Libra and Pisces Compatibility – Air + Water

Are Pisces and Libra compatible?

Usually when it comes to these two pairing up in a relationship, the compatibility is considered quite low.

It pretty much comes down to the fact that the relationship is full of contrasts on either side. Because of their natures, they’ll find that overtime the level of communication between them will not be what they would like or need it to be. Also making it a double whammy with the fact the lack common interests.

Now if they’re able to up the communication between each other, and find things that they may have in common that they haven’t discovered yet, then there is a possibility this relationship could work out.

One of the major factors that these two have that could work in their favour, is that they are very sensitive signs, and with that they might be able to understand each other on an emotional level.

Due to that emotional understanding, when they get into arguments they might be able to look at the situation from their partners view at the same time. If they’re able to do this then there might be a quicker resolution to the conflict they are facing.

At the same time both of them are very understanding and supportive, even so they sometimes might lack the patience to be able to help their partner to make important decisions.

How are Pisces and Libra and love?

Like mentioned previously a lot of the times this relationship has a hard time to succeed.

Both of them are quite hesitant to make decisions, and sometimes without them even noticing those opportunities might pass them by without them even having made a decision.

They will both share their dreams with each other, and sometimes these might overlap to the point that they want to make them happen. The problem is  that they will not throw themselves into making those dreams come true, or if they try it might take some time.

They both would prefer to have a life that is more easy, but even though they mirror each other when it comes to laziness, they both need to work together to develop their relationship into a more mature situation.

This is where the Libra really needs to take the lead and grab the Pisces by the hand, and help them to cultivate this relationship. The Pisces will follow the Libra, and adapt to the situation.

The Libra also has to take the time to be able to comprehend the deep inner world that the Pisces lives in. If they’re able to connect with them on that level, this  can be another building block that helps the relationship go even further.

The Pisces at the same time needs to really learn how to open themselves up more and show their heart. They need to be able to show not just their strengths, but there are flaws as well. They also need to be able to do this without the fear of losing their partner, because as they start to feel safe in the relationship, then this can help them both stabilize their future together.

In most cases when you take the water / air signs and you combine them together they don’t work out. The thing though is that this combination could work if they’re able to smooth and refine the differences that they have between each other.

If they actively sit down and work on the differences that they have and accept them, there could be a very interesting couple forming from this combination.

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Experts Discuss This Couple:

Melissa: You both appreciate art and creativity, but Pisces’ head is a little too high in the clouds for Libra.

Celia: Pisces’ motives, attitudes, character and personality are one huge puzzle to you – but they’re fascinating and hard to resist.

Jenn: This is one of the few same sign matches that can actually work out.  The romantic notions of these two dreamers keeps the passion alive.  However one of you will have to take over the more responsible role which since you are both dependent creatures.  This in not necessarily any easy task.

Lidia: This can start off really well, but it wont be long before you start to notice cracks appearing. This is an odd match because at first glance, Libra is very intrigued by the mysterious Pisces and will do anything to snare them. Once you are over the chase, Pisces will show its true colours and the emotional needs will come to the surface, ready to stifle Libra. This will not work out if Pisces does not learn to back off and give Libra some breathing space. Even the total dedication you receive from your lover will drive you insane in the end, as there is only so much positivity you take on before going crazy!

If Libra can get over these problems and realise that this is the way Pisces expresses desire for love and security you have a chance to make this work. At the same time, Libra must make sure they don’t take too many liberties with nights on the town, or doing their own thing, as this will push Pisces away as well.

Laura: The Libra and Pisces couple can enjoy the softer, more mystique-laden areas of life together. Pisces’ subtle nature will help awaken those types of feelings within Libra. Both are also sociable people, however Pisces is more inclined to prefer attending smaller type gatherings. That is just fine by Libra so long as they go out and meet up with others. Since these two astrological signs have a higher-than-average degree of intelligence, they can converse for hours on end on many different subjects. Libra has a strong appreciation for the fish’s gentle side and Pisces loves that fact that Libra can’t help but be polite and thoughtful.

Tracy: A Pisces and Libra pairing can enjoy a harmonious bond and can benefit from differing perspectives. Pisces may be jealous of Libra’s flirtatious nature and so it can be an unsteady partnership.

Heidi: These two affectionate and talented people start off grand. However, Libra has difficulty giving Pisces all the attention and emotional security that is needed. Libra enjoys outside interests and Pisces wants the interest and focus to be on them. Pisces could feel neglected and the change in attitude that is displayed makes Libra want to run. In some areas, they combine nicely, and in others, neither is willing to take charge.

Keley: This can make a very good duo, as both signs are romantic and sensitive. Both are also fairly easy going, so they will work together to create harmony in the relationship.

