughts of the dancing boy were locked deeply within my mind. We developed a inseparable friendship in my group of friends. He never asked me out, our relationship simply grew into a romance almost immediately. Once we were dating, conversations that wouldn’t end began and we spent hours on the phone. Days of adventures, passionate kissing, and young love. We dated for six months, and due to my parents disagreeing with the relationship, we seperated. Two years later, he returned in my life. It’s been four years since then and we couldn’t behappier

  13. I’m Aries, he’s Sag. Met him online and we began talking. We chatted back and forth online and by phone everyday for about a month, and we got along great. I really liked his wit and sense of humor, and I was hesitant to show any sort of interest towards him yet, since I didn’t know for sure if he was interested. Soon enough, he wanted to meet in person. He let me pick the place and the date. This was my very first time meeting someone from online in person, and my first date in a very long time. Needless to say, I was very nervous about this. When I first showed up, things were sort of quiet, as I’m actually pretty shy, and I guess he was too. However, as the date went on, we both loosened up and it ended up going great. Then, for at least a week after the date, he didn’t call me. I called him first, and he said he’d just been busy. I gave it some more time. He didn’t call again. I know astrologically we’re supposed to be compatible, but this was really humiliating for me. Never again

  14. sheryl ann says:

    I am an Aries woman and he is a sag man. I really don’t believe in the majority of the personality traits of either but some of them ring true. Me and my sag friend have been friends forever. This may sound a bit unorthodox but giving them there so called freedom can help the jealousy aspect of things. I am going to be real about it; I have another man friend who takes up the time my sag doesn’t. I mean hey it curbs my need for attention and stops my jealousy because my mind isn’t thinking negative thoughts about him every 30 seconds. I have learned that u can love two men and be open and truthful and above all safe with all ppl involved.

  15. This guy I met, was a Sagittarius. I have known him for about 8 months and felt this instant attraction. How can I describe it, it’s like I felt he was so genuine and a great listener. He’s so fun and popular with his friends, yet he has a sensitivity about him also. He is very confident, a leader type, but so humble enough to bring people together without taking credit. He’s so handsome, and tall and dark, and has the best morals. He lives in a fantasy world for sure, but is one of the smartest guys I have ever met. He has an amazing intuition, it’s like he knows stuff about you that you try to hide. I told him how I felt three times, the third time I demanded a response from him. He told me he has never liked a girl in his life. Very odd character at times, but in some weird way my confessions to him brought us closer together as friends. And I can’t hep but daydream that he really does care for me, but is scared of getting hurt. I don’t think he would ever admit that though.

  16. Chunky monkey says:

    I finally found my Sagittarius man, perfect! However the last couple months have been a constant blur of arguing & even fighting.. Two fire signs together = very good | very bad! I don’t know how to get past it, it’s so stupid. We’ve forgot how perfect we was before & I don’t know how to get it back, I don’t want to let him go but I don’t know how much longer I can do it all, it’s tiring!! We are both as bad as each other, probably too alike, which is where we clash but it’s constant! On a positive note he’s perfect, we get on so so well, our views on everything are the same. You can see we’re content when we’re together & things are good but one little things & it all goes pear shaped! Does anyone have any ideas on how we can break out of this mess together???

  17. I’m Aries. He’s my Sagittarius Man We looked at each other and we knew there was something there. It was like there has always been “us”. There was definitely fireworks in our relationship. We had an explosion in every aspect. When we made love, it was similar to a volcanic eruption….when we worked together, our ideas warmed up the plate, and would sometimes burn the food. Static was everywhere. When it was good, it was perfectly hot…when it was bad, it was the fires of hell. He was a wanderer…I wanted to keep him tied to my invisible leash…wasn’t I enough? He was the same way. He was always doubting me. We were both very controlling. If we had the same idea, we rocked. But if they were different, there was no room for argument. It was a one-up-manship game. Neither of us would back down. But since I was his woman…I gave in to his machismo. But it wasn’t enough. The more I gave, the more he took. I was blamed for every mistake. Until one day, I left. He didn’t fight for me. Now we both miss us.

  18. I’ve noticed that in my adventures with Sag men, I am the pawn that they chase after. I’m not sure if it’s just the thrill of the chase, but they do flock to me. I have an instant attraction to Sag men. They have this spark, this amazing personality that just allows me to let loose and be free in my own character. We have the same exact sense of humor and we find joy in the exact same things. The most current relationship with a Sag man is amazing. It’s like someone turned on a light and it won’t go off. My mind won’t escape thoughts of him. But, he is equally obsessed. I feel our attraction was instantaneous for both of us. Sagittarius men are definitely the best for Aries women. We can dominate them in bed and they take it like champs. They also equally put out some dominance. If you keep in mind you’re both freaks in bed you won’t feel jealousy or feel the need to look outside the relationship. Try threesomes. They help everyone.

