1. I dated a Taurus guy for a few month and the passion was outrageous. We could’t get enough of each other. we were both in love and thought it was the most perfect thing But as time went by I noticed that he sometimes grew very coldly detached, reserved and very much to himself. Other times he would be all over me like first time. I also realized that he was not objective and open to my opinions and was only bent on his ways. His stubbornness irritated me and often times when I express my annoyance he would become a raging bull. When he’s mad it takes forever for him to calm down. I really wanted to make it work but found myself suppressing my ideas and views to please him and that only made me unhappy. I still am deeply in love with this Taurus guy because his passion and sensuality is out of this world, simply amazing and he’s very funny. But I’m not sure when that passion is removed how far we can get when it comes to reasoning and compromising.

  2. Well, I’m a Libra woman and utterly and irrevocably in love with a Taurus man. I love the way he gets jealous and possessive, as I’ve got a bit of a jealous streak myself, he sometimes says that my jealousy will kill him(lol). We get along very well, make each other happy and are ALWAYS together. I love how we both prefer being indoors instead of out partying. I don’t understand why he never wants me around when he’s with his friends though, I’m pretty hot so it can’t be a matter of him being embarrassed by me or anything and I’m not stupid or slow either. The sex part is what I don’t understand though, it SUCKS, like appalling! I try tell him that I prefer it a bit wilder and adventurous but he seems stuck in his boring ways and sometimes refuses point blank to try certain things. What I have confirmed about Taurus men though is that they will worship the ground you walk on, always make you feel special and will do anything to make you happy. So I think I’ll settle for a great l

  3. I dated a Libra female for about 3 years during the years transitioning from high school to college. She was my high school sweetheart. I absolutely will never regret or forget our relationship. She was my first true love. During these times we helped each other grow. The libra lady can get really jealous, and so can I be, as I am a very possessive taurus. Because she is a libra, I can see the effect she has on other guys, she was very charismatic and beautiful. I suspect she can be a flirt when I wasn’t around. After 2 years we broke up and she went to talk to another guy. I was heartbroken for a whole month until she came back. We spent another year together. The passion and the romance, and the amount of affection in our relationship was so intense. The libra is a romantic, I am too a hopeless romantic. She was totally the opposite of me but we made it work. And I must say it was a blessing. Tips for both: insecurities got to go. Understand the libra is a social butterfly.

  4. We have our rocky moments but I still would trade him for no other. I am the wild one in the relationship and he is the seriously stable one. We keep each other grounded in different ways. The sex is also A+. I have so much respect for him and the things he does for me.

  5. Balenciaga says:

    I’m a taurus female & I dated a Libra male. In the beginning I Loved every minute of us talking, he was so free spirited & handsome. We communicated often, since what we had was long distance. He was 24 & I was 18. He never gave us an official title but made me feel like his girlfriend, so I assumed this was so. Our sex was mind blowing & very passionate. He made a lot of broken promises to me & I was very hurt. One of the worst thing about him was, he was a big flirt. I would often see him trying to get with women on social networking sites. This hurt me. I thought what we had was more than that. But I see now male Libras have a hard time committing, no matter how loyal you are.

  6. Well, three years and now it’s over. I finally exhausted my Taurus. Clashing personality traits is an understatement. I never understood his jealousy, his need for possession and domination. I couldn’t share my inner feelings with him, and he couldn’t with me. We had a great time together, and I really appreciate it. But now I’m mad because it’s over, mad because I couldn’t get it right with him. Nothing I said or did made him trust or love me more. Towards the end he couldn’t hide his disappointment in me, and it was painful. I never cheated, was loyal, faithful but that wasn’t good enough for him. He was looking for something I couldn’t give him. I will think about him always, but I have to move on with my life. Luckily, I have a life so no harm, no foul. He couldn’t dominate my soul, and that bothered him the most. I am glad I didn’t sacrifice my spirit and my life for him, but I’m still mad that it’s over….

