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Are Sagittarius and Taurus compatible?

They might spark it off when they first meet,  but after a little bit of time passes they might start to realize that things might not be working out way that they want them to be. The compatibility between these two is considered on the low side. That doesn’t mean that the relationship is doomed though.

These are two signs that are on the opposite side of the zodiac wheel, and in that regard they really do have different ways of seeing and living their lives. The Sagittarius likes to live life in a very daring adventurous way, that is dynamic and very active. The Taurus on the other hand is considered conservative, likes to live a life a little bit more practical, and is more so on the peaceful and tranquil side.

How they live life is few and far between, which means that there’s a lot of things that they have to make up in distance between the two of them to make it work.

If there is a lot of love between the two of them, there is a pretty good chance that they can adjust to each other over time and to start figuring out things that they do have in common so that it bridges the gap between the differences that they have.

How are Taurus and Sagittarius in love ?

This is usually a relationship that starts off with a pretty good physical attraction between the two of them. There will be more attraction on the Taurus’s part due to the fact that they will be attracted to Sagittarius adventurous side. It’s something that they will find quite interesting.

There could be issues between the two of them if they become lovers, because Sagittarius really likes to have a little bit of freedom within their relationship, whereas Taurus can be wanting and needing a more exclusive relationship. If they feel that there’s a threat to their partnership then could be jealousy can rear its head, and the claws come out.

These two are both pleasure seekers, but they do like to enjoy their passions in different ways from each other.

Sometimes their differences can overwhelm them. If they get into arguments they might find that their differences are insurmountable to the point that they can’t get past them. It would be at that moment that it’s probably best for either one of them in the relationship to move on.

Sagittarius really likes to live a very detached lifestyle, where they want to be in a relationship but not feel as though they’re tied down to it. The Taurus can be possessive at times and would not like to be living in that kind of situation.

Sagittarius is rather flexible when it comes to things and is able to gradually adapt to the continuous changes in their life, never the less Taurus likes to live a life that’s more stable and they tend not to show very much in the way of adaptability. They are a sign that truly does not like the idea of change and they might find it very difficult for them to change their lifestyle in order to spend a life together with a Sagittarius who has more of the adventurous side.

This is why it’s very important for the two of them to really communicate their feelings with each other. To lay the groundwork down as to what is acceptable and what is not between the two of them. For them to be able to take the time to listen to each other, as well as get their points across. Patience to be able to work together so that they can adapt to each other’s lifestyle if it’s possible.

Most importantly though if they both share a very deep love with each other, these differences between them can be bridged. It will take a lot of love, a lot of patience and a lot of understanding to overcome that. Even though that’s the case it is a good possibility.

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Experts Discuss This Couple:

Melissa: Sag’s gypsy tendencies are totally misunderstood by the Bull. And, Bull’s values are too ingrained for Sag to begin to comprehend.

Celia: This sunny character will lift your pessimistic moods with a few high jinks but you squirm when Sag rails against the establishment.

Jenn: You have an intense need for security and are no match for the Sagittarius

Lidia: This is by no means a match made in heaven, but it you are looking short term or for something sexual, you will have the time of your life. There will be lots of fun and games in the bedroom and you will both feel able to let yourselves go in this area of your relationship. Emotionally though, a Taurus will make Sagittarius feel trapped. Taureans love to be at home, working on improving things and making everything seem perfect, but Sagittarius doesn’t really care for any of that.

One of you will live for partying and having a good time, all of the time, which makes the Taurus seem quite conservative and boring in comparison sometimes. If Taurus learns to give the Sagittarian some freedom to enjoy them self, they will always return in the end! If you realise relationships cannot be controlled and it is vital to have your own hobbies or groups of friends, you can survive together for a few months of complete bliss.

Laura: The innocence these two exude when together is admirable. Sagittarius can show Taurus more of what it usually ignores, or misses in the world at large. The bull can teach the archer, how to fine tune that expansive nature in tangible projects.

Tracy: A Taurus and Sagittarius pairing can be difficult. Taurus generally doesn’t like changes in relationships and the Sagittarius is adventurous by nature. The number one source of conflict is likely to arise from the possible lack of fidelity in Sagittarius; this fires up the jealous nature of Taurus. Often, Sagittarius will find this relationship oppressive, though with understanding and effort, this could be a harmonious union.

Heidi:Although these two may excite each other, they’ll probably agitate each other equally as well. Taurus can be somewhat demanding at times, and Sagittarius doesn’t like to be ruled. Taurus may find it difficult to accept the Sagittarius need for excitement and exploration. Sagittarius on the other hand, may not adjust well to the somewhat homebodied Taurus. This could be an exciting relationship that wouldn’t be forgotten easily. However, any long term encounters could be straining.

Keley: There are problems with this pairing, as Taurus may find Sagittarius easy going approach a bit nerve wracking, and Sagittarius may become bored and need more freedom and excitement than Taurus can offer.

Marcus:The slow,steady Bull will not change their pace, so it is up to the Archer to slow down their frenzied pace. The clever Taurean may be just diplomatic enough to do this. But beware, there is the potential for lots of friction here, and this relationship may not be very peaceful. Be prepared to weather the storm.

David: Physically, you’ve got sparks, at least initially. Otherwise though, you’re so different it’s hard to believe you’re together. Sagittarius is willing to hop on a jet anytime, needs stimulation and personal space; Taurus loves to stay home and get cozy.

Sagittarius Man and Taurus Woman

The love relationship of Sagittarius men and Taurus women is found to be an adventurous one. The Sagittarius men will normally have fun and enjoy making love. They have the ability to make the relationship an exciting one. On the other hand, Taurus women normally don’t give importance to the excitement while in love. She tries to work more on the predictability and stability. A Taurus woman finds the Sagittarius man quite impressive because of his intelligence and positiveness which allows her to see life from a new perspective. She loves to keep things calm and easy while in a relationship with a Sagittarius man.

Taurus Man and Sagittarius Woman

Both the members of this couple can work out the things between them with some little mutual understanding, trust and small compromises. As long as no one gets on his nerves, Taurus remains calm and composed.  A Sagittarius lady loves philosophical ideas and adventures. She loves to get into a relationship if she thinks it will quench her thirst for adventure and that is what Taurus man actually provides her. Although he may not like her adventure-seeking habit, he still finds it good to be with her. The longer they remain in each other’s company, the more they develop the feelings of mutual love. The two have really different views and they can work out things if both try to avoid the differences.

Sagittarius and Taurus Friendship

Only very rarely does friendship develop when you two meet.

Taurus and Sagittarius  Relationship

As lovers:

If you have a common cause to fight you will get on well, but once the common cause has gone you may wonder why you are together.

Long-term relationship:

They say opposites attract, but apart from that it’s as above.

Short-term relationship:

When you two pair first meet you may well take a dislike to each other or at best be fascinated by your polar opposite.

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Sagittarius and Taurus Sex

When your on a mission together sex will be fabulous.

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Sagittarius Compatibility with Taurus Over all Score:

overall score 39%

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