Dating a Libra and Relationship

libra in relationships

Libra In Relationships


Where love is concerned, Librans tend to be in short lived, but very intense relationships. Because they don’t like to be on their own for too long, they will often bounce back from break-ups fairly quickly and be off in search of a new partner. The down side to this is that they don’t always give themselves the necessary time to heal their hearts and often end up in rebound relationships. Some may see them as being quite superficial where relationships are concerned because of this. Because of their love for pleasing others, they tend to dote on their partners quite a lot. They just need to make sure they are not compromising their own needs in order to make others happy.

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What a Libra likes In a relationship


Love from their partner
Appreciation and attention from their partner
Someone to enjoy beautiful things with
Imagination and creativity
Somebody that can take the time to bring the romance
A partner to have intelligent conversations with
To be able to be with a real gentleman
To feel supported
To be surrounded by people that care about them


What a Libra Dislikes In a relationship


Indecision from their partner
Criticism in every form
Disloyalty and unfaithfulness
Strong arguments that cause rifts
Lack of enthusiasm
Crudeness / harshness
To be forced to make decisions that they shouldnt have too.
Conflicting situations


How To Attract Libra


When it comes to attracting a Libra, that’s easy to do because of their easygoing, laid back nature. Above everything else, you should flatter and admire them, treating them like royalty. Libras have a real knack of talking about anything and everything but, most especially, for themselves. If you really want to make an impression on them, talk about them – their interests, hobbies, etc.

Libras are very diplomatic, being able to see things from the point of views of others. Get into a light debate about an issue and look at both sides to ensure the conversation keeps flowing. Be sure you dress nice and clean your home before their first visit over. First impressions have a real lasting impression on them. So, be sure you are yourself with them and you’ll be guaranteed a fun time.

Dating a Libra


The Libra date requires a partner with flare and elegance. You always want to be in style when going out with a Libra as they appreciate their partner looking like they just stepped off the catwalk in Milan. Librans also appreciate the finer things in life so gifts should be refined and chic. Jewelry is a first love of most Librans and diamonds will never fail to impress the picky Libra. Dates should revolve around something that puts you in a good light. Libra must be impresses with your knowledge or skills to want to continue the relationship. Librans do not like big crowds so focus on more intimate affairs with family and friends. They do love the arts however, so be prepared with tickets to the theater or the new art exhibit at the local museum. For a more intimate time together stop by the local toy store and grab a few board games, as a Libra will probably enjoy this night of fun. Libra love is very romantic with total devotion to the relationship.


What It’s Like To Date A Libra Woman


Libra women are regarded as both charming and enchanting. She’s also seen as a seduction master. When it comes to dating, Libra is all about the environment. It should be something that is classy and sophisticated with stylish ambiances – an elegant bistro for lunch combined with a walk in the park. The Libra women often feel peaceful and love that feeling.

Be sure you let her know how much you appreciate her, complimenting her often. She’ll bashfully reply to them; but, with every compliment she gests, she’ll glow brighter inside. After the newness of the seduction wears off and the relationship stabilizes, she’ll quit being so seductive. This doesn’t mean she’s lost interest; it only means she’s in love and is lazy now. It’s not uncommon for the Libra lady to sneak away from her mate for several days. Don’t worry! She’s just taking a break for the good of the relationship.

Be sure you are romantic toward her so she never loses interest. You can do this by putting love notes in her jacket or purse, sending her flowers – anything that she would find joyful, romantic and special.


What It’s Like To Date A Libra Man


Women often love a Libra man because of his charming, harmonious ways and the ability to relate to them on their level. Libra has a keen ability to view the world through others’ eyes. The males of this sign use this ability to seduce women, always working in his favor.

Libra men are always searching for the perfect woman… who doesn’t exist. Near perfect, however, is someone who appreciates him and loves being in his limelight. A woman who wants looks up and admires him. He loves flattery.

