1. Sue Mclaughlin says:

    I am a cancer girl, I met a sag boy recently, we’ve clicked straight away like a first “lust” at sight, then for a while we’ve been together almost everyday for three weeks, I began notice he still hasn’t mention about the feelings, I rather to keep it to myself and didn’t want to let my feeling to be blunt, I thought it was too soon to tell. But deeply inside I couldn’t even let my eyes off him and desperate needed to be secure by him, somehow I already knew he is a player and no good for me, I ignored my own instinct. I’ve always acted independently around him, he begins teasing me a lot carelessly, I tired not to take it too lightly. Once night we both got drunk and caught he kissed next girl in front of me, then I’ve exploded my overly-sensitivity and emotional and he was just shot right out the door, he couldn’t handle my sensitivity. It took me a week to figure out with our unveiled misunderstanding issues. Thankfully I found this article and now I know how to sort out with him!

  2. The arguing is not always the case based to on our starsigns, in favorable times when we can see that we are not out to hurt each other we can become very connected and happy, something we can both be very afraid of it seems… in a way when we can become good friends first, we can completely get over it, and from reading about this it seems to say clearly that it is a passionate relationship, with potential of very deep connection and love which can be amazing in the bedroom and genuinely enjoy life and laugh together which I agree with completely from personal experience. Although the arguments can get very old and depressing, decadent in many ways if we succumb to it! haha Many people mention this combination can have the potential of fairy tales, which I love :) As maybe if you believe in this stuff, our signs might not match completely but what matters is the connection you have with someone, as a cancer man with a sag women it has felt..

  3. I have just been dumped, yes dumped by my Sag boyfriend because he was jealous of my children!! My grown up children!!! We kept separate houses, I am financially independent, I never interrupted his ‘ schedule’. We had an amazing time when together, the sex was out of this world. But he was so jealous and possessive I couldn’t breath without telling him. I had to be where ever he wanted whenever he wanted , mostly at home locked away where no one could see me!! I travel every fortnight for 3 days at work and then back and he won’t talk to me for hours, constant texting what are you doing while I am at work!! I thought Sag’s needed their freedom and not a clingy girlfriend, well I gave him all that. And the result, my eldest daughter is having a baby, I offered to look after it a couple of hours 3 days a week when he would be at work anyway, and he dumps me!! Says he had enough of my selfish ways and always putting him last!!!!

  4. Tammy Gordon says:

    I have had two relationships with Cancer males. They happened to have followed one another. The first was a failure as he overthought every step of the relationship where I was more carefree wanting to jump into everything head first. His shyness made him hold back and remain guarded and that collided with the romantic in me. My current relationship is amazing. He is shy and guarded but lets his guard down with me. He’s romantic and provides the kind of security that tames the wanderer. My heart is faithful to him. He provides such reassurance and comfort. Age and communication play a part but I have never felt this content in a relationship before.

  5. OrangeSorbet says:

    When I met my husband to be it was love and lust at first site. We have genuine true love. I am Sagittarius with a Cancer moon and he is Cancer with a Sagittarius moon. In the beginning there was no friction as we had just met. As we got to know each other we started to discover differences, but there ones that I embraced and because we loved each other we talked about absolutely everything in order to work out things that need attention. There is nothing we won’t discuss and whenever we do this we always resolve our problems and feel much closer for it. He is fascinating to me. He is the most alpha male I have ever met or been with but he is the kindest, most caring, sexual, warm, exciting man I have ever known. I knew when younger that this was the only kind of person I could marry happily forever, because he is so strong but vulnerable at the same time. Its the sexiest thing ever. No words can express how amazing sex is between us. He has the balls to put me in my place when needed.

  6. he is a cancer

    From the moment I first talked to him it just seemed like everything would be ok….We live totally different lives and at first I thought that would change how I felt about him….I talk to him morning noon night….Sometimes I ask myself what would I be doing if he wasn’t in my life….He cares about my well being and always makes sure that I’m taken care of….Our conversations are always deep and somethings I just don’t understand about him, which in return makes me want more….Out of all the men I’ve ever been with it always tells me the truth no matter how made it will make me I respect him for that. It helps me feel more comfortable with him.

