1. auragalore says:

    We met in a peculiar–yet ideal–place; but, it’s impossible to imagine meeting elsewhere! We fit like hand-in-glove. !Yes, there are differences. Those differences don’t disturb the mutual sweetness of one for the other. Yes, we can finish thoughts and sentences for each other. Yes, there are barely enough hours. An amusing highlight is that our shared desire for living a life as an independent, hermit is perfected in the communion we share. Truly, Heaven smiled on our expectation that someone *magical* was nonexistent. Yes, it is like looking in a mirror, but we see our twin–not our clone–smiling back. The beauty of Twin beings is the luxury of having a second spirit to be a light for each other’s mind and heart. Those are several reasons why this romance is ambrosia!

  2. My wife and I are both Librans. I’ve been with several other signs, but never found the kind of bliss I have in this relationship! We are so much alike that it’s scary at times, but we are also both aware of our own faults, and try to keep each other balanced. It doesn’t matter whether we’re in the same room or 1,000 miles apart, we are always together in spirit, even share dreams on occasion, which is the coolest thing I have ever experienced. If one can believe in soulmates, this match fits the bill. Our attitudes are so similar that even when we argue we can’t stay mad over things. We truly complete each other. We are like twins in how we act and think, too! We are totally faithful to one another, supportive of each other’s endeavors, and devoted to making each other happy. I can’t imagine ever loving anyone else this much.

  3. In my experience I had met Libra women over my life span and got close to them but they were always looking for something better they also didn’t see how special we were so the relationships ended up either not happening and remaining as friendships or them moving on to other partners that had more to offer materially. I loved one particular woman who was born 1 day before me, born in the same hospital, living one block apart she was my first girlfriend, but even 10 years latter she was still not convinced and had feelings for someone who abused her from a previous relationship, but we were so unbelievably close interested in similar things as kids. Her mother was also not around for her who she never met, pretty much the same as my dad, all in all I felt somehow cheated out of every Libra female connection I ever had and it’s really a pity indeed… Has any other Libra men experienced this before would be interesting to know ?

  4. I am a libra and my partner is also one, even our cat is a one lol; we have heaps in common so we enjoy doing the same things although we both bring to the table something different. We both have great taste and love of luxuries; We love to talk and could talk for hours about anything. We are also both thoughtful in our relationship and being together is the best time ever. The only honest time that i personally find the two signs clash is when both of you try and constantly avoid conflict so issues aren’t brought up. But other than that its blissful and you get not only a dedicated partner but also a best friend… :)

  5. Soulmates says:

    Me and my love are both libras of the same moon..our birthdays are only a day apart. We have such similar exact thinking that often one will do something the other has already thought of. We never have to explain to each other things to do and not because we are on the same wave length . I know we are meant to be

  6. There is a libra male I’ve been talking for about a year.. Things haven’t gotten to serious yet and sometimes I hardly see him.. We’re both so guarded with our feelings but still manage to some how let it go sometimes with out even talking it out. We know mentally and emotionally there’s something there connection so strong bit at the same time we’re to similar it’s hard to know where this might go.

  7. I found in all the years in relationships by far the libra woman is was the best . With me also being one we enjoyed so many things in the short relationship we had . I found that trust issues from both of us was huge and respected this in her but sadly I lost my trust as she seemed to venture to others and more material things .I believed so in her words and did see actions but fear stepped in too and a total change of heart left me confused and very hurt . I just hope that one day my words and actions did mean something to her . Love with this special soul was a wonder in it’s own and loved every minute of it

  8. Things have been going so well with this older Libra boy I started seeing, I googled Libra-Libra relationships found here! to see why and how I felt everything we did, everything he says, anything we do – perfect. and the stars don’t lie – it’s perfect. We are the same person, one a boy one a girl. It’s so impossible and wonderful. He’s so easy to be with, even on our first date, it was magical, like nothing I’ve ever felt with anyone else. Going on a second date this Saturday. I’m pretty sure it will not be the last ;) here’s to the start of something wonderful

  9. well anyway i found this guy he is like wonderful and i think we belong together, cause we both know that we are in love, and when your in love you think how important they are to your life. Sometimes you could feel something that no one could ever have felt before. When you do fall in love you think how much you really love them and how much they love you back. but you cant take something really fast or it wont work. I want him to know that this relationship is the most best thing on the planet. its called love, when you are in love you just are. When you know hes the right one you just know. Don’t think that it wont work, make it work for you. this relationship is going well and i love him more than love can explain.

