Venus – Meaning and Influence in Astrology

Venus Astrology

I represent the way you express love. I bring beauty and blessing into your life by helping you sail through the storms more easily.

RulerLibra and Taurus
DetrimentAries and Scorpio

venus symbolIt symbolizes emotions of love, beauty and harmony. She creates the condition for physical contact with others. When the planet is well positioned in the birth chart, it grants them: bias, refinement and civilization. The individual is artistic and benefits from social pleasures, and is often not accustomed to physical labor.
The position of Venus in the 7th House, for example, is the most suitable position for a successful marriage. This position also indicates the nature of the partner: a lovely partner.

An afflicted position of Venus in the birth chart can lead to laziness, dependency on others, laxity, clumsiness, drowsiness and lack of confidence. Some of these negative characteristics we see reflected in Neptune, the higher octave of Venus.

Additionally, It dominates art, artists and beauty in many forms. It also rules: girlfriends, mistressess and the prostitutes. It indicates a need for luxury and convenience, taste for clothing and furnishing of the house, painting, drawing, piano playing, etc.

What  does Venus Represent


Venus characteristics


Captivating, reconciliation, loves enjoyment, desire for the ideal, for harmony, artistic talent.


Frivolous, lazy, unconcerned, light-headed, not willful, taste for sweetness, jealousy, fornication, questionable sexual morality.

Other Associations


Zodiac SignVenus dominates 2 zodiac signs: Libra and Taurus
Housethe second and the seventh House
Anatomythe throat, voice, skin, hair, mucous membranes, bogs and the kidneys
Colourblue (Taurus) and soft green (Libra) and all pastel shades
Metalred copper
Gemstonesapphire and emerald, also: all blue and green stones
Agefrom 14 to 21 years, when feelings are being developed by Venus
Symbola circle which proposes the spirit with a cross that reflects the matter. Venus encourages us to let divine virtues triumph over worldly pleasures.

Occupation : everything which has to do with art and aesthetic professions. Artists in the field of music (piano playing, vocals), painting and drawing, dancing, poetry, theatre, fashion. Barber, perfume trader, manicure, beauty, seamstress, jeweler. Furthermore: all cooks and pastry chefs.

Basic Astronomy:


Venus is the second planet from the Sun. The planet takes 225 days to complete its journey and like Mercury it tends to stay in close proximity to the Sun. These two planets are never further than 48 degrees from one another. This planet is easily visible from earth and admired for its brightness.

In Mythology:


She is The Goddess of Love and Beauty (The Aphrodite) and she has the power to unite

In Astrology – Chart Interpretation


Venus represents our drive to relate to others and how we make or break relationships with other people. The position of Venus in the natal chart by sign, house and aspect determines how you express your feelings and how you react emotionally towards other people. The placement of Venus in a man’s chart will reveal how he relates to women. This planet stands for love, comfort, beauty, pleasure and sensuality as well as wealth and happiness. In astronomical terms its ‘attachment’ to the Sun links the ego with emotional impressions therefore this planet is often called the ’emotional antenna’ of the horoscope.

Astro Keywords:


femininity, warmth, charm, fulfillment, art, music, values, money, sociability and laziness

If Venus is strong in your natal chart or you have personal planets in Taurus or Libra you probably agree ‘I cast my warmth around me and it is reflected in others’


Venus In The Signs


Venus in Aries


Venus may increase passion and enthusiasm, but may bring a temptation to make risky business decisions, avoid commitment in intimate relationships, or to exhibit selfish behavior.

Good Aspect

  • Strong, personal interest in romantic associations which are pursued enthusiastically.
  • Can occasionally be headstrong and impetuous.
  • May be self-seeking.
  • Feelings easily aroused.
  • Affectionate and passionate.
  • Displays feelings easily, can be quite demonstrative.

Bad Aspect

  • Impulsive and impetuous, cares little for the consequences.
  • Expects partner to fall in with plans.
  • Concerned mainly with own desires.
  • Enthusiasm short lived, many associations.
  • Controlled by strong feelings.
  • Too easily aroused.

Venus in Taurus


Venus, ruling planet for Taureans, can be a positive influence in the desire to establish a stable and secure partnership, sensuality and enjoyment of sexual intimacy, and in enhancing warmth and affection in intimate family relationships and friendships. Venus is also associated with over-dependence in relationships, and in unfavorable circumstances, especially periods of insecurity, the influence of Venus may add to the instinct to be possessive or jealous. Venus has a positive influence on musical talent, particularly vocal talent, and in inspiring a love of the arts.

Good Aspect

  • Financial abilities.
  • Liking for the good things in life.
  • Relationships tied in with practical issues and aligned with financial aims.
  • Partner may be involved with finances.
  • Slow, cautious approach seeking long term relationships rather than casual affairs.
  • Very loyal and supportive.
  • Affectionate and generous.

