1. DarkAngel says:

    i think the problem is not in the cancer man but in the Libra woman. cancerian knows their mistake but libra not accept the fact that they are the one who destroy the relationship.!!!!

  2. Francesca says:

    I am a Cancer woman in a relationship with a Libra man, and it’s been working excellently. We are both very romantic, and even though I’m sometimes very emotional and moody he always knows what to say to make me happy/calm me down. Every once in a while he’ll go cold and withdraw into his own moodiness, causing me to withdraw in response, but we always get over it promptly and emerge stronger and closer than before, especially when he convinces me to talk things out with him. All in all, I think (despite what some compatibility readings say) this has the potential to be a great match, as long as both parties can trust each other enough to be confident about the relationship. My Libra is extremely faithful, and actually feels the need to “check in” with me before he does anything, which satisfies my emotional need for constant reassuring that I am the most important person in his life. Like I said, a potentially great relationship. If it was really meant to be, it will be.

  3. Perfect Couple
    I am a cancer woman head over heels in love with my libra man. He’s always two steps ahead of me with ensuring that I am always happy in every way. He knows how to always put a smile on my face. He always senses when I am unhappy and pull me out of my shell and has me open up to him. After me coming out of my shell and confiding in him he always comforts me and makes me feel happy and confident in us again. He has taught me to not make decisions based on emotions alone, he taught me to observe things logically as well. In turn I have taught him to think about how his delivery of words will effect the person in front of him emotionally before he speaks. I think w/ communication and love, this is a match made in heaven! We are getting engaged in a few months and I can’t wait till I spend the rest of my life and built a family with my amazing libra man! :)

  4. Della "angie" says:

    Yes it’s so true that all they wanna do is go out and run around but not really in town. My husband is a libra and he likes to constantly ride the backroads and stay out all night when I just wanna snuggle and watch some movies or something. I get lonely staying home alone but I’d rather not go with him and his buddies looking for trouble. I go with him about once a week or so just to get out but I don’t like being around alot of people because I just don’t like the people around here I did enough moving out of my comfort zone for him to be in his home town. I know he loves me he shows it all the time and he’s a wonderful man. He just doesn’t understand me alot of times. On the good side were going to start a family soon. Were trying. We get along great when he’s here. And I know he’s faithful because we were friends for years before our relationship. And we tell each other everything. I’ve got a good man. I just wish he could understand my sensitivity sometimes

  5. Well, Ive been with my boyfriend who is a cancer and i am a libra for almost 4 years now. I completely agree to what this article says i like going out and having fun and i can be a little flirty sometimes and he always trusts his feeling, his reactions are all in connection to his feelings which is fine with me. The truth is that i have a great guy with me, hes conservative and I’m so drawn to him because of it. I’m very attracted to him and partly because i trust him, i always know what to expect from him, i know he wouldn’t cheat, hes very predictable and although I’m a very spontaneous person i think the fact that i know what he will do or say is comforting. i could never see myself with anyone else and i look forward to our future together

  6. Ashley Dean says:

    I’m a Cancer girl newly dating a Libra guy and things are really great right now! He is so passionate and can always make me laugh. I’m very reserved, but I like the way I act when I’m with him. He makes me different….he makes me feel free and I have less worries on my mind when we’re together. I really hope things work out for us. I’ve been hurt very badly before, so I’m hoping my insecurities don’t ruin our relationship. He’s completely a free spirit which worries me sometimes, but the way he talks, holds, and looks at me takes all my worries away! :) I’m praying, “Lord, please grant us peace and happiness together for the rest of our lives.” Amen.

  7. Lindsay Chapman says:

    I’m a Libra female w/a Cancer male for 5+ years. This pairing needs maturity to work but can be a great love. Cancers bring compassion and feeling to Libra while Libra brings selflessness and devotion to Cancer. Furthermore, Cancers are intuitive and Libras are rational but sometimes Cancer wants to be rational while Libra wants to be emotional so then they swap perspectives and points of view. That’s good. Learning. Downside: Cancer can be insecure and tends to manipulate with guilt while Libra can be cold and inexpressive. There’s often a lot of one-upmanship and struggling to understand each other in in this relationship. It’s resolvable but it takes time and patience. My Cancer-Libra relationship is the most profound and wonderful love of my life. Ultimately, Cancers are hyper-sensitive and Libras live to make their partners happy. When it goes on that track it’s bliss.