  7. Secretive Flower says:

    well from my experience with a libra man has been rather exciting from the first date we had, he was very charming, funny, and showed me a good time. I have dated some jerks but that is one thing he was not. He had a lot of respect for me and was a true gentlmen till this very day, we have been together over a year and so far i have been the happiest i have ever been. He doesn’t like to yell or curse wne we get into an arguement, he rather talk it because to him its more easier to solve the problem then just yelling and getting no where. I love him very much and he loves me just as much and i know he is the one for me, i guess to have someone as great as him i am just that lucky

  8. I’m a 21 yr old Taurus Woman at first my Libra man was very unattractive to me. I actually could not stand his constant talking, mostly about himself, and his inflated view of his intelligence. About a year after our initially meeting we began a romantic relationship. In the beginning it was amazing. He was one of the most passionate lovers I had ever been with. We would have great sex sometimes 3 or more times a day. We were always together , we still are. We can spend days in bed together. We both also love dining together. However there is many problems with our relationship. My Libra man is a LIAR. I always know when he is lying to me and the one time I confronted him, he cussed me out screamed at me and broke up with me. He ended up asking for my forgiveness but will never own up to his lies, even when I address them directly with him, he’ll always say just drop it. Once i got over his selfish and self centered ways things went perfect for us. We are just now moving in together

  9. I just broke up with a Gemini man after 3 years and that relationship changed me a lot. I don’t want to repeat the same history and it really affect my mentality and perception about relationship. Suddenly my Libra man came along. Now it’s our 5th consecutive days seeing each other since the day we started to talk. Being with him and meeting him at the end of the day gives me a lot of excitement. When we are seeing each other, it’s like being with him from long way back, No words will be expressed and simple cuddle in his arms makes me so comfortable. Friendship with Benefits, this is how we define our current relationship, compromising NO love between us even sweet messages are not allowed. He talks, asks and known so many things about me but I do not have any idea about him. “Less knowledge, less damage” I’m scared to compromise and get hurt over again. I’m scared to fall again and I know it will be the same history. We agreed to enjoy our time together and see what will happen

  10. I have never felt a love so passionate,but this was so on point. My Libra man is very self centered and hates being told he’s wrong. He wants me to candy coat everything and constantly stroke his ego (TAURUS’S ARE NOT EGO STROKERS LOL). The Sex and the feeling of being in love just stopped being enough. In the beginning he kept a lot of secrets and when i found out i was already in too deep. As a Taurus I have to see everything come to light, and all of his promises are merely words and no action. I do have things planned out for myself and he is moving too slow. He just wants to chase every single thing that sounds and looks good without further investigation and that’s too risky for me,lol. Women flock to him its crazy but that wasn’t the problem. The straw that broke the camels back was the fact that I had put up with so much and given him space and time in the beginning and when i needed time he couldn’t understand. so screw him, he still wants me back.

  11. Katharine says:

    I dated a Libra man years ago and he was very sweet to me. He was a bit immature for his age but it also helped me to loosen up and not be so ‘stiff’ all the time. Ultimately that relationship didn’t last because I got homesick and moved 2000 miles away from California back east. However, I am now about 14 years older and wiser and interested in a new Libra man. I have met him online in a dating site and so far, we have had nothing but great conversations. We meet up for the first time next week and I am very excited to meet him. I feel as if I have known him for a lifetime but haven’t seen him in many years. I am hoping for the best in this new relationship. Everything I have read so far has been pretty good. It just takes compromise and a willingness to work at it. But doesn’t EVERY relationship require work? Also, to Josh: I’m sorry to see that you had a bad experience with 3 different Bull ladies. But to answer your question, no, not all Taurus women lie like that. : )

  12. My boyfriend and I have been together for over a year and it has been an emotional roller coaster ride. This described us perfectly! As much as I want to fight my insecurities, his ‘harmless’ flirting habits can push my buttons in a bad way. It takes a lot of trust and compromise. If we could take away the confounding variables, we would be perfect. However, life is not like that and it’s a battle since we do not perceive things the same way. But, the important aspect of our relationship is that we try to make compromises to make each other happy.

