1. Agreed, I’m in love with an Aqua man but he’s so caught up in not wanting a relationship.??He’s very fun and very spontaneous, he listens and will go out of his way to make me as happy as he can when he sees that I’m down. I broke things off tho. The way he handles me is amazing, I’m never disappointed.

  2. Robin Kilgore Cork says:

    Well this is super accurate!! I could not believe it! It’s like you were talking about US! We are red hot in bed, I do the “aloof”thing when it comes to having sex….

  3. i agreee in bed its hot ..I’m a sagittarius woman and I consider “tradition” to be a huge turnoff. Anything is worth trying at least once :P
    Sagittarius don’t like to be considered “normal” although we are experts at adjusting to any situation, we are not plain. We are amazing at everything and did I mention we are amazing. Just kidding..not.
    I’ve been in love with a venus/moon in aqua (sun in aries) man we are so in sync its crazy.
    He has trouble translting what he feels and tends to over analyze eveything but I find myself atttracted to the ones that keep me guessing.

  4. I think you are almost -dead on with your assessment… but tell me this:
    I was starting to date a Sag man.. I am Aquarius.
    And we were so attracted to one another..had a great time on our first date. We had a hard time arranging our second date and I was late by 15minutes. Talk about selfish sag..he left! Without calling me. Now I know Aquarius are fun free flowing.. and sag is not.. so how do we actually start something when our personalities are already totally off.
    He calls the next day and says he doesn’t want to continue dating.

    I believed we would have been a good match .. oh well. Do Sag turn around and call back after they calm down?

  5. Elizabeth D says:

    My sister (Sag.) has been married to her Aqua over 30 years. They are so damn perfect for each other, although the Sag does get restless as her Aqua is a homebody. Just never know..

  6. I read what you said about Aquarius/Sagittarius
    Compatibility and this guy that I like is a Sagittarius,and I am an Aquarius and we would be perfect for each other.He is not snobbish or stuck up and he is very much a flirt.

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