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Are Capricorn and Sagittarius compatible?

People usually look at this combination as being quite average when it comes to their compatibility.

The secret in making this relationship a successful one, is that they really have to look at their differences and adapt to each other’s ways. If they can take the time to get to know each other on a mental and lifestyle level, they’ll find that this relationship can really start to build to become something special.

Capricorns are usually known to live a life that’s kind of a little bit on the monotonous side. They like to feel as though they are pretty much in control of their day-to-day lives. This is where having somebody like a Sagittarius that will bring a more talkative and positive mood to them would be beneficial.

The Sagittarius in this case will in return find stability in life and in love with a Capricorn. To mention with that stability they’ll find that they are able to achieve the goals that might have constantly slipped through their fingers .

How are Capricorn and Sagittarius in love?

Sagittarius is really looking for a partner that would bring stability to their life, and this is something that the Capricorn can definitely bring in spades. On the other side of things the Capricorn themselves really need a partner that can bring a positive outlook to any problems that arise in their life.

These different aspects in their personality will allow them to share some really good times together, and that usually helps to develops a favorable attraction to one another.

The only problem is sometimes their approaches to how they deal with things in life, and they’re differencing preferences can sometimes separate them as a couple. Some couples can overcome this, some can not.

People that are born under the Sagittarius sign like to be in relationships where there’s open communication with their partner. This is something that will help the Capricorn themselves, and they in return will bring a level of leadership to the relationship that will help steer it in the right direction .

The Capricorn can also be quite confident and quiet in their own right, and the excitement the Sagittarius can bring to their life can help definitely livened things up a little bit. This boost of energy can help them work towards attaining their goals as well be more motivated to complete them.

There is nothing that says that this relationship cannot work out, but this couple really needs a good amount of time to get to know each other on a personal level, and to see what other things they have in common to see if there’s enough love involved to make things work.

Experts Discuss This Couple:

Melissa: Capricorn’s can learn much from the Archer, like how to let loose and live outside their box. Sag is not known for patience, however, and may not give Cap much time to keep up with them. But, Cap will bring an earthy sensuality to Sag’s fiery pace.

Celia: When you want to fly your kite, you don’t want to be told it’s not windy. Capricorn provides a steadying influence if you ever want to listen.

Jenn: The Capricorn’s ambitious ways could actually keep you on your toes and make you want to settle down with the Capricorn. Although you may find that the two of you can really get on each other’s nerves at times a solid commitment is the key to making this one work out.

Lidia: You need to make sure you give and take for this to work out. Capricorn can bring the sensible side to this love affair, while Sagittarius is the carefree half. Learning what each other needs is just a small part of making this turn into exactly what you are both after. Capricorn will have a few confidence issues to deal with, as Sagittarius can be very over powering and forceful, eager to take the lead. Sagittarius can make Capricorn see what difference having a positive, less stressed outlook on life can have and both of you will enjoy milking each other around to your way of thinking.

This is not about changing each other; you need to make up for the areas your partner fails in, making this the perfect partnership. Physically, you are well matched and although sex may be a bit slow to begin with, as Sagittarius holds back for Capricorn to catch up, it wont be long before you are both able to let your desires run away with you.

Laura: The grounded one meets the free wheeler in this pairing. Capricorn has much to offer the archer, especially when it comes to stability. If anyone can ground this free spirit it’s Capricorn. Sagittarius loves to roam, but can also get lost in the maze. Capricorn, being worldly itself, is able to fully appreciate Sagittarius’ global curiosity, but the goat also knows that taking a breather is crucial to reorganizing and re-energizing one’s self. In effect, Capricorn can help lift Sagittarius up to new heights. Sagittarius in turn can show Capricorn what it means to truly let go, This pairing will free up Capricorn’s mind, enabling him to see beyond regular routines and structure. Together they can become one powerful force, as both have excellent mental capabilities and both can provide each other with that missing piece of the puzzle – Capricorn lifts up, Sagittarius frees up. People around them will see them as world beaters, successful and as a truly entertaining.

Tracy: Capricorn is often cautious and seeks stability while Sagittarius can be careless and irresponsible. This could be an unsuccessful combination unless they find some common ground.

