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Are Virgo and Libra compatible?

This is one of those couples that usually have a hard time making things work out, but it’s not impossible to do. Most of the time the compatibility between them is quite low, but with a little bit of work things can change in their favour.

When you put an earth sign and an air sign in a relationship together, they usually find they don’t have very much in common. With this couple though if they’re able to adapt to each other, and take the time to really get to know each other, then they can become successful together and form a complete package.

In most cases the two people in this relationship are on the other side of the spectrum of each other. For instance the Libra is usually more open-minded and spontaneous, and they’re able to adapt any situation that they need to be in, or find themselves in.

On the other side of things the Virgo can be at times close minded, a little bit critical of their partner, while at the same time being reasonable and steady in their thought process.

So this relationship usually works out in one of two ways:

Either that they don’t understand each other and their communication is very much lacking, to the point that they go their separate ways eventually as things fall apart.

Or they work together and embrace the differences that they have, and take advantage of the good traits that their partner brings to the relationship and vice versa, in order for them to take their relationship to the next level .

How are Virgo and Libra in love?

As things between them progress from dating, they will move into a relationship that is interesting to say the least. They will find that they make good partners for each other, but they will need to work together to fan the flames of love.

These two both need to be seduced, so the question comes down to who will be the one that makes the first move. The other thing to take into consideration is both of them usually are very slow to commit to being in a relationship.

Libra likes the Virgo to be concerned or worried about them, and for them to show some emotion when it comes to their partnership. The Virgo will be able to chill and relax a little bit in the company of their Libra partner, and will do everything in their power to get along with them.

Unfortunately in a lot of cases this just doesn’t solve any issues between them that come up, and as things start to progress they realize that maybe they don’t have the ability to give each other what they need.

Virgo brings to the Libras life a high level of understanding, and also helps them persevere when it comes to their dreams and goals that they want to accomplish. Sometimes those goals could be ones they might not be able to accomplish on their own.

On the other side of things the Libra brings to the Virgo somebody that has a great attitude, and can offer them balance in their lifestyle. Someone that can take them out of the routine that they are usually in, one that is based upon responsibility and accountability.

In order for this couple to work out, the Virgo will really need to be more accepting of the way that the Libra needs to live their life. Same time the Libra has to make little concessions as well, and use their skills in diplomacy, to the point that they take it a little bit more easy on their partner and not critique them so much.

It definitely cannot be sugar-coated, but this relationship does take a lot of work to maintain and to continue. It’s not going to be easy, but if both partners are able to put their hearts fully into the relationship, and keep the communication between the two of them very open, then this does have the chance to make it.

Experts Discuss This Couple:


Melissa: Better professional partners than passionate – Virgo’s need for a monogamous relationship won’t last with philandering Libra.

Celia: You’ve analysed the situation and found the solution – but Libra can’t help muddying the waters by arguing for the other side.

Jenn: You share the Libra’s need for order and organization which should work out nicely for the two of you. You will probably end up being more social with the Libra’s influence over you which is a good thing. Your differences actually blend nicely together and what little differences don’t blend won’t take much effort to work out. This combination has a great chance for success.

Lidia: This has the makings of a really good relationship, but be prepared that a lot of the effort will stem from Virgo, as Libra focuses too much on other areas of life. This needs to be made apparent as soon as you notice it yourselves and then you can make amends before you get upset or resentful about it. Libra has an amazing zest for life and will make sure there are not too many dull moments in your social calendar and with the extra love Virgo can bring into any relationship, you should find yourselves having a lot of good times together.

Keep reassuring and letting each other know how much you feel for one another and stick close together when you are out to increase the special bond you can have. The main key is to put each other first and not to be afraid of sharing all of those inner most emotions. Don’t look at this relationship in the same way as any other failed partnerships.

Laura: The Virgo and Libra couple shares similar purist type qualities. Virgo appreciates Libra’s excellent manners and refined nature, while Libra relates well to Virgo’s sense of order – which, for Libra, translates into beauty. Libra can help Virgo to appreciate having fun in general, allowing Virgo to let loose more often, as Virgo often struggles with internal demands of perfection. When Virgo stops cutting off it’s animal side, the sun shines more often and playfulness becomes more habitual.

Tracy: A typical Libra and Virgo pairing combines two agreeable individuals who may struggle to understand the other, yet is willing to work on any problems though if Libra is unfaithful this may be a short relationship.

Heidi: Totally different personalities. Virgo is reserved and somewhat practical, and Libra is outgoing and usually has expensive taste. Libra is affectionate and Virgo doesn’t usually display much affection. Libra may end up feeling unloved while Virgo may end up not getting mentally exhilarated, which could be the cause of a breakup in this relationship.

Keley:  This is an excellent match for both signs involved. Both partners are well grounded and understand the need for being cautious and analyzing details. Libra is fairly laid back, and should be able to deal with Virgos desire for nitpicking.

Marcus: Virgo’s will be attracted to a Libra immediately. Libra’s are pleasant, enticing, intelligent, and stimulating. Most sun signs find them very agreeable. The problem lies when a Virgin starts getting persnickety with them. Libra’s hate being nagged, judged or criticized. They rarely defend themselves, they simply leave. The fate for these two is definitely not happily ever after.

David: Careful Virgo and cerebral Libra connect on a mental level. But hard-working Virgo goes for perfection, while the more easygoing Libra needs more time for relaxation and romance.

Virgo Man and Libra Woman

There are some similarities in what Libra and Virgo love. Both of them appreciate a life full of coordination and cooperation. On the other hand, Libra woman loves to imagine things while Virgo man has a practical style and more realistic approach. A Virgo man is a hard worker and often gets deeply involved in his work. It may seem to a Libra woman that she is being ignored but that is not the reality. The Virgo man loves his partner but lacks the power of expression. A Libra woman loves her partner devotedly and she gets hurt if she is ignored. The Virgo man sometimes shows the attitude which cannot be understood by Libra woman and it can lead to problems and differences.

Libra Man and Virgo Woman

These two zodiac signs are compatible with each other. Both the partners love the ways of each other. A Libra man has a fascinating personality and is very attractive. He is full of emotions and expressions. Virgo woman loves to even out flaws in others. Her perfection-seeking attitude and her intelligence is admired by her Libra partner. Since Libra has a dominating sentimental attitude and Virgo woman has a more practical approach, so there can be differences at times. Libra man sometimes tries to use others and if a Virgo woman observes this aspect of his nature, she will consider it better to look at other possibilities while moving on in life.

Virgo and Libra Friendship

If you are surrounded by other people you may ignore each other. If you are thrown together you will become the best of buddies.

Libra and Virgo Relationship

As lovers:

Heartbeats will race frequently and temperatures may also rise occasionally.

Long-term relationship:

If you both learn to compromise you will at least be on the right track. If you don’t …

Short-term relationship:

A challenging period of two intense personalities will arise in the short term of this relationship.

Virgo and Libra Sex

When you are hot you are very very hot, but when you are cold you are ice.

virgo and libra sexually compatible




Virgo Compatibility with Libra Over all Score:

overall score 30%

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