1. Well, my “boyfriend” is a Sag-Cap cusp,and I’m just a Cap, and I can definitely say he is less trustworthy with money and saving it…. As for cheating… He’s cheated more times than I can count.. Even after trying to have a more open relationship, it still didn’t keep him from lying and cheating on me more.

    Definitely not a good match. I think I’m gonna go for a Cancer next time, or maybe something new.

  2. Kelly Bird says:

    i don’t believe these two are a good match. I know from personal experience of having a sag. friend who is a girl and having dated a sag. guy, that they are prone to cheating and being crazy. We somehow attract each other in the beginning and then the claws come out. Sags annoy me.

  3. I am a sagitarius, and i have to say im both personalities, im very quiet, and shy, until you really get to know is when you’ll find out the true me. I am very outgoing, very observant as well. To a stranger i am quiet. To people familiar with me i am open, honest, moody, though unemotional at times, very rebellious. I am always in search of answers as well. I get restless very fast. I love sports and intellect equally. I come as an introvert, but end up being extrovert.

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