Bad Aspect

  • Feelings are self centred and possessive.
  • May take advantage of people to further own aims.
  • Finances and possessions assume far too much importance.
  • Never seems to be enough.

Venus in Gemini


Venus may inspire Gemini to break out of what is thought of as dull routine and flirt with someone in ways that a lover or partner may not approve of. The influence of other solar elements may be called on if there is a problem appreciating the partner’s concerns, or with taking the risk of releasing deeper emotions in permanent intimate relationships, as well as with friends and family.

Good Aspect

  • Intelligent and quick-witted.
  • Expresses feelings easily.
  • Likes ever changing scenarios and lots of variety.
  • Intellectual pursuits should appeal.

Bad Aspect

  • May find deep, lasting relationships too demanding or restrictive.
  • Staying true to one person may not be easy.
  • Flirts.
  • Social butterfly seeking to know as many people as possible.
  • Feelings change too easily, constantly searching for new stimuli.
  • Making decisions is not easy.

Venus in Cancer


Venus stirs emotionality or fretfulness in intimate relationships, especially in regard to security and a tendency to be too protective, which can result in those ‘protected’ feeling claustrophobic. Until other solar elements are unavailable to assist, it will help the individual to be aware of the situation and thus to be able to address this to some extent

Good Aspect

  • Forms strong attachments.
  • Expresses feelings easily and openly.
  • Cares about people.
  • Attached to home and domestic situation.
  • Family ties of interest.

Bad Aspect

  • Tends to cling to the past and to people.
  • Insecure.
  • Not easy to express feelings.
  • Shy or reticent.
  • Could be afraid of rejection.
  • Indecisive.

Venus in Leo


Venus can increase the Leonine desire for indulging in the good life, and may heighten a tendency to ‘grand stand’ or create a scene. In advantageous circumstances, the influence of Venus can be used to opt for diplomacy over bombast and the expression of appreciation and loyalty towards work mates and loved ones

Good Aspect

  • Liking for luxury and comfort. Artistic leanings.
  • Warm and heartfelt emotions.
  • Easy expression of feelings, may be a little dramatic.
  • Dedicated and loyal.
  • Generous.

Bad Aspect

  • Goes all out to enjoy life, needs to have a good time at all cost.
  • Needs to be the centre of attraction for the wrong reasons, may push self to the front.
  • Extravagant.
  • Heart rules head.
  • Relationships are seen as extension of self or to further own aims.
  • Could be indiscriminate.
  • Too easily attracted to the wrong people.

Venus in Virgo


Venus encourages Virgoan modesty, and this unassuming attitude is an attractive trait to others. At times, modesty may slip into inhibition, especially in intimate situations with a lover or partner. Awareness of this is at least half the battle and further assistance may be gained from another solar influence, as well as an increased self-awareness.

Good Aspect

  • Reserved.
  • Modest.
  • Likes moral beauty.
  • Desires tempered by moderation.
  • Likes to be of service to people.
  • Could be the ‘ever dutiful’ partner.
  • Reliable and dedicated.

Bad Aspect

  • Perfectionist.
  • Suffers from nervous stress.
  • Inability to feel settled or content.
  • Tends to scrutinise relationships for the slightest flaw.
  • Critical.

Venus in Libra


Venus, as Libra’s ruling planet, will always have the dominant influence, with the other planets providing secondary influences. The influence of Venus includes both a sympathetic awareness of others, and the inspiration for romantic or sexual love. Gentleness, tact, friendliness and the social graces may also be traced to the positive influence of Venus, who also inspires the feminine aspects of male Librans. At times, however, Librans may find the influence of Venus can promote indecisiveness, indiscretion, and over-dependence on others, especially partners or lovers. Libra is not one of the strongest signs of the Zodiac, and other solar influences in the birth reading of each individual Libran can weaken its higher characteristics

Good Aspect

  • Happy, loveable nature.
  • Personal charm.
  • Refined outlook.
  • Artistic leanings.
  • Gentle, tender and companionable.
  • Tries to attend to the needs of partner.
  • Can act as a go between or even a matchmaker.
  • Diplomatic and tactful.

Bad Aspect

  • Always looking for the perfect partner but never finding one.
  • Unhappy alone.
  • May be involved with a less than perfect partnership.
  • Too dependent.
  • Stable and long lasting relationships not easy to achieve.
  • Emotions tend to get in the way when trying to make decisions making it difficult to come to a conclusion.

Venus in Scorpio


Venus, in some circumstances, draws Scorpio to become obsessive in intimate relationships. Feelings of insecurity may mean a lover or partner is criticized unfairly. Or an emotional over-confidence may lead to selfish or over-zealous behavior where sexual advances are concerned. Venus can assist in slowing down and taking a more romantic approach, surprising a lover with this softer side

Good Aspect

  • Strong need to acquire money and to do well in life.
  • Intense desires.
  • resolute once motivated.
  • Deep, passionate feelings.
  • Secretive feelings.
  • Can sometimes be openly demonstrative, though.

