1. Personally, I am a Sun and Mercury Libra with Venus in Scorpio and a Cancer Moon; I also have Pluto in Scorpio and Jupiter in Pisces: I would like to say that some of us Libras with heavy water influences *do* have intense emotions and that while I do feel a lot of detachment being an air sign and all, just bc someone is an air sign doesn’t mean they have no depth. I’d also like to say that not all of us Libras are superficial, either. I really don’t know where the whole “Libras are untrustworthy” thing comes from. I’m sure some Libras cheat–maybe the “party girl” type Libras–but there *are* Libra women out there who manifest different traits of the sign. I for one would NEVER cheat on someone that I actually loved; to me if things are that bad you should leave and let the other person find happiness and not lead someone on. Maybe it’s the Libra indecision and our willingness to please others that gets us these negative reputations, but this Libra definitely doesn’t fit those stereotypes. While I do like freedom and change, I can’t betray people that I love: my conscience (or maybe my Sagittarius ascendant) just won’t let me. Plus, I’d like to say that not all Pisces are emotional; I know one who’s very detached–she has a lot of Aquarius in her chart that mutes her Pisces sun.

  2. I want to ask the libra guys a question. u say u fight with ur pisces woman cause she don’t trust u. do u think it may be the communication how do u show her u can be trusted.. I’ve dated a libra man oct 10 I was so drawn to him wanted to spoil him but he didn’t know how to receive affection even thou he wanted it. and he always seem to be lying when we talked he was afraid the truth would make me mad @ it didn’t we fuss moreso cause he wasn’t upfront or direct.. he was a coward he would say one thing and do another. so I ask u how do u communicate with ur woman.?

  3. I m a libra female and my fiance is pisces. And i think we are the best couple in this world. I love him so much and so does he. I obey him on everything. Its always me who is fighting but he never fights back only because he cares alot for me he is a peace lover completely. He is very sensitive, emotional and romantic and i am always there for him. All he wants from me is my love and care for him and for that he can even get stars and moon for me.

  4. I am a Libra and most of a serious girlfriends have been Pisces. I don’t know why I am a glutton for punishment, but, I cant seem to get away from Pisces!

    My current gf is a Pisces, I swear our relationship is an up and down roller coaster of emotion.

    I TRY to show her over and over again that she can trust and believe in me, but, there is ALWAYS something wrong.

    I don’t want to leave, but it’s getting to that point.

    I see other men who stay in relationships and just put up with all the mess. Men aren’t perfect BY FAR but, I am really getting sick and tired of fighting all the time.

    What in the world should I do? We are talking about moving into a house together and I’ve told her NUMEROUS TIMES that I HATE to fight.

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