  19. well, he sure is a tough one. when we first met, he was in the middle of a big group of friends and loudly telling one of his offensive stories… i thought “who the hell he thinks he is? such a bastard…” he acted over-confident, too loud and too carless. first i thought that i might go home, i won’t listen to this.. but instead i choosed to stay, so when he finished (i’m very outspoken), i told him that in my opinion he is a careless prick and a total bastard. after that he was very surprised and began to get interested in me. haha… this is how it began. now most of the times when we talk, he keeps challenging me which drives me mad, but on the other hand i don’t give up easy so i shoot his remarks right back, which gives him hell. it seems we are always fighting with words, sometimes nobody can follow us, but this is what i love, intelligent debates, with a huge amout of temper and fire.

  20. we get each other on every level.. mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually.. we compliment each others failings and givings.. it’s equal and honest.. pure. We don’t take advantage of each other’s natures.. we laugh together all the time, we both look at the same problems and bring different answers to the table..The love itself is like the oceans of the earth.. it’s life giving, nourishing, but scary as hell.. sure you have the boat to protect you but look out for rouge waves and storms on the ocean lol.. and the friendship is out of this world too… the problem? There are two of them and they are both friends.. I have to make a decision, and it has to be soon and has to be for life.. because i can’t live without either one of them from now on.. the bonds were quick and quickly becoming permanent.

  21. she is a bit youn though. she is currently 19 and her mother and family are so protective of her. im worried she might want to explore her options and leave me for good. but on the other hand i want her to go and mess around. since she is so young. she must live her life to the fulest and only know that im just her support structure for when she falls. Ive never felt like this. i feel like a child. we have a long distance relationship and i dont want to stress her. i think we have a bright future together and i honestly feel like i can marry her tomorrow but we are both young and the love is still new so stuff might go side ways. she reminds me of my mom. they were born on the same day and they possess the same traits. ive read most comments here and it has only made me realize how to understand my mother a bit better and obviously her too. i have no other reason why we should break up. ive tried cutting her loose but she refuses to let me go. ive tried that twice but she refuses

  22. cherry lips says:

    Sag lady, aries lad ..We basically complete each other. Started as classmates many years ago until it enveloped to full time best friends. Fell in love one day out of the blue, can’t explain it further than that. He happened to be sleeping on me while I browsed the internet and the moment was so perfect as I acknowledged in my mind what my heart had always known. It’s not without its up and downs but their is no one else I would share my experiences with. Good luck to all looking for a special person to call their own. When you find it, treasure it.

  23. Ok so I been with this guy on & off for 4 years. And there’s always something that makes us argue we don’t get along point blank but I’m still with him.. Cause I love him and another thing is hay I can’t trust him! He has never donde anything to make me not trust him but idk I just don’t! We argue for the dumbest thing you can think of ! I just don’t get along with Aries people !

  24. Curvy girl says:

    Just to confirm the rumor about Aries woman & Sag man. Yes, it is obviously perfect. Startled me to find out that this is the man whom I can be myself, totally myself. And “the click” it’s kind of scary to be true. And it is true, Aries & Sag always have each other in good or bad. We failed to be a lover, but we stayed as friend-not friend relation? I dunno. He’s dating my best-friend and we met sometimes, three of us. And not good, it is suck. I want to get off him, but keep bumping to each other again. UGH! Well, all I wanna tell is yes, yes, yes. He is my soul mate. I dream about him before I met him. We both have a telepathy installed on our brains, like we can hear each others mind. The problem is I don’t know where is his heart belongs to and neither with mine. So, yeah. I decided to wait for the future while now I try to keep my distance as far as I could, stayed as his friend or whatever it seems. Perhaps, a sag need a lot of experiences with women before he realized something.

  25. hi am a 52 yr old gal who had an intimate relationship with my friend aries boy. at first we were just gym buddies then after four years we became intimate.. we were playful and just loving the game of mind he thingking of jst messin with me and i thinking i am falling for this guy. Until last year Oct 2012 he said he is loving me so mucha and cares for me and that we better stop messing and playing bcoz it will destroy the relationship. At first I said i don’t buy that shit but anyways I played his game. we became more closer like seeing each other at least three times a week. he would call me almost everyday. He tells me his sex life with other women and in as much as I am jealous i kept quiet. now am helping him with his case and i am not content with just being the best of friends.. we were intimate before and so i dont find it why we cant be intimate again since we both know we have feelings for each other but not declaring it,,hard to understand but I am ready to play your game

  26. He’s Aries and I’m sag We dated online on Nov12for a month,then we started real dating for 2 month,we get departed and in April we started it online again,we met in June12 and till now May13 we have been a happy couple but now there is a time we should decide to get serious or leave each other slowly,After a year I don’t know if i can tell he loves me truly or not ,although he says so I get jealous over his open relationship with other girls and with 2 and a half year age difference(I’m younger)I feel he’s younger,8 cm height difference(I’m shorter)and his head a bit smaller than me,I’m feeling incompatible His characteristic I don’t like is being judgmental and he won’t change his mind actually in no way As a sag I can leave people physically very easy but unfortunately even after leaving him,I know he won’t be erased,but he’ll forget me ,so I’ve hesitated to leave him as I clearly see the love between us won’t happen between me or another or he with even the sweet girls around

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