  7. Honestly I thought that he was too good to be true at the beginning, especially after all I’d read about Sag’s. Eventually, I started realizing that i Was scared because I’d never met anyone so blunt and straightforward; so optimistic and cheerful about life. I can be prone to fussiness and stress if I’m around those types of people..so my man has been a refreshing change. Every day I fall more in love with him..I learn to trust him a little more. I make him crazy and his, at times, instability in his daily life (even the most simple tasks he turns into huge things!)..and I know he doesn’t understand why Im so emotional about things sometimes..but overall we balance each other out perfectly. When I’m with him..it seems like nothing can go wrong and that we’re a good team together. He keeps me calm when I don’t need to stress out..and vise versa. I know this relationship will take a little effort and work, but I’m in it for the long haul and am so in love with my sag. It’s worth it.

  8. i’m a sag and a few years back, i met a cancer guy. we aren’t together now and we were never official. its true. we definitely have our differences. i love to roam, to be free and to be loud. he was quiet, shy, and at peace in his own home. there were honestly times where i did find him boring. but we were always open. out of all the guys i have ever met, he was definitely the most sweetest and sincerest guy ever. i could trust him. he could trust me. we remain really close friends now. he’s taught me to hold my tongue and i’ve taught him to be open to the world around him. i wonder if we’ll be more than that what we are now. but seriously, whoever his girl would be, she would be the luckiest girl breathing!

  9. Emma Jefferson says:

    My boyfriend and I have been dating for 6 months and 4 days now. Our relationship is a long distance. For me as a cancer it is very difficult for me. In the past I have sealed with a Sagittarius before and I would argue with him due to how of an asshole he was acting. My current Sagittarius he is very intelligent, amazing with words but him working a lot, spending time with his son including family. I understand and respect his space and I only see once to twice a month. We mostly text and call each other. I believe that my experience through the years made me realize that it’s worth it. Ive become very patient with him. I do activities to not worry and every time we spend the little time we have it is so memorable that I’m just happy that I am still with him. Also, he ask me for one thing, “All I ask is to be honest” that made me change and be honest with him every day. It is still difficult to understand him and I read horoscopes everyday. I hope for the best for my relationship.

  10. I am a Sagittarius my boyfriend is a cancer. We have been together almost 2 years! We went to high school together but we were just friends in high school. He always kept n touch with me when I graduated because I graduated first. He is very sweet sometimes and he can be a asshole too! He loves to bring up negative things that happened in the past but whenever we argue or fall out we always manage to come back together. He is the most loyal male I have been with and I value that. He is not really a shy cancer and he is always down to stand up for the ones he loves like his family and his girl(me). I like when he tries to put me in my place when necessary. As a Sagittarius I do feel like my attitude is the cause of our arguments sometimes because I am impatient and have a short temper. When he is out I really don’t worry about him being deceitful but he always thinks I am! All in all I love and value my sweet cancer even though he is a jerk sometimes lol this match is POSSIBLE!

  11. I am a Cancer female and my husband is a Sagittarius. I always get a kick out of the negative attitude towards this match when we are so happy together. The thing that attracted me to him first was his bluntness, I really admire people who let you know exactly what they are thinking. We both love the fact that each of us appreciates alone time, mine usually spent cozy at home and his hiking in the mountains. We cringe at the idea of feeling like we have to spend every waking moment together, we may be married but have always considered ourselves individuals. With my understanding of human emotions matched with his logic, we have the most stimulating conversations. When a Cancer is moody it is rare to find someone brave enough to call them out, but a Sagittarius doesn’t hesitate and I’m thankful for that. These men may not hold your hand and spew empty praise 24 hours a day, but they make it clear their love for you is deep and real.

  12. flowers Jen says:

    I’ve been with my boyfriend for a month and a half now…But keep in mind…It took him almost a whole year to commit!…I am a Cancer woman & he is a Sagittarius man…From my experience,this is a very hard match to make work…he’s very insensitive and doesn’t understand my feelings or why I get hurt so easily & I don’t deal well with his problem with showing his deepest feelings,but instead being overly honest & unaware of my feelings being hurt..but the things we lack we make up for in other ways…such as him loving adventure & bringing out the adventures side in myself & me showing him how to care for the people who matter most such as family…since my sag has never been good with that…All in all…we try to understand each other because we love each other & want it to work.