Bad Aspect

  • Explosive emotions.
  • Possessive and dominating.
  • Relationships may be seen as a means to self betterment.
  • Power struggles likely.
  • Emotional turmoil during critical phases.

Venus in Sagittarius


Venus increases the Sagittarian proclivity to be restless in intimate relationships, and the grass may look greener elsewhere. At other times, the benefits of commitment may be glimpsed and the value of what one has in present circumstances. The influence of Venus may be harnessed to develop depth rather than breadth in relationships.

Good Aspect

  • Likes to be in contact with a variety of people.
  • Can be emotionally demonstrative but may not like to be tied down due to high need for freedom.

Bad Aspect

  • Feelings change frequently.
  • Relationships are fickle and subject to mood.
  • May give affections too freely then just as suddenly withdraw.
  • Hard to achieve stable relationships.

Venus in Capricorn


Venus increases Capricorn’s established attitudes to relationships and business and there may be an increase in distance if the individual tends to be already emotionally reserved in relationships. At other times, Venus can assist measured determination in achieving goals.

Good Aspect

  • Needs to get on in the world or, at least, to associate with those who do.
  • Cool and controlled feelings, not given to openly expressing them.
  • Tests the ground seeking assurance before committing.
  • Slow and gradual forming of relationships.
  • Once attached, does so for the long term.
  • Loyal and faithful.
  • Seeks partner to fit in with aims.

Bad Aspect

  • Great difficulty in expressing feelings.
  • Bound by rules and the dictates of convention. Status in community is overemphasized.
  • Treadmill existence of constantly striving to stay in front.
  • May impose, or may have to suffer, a strict routine which stifles happiness.
  • Expects to much and gives little or is subjected to this.
  • Partner may expect a position in life as a result of the association.

Venus in Aquarius


Venus has an effect on the Aquarian desire to establish intimate relationships, but in some circumstances may increase strain in intimate or personal relationships, especially if commitment is on the horizon

Good Aspect

  • Very much part of the crowd.
  • Doesn’t like to be tied down in a conventional relationship.
  • May prefer friendship to emotional ties.
  • Meets interesting and unusual people.
  • Tends to be reserved and detached most of the time but may suddenly become attracted.

Bad Aspect

  • Being with people overemphasized.
  • Impersonal and perhaps aloof.
  • Touchy and hard to reach.
  • Attached to freedom to the degree that lasting relationships are very difficult to achieve.
  • Attracted to risky associations.
  • Can expect to have to deal with unreasonable or exasperating people during life.

Venus in Pisces


Venus may boost the already strong Piscean intuitive powers. In some conditions the influence of Venus may encourage an over-reliance in intuition and what appears to be a strong intuition may in fact prove to be only what the Piscean individual wants to hear

Good Aspect

  • Deep sentimental feelings.
  • Loving, affectionate and tender.
  • Sympathetic and compassionate.
  • Love for all forms of life.
  • Emotions easily moved by art or music.
  • Nature may have a special appeal.
  • May be hard to equate to everyday life.
  • Liking for peace and seclusion.
  • Gives of self completely.
  • Willing to sacrifice own interests for partner.
  • Great love.

Bad Aspect

  • Indiscriminate relationships.
  • Used by people.
  • Gives way too easily and sacrifices interests for little gain.
  • Longings which are hard to satisfy.
  • Oversensitive and easily confused.

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Tracy Roberts

Tracy Roberts

One Comment

  1. Serena Weaver says:

    Venus, planet of charm, consideration and partnering. It is considered the ruler of two signs – Taurus on her earthy side, Libra on her airy side. Her natural houses are the 2nd house and the 7th house, respectively.
    In the astrological chart, it is considered a personal planet, reflecting basic psychological functions within the personality.


    Venus is the most brilliant planet in our sky. She is completely covered by fluffy, creamy clouds that hide her scarred, volcanic surface. Itis the closest of the planets in its size to the earth’s, earning her a denomination as the sister of earth. From our vantage point, The planet never gets farther than 48 degrees (approx. 2 signs) from the Sun.

    Psychological function

    It is the more leisurely and recreational place in the personality. It reflects the more refined senses in the personality. It is the pleasurable and pleasure-seeking side. It reflects what the person finds enjoyable, what he takes pleasure in.

    Fundamentally, it is the mechanism that allows for association, by giving the person positive emotional feedback for being around that thing/person. Accordingly, It has rulership over estrogen and the bonding hormones, and reflects much of our friendly and romantic associations. A strongly independent It may reflect trouble in finding and maintaining one’s significant other. Uranian influences on it are especially notorious for this.

    In this light, Venus is the most basic building block of society, enabling people to get together and cooperate, to do together what no single man can do on his own. This kind of reliance on others is both their strength and their weakness. The drawback of this is that it weakens the individual by making it much more sensitive to other people’s opinions, which softens the personality greatly.

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