  8. I’ve dated a libra girl (I’m cancer) and god..it was the best experience I’ve lived. We do not date anymore because of the distance and school. I really felt she was my soul mate. It has been an intense relationship..we would just look at each others and I had shivers. The problem is, I think there was too much passion. I get worried more easily, and she’s totally forward and free. I often felt I was great enough for her, she was almost like a goddess to me. I don’t think our sign were very compatible, but the passion was there. Marriage? I don’t think it would be a good a idea for those two signs. Passionate relationship? The best!

  9. I’m Libra woman and I love life and everything in it and I’m very optimistic. My cancer man of almost 2 yes..seems to bring a slow change in me. He was such a sweet gentleman when we first started dating but now I feel so suffocated. His non stop worrying and insecurities suffocates me so much so that I can hardly breathe. He says he respects my space and my wishes but he’s always there, I cannot enjoy my own time at all. He’s become too possessive of me and has to know everything or else he says he’ll just worry to death. I feel like he manipulates me emotionally..and I cannot enjoy our sex life anymore..he is gentle but I can’t feel any sparks anymore. I loose my desires the moment he tells me not to move. He seems to care more about staying inside me rather than making me feel like he cares about me. I feel no emotional attachment from him, I feel like all his attentions were just so he could make out with me every weekend..I want to be loved for being me not for having my body..

  10. I’m not sure If it’s the long distant relationship aspect or that we’re just not compatible? At first he’d call me any minute he had free and visit me a lot. Now it’s excuse after excuse. Some gut feeling tells me he’s bored of me although I make it beyond clear that I love him and will be there for anything. Idk if he’s just not interested. Although he says it’s not at, that I’m “over thinking things” he’s very distant and his friends are his number one priority. It has it’s many ups and downs. Hopefully things that can be overcome. But at the moment in don’t know where we stand. He has me wondering if I matter to him at all. I want my cancer boy!

  11. SarahMariee says:

    I and my boyfriend of 11months are each others halves. We both know exactly what were thinking and can read each other perfectly. We’ve been through so much, but not enough to knock us down. We have complete trust in each other and I love him with all my heart. We both are faithful, loyal and would do anything for each other. He’s made his mistakes, we’ve had to go through desperate measures to see each other but he was worth it and I’m thankful of God for bringing m into my life. Sometimes I can be annoyed of how crazy he is, and easily influenced by his friends he is, but just keeping up with small talks with him and keeping him on the right track is all it takes. I love him and he loves me, and were perfect for each other.

  12. Cassie Gill says:

    I am a Libra, and my husband is a Cancer. I guess we do not fit the mold because we have the most amazing relationship. We can’t stand to be apart… and being a Libra, you’d think I would want to be out on the town – but no – I want to be nowhere without my Cancer mate – and frankly, I don’t want a room full of people. Just me and him! We have amazing chemistry, and there is not a day that goes by that he doesn’t make my heart soar with delight because of the devotion, love and attention I receive from him. So maybe we are atypical of a Libra/Cancer lovers, but I encourage all of you – give it your best shot, because if you can make it work, you are going to be happier than you could have ever imagined!

  13. He’s got the Cancerian heart
    I met my Cancerian love life at a mutual friend’s 21st and the physical attraction was there straight away, followed by an inner need to talk to the other privately. After talking and bonding I realized we were very different people and naturally as a Libra I become indecisive and stuffed my Cancer around a bit.. I wasn’t sure if it would work. We decided to stay friend’s with benefits for the time being but the chemistry builds and builds. He’s got so much love inside him, so much care. He’s a therapeutic sought of person, calming me completely when I’m in his presence. It’s taken a bit to get use to one another and how we think differently but I think our different outlooks complement one another.. I provide him with a more ‘who cares’ approach while he provides me with a more composed outlook. I think it’s a partnership that needs to be worked at but it keeps me (the libra) interested :) I think there’s a lot of love between the two!

  14. We have an awesome relationship! I’m emotional and he helps to balance me out. He has helped me mature and be more logical. He is sensitive and caring, unlike other men I have dated. We really don’t argue that much at all. The beginning was rough because I had trust issues, but since we have gotten to really know and love each other we are great. He knows I’m moody and sensitive and helps lighten my mood and cheer me up if I need it. For us, cancer (me) and Libra is a perfect match. :)

  15. Not good. The emotional and insecure aspects of my former cancer partner pushed me into being cold and distant. Coupled with a troubled childhood on her part and constant self absorption, it drove me further away. My retracting into a shell, as my energy levels, spiritually and physically, exhausted by the relationship, drove her to seek more from me. I adored aspects of her but the insecurities were to much. When we fought it was very dramatic and I ended up hating myself afterwards. It was a very destructive relationship in which I felt helpless.

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