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Jupiter Astrology


I represent the promise of all good things in life. As your lucky charm, I’m here to remind you that you always have something good to fall back on when the going gets tough.


jupiter symbolJupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and it symbolizes the strength of expansion. It is the general symbol of authority and knowledge. Science and sportsmanship are also under its reign. If Jupiter makes a benign aspect, it increases possessions; makes rich and prosperous. On the psychological level, it gives a broad development and widens the horizon. It loves nature and natural methods.
It  grants goodness, generosity, kindness, loyalty, helpfulness and optimism. It is the fatherly educator, a generous mentor …

When Jupiter has an unfavorable position in the birth chart, the individual will behave in an irresponsible way. He (or she) takes risks, assumes that everything will succeed, and hopes for the best. Excessive behavior, a wasteful attitude.

Additionally, it reigns all senior officials of state and church. Also: settlers, judges, law, marriage, protectors and generous friends. It radiates vitality and belief.
Important: In the birth chart Jupiter also indicates your (inner) healing abilities and your lucky factor. The sign where Jupiter is in, says something about the nature of therapy where you will benefit from. Its position in the Houses reveals more about the circumstances that are best for obtaining a good health. If favorably aspected, it grants the natural born healer.


What does Jupiter mean:


Jupiter characteristics



Wisdom, a philosophical life. Humane, fair, reasonable, sense of duty and respect for authority. Friendship, optimism and conviviality are highly valued. Excellent organisational skills.


Blind trust, stupid luck, greediness, partiality, likes to brag, lighthearted, wasteful, complacency, vanity. Imbalance in matters of spiritual nature.


Other Associations


Zodiac SignSagittarius
HouseThe ninth House
Anatomythe liver and the circulation of blood
Colorindigo-blue and royal purple
Agefrom 35 to 42 years, development of consciousness by Jupiter
Symbolthe strength of the planet is constantly focused on injecting earthly thoughts with humanity and broadness of vision

Occupation : everything which has to do with the law: judge, lawyer. Priest, missionary, a prophet. Also: professor, teacher, farmer, breeder

Basic Astronomy:


Jupiter is the largest planet in our Solar system and it takes almost 12 years to revolve around the Sun. It has four large satellites (Moons) that can be easily seen through the telescope.


In Mythology:


He is the Father of the Heavens (Zeus), the King of the Gods and he stands for the power to expand


In Astrology – Chart Interpretation


Jupiter is the planet of luck and opportunity called in traditional astrology the planet of ‘greater fortune’. In your chart, the position of this planet shows in what aspect of your life you’ll seek opportunities and the capacity you have to benefit from it. The position of Jupiter in your natal chart by sign, house and aspect indicates the measure of your confidence, growth, prosperity and fulfillment. While the Sun organises what the Moon desires, Mars does the actual work but, it’s only through Jupiter that we can make our aims real in the worldly sense. This planet also stands for expansion on every level, from material to spiritual.

Astro Keywords:


luck, confidence, optimism, beliefs, hope, faith, long journeys, further education, philosophy, law, prosperity and greed

If you have a strong Jupiter or some planets in Sagittarius you’re likely to identify yourself with this quotation ‘Climb high, climb far … Your goal the sky, your aim the star.


Jupiter In The Signs


Jupiter in Aries


Jupiter’s influence may enhance Aries love of learning, enthusiasm, sense of competition, and leadership potential. In some circumstances Jupiter may encourage exaggerated or risky behavior.

Good Aspects

  • Freedom seeking.
  • Believes in self and abilities.
  • Enthusiastic and optimistic.
  • Generous with time and resources.
  • Enjoys travel.
  • Grasps opportunities with enthusiasm.
  • Keen to learn and expand horizons.

Bad Aspects

  • Restless and impatient, unconcerned about outcome.
  • Extravagant.
  • Overly generous to undeserving causes or people.
  • Too many ideas and fads.
  • Initial optimism may run out, projects left uncompleted. Skeptical, prone to brush aside ideas without consideration.