Marcus: These two intrigue and fascinate each other. They also make a great couple, both being romantic, lovable, compassionate and good natured. The Fish, being not the weaker of the two, but the more tolerant of the two. This relationship is a good balance between two signs with a lot of traits in common. Libra, please beware that your sweet Fish is very sensitive emotionally. Do not be to hard on him, they will swim away quickly.

David:  Pisces is all about mystery and soul, while Libra is cool and uncomfortable with emotions – though romantic on the surface. Eventually, Pisces may feel emotionally ignored, and Libra mentally exhausted.

Libra Man and Pisces Woman

This love relationship can be difficult in the beginning. The Libra men are absent minded and do not know how to be emotionally present and connected with the love partner. This becomes difficult for the Pisces women to cope up with. The Libra men want to socialize and stay in touch with all sorts of people. The Pisces women on the other hand are not that social and do not want to hang out with strangers. Libra men do not care much about their individual selves and this turns out to be disturbing for the Pisces men. The Pisces women want some self-medication time and want to relax their minds. This is of awful disturbance of the Libra men. Due to these reasons, they might not be in a good long term relationship.

Pisces Man and Libra Woman

Libra woman and Pisces man love each other and this love accompanied by mutual understanding is what is necessary for the relationship to develop and grow. Pisces man has a lot of patience and tolerance and this is among his best traits. It is due to his patience and tolerance that he easily gets along with the moody soul of a Libra woman as well as her inability to make quick decisions. Both of them try to mold their selves according to each other to add more to their relationship. Love is always there to strengthen the connection. The couple should avoid arguments as arguments can put an end to their relations.

Libra and Pisces Friendship

You two will both compliment each other and will both shine as a result.

Pisces and Pisces Relationship

As lovers:

A good match provided no jealousy gets in the way.

Long-term relationship:

If you are both comfortable with your surroundings and possessions this relationship will be a breeze.

Short-term relationship:

Let the good times roll. In the short term you may be surprised at what a romantic couple you can be.

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A sexual liaison of fun with an element of danger.

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Pisces Compatibility with Libra Over all Score:

overall score 29%

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Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez currently has 10+ years of experience helping people navigate life with the use of astrology. When not working on the website she is busy writing her first book on love and astrology.
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  1. Personally, I am a Sun and Mercury Libra with Venus in Scorpio and a Cancer Moon; I also have Pluto in Scorpio and Jupiter in Pisces: I would like to say that some of us Libras with heavy water influences *do* have intense emotions and that while I do feel a lot of detachment being an air sign and all, just bc someone is an air sign doesn’t mean they have no depth. I’d also like to say that not all of us Libras are superficial, either. I really don’t know where the whole “Libras are untrustworthy” thing comes from. I’m sure some Libras cheat–maybe the “party girl” type Libras–but there *are* Libra women out there who manifest different traits of the sign. I for one would NEVER cheat on someone that I actually loved; to me if things are that bad you should leave and let the other person find happiness and not lead someone on. Maybe it’s the Libra indecision and our willingness to please others that gets us these negative reputations, but this Libra definitely doesn’t fit those stereotypes. While I do like freedom and change, I can’t betray people that I love: my conscience (or maybe my Sagittarius ascendant) just won’t let me. Plus, I’d like to say that not all Pisces are emotional; I know one who’s very detached–she has a lot of Aquarius in her chart that mutes her Pisces sun.

  2. I want to ask the libra guys a question. u say u fight with ur pisces woman cause she don’t trust u. do u think it may be the communication how do u show her u can be trusted.. I’ve dated a libra man oct 10 I was so drawn to him wanted to spoil him but he didn’t know how to receive affection even thou he wanted it. and he always seem to be lying when we talked he was afraid the truth would make me mad @ it didn’t we fuss moreso cause he wasn’t upfront or direct.. he was a coward he would say one thing and do another. so I ask u how do u communicate with ur woman.?

  3. I m a libra female and my fiance is pisces. And i think we are the best couple in this world. I love him so much and so does he. I obey him on everything. Its always me who is fighting but he never fights back only because he cares alot for me he is a peace lover completely. He is very sensitive, emotional and romantic and i am always there for him. All he wants from me is my love and care for him and for that he can even get stars and moon for me.

  4. I am a Libra and most of a serious girlfriends have been Pisces. I don’t know why I am a glutton for punishment, but, I cant seem to get away from Pisces!

    My current gf is a Pisces, I swear our relationship is an up and down roller coaster of emotion.

    I TRY to show her over and over again that she can trust and believe in me, but, there is ALWAYS something wrong.

    I don’t want to leave, but it’s getting to that point.

    I see other men who stay in relationships and just put up with all the mess. Men aren’t perfect BY FAR but, I am really getting sick and tired of fighting all the time.

    What in the world should I do? We are talking about moving into a house together and I’ve told her NUMEROUS TIMES that I HATE to fight.

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