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Are Libra and Cancer compatible?

As these two start to get to know each other and start dating, they might find that they are at odds with each other every once in awhile. The compatibility between these two is usually considered low. That’s taking into consideration that nothing is done to bridge the gap to make things work.

It will seem at first like they’ll get along really well in a relationship since both of these signs like to have a connection that has a lot of harmony and peace within it, and balance so everything is equal between the two of them.

As time goes on even though they will have those traits in common, they might start to realize that they have some pretty big differences between them that will surface as time goes on that could be detrimental to the relationship.

Libra is definitely a sign that likes to go out and have a lot of fun. They like to meet new people and enjoy socializing. Cancer is more of the homebody type, enjoys having a tighter circle of friends and likes to spend a lot of time at their home.

The cancer might feel as though the Libra is a little cold when it comes to their feelings, and on the other side of things the Libra might get bored or a little fed up with the cancer.

How is Libra and Cancer in love?

On an elemental surface you’re looking at the Libras air sign mixing with the Cancers water sign, which usually doesn’t amount to much .

They will find that there is little rapport between the two of them, and a lot of their encounters with each other will be on the cooler side of things.

The Libra who really wants to have more balance and stability in their relationship will have a hard time with how cancer has the tendency to have pretty big mood swings. They would rather be in a relationship that is more about agreeing, then arguing.

The cancer on the other hand is a very emotional being, and they would probably sooner rather than later dismiss Libras insincere flirtation when it comes to love. They are looking for somebody that is really vocal about their relationship and their love. They always want to know where they stand with their partner.

As with all relationships even if the outcome looks as though it’s bad, sometimes you can fix things just by making adjustments.

When it comes to these two the cancer really needs to understand that they have to take control of their emotional side. The Libra will not have any patience when it comes to putting up with the mood swings. So they really need to dial things back a little bit but still find a way to communicate their feelings. They also have to listen to their partner, since the Libra loves to give advice and doesn’t like when somebody ignores what they suggest.

Libra on the other side of things might have to take a little step back from the social side of life.  As well as dedicate more of their time to their partner and relationship. They don’t have to totally give everything up, but they have to make sure that their partner knows that they are cared for and loved. The cancer really needs to have that confirmation, and to be able to spend time with their partner.

If both of them can work on those two things then there is a chance that they could have a future together.

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Experts Discuss This Couple:


Melissa: Libra’s high-falutin’ social needs will never be understood (or able to be supported) by the stay-at-home Crab.

Celia: Libra’s logical and analytical approach to problems doesn’t take into account your feelings.

Jenn: The Libra can very judgmental and often likes to criticize and with your sensitivity, you may feel constantly hurt by the Libra’s words and actions. The Libra also tends to be quite outgoing and constantly likes to be around people while you are more of a shy loner type. This can cause even more more friction in this relationship and often leave you to feel inadequate as the Libra’s partner. The Libra will have to spend a considerable amount of time catering to your needs to make this one a success.

Lidia: This relationship can be a little too up and down and as time moves on, it will end up being more downs than ups unfortunately! You both have high expectations to start off with, yet this can be lost by the Libras need to keep on getting better and better. For a Cancer this can be misinterpreted as rejection and the Libra going off to find another mate! Situations should not turn that dire over night, so as long as Libra can commit themselves a bit and Cancer learns to relax. You can both be so wrapped in your individual needs that you forget about each other and all of the important parts of a relationship.

Although this all sounds like work, and it is, you can make it out on the other side and have a wonderful long-term commitment to each other, as long as you remain open to pretending all is well and communicating when you feel you are drawing near to your limits.

Laura: A Cancer and Libra couple will love the cozy feeling they get when they’re alone together. Neither wants conflict and both strive for total harmony. If Cancer also doesn’t try to hinder Libra’s natural desire to socialize, these two will get along even better. Libra is easily able to pull Cancer out of it’s shell, making Cancer a much more evolved person all around.

Tracy: Libra and Cancer may have few things in common and some astrologer suggest Cancer may not be emotionally suited to cope with Libra’s roving eye.

Heidi: Libra can appear somewhat detached at times and this doesn’t sit well with Cancer who needs to feel secure in a relationship. Cancer’s temperament and somewhat possessiveness bothers Libra and Libra’s somewhat extravagant spending disturbs Cancer. A rocky road for these two.

Keley: Libra and Cancer will get along famously if Libra curbs his or her tendency to be over analytical. Cancer will appreciate the loving and affectionate gestures of Libra, and return them in kind.

Marcus: Challenging at best: but with perserverence and patience there are huge rewards for these two. Often with time, a Twin and a fussy Virgo will find that mutual humor will carry them through. Both signs are emotional, empathic and understanding.

David: Intellectual Libra and emotional Cancer aren’t an intuitive mix. However Cancer’s domestic streak and Libra’s artistic sensibilities can mesh – imagine the two decorating a house together. If Libra doesn’t pull back emotionally, it can work.

Cancer Man and Libra Woman

The relationship between a Libra woman and a Cancer man can bring lots of happiness for both of them if they settle on some issues and try to compromise with each other. Cancer man has a sense of humor that can be very appealing for the Libra woman causing her to give her lovely smile which is greatly admired by her Cancer male. A Cancer man can get annoyed by the attitude of Libra woman which may seem a bit stupid to her Cancer partner. Cancer man has a chivalrous nature which impresses a Libra woman deeply. If both of them learn to handle the problems of each other, they can find life very exciting.

Libra Man and Cancer Woman

A Cancer woman and a Libra man make up an air and water combination. They are compatible with each other due to the supportive nature of Cancer woman and the reasoning attitude of Libra man. The carefree attitude of Libra makes the Cancer woman worry sometimes. The couple may enjoy a good relationship as Libra gets the desired support as well as humor from his Cancer partner. Things can get better once there are no financial problems and the couple will somehow manage to get along happily with each other. Both members should try to understand each other well to balance the relationship.

Cancer and Libra Friendship

A good mix on a light hearted level but you may find that discussing serious issues strain the friendship.

Libra and Cancer Relationship

As lovers:

An instant attraction may well be lost if one of you is in a doubting mood.

Long-term relationship:

Good if you have money, a home and a carefree life. Disastrous if not.

Short-term relationship:

Will work well if there are no pressures.

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Cancer and Libra Sex

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Cancer Compatibility with Libra Over all Score:

overall score 28%

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