Jupiter in Taurus


Jupiter encourages the Taurean instinct to make money and can lend an edge to a flair for business, especially with the timing of something, or move Taurean thinking out of a rut. Jupiter may also enliven hospitality and encourage a love of the good life. There is little negative influence from Jupiter except for a rare dip into extravagance or self-indulgence.

Good Aspects

  • Practical idealist. Derives great joy from material comforts.
  • Sound judgement.
  • Practical thinking.
  • Patient consideration.
  • Capable of profound study providing there is a practical purpose for what is learned.

Bad Aspects

  • Extravagant and wasteful.
  • May use possessions to impress people.
  • May have periods of possessiveness.
  • Misplaced optimism, expectations which are not realizable.
  • Missed opportunities through lack of motivation.
  • Dogmatic and inflexible.
  • Unrealistic beliefs.

Jupiter in Gemini


Jupiter increases Gemini’s dilettante tendencies in regard to intellectual pursuits, and it may be necessary to look elsewhere for a more positive influence to establish a depth of understanding to add to the breadth. The achievement of academic goals encouraged by Jupiter requires a ‘just do it’ approach. At times, Jupiter’s influence may sharpen the insight of the Gemini individual.

Good Aspects

  • Likes to be out and about meeting people and exchanging ideas.
  • Enthusiastic communicator.
  • Enjoys learning. Quick to grasp facts.
  • Needs constant stimulation.
  • Talkative and amusing.
  • Ability to get ideas across.
  • Versatile and adaptable.

Bad Aspects

  • Restless and always on the go.
  • Only learns if really interested but inclined to take in too many facts.
  • Studies may be abandoned before completion.
  • Chatterbox.
  • Nervous.

Jupiter in Cancer


Jupiter can encourage a more expansive outlook to the self-protective Cancerian, especially in openness towards others, both inside and outside intimate relationships, as well as in academic pursuits. Jupiter’s influence can enhance the instinct for good judgment either in business or when dealing with others.

Good Aspects

  • Takes pleasure in being kindly and sympathetic.
  • Believes in power to help.
  • Enthusiasm and optimism inspires people.
  • Highly imaginative. Good memory.
  • Liking for domestic matters.
  • Enthusiastic about surroundings.

Bad Aspects

  • Over changeable.
  • Too conscientious or overcautious.
  • Unable to settle or put down roots.
  • Emotions too easily aroused. Touchy and defensive.
  • Clings to emotional ties.

Jupiter in Leo


The expansiveness and largess associated with Jupiter may work with Leo’s immense energies to encourage the desire to be on ‘center stage’, to ‘show off’ or become bombastic, or it may enhance innate optimism and expansive generosity towards others.

Good Aspects

  • Lots of vitality, lives life to the full.
  • Great faith is self.
  • Actively creative, may have skills in the arts or theatre.
  • Likes to lead and organize.
  • Naturally romantic, openly affectionate.
  • Kindly and generous.
  • Loyal and supportive.

Bad Aspects

  • Extremist.
  • Extravagant in word and deed.
  • Unconcerned with consequences of behaviour.
  • Risk taking.
  • Overbearing.
  • Exaggerates.
  • Likes to be dramatic.

Jupiter in Virgo


Jupiter boosts Virgo’s proclivity to be pragmatic, especially in the workplace, and may add an intellectual element to output or reinforce a somewhat ‘cool’ approach, which can be an advantage in work-related situations. Jupiter can provide a great encouragement to write that paper, apply analysis to a problem, or work on a mind-related activity previously put aside.

Good Aspects

  • Waits for opportunities.
  • Careful consideration of every step along the way to a goal.
  • Likes to use skills to be of service.
  • Prefers to work in supportive role.
  • Practical minded.
  • Detailed thinking.
  • Enhanced critical abilities.

Bad Aspects

  • Perfectionist.
  • Worries over details.
  • Critical of others.