  13. I, being a cancer, have fallen head over heels in love with a Sagittarius. When we first met, I’ll admit, he was the biggest jerk I’ve ever met. But slowly, I warmed up to him and he to me. Our personalities might have clashed but our minds are alike. I see the happy side of everything, while he stays on earth with a small frown. He sees people like ants and he used to see me like that, but now I’ve earned my rightful place by his side. He may be older than me, but he sure understands me. He’s so grateful and loyal to me, its as if we were meant to be. Which he and I believe is true.

  14. Well, lets start off here… Both him and I met around 3 years back. He was 17 and I was 16. We met with a group of friends but I noticed he was really shy back then and hardly talked.. Instantly, he started to like me. After a couple of times hanging out with friends and such, he started calling me and we talked hours on end about about anything to past experiences to school. The first thing i noticed about him was that he was super random. I loved that about him. As that progressed, we became best friends from that day on. All along he was in love with me but kept it a secret until about three weeks before he asked me out. Our relationship has been exactly like a roller coaster. When I’m with him I feel complete, like he’s my other half. I can’t imagine my life without him. Sometimes it’s hard for me as a sag to express my feelings but that’s one thing that we have trouble on..I must say I haven’t been the best girlfriend to him, but when it’s good, it’s amazing…

    sag man/can girl

  15. I’m a Cancer woman and my bf is a Sag male. We met on Facebook of all places. We hit it off right a way messaging each other. When we met in person for the first time , our eyes met and sparks began. After that we could not wait to see each other again. Three weeks later he came down to see me( we live in different cities , for now) for a week to see if there truly is a love connection. While he was here we saw each other every day from morning to wee hours of the morning the next day. He would go to his parents house to sleep and shower and come back over again. Since he has gone home , we talk every day and can’t wait to see each other again. He is a true romantic while he is courting me, setting up spotify playlists for romance time and truly is a gentleman , and has a sense of humor to keep me laughing the whole time were together. Down side he can be insensitive and brutally blunt, but apologize when my feeling are hurt. I can be blunt to a point , when called for . So far so good!

  16. Just got engaged to my cancer man and loving him. Its true, different kind night and day but u need both to survive( fire and water). I’m a year older then he is but Lol you wouldn’t think. He keep me so grounded and sags. You know we need but don’t want it. He loves the fact that I’m so free spirited and we do Everything together. He makes mad sometimes and unsure of our relationship but when I’m feeling that way I just approach him on it. I believe what we both been through in life prepared us for each other. I still have my stubborn and blunt ways but he also has his selfish and clingy moments. But I wouldn’t have no other way

  17. Luba Saunders says:

    I’m a cancer, he is a sag,and all these common issues don’t apply for us for the most part. My possessiveness was never there, maybe a bit but I did let go of it early and gave him space and my trust which was hard enough given how hot-headed he is. Every time an argument grew into a fight, he uses some things I said in confidence to attack me, he has absolutely no respect or ethics when arguing, and it does drive me crazy, literally. The true problem is him not trusting me, and his jealousy that surfaces as disappointment in me and rage he takes out on me. Also, I love adventure too, as long as I have a home to come back too, so that’s no issue with us. Actually, he asks me usually am I girl or a guy because I’m too active I guess.The jokes are too personal for me, and he thinks he knows everything, without even trying to get to know some deep issues. We are trying hard to make it work, love gives hope and strength, but I have no clue how this will end, probably with me in the nut house.

  18. I’m so in love! We have truly been through so much together, sometimes I don’t even know how we made it this far. We’ve known each other for YEARS it’s nothing but time that has made us this close, we know each other so well that it’s kinda scary, our connection is so strong, our biggest down fall is age though we are 5 years apart, while I’m 20 he’s 25, for years he’s always been talking about Marry me and having kids together, I use to brush it off or laugh, even just smile, but this year it’s gotten serious! Our love story is one I’ve always dreamed of, I really can not see myself without him. I pray God bless our future marriage cause he has sure blessed our relationship of its ups and downs. I’m ready to spend the rest of my life with him and through God may our dreams come true! So happy and ready to say yes! :}

    Sagittarius Lady & Cancer Man

  19. haley Brock says:

    Well I’m a sag women & I’ve been with a cancer man for a year now , & I’m so in love with him. He’s loving ,caring , & always wanting to be around me . I don’t care about him being clingy cause I know how to handle that to be honest I love the fact that he’s clingy that’s what I want in a man . Our pass relationship was a mess . He was hurt by his ex & I was hurt by mines . After my ex I was lonely and sad praying to god that he would send me some one to love me & really care about me . My ex just cared about my looks & sex he really didn’t care about me . But my cancer man really cares about me everything about me he’s real . We have a special bond that nobody can break . The sex is so amazing & I can’t get enough of it . I’ll be pissed if he cheated on me but he’s not a cheater he lets me look through his phone & everything but the only thing I don’t like is that he ponders on the pass I don’t like that at all but everything else is wonderful he even accepts my child.