  13. My boyfriend (Taurus) and I (libra) have been dating for a year. It started off blissful and full of passion, excitement, love and fun. About 7 months in it took a turn for the worse and we have been fighting on and off ever since; unfortunately it’s been more on than off. He doesn’t like my “careless” actions and I get upset with his possessive ways. Jealousy has been felt by both sides as well as suspicious feelings. When we aren’t fighting I am in heaven. He is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with but we can’t seem to find a common ground. It will more than likely end up with me giving in and accommodating to his requests because I don’t want to lose him but he is my perfect nightmare. My heart wouldnt take the pain from anyone but him.

  14. I have just lost my Taurus man due to many complications that he can’t handle, but I desperately want him back. My relationship with him was the most beautiful thing ever when times were good. I actually don’t want anyone else. I sure hope he comes back to me, though I’ll leave him alone now. A deeper love I never felt in my life. He man me feel so special. He was full of beauty & passion. There will be noone like him. I am heartbroken.

  15. Charlene VA says:

    My best guy friend is a Taurus & our friendship is amazing. The first day we met it was as if we knew each other for years. I love his silly humor, his charisma, his ambition, he listens, his kindness,he loves kids, family oriented ahhh i could go on and on! We’ve never really talked about being in a relationship but recently been flirting aloot so now i been wondering what it would be like. I’m just scared to make a move and ruin the best real friendship I have ever had.

  16. I’ve recently started a new relationship with a Libra guy. We have been friends for almost 9 yrs but the timing was never right. I have had a crush on him for a good part of that time :) I have always been attracted to his outgoing, charismatic personality and yes he is a HUGE flirt. He has been very sincere, honest and open with where he would like to see our relationship go. I though, as a taurus women, am a little nervous about just letting go and falling into this relationship. I see myself becoming easily jealous of those he flirts with and although he talks a lot about the “relationship” we haven’t talked much about how we feel about each other. Weirdly i feel as though i need that confirmation. So far our relationship has been a whirlwind with a lot of attraction and sexual tension but not as much substance. I hope with time and open communication that we can become a long lasting relationship. Who better to fall in love with than a friend! :)

  17. Female Bull says:

    We started off playfully as best friends and now have a perfect romantic relationship. We are always with each other and have a lot of fun with very little butting of heads. We fluctuate in our signs – he is steady and hardworking and I am adventurous and unafraid of change. I am stubborn, self-indulgent and jealous and he does everything right. He has a hard time keeping things in order and taking charge of uncomfortable situations, and I don’t mind the confrontations

  18. My girlfriend and I have started on a serious note just recently, I am the typical flirty talkative Libra and she is the organized, peaceful, loving woman. Our relationship is perfect, she compliments me and I like to think I complement her. With communication, patience, and understanding we believe we can make it a long time as well as any other Libra/Taurus couple

  19. KayCeeEss says:

    I have been with a Taurus man for 2 years now. I have to say the strength and determination that they have is attractive because they represent something solid, steady, and unwavering which are qualities that libra’s don’t have. But there are a lot of negatives to consider. I am very sure I want only him but I’m flirtatious by nature. This causes him to have insecurities. Taurus are also very stubborn and being as Libra’s love compromise this can be difficult to deal with. Libra’s also are more emotional then we let the public see and sometimes the Taurus man is unaware of this. It can be a great deeply passion filled relationship with one of the strongest connections ever but you have to be willing to WORK for it. I work for my Taurus man everyday and I wouldn’t have it any other way

  20. I am a 25 year old Taurus woman and I have been dating my Libra man for 2 years now. Everything seemed great at first but may have just been an illusion. The major problem I notice with this coupling is that a Libra man is very care free but at the same time compulsive and impatient. A Taurus woman can fly off the handle and have a temper if pushed. We tend to have a great patience for our children and family but not men in love relationships. A Libra man flaunts and brags, also talks excessively. A Taurus woman likes peace, organization and order to things while Libra’s are ok with chaos and scatterbrained ideas. My Libra man is very unattractive to me anymore. He was at first but this was because I thought his personality was great. This was short lived though. These things create huge conflicts in my opinion and should be avoided.

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