Heidi: Capricorn can easily get hurt by Sagittarius’s sometimes harsh spoken words. They have different goals and different spending habits. Capricorn is more prohibited than the outgoing sociable Sagittarius. Capricorn may try to get Sagittarius to settle down, and Sagittarius may try to get Capricorn to get out and explore more often. Either way, if neither wants to make the effort, they’ll soon tire of each other.

Keley: This relationship is definitely an attraction of opposites. Capricorn is much more level headed and down to earth than the Sagittarius; this can benefit the relationship, but only if Sagittarius doesn’t begin to feel trapped by the arrangement.

Marcus: Sagittarius enjoy life to the fullest. They have been accused of being impulsive, but they prefer to refer to themselves as seekers. They seek out parties, good fun, knowledge, new experiences…in other words everything and anything that catches their fancy. The Goat will be amused by the Sag’s joie de vivre attitude. Hopefully some of this will rub off on the often too serious Goat, they could stand to lighten up a bit. Likewise, Sagittarius could learn many lessons from the steadfast, surefooted, responsible Goat. If these two are both open, this could be a great learning experience.

David: Capricorn loves the Archer’s flights of fancy, while young-at-heart Sagittarius is impressed with the Goat’s organizational skills. Whether this blossoms into mutual respect, or causes disagreements is up to you.

Sagittarius Man and Capricorn Woman

Sagittarius men and Capricorn women experience a lot of challenges in their relationships. As they are very different from each other, but they admire the attributes in their partner what they miss in theirs.

Sagittarius men are very funny and adventurous creatures, they are very friendly and outspoken. Sagittarius men are usually eccentric and amusing, but they are also serious and curious about life. So all in all Sagittarius people love life and all the challenges they lie ahead. The one important quality of Sagittarius men is that they do not easily take someone’s word, without asking a lot of questions.

Capricorn Man and Sagittarius Woman

A confusing relationship it can be but still, both the partners get to learn a lot from each other. The Sagittarius woman allows Capricorn man the freedom that he desires which allows him to seek the newness and novelty while he can teach her the benefits of planning the things ahead of time. A Capricorn is a person of wisdom. Both of the members of the couple show mutual respect for each other for their intellectual qualities and their relationship have love as a tie that binds them together with each other. The less expressive nature of Capricorn can make his woman feel as if she is not being loved although it only requires a keen observation to see the hidden feelings in a Capricorn man.

Sagittarius and Capricorn Friendship

You will know that you’re close, yet the outside world will not have a clue.

Capricorn and Sagittarius  Relationship

As lovers:

WOW! When you two are in love you will conquer the world.

Long-term relationship:

Terrific futures are to be had with this match, but beware of jealousy.

Short-term relationship:

Lots of fun and intimacy will be found in the early days.

Sagittarius and Capricorn Sex


From the soft lapping waves breaking on a white sand beach to the 1812 overture. It’s all there.

sagittarius and capricorn sexually compatible

Capricorn Compatibility with Sagittarius Over all Score:

overall score 38%

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Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

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  1. Well, my “boyfriend” is a Sag-Cap cusp,and I’m just a Cap, and I can definitely say he is less trustworthy with money and saving it…. As for cheating… He’s cheated more times than I can count.. Even after trying to have a more open relationship, it still didn’t keep him from lying and cheating on me more.

    Definitely not a good match. I think I’m gonna go for a Cancer next time, or maybe something new.

  2. Kelly Bird says:

    i don’t believe these two are a good match. I know from personal experience of having a sag. friend who is a girl and having dated a sag. guy, that they are prone to cheating and being crazy. We somehow attract each other in the beginning and then the claws come out. Sags annoy me.

  3. I am a sagitarius, and i have to say im both personalities, im very quiet, and shy, until you really get to know is when you’ll find out the true me. I am very outgoing, very observant as well. To a stranger i am quiet. To people familiar with me i am open, honest, moody, though unemotional at times, very rebellious. I am always in search of answers as well. I get restless very fast. I love sports and intellect equally. I come as an introvert, but end up being extrovert.

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