1. Traci Lourdes says:

    Me and my Libra man has been together on & off for about five years. We were dating and we stop dating because of a distance situation. I was in love with him since first sight and I knew he had felt the same way. Hewas very shy at first but after a while his charm swept me off my feet very persistent as well. A year later he moved back . We started going back dating. We don’t just have sex we make passionate love to each other which is just so amazing. No matter what the signs say I know he is my missing puzzle piece that makes my world complete.

  2. I’m a Virgo female dating a libra man. The chemistry between us hit so hard when we first met that it scared me off for a while but we met again and I ran with it. It’s true that libra guys fall for a pretty face and are so romantic they know exactly what to say to sweep you off your feet. The sex between us is absolutely amazing.. It’s like we’ve been made for each other in every way. When I’m away from him I swear I actually go into withdrawals which I’ve never been like this before. I’ve tried very hard to break from him since my life seems so consumed by him which scares me.. A very independent person. We are very analytical and love discussing the world around us in detail and try to come up with what solutions we would offer up. I did see one thing another wrote that was dead on. If we argue.. I forgive within seconds but the one argument we had.. I had to wait for a long time for him to even talk to me again.. It’s always on HIS time.. Everything. That’s the one downfall

  3. I met my Italian Virgo at the beach out if nowhere, he was apparently watching me the whole night and just came right up to me he totally had me from the first words out of his mouth, he seems aggressive or maybe sure of himself but I like that by the end of the night we all left and walked to his place, he held my hand and showed me his beach it was so beautiful almost magical. After that night we continued to be in contact a yr later, I always think about about him and even in between me seeing a guy or 2 nothing serious but my thoughts always go back to him. We talk about meeting up but it hasn’t happened yet, I’ve never dated a Virgo but what I’ve been reading I feel like we would get along famously! He’s probably the sexiest man Ive ever met and that was from one night of fun! I can’t wait to see what happens here…..

  4. Lydieelou says:

    I have been dating a Virgo for 9 months and it has been the best. We have not once had an argument, only small disagreements that were quickly and easily resolved. We can talk for hours about everything. I can always tell when he needs his space, and typically leave him alone so that hasn’t been a problem. We have had no problems in our relationship besides distance with college lately. I seriously love this boy and it has been the best relationship I have ever been in.

  5. I’ve been dating a Virgo man for about 4 and a half months now, and it has been the best relationship I’ve ever been in. He is very loyal. He’s beyond good looking, not to mention the fact that he plays guitar and is the lead singer of a band, so of course all these girls flirt with him. But, I don’t have to worry because he always comes back! Thank goodness, too, I get jealous so easily. It’s true, he is somewhat of a hermit to people he doesn’t really like or know that much. But, he is a party when you get him out of his shell. Humor is a very important part in getting to know him. And we can go all day without talking or seeing each other, but he’ll always text or call or FaceTime in the evenings. It’s so wonderful to have someone like him that dotes on me without me even trying to get him to. And we’re so similar! But different at the same time. Our opinions and tastes compliment each other. Pure happiness is all he’s brought me.

  6. Leah Wilson says:

    I am a libra woman and I met my virgo man about 10 years ago it started as a summer romance when I was in high school and I can honestly say that I never believed in love at first sight but with this man I felt it and have yet to ever experience that same passion for another. Well we have had a on again off again relationship due to our distance him being from New Orleans and me from Kentucky but he visits me and I have been to see him as well. The fact is that he met someone and started a family. So I recently did the same and here he comes back again. Our personalities mesh so well, we have that one kinda love lol. I still get butterflies when I see him, not to mention he is a great singer and he always sings to me and he has a very sexy southern accent.

  7. I have to be honest I am starting to fall for a Libra man. He recently had started to becoming attracted to me not only because of my outward appearance but majority wise on my intellect and conversation. My fear is that I’ve heard a lot of Libras aren’t as genuine as you would expect to be. Perhaps the whole “sweet talker” approach. Although hes always told me he’s being honest and I really do believe he is. He’s really into technology and he’s extremely knowledgeable about so many topics in life that I have to step back and realize how amazing he is altogether. He’s definitely not a romantic but he loves to pick my brain for any opinion or open commentary. We love arguing our opinions back and forth and our sarcasm and cynicism helps our relationship all the more. Unfortunately I stay true to my Virgo nature which is I am very very affectionate and want to be able to stay committed, but sometimes that can get muddled by my love interest in his nit-picking and melodramatic banter.