  10. Like it says, our romance is a breeze! Friends for over 10 years. We realized we both were single and got together and it’s been amazing so far! 19 months and still going strong, we have to keep our alone time with separate friends sometimes but we always work things out and rarely argue. We are both ambitious and it is hard sometimes to make decisions but we manage to always be the support we need for each other.

  11. We are always happy people but always disagree. The relationship is more like friendship then lovers though both show mutual love to each other. Both like to look at other possible relationships but would never leave each other we are always Jealous lol. We share everything but still need our own space with friends. We live together so it’s very easy to spend time together. Been living together for 2 years and been together for 3 years. Fight leads to cuddles its a verry cute relationship

  12. I met a Libra man for the first time in my life and it turned out that he had never met a woman of the same sign either. 2 months later we have embarked on a friendship that feels so right and is easy. He makes me feel like I’m 16 again and I find him looking at me with a smile. Never thought I would feel this way.

  13. My gf and I have only known each other for a year… we started off as friends… we connected on a level I have never experienced before… She is an empath, she feels my moods and does whatever to calm me or cheer me up. I love her with my very being… we balance each other out… we may not be perfect but we are perfect for each other… I hope we can continue this path this journey together

  14. I cant even EXPLAIN how deep the relationship is with me and my libra love. I’ve dated 2 of them in the past and decided I would never do the double sign thing again because it never seemed to work out. Well Low and behold here comes another one that made me forget all about the past. We laugh so much tell each other deep secrets the love making is amazing with an unheard of connection. Never in my life have i reached my peak just touching a man smh. its amazingly awsome.

  15. Met my superman Libra before my freshman year in high school. It’s been nine years and he’s one of my best friends. We are Libras with the worst timing always falling for each other while the other is falling for someone else. I think we might have the right timing this time. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  16. Yaeseul Kim says:

    I am a guy libra and both of us share the same birth day. We met at work and it was like love at first sight.. I’m a Malaysian whereas she is a Korean.. Both of us met in Singapore where she works.. We have been together from my stint in Singapore and I really to feel the intensiveness of this relationship.. The challenge is how do I bridge the cross country and culture that we have.. I’m looking for a wife and I think it’s her.. The question is will we get together, happily ever after…

  17. I just started something with a libra male with a cross country barrier and i can honestly say, this is the most intense,surreal, deepest level of connection i have ever experienced. The bond was instantaneous, it exploded into this intense wave of emotion within weeks. This was not the first i had fallen so quickly for someone but it is the first i have fallen this quickly so intensely/ strongly and unimaginably completely that it left my head spinning and my heart bursting into fire. I’m a little scared because this is so deep and insanely intense that it almost feels unreal to me especially with the cross country barrier. I hope it works out great for us in the long run because right now it feels too right not to. Holding my fingers crossed, toes too!.

  18. libradiva says:

    I love many male Libra friend. we both immediately knew we were friends forever. we are like 2 peas in a pod..I’m ying he’s yang…its so nice to know that at the heart of it his goals are mine too.. like beauty , affection , just a bit vain , a social butterfly.I never have to worry about him in social awkward situations..or him with me because we get along with everyone…we actually live together right now…not in a romantic way… we both have been hurt. .and we can’t stand the opposite sex. .. but the fun we have makes yup for it! !!

  19. After a 20 yr long difficult marriage to a very problematic person (also Libra, but with mental issues), I started dating a man born on the same day as me (October 20th, but 5 years older). We are a match made in heaven. I feel born again. Both educated, energetic, giving, social, easy going, positive… I so understand his values and appreciate him for who he is. He is the most supportive person I have ever met. Even though we are both quite expressive in terms of feelings, we both use reasoning and logic in our relationship. Any differences are understood and respected. We talk about things, we do not argue. We love to tease, and we both do not get insulted easily at all. When we come into the room, we bring positive vibe and energy, tons of laughs and our connection radiates. We are making long term plans which are absolutely amazing, and fun. We share same hobbies as well… Life is awesome!

  20. So my girl friends birthday is October 19th 1991 and mines October 20th 1985 . It’s crazy how we both have some of the same way of thinking . Feelings . Hard times . The sex is the best (; lol she became more of a freak with me then she was. There’s moments we fight and argue over Dumb comments I say or things I do . It’s always her mad at me . Sucks some times, I’m more of a butt kisser to her . I’m always the one trying to be all up asking for attention and she stays away some times it hurts me . Wish she wasnt like that with me . But other then that we work together like a one man team ;))

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