Jupiter in Libra


Jupiter can encourage Libra’s open approach and facilitate the positive flow of energies. Jupiter may encourage a desire to see justice done or to deal fairly with others. In some circumstances Jupiter’s influence can lead to exaggerated emotional responses, such as feelings of ‘entitlement’, or excessive expectations of others, especially lover or partner.

Good Aspects

  • Fortunate and uplifting associations.
  • Calm and peaceful mind.
  • Artistic leanings.
  • Sound judgement.
  • Sincere and honest.

Bad Aspects

  • Judgement impaired through personal bias or indecision.
  • Too easily swayed, changes opinions often.
  • Unhappy alone, over anxious to please, needless sacrifice of own interests to please others.
  • Taken advantage of.
  • May seek relationships purely to make gains.
  • Seeks an easy ride through life, hopes that luck will supply needs.

Jupiter in Scorpio


Jupiter encourages Scorpio’s already intense approach to life, and at certain times this influence may be beneficial by boosting vitality and an intrepid approach to getting things done. At other times Jupiter’s largess may encourage Scorpio to work obsessively long hours and end up like a steam train that has no brakes and comes to a halt only when all its fuel is spent.

Good Aspects

  • Strong connection between intellectual and financial needs.
  • Reserved and secretive.
  • Natural magnetism.
  • Mysterious.
  • Very resourceful, exploits opportunities.
  • Secret, expansive financial plans.
  • Great will power and determination.
  • Digs deeply for truth.
  • Mysteries of life and death may appeal.
  • Deep, almost unfathomable, emotions. Passionate. Wide sympathies.
  • Devoted even in difficult circumstances.

Bad Aspects

  • Excess of emotions which may control life.
  • Not easy to satisfy needs.
  • May seek power and influence over others.
  • Self indulgent and wrapped up in aims.
  • Likes freedom to follow enthusiasms but may go to extremes.

Jupiter in Sagittarius


Jupiter, Sagittarius’s ruling planet, promotes an expansive approach to life, and enhances innate optimism and an adventurous spirit. Jupiter’s influence is seen particularly in the intellectual, philosophical or spiritual dimension of Sagittarians. Jupiter may also push the individual towards over-optimism or naiveté, or encourage dilettante habits.

Good Aspects

  • Freedom loving. Believes in self, great faith in life.
  • Charitable and generous. Loyal.
  • Thirst for knowledge.
  • Intellectual and philosophical.
  • Tolerant of other people’s views.
  • May be gifted with a prophetic mind.
  • Good sense of humour.

Bad Aspects

  • Carefree and restless, difficult to settle down.
  • Dislikes any form of restriction.
  • Prefers wandering life free from responsibility.
  • Lacks concentration and focus.
  • Easily distracted.
  • Constant new interests.
  • Disinclined to take advantage of opportunities if it involves having to adapt.
  • Extravagant.

Jupiter in Capricorn


Jupiter impacts positively on Capricorn’s tolerance and patience, and emotional and physical energies, and encourages optimism in a way that redresses the balance of the proclivity to be pessimistic. At other times Jupiter can cause restlessness to rise or insistence that ‘my way is the only right way’.

Good Aspects

  • Likes the idea of doing well and having influence.
  • Naturally ambitious, enthusiastic about aims.
  • Once motivated can work long and hard.
  • Conscientious and responsible.
  • Good managing and organizing abilities.
  • Fortune likely to shine on endeavors.
  • Tempers enthusiasm with patience and careful planning.
  • Will use knowledge to best advantage and study to further aims.

Bad Aspects

  • Overemphasized ambitions which dominate life.
  • Enthusiasm and enjoyment restricted by responsibility leading to austere life.
  • Tends to hold on to what has been gained rather than enjoy it.
  • Stern with self and others.
  • Narrow outlook and rigid thinking.
  • Unlikely to change opinions or listen to advice.

Jupiter in Aquarius


Jupiter enhances the humanitarian aspects of the Aquarian approach to life, increasing innate abilities to apply tolerance, or to give practical assistance and sympathy, and to do either without undue sentiment. Innate inventiveness can produce excellent results as Jupiter is able to inspire an original approach to finding solutions. At other times, Jupiter may encourage the individual towards conceit.