  20. I befriended, fell in love with, and married my Sag man. We are most definitely different in many ways, but have common middle ground more often than not. Having known some other Sags in my life…I was not expecting to have the kind, loving, soft-spoken husband that I have. I think that if we’d met when he was a young Sag…things would not have worked out. He is about 8 years older than me and while he s brutally honest, he has developed tact and is a caring soul. He also did his traveling and wild oat sowing in his younger days, so he’s not so restless. He’s settled down and happy to stay put with this homebody crab. :) I tell him all the time that he must’ve walked out of the pages of a storybook. I feel safe and loved every moment of every day. He’s my perfect, Prince Charming and I’ve never been happier. We’re expecting a baby in May. :)

  21. My sun sign is Sagittarius, and his sun sign is Cancer. His moon sign is Sagittarius, and my rising sign is Cancer. Since we both have Sagittarius and Cancer in common, we work together like no other. We both share our love of family and home life, but both also enjoy a thorough and exciting adventure. Our fires match, as well as our waters. He directs my Sagittarius sun to be more grounded, and I guide his Cancer crab right out of its shell. He’s the perfect family man, but also my partner in crime. It’s a fantastic match

  22. Me and my sag man have been best friends for 11years. We recently decided to step into a relationship and it turned out to be the best move we both made! He is my best friend, my lover, my everything. He hasn’t proposed yet, but i know its coming. I think Sagittarius and cancer makes a very match, if both start off as friends and give the relationship time to grow. Learn to embrace one anothers differences, they can learn a lot from one another.

  23. Christy Love says:

    Hold on to your seats ladies and gentleman, because what I’m about to tell you is my truth. First, my Sag and I been together, or should I say known each other for four interesting and adventurous years. I feel as although we’ve been through so much up’s and down’s that no matter what’s been said or done I would always love him with all my heart. I feel that if I lose him I know I’ll be losing the best thing I ever had in my life. Being a cancer woman I know we tend to get ourselves in a rut and don’t quite know how to get out of the mess we made, especially when we know what we have at home is all we need, but somehow at the end of an argument and at the end of the day we both know neither one of us is going anywhere. That’s what I love about my Sag.

  24. Unrequited Love says:

    Its true that sagittarius men are flighty. My boyfriend and I met online a month ago, and we hit it off pretty well (what with us being in different countries and time zones), and talked continuously for over four hours a day when most of our day is over. However, after we got together… His attention seemed to have diminished, and our conversations are dying. We both seem so much more insecure now. In the past, we used to joke around easily but now, he seems so much more sensitive. Also, I once told him that I loved him, jokingly, and he didn’t reply for a long while, so I was joking about unrequited love and we didn’t talk for the entire day after… In fact we just got into a little argument, and he was being all fidgety. Both of us are really stubborn, so when we fight, neither of us wants to give in ( Ofc in the end I do…) all in all, it’s definitely an adventure with them. They’re bold, funny and entertaining, but as a Cancer you must know when to compromise.

  25. Estelle Mccormick says:

    Simply put…we fill in each others blanks. This is my husband & best friend. He has became a father to my disabled child, a provider, & protector. I read before…Sag women & a cancer man are a better match than vice versa…That’s so true. The relationship took time to refine due to lack to understanding of each others emotions. But now, we have a great bond & respect for one another. I love him like no other man I have been with. He still shows me love like he just met me (10 years later).

  26. This was a fun relationship. I’m a cancer woman and he’s the sag. We pushed each other outside of our comfort areas. I wanted to better myself and he did his best to deepen the relationship. Sadly, it just wasn’t enough. I constantly felt like I was walking on eggshells to so much as complain if I had a bad day or if I wanted to talk about something with emotional depth. He would constantly make assumptions about situations rather than talk about it, which led to a lot of ridiculous fighting. In the end, he though I was a drama queen and I thought he was a cold stone. Don’t get me wrong. He’s a wonderful man, but you only can only handle getting burnt so much in a relationship.

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