Leo and Libra Compatibility – Fire +Air

Are Libra and Leo compatible?

This is one of those combinations of zodiac signs where the compatibility is pretty high.

The air of Aries seamlessly compliments Leos fire sign. The air starts to stroke the Flames of Love, and it gives the two of them a lot of heat that is difficult to put out.

The Leo will seduce the Libra with their brilliance, their commitment to their partner, and a sense of humour that is unrivaled. On the other side of things the Libra will be completely enamored with the stability and elegance that the Leo will bring to their life.

How are Libra and Leo in love?

These two together will share a special bond with one another, and they will truly be happy in each other’s company. They are even able to bond over their love for the simplest of things in life.

As time goes on the couple they might start to feel as though things are lacking in their relationship. The Libra considers that everything in their relationship is going to come in time, whereas the Leo prefers to have a partner that is more focussed on making things work.

They really need to work together and communicate, and focus on the commitment that they want to both have together. If they find that their partner is not as serious as they are, then they might be hurt and very disappointed. This can happen for both partners.

Even if they can’t agree on the idea of being in a relationship, they’ll find that they will have some very erotic encounters with each other casually, if they choose that’s what they wanted instead.

The Leo will be the one that is very determined to make things work and we’ll put the drive into making this couple everything that they can be. The Libra on the other hand, will take the reins in a very delicate way and steer the relationship the way that they believe it should go. They are able to bring some balance to the energy that the Leo puts out.

They both enjoy the time that they get to spend with each other, living a good life, and they are always up for a good party.

The Leo will bring them momentum and decision-making that is needed for the Libra to achieve their goals. The Libra on the other side of things is a sign that is able to handle Leo’s ego and big sense of pride.

So this couple does have a chance to work really well together, and make plans for a better future. They just really need to work on the communication and put a lot of love into their relationship.

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Experts Discuss This Couple:


Melissa: Libra’s wandering ways may rub the mane of the Lion the wrong way. Still, Leo will be Libra’s main King of the Jungle.

Celia: There’ll be disagreements, especially when Libra’s being indecisive, mostly The Scale’s charm will keep you purring happily.

Jenn: You two share the need to be social which is definitely a plus for this relationship. The Libra however likes things to be in order while you enjoy a little chaos once in awhile and this may end up doing the two of you in. You both have very strong personalities and enjoy doing things your way without much room for compromise. Your opposites may prove to be what holds this relationship together into a long lasting union.

Lidia: This relationship has the makings of something very positive, but Libra will have to learn how to control and manipulate situations to ensure this lasts long-term. Leo has to be in charge and all of the time too, so if Libra realises how to change words around to make it sound as though everything decided comes from the lion, you will survive any power struggles quickly. Both of you enjoy the high life and you live for your nights out and days filled with pleasure, which make any activities you do a whole heap of fun. You seem to support each other perfectly, both very out going and eager to be the centre of attention whilst you are out.

Leo’s are usually very sexy people and draw an admirer’s eye very quickly and Libra will warm to this instant attraction very quickly. Libra is the smooth talker of star signs, so if there is one thing you can both be sure of it is an interesting mixture of non-stop niceties!

Laura: This relationship has the potential to be a bigger than life type romance. Both enjoy the little things, that are an essential recipe for strong romantic connections, such as love notes, flowers, compliments, or slow late night walks. Leo knows how to bring the seemingly impossible down to earth for Libra. Libra’s appreciation, polite manners and delicate way of expressing reciprocation are both a strong turn-on for Leo.

Tracy: A Libra and Leo connection can be problematic. Usually a Leo enjoys a heated argument and peaceful Libra can be disturbed by this. Ideally a compromise between the aggression of Leo and passivity of Libra can create a balanced union.

Heidi: Leo’s have the ability to sweep Libra’s off their feet and Libra’s know exactly what to say to make Leo feel good. Leo will have no problem making decisions for Libra if there’s a slight bit of indecisiveness on Libra’s part. Since they both enjoy parties, and can be somewhat extravagant, together they will enjoy the finer things that life has to offer.

Keley:  This can be a very good partnership. Libra’s easy going nature balances Leo’s more emotional one. Libra is also a very good foil to bring Leo’s dreams into reality, so this team can be very successful.

Marcus:  Naturally empathetic to each other, these two although differing in method usually have the same long-term goals. They share visions. They compliment each other beautifully. The Lion will, purely by his nature, tend to be bossy and domineering to his Libra. A Libra will endure this good-naturedly, to a point. If the Lion pushes the relationship off balance, Libra’s tend to make a quick exit without too much discussion.

David:  Libra is flirtatious and Leo likes game-playing – as you might expect, there’s fun in this combination. Though Leo has a dramatic streak a mile wide, which can put off the more staid Libra, these two excite and enjoy each other to no end. Overall, Libra is a highly compatible sign for a Leo.

Leo Man and Libra Woman

A Leo man has a nature which compels him to rule and look after someone and when he has someone to look after, he does his work in the best possible way. A Libra woman suits a Leo man because she has the ability to express herself to others and never sound as if she were trying to dominate and control others. She feels safety and security with a Leo man who loves her and she loves his ways. There are little conflicts that Libra woman can have with a Leo man in routine life like a Leo man does not consider any of her shopping to be worthwhile which can be a sad thing for woman.

Libra Man and Leo Woman

The relationship between liberal men and Leo women are very classy and they have lots of things to do together. They care for each other and share their problems and are always on a similar level with each other. The one problem in their relationship is that Libra men take everything according to “we” but Leo women take everything as “me”. However if they both are happy by making some compromises.

Leo women are dominant women and are very creative, thus this makes their personality very generous and magnificent, they are stubborn and hardheaded but people follow and admire them.

Leo and Libra Friendship

You will find it really easy to become friends with each other, it will be like you’ve known each other for ever.

Libra and Leo Relationship

As lovers:

Romeo and Juliet spring to mind.

Long-term relationship:

The energy you will have for each other in the beginning may never diminish in this fortunate pairing.

Short-term relationship:

Not only will you two know that your in love but so will the rest of the world.

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Leo and Libra Sex

How can you fail but to simply melt at each others touch.

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Leo Compatibility with Libra Over all Score:

overall score 75%

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