Good Aspects

  • Unconventional, prefers to go one way.
  • Humanitarian.
  • Great liking for social interaction.
  • Popular.
  • Liking for travel.
  • Broad minded, tolerant of other views.
  • Liking for science, technology, or anything unusual.

Bad Aspects

  • Extremist.
  • Tends to pursue whatever takes fancy.
  • Doesn’t like to be tied down or restricted.
  • Stubborn and inflexible, but may suddenly go off at a tangent or behave erratically.
  • Seeks freedom to associate with people purely for own needs, uses others to advance personal aims.
  • Prone to associate with strange people.
  • Intolerant of views of others.

Jupiter in Pisces


Jupiter, traditionally Pisces ruling planet, may add a philosophical or spiritual dimension to an already open mind, as well as encouraging optimism. In other circumstances, over-estimation of, or expansiveness towards others may be a problem, or an exaggeration of the pull to nurture and the equal pull to escape into the world of imagination.

Good Aspects

  • Understanding and compassionate, overflows with sympathy and kindness.
  • Feels deeply, moved to acts of charity with little thought of self.
  • Great faith in Universe and power of good to transcend difficulties.
  • Highly receptive and imaginative mind.
  • Mystical, religious, and psychic matters may attract.
  • Artistic leanings.
  • Seclusion and peace liked.
  • Needs to escape from everyday life now and again.
  • Nature may appeal.

Bad Aspects

  • Easily swayed, susceptible to suggestion, therefore easily used.
  • Lets imagination run away with itself.
  • Flawed judgement and subsequent mistakes.
  • Misplaced compassion results in disappointments.
  • Unfulfilled desires could cause emotional pain.


Serena Weaver


Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, and mostly a huge, colorful gas balloon. This planet is a system in its own, and its gravitational force pulls heavily on the sun itself. It has helped form the solar system’s structure as we know it. It actually has entire groups of asteroids preceding him and following him on his path around the sun. Jupiter is one of the brighter stars in the night’s sky.

Astrological qualities

Itis societal in that it seeks to establish itself within society, rather in consideration of its prevailing winds or closely in tandem with it. It is extrinsic in that its function is more embracive and social by its nature.

It functions on the transpersonal, social level. It is the planet of societal principles, however these may be too abstract and “raw”, in need of examination by Saturn to coalesce to a more workable deal. These fine principles may be a bit over the top, probably not so perfectly implementable. A testimony to this is can be found in a more personal frame, for when it is associated with implementing MarsSymbol of Mars it often results in risk-taking behavior.
Whereas Saturn concerns himself with the structural aspects of society, it concerns itself with society’s spiritual content – its values, beliefs, philosophies, culture, customs and justice. There’s some tendency to be embracive of these, however this can be quite altered in more problematic charts, where it can do much to worsen problems and embrace more negative philosophies. It also seeks furthermore to lavish its spiritual contents back upon its surroundings and act in its furtherance. This also is the source of it’s fondness for preaching.

It enlarges what it touches in the chart. It adds great enthusiasm, self-confidence, belief in oneself. It comes with a mentality of abundance, and tends to overdo things. Proportions tend to be off on the personal scale. This planet is considered the planet of plenty, however it can suffer from wastage and excessive consumption which can be detrimental, especially with the affliction aspects.

It reflects personalities which seem larger than life – far reaching, grand, and seeming ever optimistic for their goals. Everything is done in a big way. There may be some illusion of grandeur in its contacts.

In general, the planet is the home of human culture, and rules over religions. There is often an affinity for religion in Jupiter-influenced individuals, however some locations and afflictions can do much to change that. For example this association is less observable with progressive 11th house locations in native charts, not something that would necessarily contrast with it being in “joy” within this house according to traditional astrology, as it tends to find other positive expressions there. For example this specific location is common in the charts of professional pilots.


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