1. Lora case says:

    resolve is not always swift because often his ego will convince him of doing no wrong.. but luckily communication and tact is second nature to me as this is a MUST with him, so this process of coming to an agreement while maintaining trust is never a problem for me and soon we are back to that happy-go-lucky state again. For the most part his philosophical approach to life blends well with my need to live life in balance. This ever evolving passion between us somehow extends itself in a way that allows us to embrace the world on our own exciting terms, if you will. Everyday life with him is kind of like a love story but it’s by far not a boring one! He is my true soulmate :)

  2. I met my Libra husband in high school in my Jr. Year. He tried to get this Sag girl attention for 2 years and finally succeeded! We had a real love story sparks flared our first date . One day he came to surprise me at work. I was on my break at the time so he looked for me all over the mall. He found me at a water fall fountain. He was standing across the other side just standing there starring at me. I’m like why is this guy starring at me so I squint to see who he is and it was my Libra man just starring and smiling at me. So I realize it’s him, I smiled and we ran into each other’s arms. The best surprise ever and from there out we been inseparable for 16 years. We have 5 beautiful children together and we been through ups and downs before we got married. So we were through thick in thin for years before marriage. But our love for each other never left. People didn’t believe it was real until we got married. Now people look at us as an inspiration and our faith in God we are blessed.

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