  8. I am a libra, and my boyfriend of about 8 months is a virgo. I believe that this interpretation is pretty accurate. I love him so much and I don’t know what I would ever do without him. He really completes my life in so many ways. I never want to know what life would be like without him in it. We’re perfect for each other and I’m very sure that he’s my soulmate. It’s true that he is so analytical of every single thing, which gets annoying cause I really don’t want to hear about it; I think my way and he his, he doesn’t need to be all over it, but whatever. I think he gets annoyed at my head in the air unrealistic ideals but it doesn’t matter. We compliment each other and everyone tells us that we’re cute together. In the intimacy department, it’s pretty good. I love him and I want to be with him forever. We picture us 50 years from now, old and still in love, holding hands walking on the beach. We hope to someday own a mansion in Alaska. I love my man and he loves me.

  9. I’m a libra who has been dating her virgo girlfriend for almost a year and we’ve had our typical ups and down’s, and our not so typical ups and down’s. I tease, she gets upset, she teases and I take it too far–but then we cry laugh and live together in harmony after the volcano has erupted. She’s very conservative and sometimes doesn’t like when I have to be social all the time-especially with my ex’s. But then she loves it when I talk myself in circles and get confused, because she’s always so orderly and strait laced that it has never happened to her before. I hate how constraining she can be and how she tries to get under my skin and understand everything, but at the same time she pushes me to achieve and makes the order appear in my chaos. It’s a good match, it’s only been about ten months, but I see a lot of potential in this relationship. I hope for the best because she very well might be the one for me :)

  10. sexyvirgochick says:

    I am with a older Libra Man (10 years my senior) his love for me took me by surprise…mainly because he was married lol. We have been dating for a few months and he is two months into a divorce. I think we get along beautifully but it seems we are so distant from each other. In past relationships I would always be cuddle with my man and I would be comfortable jumping on him, falling asleep on top of him awkwardly, licking his face, playfully biting etc. but with this Libra man I find it hard to get close to him…also he is successful financially and while he takes very good care of me but I find him to be a bit selfish sometimes…I think if I was financially secure on my own our relationship would be better because I could buy him some of the finer things he likes to buy himself and maybe he would feel justified buying me something nice.

  11. When its good, its really good, when its bad, its THE worst. We started out strong. I am very reserved and an introvert, he is the social butterfly. He is charming and romantic and spoils me constantly. He gets irritated that I think so logically and feels like I pick everything apart at a cellular level. He hates when he is talking and I try to relate- it always has to come back to you. Learning to listen, not be so analytical- and he is trying to not get so easily frustrated at my different way of thinking. We love each other dearly and are commited- but I worry that the kinks, the very foundation and driving force of our personalities will ruin us. He has taught me to be more fun, more active- I have taught him to be more responsible and grounded the ying to my yang for sure!!

  12. Marianna graham says:

    I am a Virgo married to a Libra Man. To be honest 3 out of 4 of my relationships have been with Libra men. They are so sweet and caring but sometimes they can truly be irresponsible and think that “life” is so simple. In a lot of ways they have helped me not be so serious all the time. On the other hand, I love to plan and analyze so we often run into conflicts. I think it helps to accept them the way they accept you (providing you are in a healthy relationship). Also, Libra men love a woman who takes care of themselves so dress sexy, wear perfume, and hit the gym! Your man will appreciate it all:)

  13. We met 1 year ago and we clicked instantly! He’s a brilliant conversationalist and we can go on and on for hours at end. He can be really witty and sometimes a little blunt, but that’s ok with me cos all I want is the truth. I know he isn’t doing it on purpose to hurt my feelings, because whenever I tell him that he just made me upset he’ll make it up to me. We have been living together for a while now, and he is really organized. I guess from the way my parents brought me up i am organized too, but now that i am living with him I don’t really have to do much organization! The only thing I had to do when we first moved in was to choose the furniture. Sometimes we bicker, but it’s not a big deal. He never goes to bed at night with a feeling of unrest, so we will always try to make up.

  14. I’m a libra, I always have an instant and strong attraction to virgos who also usually have an initial attraction for me that fades in time because we just see things so differently. Virgos are so sure of themselves and what they want, Libras definitely are not and I sure am not. I always end up not being able to be completely comfortable with expressing my natural and true thoughts and feelings with Virgo, so I feel restrained or restricted and let go.

  15. Margaret Kim Poulson says:

    I’m a Libra lady and had a serious relationship with a Virgo man for 4 years. He was indeed very nit picky, criticizing me loads, manipulative, a pathological liar, very withdrawn and pushing me away. At his best he could be very funny and sexy, but that was not a lot. When my career started going well he got jealous and violent… That’s were I had to end things as I don’t want our son growing up in that. Ten months later I meet another Virgo man. I’m terrified, but this experience is totally different! He could not stop telling me how hot he thought I was, and how much he wanted to be with me and take care of me. Then communication started breaking down. Empty promises of taking me out, busy with work and bla bla bla. I gave him an ultimatum. Last thing I heard he ‘doesn’t know’ if he has not time for me. What a joke! Think Virgos are not for me :-( although I really liked this last one. Ooh well!

