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Jupiter Astrology


jupiter symbolJupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and it symbolizes the strength of expansion. It is the general symbol of authority and knowledge. Science and sportsmanship are also under its reign. If Jupiter makes a benign aspect, it increases possessions; makes rich and prosperous. On the psychological level, it gives a broad development and widens the horizon. It loves nature and natural methods.
It  grants goodness, generosity, kindness, loyalty, helpfulness and optimism. It is the fatherly educator, a generous mentor …

When Jupiter has an unfavorable position in the birth chart, the individual will behave in an irresponsible way. He (or she) takes risks, assumes that everything will succeed, and hopes for the best. Excessive behavior, a wasteful attitude.

Additionally, it reigns all senior officials of state and church. Also: settlers, judges, law, marriage, protectors and generous friends. It radiates vitality and belief.
Important: In the birth chart Jupiter also indicates your (inner) healing abilities and your lucky factor. The sign where Jupiter is in, says something about the nature of therapy where you will benefit from. Its position in the Houses reveals more about the circumstances that are best for obtaining a good health. If favorably aspected, it grants the natural born healer.

What does Jupiter mean:

Jupiter  characteristics


Wisdom, a philosophical life. Humane, fair, reasonable, sense of duty and respect for authority. Friendship, optimism and conviviality are highly valued. Excellent organisational skills.


Blind trust, stupid luck, greediness, partiality, likes to brag, lighthearted, wasteful, complacency, vanity. Imbalance in matters of spiritual nature.

Other Associations

Zodiac SignSagittarius
HouseThe ninth House
Anatomythe liver and the circulation of blood
Colorindigo-blue and royal purple
Agefrom 35 to 42 years, development of consciousness by Jupiter
Symbolthe strength of the planet is constantly focused on injecting earthly thoughts with humanity and broadness of vision

Occupation : everything which has to do with the law: judge, lawyer. Priest, missionary, a prophet. Also: professor, teacher, farmer, breeder

(this planet rules the sign of Sagittarius)

Basic Astronomy:

Jupiter is the largest planet in our Solar system and it takes almost 12 years to revolve around the Sun. It has four large satellites (Moons) that can be easily seen through the telescope.

In Mythology:

He is the Father of the Heavens (Zeus), the King of the Gods and he stands for the power to expand

In Astrology – Chart Interpretation

Jupiter is the planet of luck and opportunity called in traditional astrology the planet of ‘greater fortune’. In your chart, the position of this planet shows in what aspect of your life you’ll seek opportunities and the capacity you have to benefit from it. The position of Jupiter in your natal chart by sign, house and aspect indicates the measure of your confidence, growth, prosperity and fulfillment. While the Sun organises what the Moon desires, Mars does the actual work but, it’s only through Jupiter that we can make our aims real in the worldly sense. This planet also stands for expansion on every level, from material to spiritual.

Astro Keywords:

luck, confidence, optimism, beliefs, hope, faith, long journeys, further education, philosophy, law, prosperity and greed

If you have a strong Jupiter or some planets in Sagittarius you’re likely to identify yourself with this quotation ‘Climb high, climb far … Your goal the sky, your aim the star’


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Serena Weaver


Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, and mostly a huge, colorful gas balloon. This planet is a system in its own, and its gravitational force pulls heavily on the sun itself. It has helped form the solar system’s structure as we know it. It actually has entire groups of asteroids preceding him and following him on his path around the sun. Jupiter is one of the brighter stars in the night’s sky.

Astrological qualities

Itis societal in that it seeks to establish itself within society, rather in consideration of its prevailing winds or closely in tandem with it. It is extrinsic in that its function is more embracive and social by its nature.

It functions on the transpersonal, social level. It is the planet of societal principles, however these may be too abstract and “raw”, in need of examination by Saturn to coalesce to a more workable deal. These fine principles may be a bit over the top, probably not so perfectly implementable. A testimony to this is can be found in a more personal frame, for when it is associated with implementing MarsSymbol of Mars it often results in risk-taking behavior.
Whereas Saturn concerns himself with the structural aspects of society, it concerns itself with society’s spiritual content – its values, beliefs, philosophies, culture, customs and justice. There’s some tendency to be embracive of these, however this can be quite altered in more problematic charts, where it can do much to worsen problems and embrace more negative philosophies. It also seeks furthermore to lavish its spiritual contents back upon its surroundings and act in its furtherance. This also is the source of it’s fondness for preaching.

It enlarges what it touches in the chart. It adds great enthusiasm, self-confidence, belief in oneself. It comes with a mentality of abundance, and tends to overdo things. Proportions tend to be off on the personal scale. This planet is considered the planet of plenty, however it can suffer from wastage and excessive consumption which can be detrimental, especially with the affliction aspects.

It reflects personalities which seem larger than life – far reaching, grand, and seeming ever optimistic for their goals. Everything is done in a big way. There may be some illusion of grandeur in its contacts.

In general, the planet is the home of human culture, and rules over religions. There is often an affinity for religion in Jupiter-influenced individuals, however some locations and afflictions can do much to change that. For example this association is less observable with progressive 11th house locations in native charts, not something that would necessarily contrast with it being in “joy” within this house according to traditional astrology, as it tends to find other positive expressions there. For example this specific location is common in the charts of professional pilots.


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