Libra men have a real problem with not be able to make decisions. However, he doesn’t like to be nagged about it because he doesn’t like the pressure. If he is unable to make decisions, you’ll need to do it. And, whatever you decide, he’ll go along with it and be happy with the control you took.

Libra cheater or faithful?


It’s usually well known that Libras are pretty faithful people. They seek out relationships that are enjoyable and stable at the same time. They want somebody that they can have a future with, that has respect, trust for themselves and their relationship, and can communicate any relationship issues.

As with any relationship there’s always a chance of infidelity rearing its ugly head.

Can a Libra be unfaithful?

No matter what they will always be human.

What can cause infidelity with this sign, is if they are able to get something out of a relationship with somebody else that they are lacking in their current relationship. Causing them to slip up and make a mistake.

Something to keep in mind is that if a Libra is unfaithful, that it’s not a premeditated thought. They don’t go into a situation and think I’m going to be unfaithful at this very moment. That’s just the opposite of how they mentally think about things.

If they are caught they expect to be treated the same way that they would treat their partner. They would not forgive their partner for their indiscretions, so they would expect the same treatment in return. They would understand that they emotionally would be in a bad place if the roles had been reversed.

If they catch their partner cheating , the outcome will be pretty much the same. Forgiveness will not be given, and they will have lost complete trust in their partner. Without either of those the relationship is done for.

When /If they have cheated, they will have mostly come to a point where they know that the relationship has no future. They are known not to be able to forgive themselves after they’ve done their partner dirty. So out of respect for their significant other they end their relationship.

At the same time in most cases they will never take the time to talk about the issue or discuss any possible future. To them this becomes a situation that they just need to get over and start a new phase in their life.


Quiz: Libra Lover – What kind of Lover are you? or is your partner?


To answer each question, meditate or think about each one to get an answer of either Yes, No, or Sometimes, which ever applies best to you in regards to the question.

Yes=3 Sometimes=2 No=1

For Men

Is the way that your lover dresses, important to you?
Do you like to flirt?
Do you like women who have the characteristics of a vamp, like Marilyn Monroe?
Does War bother you?
Do you have tendency to be disorganized?
Do you believe in justice?
Do sexual orgies turn you on?
Are you an artist at heart?
Do color and music inspire you?
Do you take a stand in what you believe in?
Is your life unstable with ups and downs?
Does playing with children make you happy?
Are you able to make decisions on your own?
Could you love more than two women at one time?
Do you feel like a failure if your partner does not reach orgasm?
Is sex imperative to your happiness?
Are you able to easily show your emotions?
Would you still work where there is injustice and abuse?
Do you believe in true love?
Do you believe in equality between men and women, even sexually?

For Women

Do you sometimes have a problem with saying no?
Do you belong to the Women’s Liberation Movement?
Are you a seductress and is your greatest joy charming your lover?
Do you runaway from the aggressive, primitive kind of men?
Is your lover the center of your life in such a way that you would do anything for him?
Could you stay alone and live without love?
Do you think that career women lose out in society?
Do you like cats and dogs?
Do you fantasize being with more than one lover at the same time?
Does beauty make you sick?
Do men’s bodies inspire you?
Do glamorous, famous women impress you?
Do you like to show off?
Do you wear colorful clothes?
Do you feel bad if you lie or cheat?
Are you afraid to be a mother?
Do you like music or art?
Does rejection make you sad?
Does the possessiveness of your mate make you feel secure?
Do you take a stand for what is right or wrong?


1 – 35 POINTS

The Venus element makes you a more practical kind of Libra. The beauty is more of an inner quality than an outer, which also makes you more approachable. The element of Venus is tempered by the Earth element, which makes you more down to earth.

35 – 45 POINTS

You are the positive Libra with exquisite beauty that also has the gift of diplomacy and public relation and salesmanship, without the faults.

45 – 60 POINTS

You are a true Libra with all of its qualities.

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