  16. She is flirty, light hearted, and SO attractive to me. She makes my mouth say things that wouldn’t come out otherwise. Her attention is always given to the truth. I can tell when she wants me to shut up because she just disagrees with everything I say lol. And I open my ears, and she chats better than I do. Just go with the flow, man. There is a universe of beauty and unimaginable depths of love in the libra woman.

  17. I”m a Virgo woman just recently started dating a Libra man, who is younger than me. However, I have never before in my life have met someone so sweet and funny! He loves to make me smile which I have never had someone who actually lived for that. It’s refreshing. Plus, I have to say the sex is by far the most AMAZING that I have ever had with anyone I have ever dated in the past! He also, from the moment we met, excepted everything about me and what I had been through without question. He definitely glides over topics while, I love to analyze. I think that is a bit of a problem because I love to ask questions because I like to learn about my mate! It’s a bit frustrating that he is so light in that subject. It’s often confusing. However, everything about him is spectacular and I hope that we stick it out because so far, he’s truly amazing! Inside and out.

  18. I am a Virgo girl and reading this is like reading the relationship I had with my Libra ex. I remember him telling on many occasions “would you stop analysing everything?”, but I got tired of being too laid back about things I thought were important. And his job gave him too much opportunity to holiday, but as much as i like his easy going lifestyle, I wanted him to have push a little more harder. This is 100% a reflection of the relationship I had with a Libra guy! At the end of the if its meant to be, then its meant to be!

  19. Wow, I love reading all of these stories on how well everyone’s libra-virgo relationships are going. When people say there is a connection at first sight, I agree. I’ve loved my Virgo from the day we’ve met, and even though I haven’t seen him in a long time he holds a very special place in my heart. He may be stubborn at times or need his space a lot, but that’s what makes him Him, and I like that. Its sorta a challenge, and a fun one at that. He’s always so random and funny, and he can make amazing jokes due to his quick wit. Virgos truly are over-analyzing of themselves, and the best thing a Libra can do for that is make him feel amazing for who he is, which we are naturals at. All in all, no matter what happens or where he goes, my one-sided Virgo lover will stay with me forever

  20. I met my virgo male 18yrs ago and he has been my best friend, my lover and the father of my children. We can sit up all night and chat about nothing in general till very early in the morning. Very passionate lovers and will make sure you are satisfied first. Wonderful fathers and help with cleaning the house. Word of advice for any libra females wanting something more with their virgo males… Just have fun enjoy your man but do not put pressure on him to settle down. It took my virgo man 4yrs to finally settle. With this he proposed to me out of the blue then after that it he was seriously committed. After 18yrs we have only separated for 1 week, I love him with all my heart.

  21. I am the libra woman and I have been with my virgo man for a year now. As soon as we looked at each other, I knew he was the one. I don’t know really how to explain it other than it was like I could see me in his eyes. Strange I know! We have a lot of similarities in past and even present. Our past is very similar and even down to dates. The beginning was a little rocky but it wasn’t too bad. I guess it was more less figuring each other out. Our relationship moved very quickly as no time has passed. Three weeks after we had met he moved in with me. Which is totally NOT like me at all. We have spent pretty much every single day together. We have already talked about marriage and spending our life together. We have this amazing unconditional love that existed from the beginning. All of our life lessons in the past has prepared us for this relationship. We have no secrets and we talk about anything and everything. This is the first relationship that I can say is perfect love. I love him!

  22. Virgo girl says:

    So we didn’t really know each other really well, he’s two years older than me But i actually couldn’t keep my eyes off him. Later I found out that he kept looking at me too by a friend. “Omg he wont take his eyes off you! I think he likes you!” I’m a shy Virgo and couldn’t get myself to tell him I liked him but I sent him a note telling him how I felt and we have been together for almost 4 months. So far its been incredible!! Hes really sweet and we hope to stay to together for more (hopefully,wishing,working on it) I love my Libra man

  23. My boyfriend and I recently reconnected after 7 years. We met while I worked on a project with him. He told me back then he wanted me and I would be his. When the project ended , he pursued me even more. We had sex and I thought it was just that. I didn’t think he really liked me. He’s 16 yrs older, so I was not ready for a family at 22/23. Fast forward to 2019. We found one another and immediately I was told he wanted to be with me. He needed me. I started to feel the same. Now. I love affection. He pursued me before we got back together. Every day calling and texting. But, now that he got me, he does not really call. I’ve broken up with him 2 times because I felt he didn’t truly love me. But, he is really focused on his career and I am too. I am in love with him and cannot wait to tell him. He wants a baby and I do too – with him. Virgo need to learn to relax. Focus on the future

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